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"Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch.."

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Once upon a time there were two young wolves; Luna and Lykos. Luna and Lykos were merely pups, Luna being the daughter of Selene and Lykos being the son of Fenrir. Selene and Fenrir were not the most agreeable wolves, but they had to work in harmony, as Fenrir was the god of all wolves and Selene was the goddess of the moon. The reason they had to work together was that back in old times, the moon was the only way for wolves to get their strength. Every year there was a moon, different than any other. The moon shone brighter and the wolves felt drawn towards it. Every year they had to make their journey to the top of The Great Mountain to bathe in the moon's light and renew their strength. But slowly, the elder wolves grew too weak to make the journey, or the wolf pups that didn't have parents to carry them. This was causing the wolves to slowly die off, which had become a real issue in the pack.

For quite a few years, the leaders were trying to discover a way to fix this problem, but all they knew was to make the journey to The Great Mountain and bathe in the moonlight. Now that years had past, Selene and Fenrir were getting old themselves. Lykos and Luna were no longer pups, but that didn't change their friendships. While they weren't supposed to see each other often, they did. And slowly, they became closer and closer. The two wolves had fallen in love. But they couldn't let anyone know, because Fenrir, the god of all wolves, would surely find out. Fenrir was not someone you wanted to mess with. If he knew there was a threat to keeping his son in line to be the next god of the wolves, he would surely do everything in his power to.. terminate it. Luna knew this full well, she knew that if her and Lykos were joined together, Lykos' position would change. The god of the wolves must be lone. Thus, their relationship remained secret. The time had come again that year for them to make the journey to The Great Mountain. The wolves were all gathered and they set off.

The leaders of the pack, including Fenrir and Selene, were in front of the rest of the pack, heading on their journey. Lykos and Luna were close behind, walking next to each other and playing on their way. They did, however, have to be careful of when Fenrir turned around to check on Lykos. Fenrir was very protective and didn't like Lykos spending time with faes (female wolves), especially the daughter of Selene. After a week of traveling, the wolf pack had finally reached the base of The Great Mountain. The elders in the front, the pups on their mothers behind, the faes behind them, and the brutes (Male wolves) in the back. Lykos and Luna had fallen behind, in between the brutes and the faes. Night had fallen so the wolves closed in together to create warmth. Lykos and Luna, of course, snuggled close together and rested.

The Tale Of Luna

The next morning was crucial. The full moon would rise that night so they had to make it to the top of the mountain. The wolves got up while the moon was still out. Wolves are primarily nocturnal animals, so they had rested well enough. The whole pack began moving again, on their way up The Great Mountain. The day was slowly passing, the wolves were exhausted, but they couldn't quit moving. Not yet. Any wolf who had gotten to the top of the mountain and felt the renewing moonlight knew that the journey was worth it. The sun had already risen and began to fall. The wolves stopped so the faes and pups could rest while the brutes went out to hunt for food. Lykos returned with rabbit for Luna. Luna gladly accepted the rabbit and she ate with Lykos. Fenrir noticed this but thought nothing of it, seeing as it was the brutes job to bring food to the faes after all.. Fenrir just didn't like this particular one.

After eating, the wolves made it to the top of The Great Mountain. The moon hadn't risen yet, but was on it's way. Lykos and Luna ran off to play, for the top of the Great Mountain was a beautiful clearing and something about it was simply.. fun. Selene watched the 2 play happily but Fenrir was not amused. He ran over in between the two and growled at Luna. Selene saw this and also ran over, prepared to defend her daughter. Selene and Fenrir circled around each other, bearing their teeth and ready to fight. Fenrir was a wild wolf, he didn't care if he lost a fellow goddess. He lunged into Selene and bit her paw. Selene whimpered but fought him off. Luna jumped in and tried to keep Fenrir off her mother but she was a small wolf, frail. With one bite to the neck, Fenrir grabbed Selene and threw her aside. But Fenrir, being the big wolf that he was, was more powerful than he thought. He tore Luna's neck open and she was bleeding out on the frosty mountain top. Lykos and Selene ran over to her immediately, sniffing at her and trying to help. But Luna was on her way. She was too small and too weak to be able to heal from something like that. These were her last moments.

The wolf pack soon saw what happened and the elders of the pack adored Luna, everyone did. She was such a happy, illuminating soul. Selene lie by her daughters side until she passed. The pack began mourning her death, and her mother began planning. Selene was a goddess, and with her connection to the moon and her connection to her daughter... She might be able to do something. The pack's attention was quickly taken from Luna to the moon. It had finally reached it's full peak but the rays weren't bright this time. No one felt anything. Selene licked her daughter's cold fur and stepped back. She put a paw on her daughter and raised a paw and her head towards the moon. She opened her mouth and howled, singing a mourning song for Luna. Lykos joined in, then the elders, and soon the entire pack was howling, mourning poor Luna. Luna's eyes suddenly opened as a bright figure arose out of her body.

After their eyes adjusting to this luminous gleaming, they realized it was Luna's spirit. Her happy, beaming spirit. The spirit nodded to Selene, then to Lykos in thanks and to say goodbye. Luna's spirit turned and began running towards the moon. Soon the wolves had to look away, when Luna reached the moon there was an abundance of blinding light. Soon the light started glistening, like there was some type of.. life in there. The wolves looked at the moon again. This was what they were used to.. No. This was even better. Even brighter. Something was different now. The wolves were filled with energy, renewed at last. The pups hopped around, filled with energy. The elders felt young again. But they had a problem to terminate. They banned Fenrir from their pack, he was never to return. Fenrir expected Lykos to come with him, but he didn't. He stayed with Selene. 


Fenrir left the pack at once and sure enough, never returned.

This time around, the wolves didn't have to return to the Great Mountain every year to restore their energy. The light that Luna gave off every full moon was bright enough to keep them going. The wolves all over the world appreciate this greatly, so every moon they howl to her to show their thanks. But two wolves howl a little longer, a little more emotionally, a little louder.

Lykos and Selene. 

The two souls that will eternally be the most connected to the moon.