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The Escape

A tale told in time by your friend and mine, by the name 

    Kavya Banarjee

A little pink bird had

lived free all her life.

One day she finds herself

in a golden cage.

Find out how she

escaped by turning the page!

The Escape


Kavya Banarjee

For my twin sister,


Once upon a time there was a little pink bird who flew with her family and friends every day. She had two friends, Lula and Mila. The three friends lived in a town called Davie.

The three friends liked the Davie Park the most. Mila, Lula and the little pink bird aways flew in the park. They loved chasing the bugs and also playing hide-and-seek. The three birds played many games together. They also ate their snacks together.

One afternoon, the little pink bird was celebrating because it was her birthday. When she sat on a branch, she saw a beautiful gray house. The grey house had pink curtains with purple laces. The house also had a statue that was similar to herself. The beautiful house had a big backyard full of trees with fruits on the branches. The grey house was the tallest house in the town.

The little pink bird was awed by the beauty of the grey house that she said to herself that she must go to see what other amazing items were in that house. She asked her friends, " Do you want to come with me to the grey house?" Mila and Lula answered together, "No, thank-you." So the little pink bird ended up going alone. Both of the little pink bird's friends were afraid that their best friend would get in trouble. The little pink bird sped toward the grey house as fast as she could.

The little pink bird first took a circle around the roof of the house. Then she sat on the highest point of the roof. She saw her friends playing with each other on a big tree. She also saw a woman walking a big dog. After she got bored, the little pink bird sat on a tree and fell asleep. It was then that a little girl came along and noticed the little pink bird. The girl took the bird inside and put her in a golden cage.

When the little pink bird woke up she saw that she was no longer in the tree but in a cage. Suddenly she noticed something. The door was open! The pink bird hopped onto the bed and thought the colorful curtains and window. The little pink bird flew back to her friends in the park and was safe again.


Think before you leap

The End