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I was browsing my Facebook news feed the other day and came across the most beautiful chair that had been reupholstered in a beautiful quilt. It was the most amazing thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. I decided I was going to hit up Pinterest and see what other beauties I could find that had been made from quilts. I had never thought of using these timeless pieces to recover furniture. What an awesome idea instead of having them just lie around or just shoved into a closet! And such a fresh new way to showcase them! In my research, I found couches, chairs, foot stools and bar stools. I decided I was going to make a booklet to share with these beautiful images. I have also included some tutorials on how to make some of these beauties! And some just general reupholstering tutorials to get you started. I am so excited to start working on a quilt top and find an old chair and see what I can create. I hope you are too! I would love for you to send me some of your creations so I can share your work! Please enjoy the booklet and let me know what you think!!!!! Have a blessed day!

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