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When you're kit arrives, my goal is to help you feel comfortable using your oils right away. You will see the benefits when you use consistently and often! This community is here for you. I hope this booklet serves as a stepping off point for you to use your oils each day, but also empowers you to plug into our resources as well!

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Welcome to The Oily Gathering Community

Where you matter and your journey is important.

What is The Oily Gathering Place?

We are a community comprised of those in all walks of life, choosing to show up and do life together. We support one another without judgement or criticism. We believe everyone has value and all stories are important. 

We stand 100% behind Young Living products and are confidant and excited to share Young Living’s essential oils and clean wellness products to our loved ones and community.  We value leadership, integrity, excellent customer service, education, and community.

We are problem solvers over complainers. We believe in seeking out solutions and advice during frustrating seasons. We believe that there WILL be frustrating and disappointing seasons and success and growth comes from never giving up.

We believe in direct and kind communication. We believe in building trust in our team leaders; we value feedback in order to help us grow and change for the better.

We believe in speaking respectfully of individuals and also competitor companies. Choosing kindness is always the right answer.

You are so welcomed here. There is room at the table for everyone.

Premium Starter Kit

  • 11 essential oils
  • Diffuser of your choice
  • Samples of Ningxia Red (antioxidant power drink)
  • Sample of Thieves Cleaner (replaces all other cleaners)
  • Sample bottles
  • Literature
  • Lifetime Young Living Membership (24% off retail)
  • Access to our growing community; email lists & FB groups
  • Resources to feel comfortable using your oils
  • Monthly Classes
  • Mentorship
  • Welcome package full of information & goodies

What you get:

Stephanie Hart

Meet The Oily Gathering Leaders

Hi! and welcome to The Oily Gathering Place. I'm so happy you're here! I'm 32 years old living in upstate NY with my husband, Will and our two children; Olivia & Lucas. I've been an oily user since 2014. I was slow to get into them but once I did, I feel in love. I never intended to make this a business or have any part of Young Living's business model but I feel into the category of "accidental business owner" when friends and family kept asking me about these oils I had displayed in my home. So the sharing began. I really dove into the business side in 2017 after I had my son and was determined to stay home with my kids. Young Living can provide in ways that a 9-5 cannot all while being home with my babies. My goals involve financial freedom for my family, being able to give to others without worry, travel with our kids to teach them about the world and get oils into every home because they help people! I'm excited to walk beside you on this journey and cannot wait to get started!


Lindsay Tersmette

Nicoya Poles

Stephanie Hart

Lauren Klenk

Getting Started