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The Super Special Snowboard

By Rithik Baral and Ishaan Sen

T’was the Night before Christmas. The owner of the snowboard shop “ slappy boards” was getting ready to leave. “Tink!” He was assembling the last board of the night when the Mr. and Mrs. Dover walked in. They started to browse around the store looking at snowboards.

The Dover’s we're looking around and they saw a shop worker building up a one of a kind snowboard, when they saw it they fell in love. Little did they know how special it was. 

The shop worker sized the straps for Timmy’s boots. After, he packed the the board in a special protective case. They put the case it in the car, closed the trunk, and started on their journey home.

When the Dovers arrived home, Timmy was sleeping like a brick. The fire was still ablaze, warming the whole house. Quietly, Mr.Dover carried timmy’s present and placed it under the tree, making sure not to wake Timmy.

Timmy was sound asleep in his room dreaming away. He dreamt of all the toys he would be getting on Christmas day, he dreamt of waking up and playing in the snow. He couldn't wait for it to be Christmas morning.

Timmy woke up and immediately looked at the clock, it read 3:00 A.M. “Dang it,” Timmy whispered to himself. IT felt like an eternity before he could fall back asleep, but he ended up falling back to sleep.

At the crack of dawn, Timmy shot up from bed, he was ecstatic. He ran to his parents room screaming “ It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” The whole block could hear him. He dragged his parents to the living room. As soon as he saw the long case he asked, “ Can I open it?” His mom sleepily nodded yes. He unclasped the locks and  flipped the case open.

His jaw dropped to the floor. Right in front of his eyes was a shiny one of a kind snowboard. He gently lifted the board out of the box. Timmy timidly took  time examining the board. The board felt different from other boards. IT Was As light as a feather.

He started to open the other presents, a helmet, boots, and goggles. A complete kit for snowboarding. He thanked his parents profusely even though they insisted that Santa brought the gifts. He started to gear up, but there was one slight setback… Timmy had never snowboarded in his life.

When Timmy was all geared up, he dragged his brand new snowboard up the hill. The snow was powder that day. Timmy could barely contain himself. When he got up the hill, he strapped his boots into the board.He tried to stand, and somehow he could. He found this very weird. Timmy leaned to the left and the board turned so he wouldn't fall off. It was like the board had a mind of its own

Timmy was really confused, but he kept going. He started going down the hill. It seemed that  he didn't need to do anything, the snow board did it for him. Whatever he thought in his brain, the snowboard did. However,  it took some time for Timmy to get used to it.

Timmy spent the whole day outside learning how to use this magical snowboard, but he dared not to tell anyone. He came out everyday to ride and come up with new tricks to impress his friends.

Timmy kept snowboarding, every year he would take his special snowboard and shred gnarly hills. Timmy ended up never outgrowing his Special snowboard and became the most famous snowboarder to ever live. But no one knew his secret, not until now



  1. THE END!!!!!