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it is about vocabulary in pun form :)

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By: Amanda, Vidhi,

and Miles

1. What is a source that has been used again?

                                        A: RE-SOURCE!




*A resource is a material that can be owned            by a country to be used or sold.


get it?!!!

        2: What resource is also a bug?


                            A: GNAT-TRAL RESOURCE!




 *A natural resource is a material                             created by nature.




3. What is the most colorful kind                         of resource?


                  A:HUE-MAN RESOURCE!




*A human resource is a person who works in a country

4. What kind of resource is owned                   by an expert duck?




*A productive resource is something you can produce or sell.

5. What goods can you wear on your head?


                      A: CAP-ITAL GOODS!   


*Capital Goods are the products of the country's resources you can buy or sell. 

               6. What kind of city is very frightening? 

                                            A: SCARE-CITY!


                          *Scarcity is the lack/low amount of resources.

7. What kind of place can you trade drinks?

                                        A: BAR-TER!


*Barter is when people give someone something and you give them something in return.

8. What paper depends on you and you depend on it back?




* Interdependence is when you depend on someone and that someone depends on you.