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The Park Bulletin - August 2020

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August 2020 Av Elul 5780 parksynagogue org 216 371 2244 facebook com parksyn From the President A MESSAGE FROM SUSAN RATNER s I look back on my first year as President of Park Synagogue I reflect on last year s Annual AMeeting The Park community had charted a path toward the future and the roadmap was clear This year s Annual Meeting seemed far into the future And then the future happened The worldwide pandemic and all its personal and community consequences have been experienced individually and communally and every single one of us will remember 2020 and how all our personal and group plans changed on a dime But one of the unexpected consequences of this most difficult time is that I am both witness and participant in our vibrant Park Synagogue community The resilience creativity and compassion displayed at Park have been as much hallmarks of this unexpected time as has the worry about illness and financial future from our very personal Zoom services our Zoom connections at times of joy and sorrow to our wonderful and fun Park telethon I have gotten to know many of you only virtually on a screen or through email yet I feel we are getting to know each other in a meaningful way And while some details of the future remain uncertain our commitment to the future of Park has been unwavering thanks to the support of all of you Being apart has repeatedly shown me how together we are and we are going to move forward together as one community So let me catch you up on where our plans are for the transformation of Park East and our plans for Cleveland Heights At our Annual Meeting Rabbi Skoff announced our exciting lead gift for our campaign We have received a transformative ten million dollar gift and we have renamed our new home in Pepper Pike Announcing Park Synagogue The Sydell and Arnold Miller Campus Thanks to the generosity of the incredible Miller family we can move forward optimistically toward our goal During this quiet phase of our campaign we have matched this gift and have raised upwards of 22 million dollars toward ensuring the future of The Sydell and Arnold Miller campus in Pepper Pike and increasing our endowment to support our programs and congregational needs Two campuses remain unsustainable financially and so we continue to move toward a solution in Cleveland Heights Bellefaire JCB is exploring our campus in order to create an intentional community a kind of Chautauqua for adults on the autism spectrum with the sanctuary as a centerpiece a sanctuary that we could continue to use the few days a year we need If this is financially sustainable for Bellefaire it would be a true community collaboration and we will know in a few months if this is viable for them If not other options will be considered The architects have presented their first steps in creating the kind of spaces we need in order to accommodate the congregation at Park East We have given them all of your feedback so that they can incorporate whatever is feasible into their thinking subject of course to the amount of money actually raised Our full Board has voiced their commitment to contribute to the campaign and some of you have already stepped forward Thank you for helping us to build the future This is a year none of us expected and no road is ever straight But our clergy our staff and all of you are the community that endures We ve learned so much about resilience support and ironically this most difficult time has only underscored Park s spiritual intellectual and emotional heart Please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas with me susratner gmail com and know how privileged I feel to be here with all of you at this extraordinary moment in time Susan Ratner Park Synagogue President susratner gmail com

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What s Inside NEW TRUST FUND New Trust Fund 2 Mazel Tov 2 Roll of Remembrance 2 Stay Connected with Park 2 Thank You Solomon Society Donors 3 Thank You The Crown David Society Donors 4 August Birthdays 5 Women s Rosh Chodesh Book Group 5 Park s Greatest Show 5 Park s Virtual Zoom School 6 Family Education Wolf Religious School 7 Congregational Sympathy Memoriam 8 Confirmation 8 Youth Group News 8 B nei Mitzvah 9 Israel Bonds 9 Shabbat Parshiot 10 August Milestone Anniversaries 10 What is Sisterhood 11 Sisterhood Supplies Project 2020 11 Park Synagogue Sisterhood 12 Park s Summer Reading 13 Gifts to Funds 14 15 In Memoriam 15 Park Calendar 16 We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new trust fund WAIN PAVILION FUND Established by Barbara and Norman Wain to be used for special events and projects that further enhance the use of the Pavilion Mazel Tov Mazel Tov to Meghan Scott Newman on the birth of their son Jacob Harrison Newman Grandparents are Kandi Allen Friedman and Debra Shifrin and Steve Newman Great grandparents are Ralph Friedman and Rose Krantz Mazel Tov to Marilyn Ellis on publishing her first children s book called Petey Boy and the Flyhigh Club This heart warming book is for all children who need hope fun and humor Mazel Tov to Emilie Joshua Polster on the birth of their son Ezra Zee Polster Sister is Birdie Polster Grandparents are Deborah Coleman Dan Polster and Margaret and Bob Ziemer Great grandparents are Elinor Polster and Catherine Righter Roll of Remembrance for Yom Kippur 2020 Stay Connected with Park Anyone who is in need of a community at this time or feels alone or unconnected there is a place for you at Park If you are interested or know anyone who may be in any of our virtual programs services or are just looking for a way to connect please contact Allison Solomon at asolomon parksyn org or 216 371 2244 ext 121 March 2018 August 2020 It is the custom of our congregation to inscribe the names of departed loved ones in the Roll of Remembrance a booklet that is distributed for Yom Kippur services If you would like to memorialize a departed family member or friend this year you may visit the Park Synagogue website at http www parksynagogue org Look for the form in the mail or use our online form to send in your Name Listings Donation ASAP Deadline August 17 2020 Due to anticipated change in this years High Holy Days it is very important to meet our production deadline For questions please contact Natalie at NMaggelet parksyn org or 216 371 2244 ext 155 Page 2 www parksynagogue org

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Thank you to our Solomon Society Donors Thank you so much for continuing your support during these uncertain times The Solomon Society Annual giving of 1 000 1 600 above dues The following families make extraordinary annual commitments to support Park s Programs Membership Nancy Dale Adler Paula Dan Herman Sarah Abram Schwarz Hedy David Adler Sheila Gerald Herschman Charna Sherman Anonymous Jane Michael Horvitz Lorie Gelb Mark and Arielle Silverman Mitchell Balk Sally Isenstadt Lisa Meek Marc Alan Silverstein Joan Ben Barzilai Amanda Jeremy Jacobs Marcy Schwartz Dan Simon Susan Andrew Berman Lesley Marvin Karp Karen Richard Spector Phyllis Kenneth Bravo Norma Harvey Kotler Shari Adam Stern Barbara Don Brinberg Charlotte Kramer Cheryl Robert Stern Betsy Mahlke Stephen Brown Florence Gerald Lander Rachael Ralph Stewart Carol Scott Burg Penny Bret Lashner Debbie Jim Strassman Rita Torchinsky Jack Cohan Barbara Alan Lepene Michele Tom Sudow Gilda Cohen Janine Martyn Frederic Levine Sara Howard Tucker Cheryl Barry Cohn Rebecca Long Barbara Norman Wain Sue Marc Cutler Iris Michael Lorber Lori Wald Harlan Diamond Ilene Ronald Lorig Susan Matthew Wayne Cindy Michael Duber Linda Saul Ludwig Neil Weinberger Roslyn Avroy Fanaroff Suzanne Harold Mars Donna Donald Weinstein Sheila Allan Farkas Lisa Josh Mayers Carol Yair Weinstock Rina Frankel Deborah Edward Meckler Karen Alan Wine Ann G Freimuth Dana Scott Morris Linda Clifford Wolf Stacy Bruce Friedman Peta Moskowitz Donna Yanowitz Zeev Friedman Jill Jeff Muencz Elin Jeff Young Cheryl Stuart Garson Deborah Zachary Paris Joan Gelb Alina Jim Perlick Herbert Glass Jackie Jeffrey Ponsky Faye Glazer Linda Lawrence Rich Nancy Ira Goffman Laura Pederson Brad Roller Eileen Ronald Gold Sharon Bruce Rosenbaum Adrienne Philip Goldberg Enid David Rosenberg Kitty Bluie Greenberg Anne Fred Rzepka Nancy Wolf Aric Greenfield Judith Donald Schermer Inga Rubin Gutarts Barbara Schreibman Lilli Seth Harris Shelley Roth Bruce Schwartz Anita William Heller Eleanor Schwartz March 2018 August 2020 Page 3 Online Donations Visit parksynagogue org to securely donate online with your credit card or checking account No gift is too small Want to join The Solomon Society To learn more about The Solomon Society please contact Rabbi Skoff or Judy Kaufman at 216 371 2244 or Susan Ratner at susratner gmail com www parksynagogue org

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Thank you to our Crown and David Society Donors These are challenging times We truly need and appreciate your support more than ever The Crown Society The David Society The following families make extraordinary annual commitments to ensure that Jewish life thrives for us and for generations to come We are so grateful These generous donors make possible all that we do here Thank you for your tzedakah Annual giving of 50 000 60 000 above dues Annual Giving of 5 000 6 500 above dues The Jack Goldberg Family Jodi Joel Adelman Audrey Albert Ratner Anonymous Ilana Charles Horowitz Ratner Fran Jules Belkin Susan James Ratner Marla David Berns Deborah Ronald Ratner Barbara Bob Brenner Annual giving of 10 000 18 000 above dues Grace Michael Drusinsky Lois Marti Jeffrey Davis Sharon Bruce Epstein Darlene Robert Duvin Donna Les Glazer Laurie Rob Engel Jennifer Edward Lehner Phyllis Avrum Kim Mark Froimson Susi Peter Meisel Jane Altshuler Bruce Gendler Sydell Miller Becky David Heller Loree Steven Potash Judy David Kaufman Esther Hyman Rapport Philanthropic Trust Elayne Robert Kwait Amber David Ratner Sharon James Lebovitz Aliki Peter Rzepka Jan Lewis Barbara Michael Shapero Barb Abe Miller Anita Michael Siegal Harriet Mel Morris Audrey David Sylvan Lauren Steven J Spilman Judy Steven Willensky Ellen Daniel Zelman To learn more about The Crown Society or The David Society please contact Rabbi Skoff or Judy Kaufman at 216 371 2244 or Susan Ratner at susratner gmail com August 2020 March 2018 Page 4 www parksynagogue org

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Parks greatest show August 30 3 30 5 00 pm on ZOOM Keeping the safety of our congregation and community in mind we have decided to move this year s event online Join us for entertainment and fun for all ages at Park s GREATEST end of summer event Thrill Magic Shows Revolution Pie Beatles Cover Band TONS OF FUN FOR ALL AGES You ll also be able to purchase a Party in a Bag with goodies for kids and adults alike All proceeds will benefit Park s Hunger Mitzvah Fund to help those affected by financial and health related difficulties during this challenging time Bags can be purchased online and picked up prior to the event Stay tuned for more details Attend on Zoom August Birthdays will be celebrated on Saturday August 15 Women s Rosh Chodesh Book Group Wednesday August 12 7 30 pm RSVP to Eva by Wednesday August 12 at eva parksyn org or 216 371 2244 ext 127 Children 12 and under are eligible Sponsored through the generosity of the Lois Sherman Children s Fund Park women are invited to discuss Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson The meeting will be held through Zoom using your computer I pad or phone You must RSVP by August 10th to receive the link to join the meeting IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to the current circumstances because of COVID 19 all events are subject to cancellation if needed August 2020 March 2018 Please RSVP to Ellen at epetler parksyn org Page 5 www parksynagogue org

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ENROLL IN PARK S VIRTUAL SCHOOL LEARN SOMETHING NEW ON ZOOM THIS SUMMER FOR ADULTS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL PARK MEMBERS THE COMMUNITY PRE REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR EACH WORKSHOP THROUGH THE PARK WEBSITE HOW TO BE A GOOD LISTENER HEAR WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING BECOME AN ASHREI ACHIEVER THURSDAY AUGUST 6 7 00 8 30 PM THURSDAYS AUGUST 13 20 27 7 00 8 00 PM Facilitated by Lori Wald Featuring Valerie Levinsohn JD UCLA TRAINED MINDFULNESS FACILITATOR PARK MEMBER PARK HEBREW TEACHER The art of listening is difficult to master Not only do we live in a multitasking information overloaded distraction driven culture but our brains are wired to evaluate input predict outcomes and make judgements instantaneously In order to listen we need to understand some basic concepts about our nervous system and be aware of our natural inclination to prove ourselves right Then we can train ourselves to listen pause and respond instead of react The Ashrei prayer is part of so many services at Park Do you have trouble reciting the Ashrei whether correctly completely or at all Do you marvel at how our bar bat mitzvah students wiz through it so quickly Maybe you never learned the prayer as a child or have forgotten the words Let Valerie Levinsohn come to the rescue Val will review Hebrew letters and vowels before helping the class become comfortable and proficient in reciting the Ashrei At the end of the three sessions the class will all be Ashrei achievers This 90 minute Zoom workshop will enhance your listening skills through discussion mindful listening exercises and small group exercises where participants will engage with each other in non threatening ways to explore their listening habits and begin to focus on our own reactions as we listen to what others say We can get away from habitual response only by recognizing and understanding what those responses are This takes practice Join us to become a better listener Basic knowledge of Hebrew is required Registration Information for Park s Virtual School Pre registration is required for both workshops at least 2 days before the scheduled class date so you can be emailed a Zoom link Register at www parksynagogue org Questions Contact Ellen Petler at epetler parksyn org or call 216 371 2244 ext 122 March 2018 August 2020 Page 6 www parksynagogue org

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Family Education and Wolf Religious School What is Jewish About Pizza Well one could say that there is story about a 14th century Hebrew scholar from Italy who translated Maimonides use of the word hararah a type of flatbread in the Mishneh Torah with four simple Hebrew letters peh yud tzadi heh or pizza arguably the very first time the word was ever used in any language In all seriousness we wanted to bring some fun Jewish learning to our kids at Park so we delivered to each PSWRS household a Kit to Grow A Pizza We asked our families to explore the contents of the kit to find fun ways to partner with God The kit included Grow A Pizza seeds and soil so that you can be partners with God Pizza Dough Mix so that you will be able to make that pizza after all your toppings grow A fingertip light so that you can add light to a summer s night and perhaps join the fireflies in your yard Plant a Kiss grades Littles 2 so that you can see how one small act of love blooms into something bigger and more dazzling than can be imagined It s an epic journey about life kindness and giving A Food Brachot card so that you can master the Brachot said before eating bread fruit and your homemade pizza A grape seal strawberry fox or blueberry triceratops so that you can delight your sense of smell and remember to love all creatures A mask so that we can continue to be safe this summer So many of my friends and family are creating gardens this summer As you grow your family garden you should ask yourself how do we show our partnership with God The word brit literally means covenant God blessed the Jewish people with a covenant an agreement that pledges both the Jewish people and God work together toward the perfection of the world and full human dignity in every way for as long as it takes Being partners with God means that we are always involved in taking care of the world around us as well as the people around us The Talmud tells us that while we are not required to complete the task we are required to keep it as the best as we can Teri Rube Hochberg D PED Director of Education PSWRS 2020 21 REGISTRATION COVID PLAN Although this may be an unprecedented time our wish for a generation of Jewish kids remains the same We envision that all of our children will be given the opportunity to develop a strong Jewish identity with knowledge of Bible Hebrew and mitzvot with ties to our synagogue The beginning of this year will not look that much different from other years when the Fall holidays arrive in September and October and on the weekends And although our approach to Religious School this year remains flexible through the holidays the children teens will have the opportunity to attend virtually and or attend some Bible and Holiday classes in person in synagogue This is our plan through Simchat Torah During the fall holidays we will reassess Today in July it is too early to predict what October will bring Our hope of course is to transition to everyone in the building but sadly it is just too soon to tell A hybrid school costs money for teachers materials PPEs to name just some of the costs PSWRS school fees have always been best priced No fees are being raised No child is turned away because of the fees If you have a question please contact Teri teri parksyn org Stay safe and look for further updates on our website https www parksynagogue org wolf religious school or call Teri at 216 371 2244 ext 125 August 2020 March 2018 Page 7 www parksynagogue org

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The Congregation Expresses its Sympathy to our Members Save the Date CONFIRMATION KICK OFF Robin Benis on the loss of her mother Jessica and Emily Friedman on the loss of their grandmother Gloria Benis September 13 Park Synagogue East Rebecca J David Heller on the loss of her mother Bernard Agin on the loss of his cousin Barbara Joyce Cohen Kick off the 2020 2021 Confirmation year with a socially distanced outdoor game day at Park East RSVP to nmaggelet parksyn org by September 6 Steven and Wendy Fox on the loss of their nephew Jeremy Michael Fox Francine Friedman on the loss of her husband Eugene Friedman Molly Friedson on the loss of her husband Sanford Friedson Jon Jodie Herbst on the loss of his mother Evelyn Herbst Vadim Irina Kleyner on the loss of his father Samantha Nicole and David Kleyner on the loss of their grandfather Phil Kleyner Contact Rabbi Marcus Office at nmaggelet parksyn org or 216 371 2244 ext 155 for more information Marilyn Lenson on the loss of her husband Murray Lenson Marlene Oppenheimer on the loss of her husband Edgar Ted Oppenheimer Youth Group NEWS Kandis Schreiber on the loss of her mother in law Morgan Michael Jacobs and Ryan Schreiber Eliza Pereira on the loss of their grandmother Sammy and Eli Jacobs on the loss of their great grandmother Helen Schreiber Message for Jr Kadima Kadima Brian Sokol on the loss of his father Ari and Lea Sokol on the loss of their grandfather David Sokol Happy August I hope that everyone is having a nice relaxing and safe summer I can t believe Fall is just around the corner which means another wonderful Jr Kadima and Kadima and year We have so many plans in the works for when we are safely allowed to return and virtual activities planned as well I hope to see all of you soon Becky Faur Jr Kadima Kadima Advisor Save The Date In Memoriam Park USY August 16 1 00 3 00 pm Join Park USY for our first event of the year Incoming freshmen will join us at 1pm for a high speed scavenger hunt extravaganza Gloria Benis Eugene Friedman Sanford Friedson Dr Saul Genuth Edger Ted Oppenheimer Melvin Pearlman March 2018 August 2020 At 1 30pm all high schoolers are welcome for games galore We are hanging out online use this link to join us https us02web zoom us j 85736043540 Keep an eye out for details to come on our social media Instagram parkusy Twitter parkUSY Facebook parkUSY Page 8 www parksynagogue org

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SIMAN TOV U MAZEL TOV B NEI MITZVAH Sarah Korland August 22 Sarah attends Brady Middle School Sarah enjoys soccer softball theater art attending Camp Wise and spending time with friends and family Her parents are Melissa Lee Korland her sister is Maya and her grandparents are Linda Myers Rachelle Korland Jerry Wolf and Larry Cassie Korland Attention Park Parents Grandparents In honor of your child grandchild s Bar Bat Mitzvah look at this opportunity that is not to be missed Purchase a 100 Mazel Tov Bond for your child or grandchild Park Synagogue will match your purchase with a second 100 Mazel Tov Bond Leah Hulewat August 22 Leah attends Solon Middle School She enjoys horseback riding reading and playing with her dog Her parents are Elizabeth Kyle Hulewat her sibling is Hannah her grandparents are Frank Hulewat Ann Jim Obrecht and of blessed memory Phyllis Hulewat Her great grandparents are Marilyn Richard Hodge To take advantage of this partnership call Michael Holub at the Israel Bonds Office at 216 454 0180 Development Corporation for Israel This is not an offering which can be made only by prospectus Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel bonds Member FINRA Nicole Kleyner August 29 Nicole attends Mandel JDS Nicole enjoys dance swimming tennis and performing Her parents are Irina Vadim Kleyner her siblings are Samantha and Dave and her grandparents are Anna Kleyner Elena Tychkova and Michael Shevzov and of Blessed Memory Phil Kleyner great grandparent is Simon Dragunsky Paula Lacey of MetroHealth Medical Center accepts 74 heart shaped pillows sewn and stuffed by Park volunteers for breast cancer patients to use for support and comfort following surgery March 2018 August 2020 Page 9 www parksynagogue org

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Anniversaries August Milestone Shabbat Parshiot Torah portions to be read this month Milestone anniversaries are recognized at the first year of marriage at 5 year Intervals then every year for 50 years Please join ALL our August couples for Anniversary Shabbat on Saturday August 1st August 1 11 Av Vaetchanan Deuteronomy 3 23 7 11 August 8 18 Av Eikev Deuteronomy 7 12 11 25 August 15 25 Av Re eh Deuteronomy 11 26 16 17 August 22 2 Elul Shoftim Deuteronomy 16 18 21 9 August 29 9 Elul Ki Tetzei Deuteronomy 21 10 25 19 IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to the current circumstances because of COVID 19 all events are subject to cancellation if needed 5 Carrie Bruce Bogart 50 Toby Alex Dybbs 10 Lindy Paul Lurie 51 Michael Iris Lorber 15 Melissa Ari Konheim 51 Cathy Larry Goldberg 15 Angela Jay Siegel 51 Larry Nancy Bartell 15 Riddi Andy Kline 51 Helen Larry Horwitz 20 Elizabeth Weinstein Jason Confino 51 Elaine Norm Vincent 52 Nancy Jerry Goldberg 20 Allen Segal Barbara Bruck 52 Sandy Bernie Agin 20 Hillary Stephen Zashin 52 Jane Marvin Kinstlinger 20 Sharon Noam Naveh 52 Helen Steven Ehrlich 20 Irina Arnold Gutarts 56 Karen Art Brown 25 Dave Tania Gordon 56 Carol Yair Weinstock 25 Michelle Bertenthal Martin Bluestein 56 Karen Lawrence Altschul 25 David Lisa Waxman 30 Aaron Marci Dworken 30 Elyssa Josh Olgin 35 Keith Amy Levy 35 Ira Karen Levinsky 35 Jim Wendy Friedman 40 Abbie Jonathan Klein 40 Paula Dan Herman 40 Elise Randy Schwartz 45 Michael Andrea Goldstein 45 Marcy Bruce Baum 45 Judy Eigenfeld Rick Maron 45 Enid Neil Gurney 45 Linda Jack Fogel 45 Judy Scott Cohen 56 Harriet Mel Morris 57 Marvin Lesley Karp 57 Armond Gayle Waxman 57 Linda Larry Rich 59 Tina David Florman 59 Mona Ron Stovsky 59 Darlene Bob Duvin 61 Roz Harvey Rosenbaum 61 Joanne Richard Prober 62 Ellen Allan Vendeland 62 Estelle Joe Adelman 63 Sura Danil Goldberg 63 Elaine Stuart Shaffer 64 Arlene Norman Golovan 69 Irving Edna Brown 45 Anita Michael Siegal 50 Debby Zack Paris 50 Karen Alan Wine 50 Sue Marc Cutler 50 Maxine Michael Landers 50 Barbara Alan Lepene March 2018 August 2020 Page 10 www parksynagogue org

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SISTERHOOD TORAH FUND What is Sisterhood How we miss our Sisterhood educational programs and delicious luncheons Looking forward to getting together through Zoom in the near future Looking for a new way to get involved for the coming year Join the Park Synagogue Sisterhood an organization that benefits both our congregation and community that is entertaining social and informative Please get in touch with Rita Kroot 440 449 4858 to purchase Tribute Cards 5 cards for 18 00 The Park Sisterhood Meeting via ZOOM as of now Provides the holiday flowers Presents candlesticks to every Bat Mitzvah and Tzedakah boxes to all Park Confirmands Provides weekly Oneg Shabbat on Friday Night Supports and decorates the Sukkah Conducts year round mitzvah projects Supports our adopted Cleveland Heights University Heights school district with school supplies and gifts for families in need Runs the synagogue gift shop which offers beautiful Judaica and gifts for all occasions Supports the congregation in both good and difficult times For more information about how you can become involved with Park Synagogue Sisterhood please contact Sisterhood President Linda Wolf at 216 991 4040 To become a benefactor you can pledge 180 00 or more and receive a beautiful pin and 18 tribute cards We are waiting for our new pins and will let you know as soon as we receive them Through Torah Fund we support Jewish learning The recipients become the future Rabbis Cantors and Scholars in our Jewish World Thank you for your support Elena Myers Torah Fund Committee 216 536 0439 CH UH School Supplies Project 2020 Membership is open to all women of the synagogue and other women in the community Membership costs just 36 per year Attend any or all of our classes and programs which are held every Tuesday for an additional 25 per year Park Synagogue Sisterhood is again partnering with the Cleveland Heights University Heights School District to provide new school supplies for elementary school children who cannot afford them This year the Corona Virus has made the financial need even greater than ever before Sisterhood will be aiding all seven of the system s elementary schools Monetary donations checks payable to Park Sisterhood would be greatly appreciated to help us help those children in need Online Donations Visit www parksynagogue org to securely donate online with your credit card or checking account Please mail to CH UH School Supplies Fund c o Phyllis Wachs 2202 Acacia Park Dr 2520 Lyndhurst OH 44124 Help us fulfill this Mitzvah Thank you March 2018 August 2020 Page 11 www parksynagogue org

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The Park Synagogue Sisterhood Member of Women s League for Conservative Judaism How Beautiful is our heritage Dear Sisterhood Member and Women of Park Synagogue I want to thank you for your past support of The Park Synagogue Sisterhood Your membership in Park Synagogue Sisterhood includes membership in the Women s League for Conservative Judaism www wlcj org Membership in Women s League is for all women who support our mission those who belong to affiliated sisterhoods and those who join directly Every Conservative Jewish woman has the opportunity to be a link in the worldwide network of women engaged in Jewish life and committed to enhancing their Jewish knowledge expanding their involvement in their communities and supporting klal Yisrael the entire Jewish people Brochure of WLCJ Our Park Synagogue Sisterhood is one of the most active regionally nationally and internationally as well as being the only Sisterhood that meets weekly Until the covid 19 pandemic began meetings were held weekly during the school year The plan is to return to weekly meetings in the fall in a virtual format if face to face are not possible It is now time to renew your membership in Sisterhood for July 1 2020 June 30 2021 Please complete the attached form and mail along with your check for 36 00 to Estelle Bonchek at 515 13 Concord Downs Circle Aurora Ohio 44202 Payment for classes will be collected at the first session when Sisterhood resumes at the synagogue Sincerely Linda Wolf Linwolf57 gmail com President Name _____________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________ Phone Number _______________________ h _________________________________ c Email _____________________________________________________________________ Amount due ___________________________________________________________ 36 00 Make checks payable to Park Synagogue Sisterhood March 2018 August 2020 Page 12 www parksynagogue org

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Park s Summer Reading Looking for new books to read this summer Park Synagogue s Library has you covered Email our Librarian Julie Moss at JMoss parksyn org for your book requests curbside pickups and returns on Tuesdays and Thursday from 10 00 am 3 00 pm New Books Children Teen Section BY JULIE MOSS THE PARK SYNAGOGUE LIBRARIAN New Books Adult Section Asteroid Goldberg Passover in Outer Space Brianna Caplan Sayers The Book of V A Novel Anna Solomon The Ghost in Apartment 2R Denis Markell The Color of Love A Story of a Mixed Race Jewish Girl Marra B Gad It s a Whole Spiel Love Latkes and Other Jewish Stories Katherine Locke Conversations with RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life Love Liberty and Law Jeffrey Rosen Miep and the Most Famous Diary The Woman Who Rescued Anne Frank s Diary Meeg Pincus How to Fight Anti Semitism Bari Weiss To Night Owl From Dogfish Holly Goldberg Sloan and Meg Wolitzer Immigrant City Stories David Bezmozgis The Passover Mouse Joy Nelkin Wieder The Imperfects A Novel Amy Meyerson The Sages of Chelm and the Moon Shlomo Abas and Omer Hoffman Without A Country Mark Sullivan The Truth About Leaving Natalie Blitt Welcoming Elijah Lesla Newman March 2018 August 2020 Page 13 www parksynagogue org

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Gifts to Funds MAY 28 2020 JULY 6 2020 Amelia Harry Halpert Library Plaque Fund IN MEMORY OF Clarence Feldman Frances Feldman Armond Jeanne Arnson Memorial Fund IN MEMORY OF Beverly Schlessinger Norman Millstein Susan David Kahan Barbara Bob Brenner Toddler Time Fund IN HONOR OF Judy Les Fishman s Milestone Anniversary Bob Barbara Brenner IN MEMORY OF Erna Lorig Ada Slavin Isadore Lidsky Bob Barbara Brenner Barbara Stephen Somogyi Holocaust Education Fund IN HONOR OF Ann Jerry Bass Milestone Anniversary Barbara Steve Somogyi IN MEMORY OF Marietta Gettenberg Elda Pincus Ruth Arenswald Barbara Steve Somogyi Barney Esther Garson Minyan Fund Cultural Art Fund for Senior Adults IN MEMORY OF Henry Marcuson Lewis Marcuson Doris Sopher Diamond Rosen Garden Fund IN MEMORY OF Shirley Weiser Blossom Charlotte Weiser Estelle Adelman Eugene Friedman Estelle Joe Adelman Dr Carl Frieda Snider Library Plaque Fund IN MEMORY OF Frieda Snider Marcia Fred Mervis Ellerin Landscape Garden Fund IN MEMORY OF Myron Taich Jerry Ellerin Rebecca Ellerin Jerry Ellerin Shelley Roth Elmer Eudese Paull Judaic School Fund IN MEMORY OF Elmer Paull Carol Paull Elyse Eisen Barson Camp Scholarship Fund Barry Friedberg Memorial Fund IN HONOR OF Roz Joe Wolf s Milestone Anniversary Sandi Bill Bohl s Milestone Anniversary Joel Gail Eisen Braun Family Rabbinical Fund IN HONOR OF Eliana Gelb Liner s Birthday Mark Kessler IN APPRECIATION OF Nate Levine Cathy Randall IN MEMORY OF Barry Friedberg Lori Wald IN CELEBRATION OF the 100th wedding anniversary of Este Joseph Braun Rabbi Jeff Foust Evelyn Kessler Library Plaque Fund Ezra Tzivia Galili Fund For a speedy recovery The Shmuely Family IN APPRECIATION OF Gadi Galili for education creating a welcoming Cantor Misha Pisman environment being a GIT Discretionary Fund MENSCH in this difficult IN APPRECIATION OF time in our lives Cantor Pisman for Zina Jack Becker education creating a welcoming environment IN MEMORY OF being a GIT MENSCH in this Ester Lebovitz Carrie Bruce Bogart difficult time in our lives Zina Jack Becker Fannie Sidney Walzer IN MEMORY OF Library Plaque Fund Ada Slavin IN MEMORY OF Mr Mrs Todd Zeid Harley Goldstein Dorothy Samuels Sidney Walzer Marla Schwartz Laura Wallenstein March 2018 August 2020 Harvey Millie Klein Educational Fund IN MEMORY OF Charles S Sussman Sadie Bernstein Harvey Klein Steve Judy Willensky Hunger Mitzvah Fund IN HONOR OF Linda Saul Ludwig s Milestone Anniversary Myrna Kurt Bloch Nancy Simon s Milestone Birthday Ed Simon Hope Jay Fromson s Milestone Anniversary Sandi Klee Ieda Warshay s Birthday Marcia Korenstein IN MEMORY OF Dorothy Bravo Ken Bravo Beverly Dachner Marilyn Dachner Gloria Benis Rachael and Larry Robiner Michael Shore Murray Lenson Jodi Rich Jonathan Eisengart Eileen Farkas Allan Farkas Goldie Fromson Lieberman Hope Jay Fromson Sidney Gottfried Mort Gottfried Robert Korenstein Marcia Korenstein Arlene Leventhal Nettie Meckler Terri Ken Kraus Bella Weinberg Dr Earl B Legome Marlene Legome Ruth Arenswald Ellen Gary Petler Bernard Potash Steve Potash Irwin Schoenberg Ruth Schoenberg Ruth Arenswald Shia Rhoda Shapiro Phoebe Jean Kaplan Amy Kaplan Samuel Zuckerman Aaron Coplon Harold Zuckerman The Zuckerman Family Jerry Millman Minyan Fund IN MEMORY OF Ruth Arenswald Mayer Millman by JoAnn Millman Leonard Ratner Candy Fund IN HONOR OF Susi Meisel receiving the 2020 Centerite Award Deborah Joel Glass Library Program Fund IN MEMORY OF Max Moe Sonenstein Mitchell Janice Adell David Klein Sandy Agin Rebecca Berger Bernard Friedlander Wendy Anthony Page 14 Library Program Fund Cont Elvin Shultz Marcia Alan Arons Donald Asherson Dorothy Asherson Betty Bash Brian Bash Hyman Polsky Dale Susan Bass Dora Kigel Edl Kigel Zina Becker Ellen Kopelman Henrique Kopelman Gina Beim Mike Belkin Michael Belkin Toby Darvin Nancy Jaye Benjamin Marian Rosen Evelyn Bennett Max Rosen Gladys Gene Bennett Rose Berman Rita Berman Esther Berman Ruth Coben Abe Bernstein Alan Blank Esstelle Bronster Wigser Myrna Arlen Bloch Phyllis Seid Jeanne Blonder Snitz Jonathan David Bohl Sandi Bohl Merle Frieder Sally Bram Lillian Busch by Bonnie Busch Mildred H Cantor Dolores Neil Cantor Ronald H Barron David Chelnick David Cohen Barbara Gayle Cohen Anita Howard Cohen Denise Cohn Bradley Cohn Irving Lebow Cathy Greg Cooper Belle Scharf Eunice Burton Curtis Rose Davis Burt Curtis Larry Davis Lois Davis Carol Goldberg Irene Deutsch Fern Mel Deutsch John Schuster Helen Rothman Adam Rendon Esther Silver Louis Duvin Henrietta Duvin Linda Duvin Darlene Bob Duvin Dr Jacob Dybbs Alexander Dybbs Ruth Lipp Marilyn David Elk Ray Ehrlich Morris Ehrlich Maurice Epstein Richard Friedman Sharon Bruce Epstein Emerich Fingerhut Sima Fingerhut Shirley Braff Judy Les Fishman Library Program Fund Cont Chana Kaufman Samuel Frankel Rina Frankel Maurice Taubman Jennie Friedman Charlotte Friedman Max H Benjamin Susan Friedman Esther Goldberg Joyce Fromson Steven Kessler Helene Gelb Harold Berger Ellen Gelender Carol Altshuler Arnold Altshuler Jane Altshuler Franklin Glass Gary Glass Lillian Goldberg Ken Goldberg Pearl Metz Adrienne Philip Goldberg Ethan Stang Lisa Mort Goldman Carl Gottlieb Elaine Gottlieb Sylvia Wolf Nancy Wolf Fanny Guggenheim Charlotte Armin Guggenheim Frank Hartman Gertrude Weissman Nancy Shelly Hartman Miriam Herschman Sheila Jerry Herschman Michail Pekerman Polya Hodakovsky David Horwitz Ida Horwitz Helen Larry Horwitz Meredith Jacobs Michael Morgan Jacobs Jonathan David Bohl Jennifer Bohl Ruth Kaplan Bess Richard Kaplan Donald Asherson Ruth Kiwi Bob Merle Kiwi Alfred Klein Leslie Steve Klein Dr Albert Kleinman Jan Kleinman Bernard Eisner Lenore Kleinman Larry Havre Kline Judson Kline Family Rose Kahn Norma Harvey Kotler Mae Kwait Robert Kwait Arline P Siegelman Joan Hillard Lazarus Albert Lederman Ruth Lederman Bonnie Lederman Heidi Leeb John Schuster Joan Leeb Zachary Levine Ruth Marc Levine Shirley London Norton Joann London Edythe Leibowitz Sharon Lorsch Lester Wyman Amy Luzar www parksynagogue org

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Library Program Fund Cont Gail Lynn Merton Lynn Harold Mandel Bruce Mandel Rose Solomon Helen Robert Marks Doris McManus William McManus Stella Bron McManus Mary Hrabie Janice Martin Melnick Roberta Joan Mendel Stuart Mendel Howard Milner Michael Milner Dr Roland W Moskowitz Peta Moskowitz Dr Samuel Muschkin Vicki Muschkin Ronald Gilbert Kalman Carl Naft Betty Ted Naft Samuel M Frankel Marilyn Ken Oif Israel Pisman Cantor Misha Amy Pisman Philip J Polien Sadie Polien Eva Mike Polien Dr Samuel Popovsky Julio Popovsky Stella Rabe Leonard Heddy Rabe Lawrence Jaffe Albert Audrey Ratner Isidore Ratner Charlene Dick Ratner Lazar Reis Barry Susan Reis Ruth Roseman Ethel Baum Louis Cheryl Roseman Dr Oscar Rosen Debra Rosen Doris Rosen Murray Rosen Louis Rosenberg Ethel Baum Enid David Rosenberg Milton Grant Paula Rubinstein Dr Harvey Salkin Laura Salkin Janet Savrin James Noble Anne Rapaport Don Judy Schermer Irene Schermer Donald Schermer Joseph Schnall Jared Schnall Ida Roth Shelley Roth Frances Z Goldberg Marian Seder Isadore Seiger Daniel Seiger Irving P Shanes Audrey Shanes Doris Shapiro Loren Brenda Shapiro Sylvia Lester Cheryl Siegel Richard Zelman Karen Silver Raymond Laureno David Solomon The Silverman Family March 2018 August 2020 Library Program Fund Cont Eve Stein Leon Frame Herbert Leonard Silverstein Marc Silverstein Marian Simon Alison Elliott Simon Rose Hollander Rhoda Simon Sandra L Spilman Steve Lauren Spilman Dr Anthony Tavill Anne Tavill Abe Gordon Eudice Vanhorn Isaac Vinogradski Sarra Yelik Vaysman Elsa Pushin Warm Harriet Warm Jerry Wasserman Margaret Bruce Craig Mary Beth Wasserman Fern Lipton Herbert Weinberg Ellis Schatz Donna Weinstein Lily Unger Roz Joe Wolf Harold Shur Iris Wolstein Ilya Yerukhimovich Faina Shveydel Raisa Yerukhim Bernice Goldstein Ruth Zilber Philip Zimmerman Robert Zimmerman Louis Libby Goldberg Young Adult Resource Fund Marilyn H Berger Memorial Fund IN MEMORY OF Albert Berger Irving Berger Naoma Harry Lodish School Confirmation Fund IN MEMORY OF Harry Lodish Dr Jules Lodish Abigail Labovitz Nashim Education Fund for Women IN HONOR OF The Birth of Kandi Allan Friedman s new grandson Lee Chuck Apple Aiden Jacob Ward Allen Kandi Friedman Norton Dubby Norr Library Plaque Fund IN MEMORY OF Dubby Norr Susan Sunkle Park Preschool Discretionary Fund IN MEMORY OF Eliezer Bar Ad Boroditsky Dr Mrs Charles Faiman Ruth Arenswald Lynn Gardner Park Synagogue Programs Services IN MEMORY OF Tillie Coppersmith Paula Wise Bruce Bialer IN MEMORY OF Ava Fiala Sigman Martin Katz and Bill Sigman Sharon Alvin Goldberg Lynn and Barry R Chesler Gloria Benis J Levine Educational Endowment Kenneth Joel and Sharon Peerless Fund David Pamela Daniel Blatt IN HONOR OF Sherry Epstein and Liza Larry Coven s Erica Epstein Milestone Anniversary Sally Levine Adam Rendon Richie Brietstein s Julie and Steve Manning Milestone Birthday Family Enid Rosenberg s winning of the Federation Eisenman Ada Slavin Cantor Misha Amy Pisman Award Michael Shore Debbi Ed Meckler s Steve Lauren Spilman Milestone Anniversary The Birth of Rochelle Steve Rabbi Armond Anne Palay s granddaugter Cohen Memorial Fund Susie Meisel Receiving the IN MEMORY OF Centerite of the Year Award Michael Shore The Birth of Arielle Paige Masha Terry Lashley Mendelsohn and Family Lynn Barry Chesler Rabbi Benson Rosalind IN MEMORY OF Skoff Memorial Fund Hyman Chesler IN MEMORY OF Lynn Barry Chesler Molly Siegal Murray Lenson Anita Michael Siegal Lynn Barry Chesler Tedda Nathan Rabbi Joshua Skoff Eugene Friedman Discretionary Fund Tedda Nathan A GIFT FROM Karen Alan Wine Nora Lindheim Rabbi Joshua Skoff Discretionary Fund Cont IN APPRECIATION OF Rabbi Skoff for education creating a welcoming environment being a GIT MENSCH in this difficult time in our lives Zina Jack Becker Rabbi Skoff Heather Bossin Julio Popovsky Barbara Goldberg Kay Shore IN HONOR OF Toby Bernie Bader s Milestone Anniversary Alan Abrams The Birth of Herschel Miller Davis Carrie Bruce Bogart Rabbi Milton Bernice Rube s Milestone Anniversary Leslie Steven Klein s Milesone Anniversary Marilyn Dave Elk Charlotte Julius Rubin s Milestone Anniversary Charlotte Armin Guggenheim Susi Meisel receiving the Centerite Award The Birth of Arielle Paige Mendelsohn Anne Sportas IN MEMORY OF Eugene Friedman Alan Abrams Albert Bogart Morris Bogart Carrie Bruce Bogart Murray Lenson Marilyn Dave Elk Beatrice Kay Wyse Melanie Kay Ruth Arenswald Anne Josh Sportas Michael Shore Kay Shore Rabbi Sharon Marcus Discretionary Fund IN APPRECIATION OF Rabbi Marcus Heather Bossin Cantor Misha Amy Pisman IN HONOR OF Rabbi Marcus receiving an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Myrna Kurt Bloch IN MEMORY OF Shale Sonkin Anita Howard Cohen Shirley London Margery Grossberg Linden Rae Harry Tucker Senior Transportation Fund IN MEMORY OF Harry H Tucker Sara Howard Tucker Robert Marjorie Stein Fund IN MEMORY OF Jeanne Kaufman Deborah Joel Glass Ruth Carl Jacobs Library Shelf Fund IN MEMORY OF Carl Jacobs Ruth Jacobs Sanford Juntoff Religious Education Fund IN MEMORY OF Terry Juntoff Deborah Joel Glass Park Synagogue Sisterhood Faye Sel Strassman Stephany Jonathan Bass Camp Fund for Outdoor Activities IN MEMORY OF Ruth Arenswald Henry Jacobson Stephen Sundell Stephany Jonathan Bass Wolf Religious School Discretionary Fund IN HONOR OF Amy Ron Greenspan s Milestone Anniversary Ilene Steve Rhodes IN MEMORY OF Phyllis Landesman Richard Landesman Martha Vinocur The Greenspan Rhodes Families George D Rhodes Michael Rhodes Steve Rhodes Youth Scholarship Fund IN HONOR OF Susi Meisel receiving the Centerite Award Enid Rosenberg receiving the Jewish Federation s Charles Eisenman Award Mitchell Balk Online Yahrtzeit Submission Visit www parksynagogue org under the About tab and submit a name to be read on Friday evening and Shabbat morning service Rev Lev Memorial Fund IN MEMORY OF Yaffa Levy Morris Levy Page 15 www parksynagogue org

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IMPORTANT At the time of publishing everything has been listed as a Zoom Service Services and events are still subject to change due to COVID 19 Please consult the Park Synagogue Website www parksynagogue org or your Friday Weekly Wrap for any future updates Sunday Monday August 2020 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Services Zoom 1 Morning Service 10 05 am Zoom Anniversary Shabbat Av Elul 5780 Candle Lighting Times Friday August 7 8 18 pm Friday August 14 8 09 pm Friday August 21 7 59 pm Friday August 28 7 48 pm Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom 2 9 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 16 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 4 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 10 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom 3 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Service 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 5 11 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 12 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 6 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom 19 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom 7 Family Shabbat Service 6 00 pm Zoom 13 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Ashrei Class 7 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 18 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Listening Workshop 7 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 17 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom 8 Evening Service 6 00 pm Zoom 14 Family Shabbat Service 6 00 pm Zoom 20 Services Zoom Morning Service 10 05 am Zoom Services Zoom Morning Service 10 05 am Zoom Birthday Shabbat 15 Evening Service 6 00 pm Zoom 21 Services Zoom Morning Service 10 05 am Zoom 22 USY 1 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom 23 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 24 30 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom PARK S GREATEST SHOW 3 30 pm Zoom Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 31 Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Ashrei Class 7 00 pm Zoom 25 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom 26 Morning Minyan 7 30 am Zoom Evening Minyan 6 00 pm Zoom Ashrei Class 7 00 pm Zoom Evening Service 6 00 pm Zoom Family Shabbat Service 6 00 pm Zoom 27 Morning Minyan 8 30 am Zoom Family Shabbat Service 6 00 pm Zoom 28 Services Zoom Morning Service 10 05 am Zoom Evening Service 6 00 pm Zoom 29

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