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This book is about a child who is involved in the syrian war.

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The Syrian War a story

By Ashley.S, Isla.C, Lucas.C and Lydia.B

Hi,my name is  Ashur I am 6 years old and I live in Syria.I have an older sister called Zada who is 12

One day our dad said he wanted to help the rebels fight.Zada told him not to go but he told us he was coming back.

Zada was upset about dad leaving so my mother told her something It will be ok Zada your father will come home.

Suddenly a loud BANG hit and shook the ground me and Zada ran outside to see what happened 

A bomb hit our home we ran and we all made


it to Jordan.But we felt bad for the people who


can't get to Jordan.

Me, and my family went onto a website and saw this company helping people in Syria and helped them.

So we took our own small action and you can too by  making a poster Or even just talk about it to a friend!