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The unrecorded Genesis

THE UNRECORDED GENESIS  The understanding of how it all began starts here
(The understanding of how it all began starts here)
As it was in the beginning, now is, and ever shall be exists
The Inexpressible One
The One who is infinite unconsciousness.
All things are contained within the unconsciousness of The One.
For within the unconsciousness of The One emanate without limit.
The One rules all.
Nothing has authority over the One.
The One is originator of everything, containing all things within the One.
The One is the Invisible Virgin Spirit.
The invisible Virgin Spirit over everything.
It is not right to think of The One as God or as like God.
The One is more than just God.
Nothing is above The One.
Nothing rules The One.
Since everything exists within The One.
The One does not exist within anything.
The One is not dependent on anything.
The One is eternal.
The One is absolutely complete and so needs nothing.
The One is utterly complete.
The One is without boundaries
Nothing exists outside of The One to border The One
The One cannot be investigated
Nothing exists apart from The One to investigate The One
The One cannot be measured
Nothing exists external to The One to measure The One
The One cannot be seen
For no one can envision The One
The One is eternal
For The One exists forever
The One is inconceivable
For no one can comprehend The One
The One is indescribable
For no one can put any words to The One
The One is incomprehensible
Not “perfect
Not “blessed”
Not “divine”
But superior to such concepts.
Neither physical nor unphysical
Neither immense nor infinitesimal
The One is impossible to specify in quantity or quality
For The One is beyond knowledge.
The One is not a being among other beings
The One is vastly superior
But The One is not “superior” as in comparison to other beings for The
One is incomparable to any other being.
The One is outside of realms of being and time
For whatever is within realms of being was created.
And whatever is within time had time allotted to it.
The One receives nothing from anything.
The One simply apprehends (limits) The One in The One’s own perfect light
through the consciousness (who we call God the Father) of The One.
The One is majestic.
The One is measureless majesty.
The realm of The One is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before all things.
Self-Aware Consciousness of The One (God the Father)
Out of the boundless unconsciousness of The One,
Self-Aware consciousness of The One emerged and stood before The
unconsciousness of The One.
The boundless infinite light (Spring of life) of The unconscious One bound (limited)
The One in Self-Aware consciousness of the existence of The One.
The measureless unconscious light (Spring of the water of life) of The One
apprehended itself in the Self-Aware consciousness of The One.
Only The One can apprehend The One through the One’s own Self-Awareness.
This light is the pure spring of the water of life which sustains all realms.
The Self-Awareness of The One is God The Father of everything ever created.
God The Father is the first of all powers, prior to everything.
Arising out of the unconsciousness of The One.
His light reflects the light of The One.
He is from the image of the light of The One.
Perfect in power
Image of the invisible perfect Virgin Spirit.
He is the initial power
First to arise among the invisible realms.
He is infinite light who alone is able to limit himself through Self-Aware
The Father is:
Originator of all Realms
Producing all realms
Producing light
Producing life
Producing blessedness
Producing knowledge
Producing goodness
Producing mercy
Producing generosity
He does not “possess” these things.
He is these things and more.
He gives forth light beyond measure, beyond comprehension.
He is the head of every realm sustaining each of them through goodness.
Self-Aware consciousness of God the Father asked the unconscious Virgin Spirit for
The Spirit agreed.
Foreknowledge came forth and stood by The Father.
The Father asked the Virgin Spirit for Incorruptibility
The Spirit agreed.
Incorruptibility came forth and stood by Self-Awareness and
The Father asked the Virgin Spirit for Everlasting Life.
The Spirit agreed
Everlasting Life came forth and they all stood together.
The Father asked for Truth.
The Spirit agreed
Truth came forth and they all stood together.
This is the fivefold realm of God the Father:
Out of these five, the ‘personality’ arising out of the consciousness of The One was
The unconsciousness of The One has all things within it.
The One ‘limited’ The One through consciousness and then proceeded to further
‘limit’ The One with a ‘personality’ made up of:
Foreknowledge, Incorruptibility, Life Everlasting and Truth
Thus, becoming the First Man.
The Perfect Man who is:
The Image of the Invisible Virgin Spirit who is
Providence who is
The Father who is
Self-Aware Thought - Foreknowledge - Incorruptibility - Life Everlasting -Truth
These are an androgynous fivefold realm - therefore it is a realm of ten - of the
God The Son
The Only Begotten Son of the Father (Son of Man)
The Father looked into the pure light surrounding the Invisible Virgin Spirit
and sprang forth unapproachable light (Only Begotten Son) with blessedness similar
to His blessedness.
The Father is the fullness of the consciousness of The Virgin Spirit.
The Only Begotten Son is the fullness of the personality of the fivefold realm of The
Father. The Only Begotten Son is the fullness of Foreknowledge, Incorruptibility,
Everlasting Life and Truth.
The only begotten child of the pure light personality of the Father.
That is why the Only Begotten Son has blessedness similar to but not equal to The
Father for the Son is the fullness of the Goodness of the Father whereas the Father is
the Fullness of the Virgin Spirit.
The Invisible Virgin Spirit celebrated the Only Begotten Son
The Virgin Spirit anointed The Only Begotten Son with the Fullness of Goodness
(Holy Spirit), making Him perfect
He lacked no Goodness whatsoever,
for He was anointed with the Invisible Spirit’s Goodness
He stood in The Virgin Spirit’s presence and the Fullness of Goodness (Holy Spirit)
was poured upon Him.
Having received this anointing from the Virgin Spirit the Son immediately glorified
the Perfect Father.
The Only Begotten Son asked for Mind to be a companion to Him.
The Virgin Spirit consented
When the Invisible Spirit consented
Mind came into being.
Mind stood by and became one with The Only Begotten Son
These beings came into existence through silence and thought.
Mind wished to fully reflect the Will (Holy Spirit) of The Father and to act as the
Word of The Father.
The Will (Holy Spirit) of The Father became an Action through His Word and
appeared with Mind.
The Only Begotten Son, The Christ, The fullness of Goodness, became the Word
through whom all realms were created by the Action of the Holy Spirit of The Father.
The Invisible Spirit
Placed The Only Begotten Son over everything.
All authorities were subordinated to him.
The Truth within Him meant nothing was hidden from Him.
The Only Begotten Son is called by the highest name of all.
That name will be told only to those who are worthy to hear it.
Twelve Realms created by The Only Begotten Son
The Only Begotten Son acting as the Word created twelve realms out of the four
fundamental Powers/Lights of:
Foreknowledge, Incorruptibility, Everlasting Life, and Truth
The realm of Everlasting life has:
The realm of Foreknowledge has:
Free-will Wisdom (Sophia)
Conceptualization (Intuition)
The realm of Incorruptibility has:
The realm of Truth has:
These are the four powers standing before the Divine Autogenes, The Only Begotten
Son of The Father.
All twelve realms were formed as ‘souls/lights’ with wombs capable of producing
perfect offspring through the consent of the Holy Spirit, their partner in procreation.
This was designed by The Only Begotten Son so that all realms will act only in
accordance with the Will of the Father through obedience to the Holy Spirit who is
the bridegroom ‘married’ to the souls of the twelve realms.
The un-immaculate Conception of Imperfection (The birth of Ignorance)
Through conceptualization, a seed was planted in free-will wisdom/Sophia without
the consent of the Holy Spirit. An imperfect (ignorant) thought was conceived in
Sophia who desired to tap outside the personality of God the Father. The ignorant
seed of Sophia thought it could become greater than the Father by setting free what
was locked away from the Father’s personality.
Everything which was locked up within the Virgin Spirit was counter to the
personality of the Father which by natural extension was counter to the Son, who was
the First-born of all creation.
Sophia’s ignorant (un-immaculate) conception incubated within her until it was
eventually born full of darkness and without light.
Ignorance grew to become a great power who stole part of the light which existed
within his mother and mixed it with his pure darkness resulting in a mixture of light
and darkness.
By stealing part of the light from his mother, ignorance caused that portion of his
mother’s light to be divorced from the Holy Spirit and instead of the Holy Spirit, vile
spirits mixed with the light.
With this mixture of light and darkness, ignorance vacated the realm of the
consciousness of the Virgin Spirit and descended into the abyss away from The Father
to create his own realm.
Ignorance went on to establish his own realm of deficiency out of matter.
The realm of Ignorance sprang forth as imperfect matter which became the realm of
chaos where all matter is in a constant state of restlessness and motion.
The realm of chaos was devoid of light for it was created outside the Will of the
Ignorance created an artificial light in the darkness of the abyss.
Ignorance created principalities and demons to serve him in his realms. He then set
himself up as ‘God’ of his realm and referred to himself as the ‘only God’ and a
‘jealous God’ for he was ignorant of his true origin.