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The Tadpoles Look ForTheir Mommy
A group of tadpoles live in a pond happily.
One day , a tadpole says: “Everyone has a mommy ,but who is our mommy ?”
“Yes ,who is our mommy?”
“l want a mommy.”
“l miss mommy.”
“why not look for our mommy?”
“Good idea! Let’s go!”
They are swimming around .Then they meet a duck .
“Is she our mommy?”
“Are you our mommy?”
“No, I’m not your mommy. I’m a duck. l am duckling’s mommy.”
“Do you know who our mommy is ? what does she look like?
“Your mommy’s name is frog. your mommy has two big eyes and a big mouth.”
“Thank you ! Thank you ! We are going to look for our mommy .See you later”
“Good luck!”