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Reading plan for the series "The Practice"

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Monday, June 12

Read Mark 1

In Mark 1 we are introduced to Jesus. Mark makes it clear that Jesus is devoted to healing the afflicted and time alone with God.

How can you better serve the less fortunate? How does your time alone with God energize you for this work?

Tuesday, June 13

Read Mark 2

In Mark 2 we see Jesus forgiving sins and calling unpopular people (Levi) to follow him.

Jesus has forgiven you and called you. How are you following him?

Wednesday, June 14

Read Mark 3

In Mark 3 Jesus begins creating his new community of friends, extending beyond traditional family ties.

How are you developing meaningful friendships in church?

Thursday, June 15

Read Mark 4

In Mark 4 we see Jesus teaching about the Kingdom of God. Apply the parable of the sower to your heart. Is your heart receptive to God?

Friday, June 16

Read Mark 5

In Mark 5 we see Jesus’ power exhibited in new ways. He calms storms and even gives new life.

How are you in need of new life? What do you want Jesus to redeem?

Monday, June 19

Read Mark 6

In Mark 6 we see Jesus sending out the 12 disciples to minister. We also see Jesus inviting his followers to serve the 5000 after he multiplies the loaves and fish.

How is Jesus calling you to participate with him in his work?

Tuesday, June 20

Read Mark 7

In Mark 7 we see Jesus pay unique attention to “insiders & outsiders” and categories of “clean & unclean.”

What makes you unclean? How are you trusting in God’s forgiveness to make you clean?

Wednesday, June 21

Read Mark 8

In Mark 8 everything turns. We are at the half way through this gospel and Peter finally confesses Jesus’ true identity. He is the Messiah.

How are you taking up your cross and following Jesus, the true Messiah?

Thursday, June 22

Read Mark 9

In Mark 9 we see the glory of Jesus’ transfiguration set alongside the humility of his teaching about leadership.

How are you putting others before yourself? Whom are you serving?

Friday, June 23

Read Mark 10

In Mark 10 we see Jesus again teach on humility. Not only does he remind his disciples of his impending death, but he reminds them of his upside-down kingdom - The powerful are called to serve.

How is God calling you to serve those around you?

Monday, June 26

Read Mark 11

In Mark 11, Jesus enters Jerusalem and cleanses the temple because it was full of moneychangers – religion had become a vehicle for financial gain.

How are you tempted into greed? Ask for Jesus to cleanse your heart.

Tuesday, June 27

Read Mark 12

In Mark 12 we see the religious teachers ramp up their pressure to stump Jesus with complex religious questions. But the chapter ends with a picture of simple faithfulness – a woman giving 2 small copper coins.

How is God calling you into simple acts of faithfulness?

Wednesday, June 28

Read Mark 13

In Mark 13 we see Jesus warn his disciples not to be deceived – there is only 1 true messiah. And then he tells his followers to “keep watch.”

How does your life exhibit a readiness for Jesus’ return?

Thursday, June 29

Read Mark 14

In this chapter we see highs and lows. Jesus is anointed as messiah and then shares Communion. Yet soon after, Jesus’ disciples fall asleep, he is arrested, and disowned. The faithfulness of Jesus is compared against the waywardness of his followers.

In what ways are you wayward? How does Jesus’ brokenness on your behalf increase your love for him?

Friday, June 30

Read Mark 15-16

Chapters 15-16 show us the death and resurrection of Jesus. After defeating death he invites his followers to go into all the world with news of His Victory.

How are you sharing the victory of Christ?

Monday, July 3 

Read Psalm 1

This psalm reminds us that reflecting on Scripture (“The Law of the Lord”) will enhance our life.

How much time do you spend thinking on Scripture?

Tuesday, July 4

Read Psalm 3

This psalm reminds us that we can trust in the Lord.

How has God been a shield to you? Thank God for what he has done to protect you.

Wednesday, July 5

Read Psalm 8

This psalm praises God for his power displayed in creation.

Take a moment and praise God today.

Thursday, July 6

Read Psalm 11

This psalm reminds us that God is just and righteous.

How is God calling you to righteousness?

Friday, July 7

Read Psalm 13

This psalm reminds us that prayers aren’t answered immediately.

How are you currently waiting for God to answer your prayers? Do you trust him?

Monday, July 10

Read Psalm 14

This psalm reminds us that everyone faces the temptation to sin.

How is God calling you to holiness?

Tuesday, July 11

Read Psalm 19

This psalm reminds us that the Lord is above us, and we need his forgiveness.

How are the meditations of your heart pleasing to God?

Wednesday, July 12

Read Psalm 22

This psalm goes from distress (v.1) to trust (v.28).

In times of trouble, do you trust or doubt God’s goodness?

Thursday, July 13

Read Psalm 23

This psalm reminds us that God intends good for your life, if we follow him.

How are you at following God’s path?

Friday, July 14

Read Psalm 29

This psalm is a call to worship.

Take a few minutes today and worship God in your heart.

Monday, July 17

Read Psalm 32

This psalm reminds us of how wonderful it is to be forgiven.

How have you thanked God for his grace in your life?

Tuesday, July 18

Read Psalm 34

This psalm reminds us that the Lord gives us good things – “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

How has the Lord been good to you, and how have you thanked him for that?

Wednesday, July 19

Read Psalm 37

This psalm reminds us that even in unpredictable and evil times, God is the only place where we find safety.

Where are you falsely putting your safety? How are you trusting in God?

Thursday, July 20

Read Psalm 41

This psalm reminds us to be kind to those who have less than us.

How are you showing regard for the weak and poor? How does that help you understand what God has done for you?

Friday, July 21

Read Psalm 48

This psalm is a call to praise.

Take a moment and praise God in your heart for what he has done for you.

Monday, July 24

Read Psalm 51

This psalm is a prayer of repentance to God.

Confess your sin to God and trust in his forgiveness.

Tuesday, July 25

Read Psalm 60

This psalm is a prayer for restoration.

How is your life in need of restoration? Take a moment and ask God to restore you.

Wednesday, July 26

Read Psalm 63

This psalm is the prayer of a person who is thoroughly devoted to God.

Make it your prayer to become this person.

Thursday, July 27

Read Psalm 66

This psalm reminds us that in God is all joy.

How can you make God your joy today?

Friday, July 28

Read Psalm 67

This psalm is a prayer of blessing: on God’s people and the nations.

Pray for the church and it’s blessing. Pray for the nations and their blessing.

Monday, July 31

Read James 1

James 1 shows us what Christian Maturity looks like. Reflect on verse 22.

How are you at doing what the Bible says?

Tuesday, August 1

Read James 2

James 2 teaches us about the relationship between faith and action.

How are faith and action balanced in your life? Does one outweigh the other?

Wednesday, August 2

Read James 3

James 3 teaches us about the importance of controlling what we say.

How can you better get control of your tongue?

Thursday, August 3

Read James 4

James 4 speaks of living humbly before God and submitting to him.

How can you better live in humility before God?

Friday, August 4

Read James 5 

James 5 teaches about patience and prayer.

How can your prayer life better display patience in suffering?

Monday, August 7

Read Galatians 1

In Galatians 1 Paul makes it clear that he values Christ’s opinion over people’s opinion.

Whose opinions are you more worried about: Christ or others? How does that show in your actions?

Tuesday, August 8

Read Galatians 2

In Galatians 2 we see Peter showing priority to certain groups of people who he thought were better than others.

How do you show priority to people like yourself? If you are a sinner (like everyone else), then how does the Gospel affect the way you treat these people?

Wednesday, August 9

Read Galatians 3

Galatians 3 tells us that the 613 Laws in the Old Testament were the precursor to Christ. We are all guilty of breaking the Law. As a result everyone needs grace.

How does your life exhibit thankfulness that you are under the grace of Christ, as opposed to the Law?

Thursday, August 10

Read Galatians 4

Galatians 4 teaches us that we are children of “Abba” Father. Abba is an intimate term for one’s dad.

How can you better experience intimacy with God? 

Friday, August 11

Read Galatians 5

Galatians 5:19-21 gives a list of notorious sins. Galatians 5:22-24 gives a list of beautiful virtues.

Underline one sin you want to overcome. Underline one virtue you want to become better at. Pray that God help you.

Monday, August 14

Read Galatians 6

Galatians 6 reflects on the beauty of God’s New Creation in you.

In what way is God’s Holy Spirit currently making you new? What part of your life do you want God to make new?

Tuesday, August 15

Read Ephesians 1

Ephesians 1 begins with a beautiful thanksgiving for all God has done.

How can your life better exhibit thankfulness for all God has done for you?

Wednesday, August 16

Read Ephesians 2

Ephesians 2 teaches us that we have been made alive in Christ through grace.

How can you better live in the grace of God given to you through Christ?

Thursday, August 17

Read Ephesians 3

In Ephesians 3 Paul prays that the church may understand the immense love of God.

Take a moment, reflect on God’s love for you and praise God for it.

Friday, August 18

Read Ephesians 4

Ephesians 4 teaches us about the unity of the church which is accomplished through people’s actions, those who “Live a life worthy of the calling.” (V.1)

Take a moment and think about your actions with people at church. How can your actions better promote unity in the body of Christ?

Monday, August 21

Read Ephesians 5

Ephesians 5 teaches us about imitating God and his character.

How can your character better model the character of God?

Wednesday, August 23

Read Philippians 1

In Philippians 1 Paul shows great joy in Christ even though he is suffering.

How does your life exhibit joy in Christ?

Thursday, August 24

Read Philippians 2

In Philippians 2 Paul teaches us about the incredible humility of Jesus.

How can you life better exhibit humility?

Friday, August 25

Read Philippians 3

Philippians 3 reminds us that Jesus wins the day; his grace will overcome our failings. It is our job to forget what is behind, and strain toward Christ.

How does your sin make you live in the past? How can Christ give you hope for the future?

Monday, August 28

Read Philippians 4

Philippians 4 reminds us about the things we should keep our minds occupied with.

How can your thought-life better reflect verses 8-9?