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By: Richard Hanson & Miles Vetrovec

The Night Christmas was Ruined

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa and his elves were busy as bees getting ready for Christmas. It was the busiest time of year for the North Pole, and everything was going swimmingly, that was, until something awful happened.

One of Santa’s elves, Steven, was being very naughty and skipped elf practice, when he noticed something weird with the lights. He decided to tell the engineer elf.

Steven was on his way to the engineer’s room when he was stopped by the Head Elf.

“WHY AREN’T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?!?!” His voice boomed through the entire factory. 

“I was on my way, but I saw something very strange happening with the lights. I’m going to tell the engineer elf.”

Sighing, the Head Elf let Steven go.

“Tell the engineer elf and then head straight to elf practice!” The Head Elf yelled after him.

“I will, sir,” replied Steven. “I wi…” CLANG! Steven crashed into the door to the engineer elf’s room.

Steven slowly opened the door to find the engineer elf sleeping on the job. Steven shook the elf awake, and upon waking up, the engineer elf dropped his wire cutters, snapping the wires!

The factory was so dark, you couldn’t see a foot in front of your face! The busy, cheerful night was now dreary, dreadful, and droopy.

Santa hurried down the stairs from his office to see what was happening. Not only were the lights out, but the toy-making machines stopped working, too!

Without the machines, Santa couldn't get the toys he needed to deliver. He ordered every available elf working to try to fix the problem while he took a power nap to recharge his batteries. He would need a lot of energy to deliver the toys now.

While the other elves were looking around to see what the problem was, the engineer elf was wondering what the problem was with Steven.

“Why weren’t you at elf practice?!” he hollered.

“Never mind,” said Steven. “Let’s get this fixed!”

Steven grabbed some spare wire and placed it where the wires had been smashed. 

“That should do the trick.” He said, sounding accomplished.

Just as Steven had said that, power came back to the factory. All the elves cheered as they returned to their stations. They had a lot of work to do, and time was running out.

Finally, Santa had just enough toys to deliver. He mounted his sleigh and took off.

“On, Dasher, on, Dancer, on, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet, on, Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen! Time’s running out!”

Santa flew faster than fast, quicker than quick, in that moment, he was speed. Santa flew faster, and faster, fatser than ever before.

Santa arrived at last at the first house. He peeked through the window, just to be sure that the child was sleeping.

But, just as he peered into the room, the little boy’s alarm clock started to beep. The boy woke up and ran downstairs. Santa mounted his sleigh, a droopy feeling clung to him.

It was too late. Children were waking up all over the world only to find that Santa never came.

Christmas was ruined. All because STEVEN decided not to got to elf practice. Way to go Steven. Way to go.