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"Putting Americans Back to





Civil Works



A Short-term Solution to American Unemployment

By Johnna Blystone









The CWA was considered a


for the unemployed


citizens of America

The CWA lasted from

Kid's Korner 

The purpose of the Civil Works Administration was to temporarily provide the average American family with an income from providing unspecialized services of the construction and repair variety. The government would hire men and women alike to perform tasks such as the construction of roads and repair of playgrounds, schools, and airports. This provided a steady income for many people who could not previously manage it, while also giving people the freedom to take themselves off of relief rolls. These workers ended up numbering around four million at the program's peak and built around 500,000 miles of road. 


The Civil Works Administration was ended because it was deemed too expensive for the American government to keep funding. It was officially ended in the spring of 1934. In recent years, however, the fears of dishonesty and the funneling of money into illegitimate pockets have been quieted, as it seems that the administration was run fairly and with little to no corruption.

Roosevelt was distantly related to his wife, Eleanor.

Franklin D. Roosevelt lost the use of his legs after contracting polio.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is featured on the front of the US dime.

Roosevelt was a democrat.

Franklin Roosevelt's last words were, "I have a terrible headache."

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died April 12th, 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

President Roosevelt had a hobby of collecting stamps.

FDR's fifth cousin was the former president, Theodore Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only president to date who has served four terms as the President of the United States.

Roosevelt endured a fatal stroke whilst posing for a portrait.


Effects of The Civil


Works Administration

Confidence Building:

Unemployment Rate:


Government Spending:

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Role of Government:





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