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My hope is that I can utilize my Spiritual Gifts and Talents to encourage and challenge others to embrace theirs! As Brothers and Sisters, we have a divine calling to utilize what makes us unique in order to glorify God and to expand His Kingdom. This is a serious responsibility, yet this doesn't mean that worshiping God with our Spiritual Gifts and Talents is all serious business. We have the privilege to give God glory and praise with overflowing joy and creativity! God created each of us to be unique, yet interconnected. Our community of Spiritual Gifts and Talents--our collective uniqueness--is what strengthens us as Believers. Together, we Christ, we can accomplish ANYTHING. We have so much to offer God through what we choose to use our resources for. Why keep such beauty and uniqueness hidden, preserved, or underutilized? There's a chance that we even misuse our Gifts and Talents. In this first booklet, we'll sort through all of that. We'll focus on specific Spiritual Gifts and Talents that encompass worshiping God through the arts by using Rory Noland's book, The Heart of the Artist, as a map for our conversation.

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