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By: Breanne Delaporta ---> that's me. I'm secretly a geisha

The Sailor and the Sand Castle

Once upon a time, there was a sailor named Jim who entered a sand castle building contest. He thought he was going to build the best sand castle, and would win the contest. However, he only won third place. He became very disappointed that he did not win first place.





What Jim looked like after he lost the sand castle making contest.

Then he received a friendly note in the mail from his friend Jenny that said this...


Dear Jim,

Congratulations on entering the sand castle building contest! I thought your sand castle was really great.

I’m sorry you didn’t win though. I can’t believe you got third place after those two other sand castles! I thought yours was much better than both of theirs. At least you got third place though! That’s still really good!

I know you were really disappointed that you didn’t get first place. You worked really hard and you thought you were going to win. Don’t be too sad though, because you had a lot of fun! I know you enjoy building sand castles a lot, and this was a very cool thing to be able to do. I think as long as you had fun, you shouldn’t be too disappointed.



Maybe next summer you can enter the contest again and have a chance at winning! I’m sure you can at least get second place next time! Remember not to be too worried if you win or lose, because the contest was just for fun, and you can always enter again!


I’m just writing this friendly note to cheer you up, since you were disappointed about losing. Like I said though, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. The only thing that matters is that you had fun!








Now Jim is happy again.