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Dr Howard Fero The Leadership Doc empowers participants to cultivate their leadership identify and focus their motivation and create high performing teams Interactive high energy educational and fun keynotes workshops and comprehensive training programs that engage and inspire

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ABOUT DR HOWARD FERO Dr Howard Fero The Leadership Doc is an author speaker professor consultant and executive coach who helps people in all walks of life cultivate their leadership skills to become more effective and thus more valued members of their organizations He has been recognized as an inspirational motivational and innovative facilitator and takes great pride in his ability to inspire his audiences through stories exercises and the application of theory to practice Dr Fero is the Director of Graduate Leadership Programs and a Professor of Management and Leadership at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven CT He is a strong believer in giving back to the community and serves on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Southwest New England Dr Fero is the co author of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership which is the culmination of nearly 3 years of research and includes leadership strategies garnered from over 100 interviews with Major League Baseball players managers and executives Through his interactive presentations Dr Fero inspires and educates his audience to develop their leadership and become more effective both personally and professionally Dr Fero holds a master s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Baruch College the City University of New York and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University

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MAJOR LEAGUE LEADERSHIP 60 90 minute Keynotes 2 to 3 hour Workshop In thought provoking and practical presentations Dr Howard Fero co author of Lead Me Out to the Ballgame Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership presents the Ten Bases of Leadership based on over 100 interviews conducted with current and former Major League baseball players managers and executives You don t need to be a baseball fan to become a Major League Leader No matter what your industry or what your position the lessons shared by players and managers will help you become a better performer as an individual and a better leader in all that you do If you want to cultivate your leadership skills or lead your team to success reach out and develop Major League leadership

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KEYNOTES WORKSHOPS Delivered as 60 90 minute Keynote Addresses or 2 2 5 hour Interactive Training Workshops Building Effective Teams In this workshop participants will explore the benefits of working on an effective team The session will explore how to build lead and work on a team most effectively Participants will take part in interactive discussions and experiential exercises which will demonstrate individual and group decision making and the many benefits of working on a team Communication and Decision Making Each of us has different tendencies which we rely on when faced with an issue or problem in our professional as well as personal lives The tendencies that we naturally lean towards drive our decisions our communication our interaction and our leadership in general In this hands on and high energy session participants will explore the strengths and value of their natural leadership dispositions and also explore some potential pitfalls that can occur when their tendencies are used in inappropriate situations Participants will perform tasks and delve into specific issues they face in their organization with others who have similar tendencies as well as those who are quite different from themselves Along the way participants will explore best practices to work best with others and just as importantly to help others work best with them

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KEYNOTES WORKSHOPS Creating and Managing Change Organizational change is a constant and for an organization to be most successful its people need to understand how to best implement new initiatives This workshop will explore the change process from planning to implementation to evaluation and through discussion as well as hands on exercises participants will explore best practices in introducing and facilitating an effective change process Leader Focus Pre work Hogan Personality Inventory HPI and Motives Values and Preferences Inventory MVPI This workshop will explore the different dimensions of the Hogan Personality Inventory and Motives Values and Preferences Inventory Through small group exercises participants will explore the results of their assessments and with facilitator guidance they will learn to work with their styles and appreciate and work with others with similar and different tendencies Dr Fero is certified to administer and interpret Hogan Assessment Tools Managing Problem Employees Using role play exercises and interactive discussions of best practices participants will explore how to manage lead and empower even the most difficult employees Techniques to be addressed include one on one coaching mentoring individual and organizational accountability communication strategies feedback capitalizing on employee strengths leveraging shortcomings and more

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KEYNOTES WORKSHOPS Motivation and Goal Setting This powerful workshop will explore some of the seminal theories of motivation and task participants with finding specific ways to enlist these strategies in their organization Techniques for empowering employees will be explored with a focus on motivating for high performance results Strategies for effective goal setting as well as goal attainment will be explored and participants will leave the session with specific action items for themselves as well as their teams Performance Management During this session participants will delve into the importance of being proactive in designing implementing and evaluating a performance management program The session is designed to provide the building blocks for employee success including effective job design management oversight providing effective feedback and dealing with issues that may arise Positive Leadership In this workshop we will explore the value of positive leadership positive communication and a positive mindset This interactive session will demonstrate the impact of a positive climate on both morale and productivity and will include best practices and specific action steps for both participants and staffs

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KEYNOTES WORKSHOPS Risk Taking Learning from Failure In this workshop participants will explore the concept of resiliency as well as the benefits of a creative mindset and the value of innovative thinking for themselves and their team With growth comes failure and through this session participants will learn to embrace errors and use them as a tool for their own success as well as the success of their team Understanding Leadership Styles All leaders develop their own unique styles for leading and managing people This course is designed to introduce participants to the individual leadership styles This course will focus on different styles of leadership and when to use each style for the greatest impact based on the people involved and the specific situation Some of the styles to be covered include Autocratic Leadership Laissez faire Leadership Democratic Leadership Participative Leadership Transformational Leadership Situational Leadership and Servant Leadership

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TESTIMONIALS Howard Fero delivers a very impressive message to help any organization get to the next level quicker Kevin Seitzer Coach Atlanta Braves His presentation was interactive and engaging He shared a great overview of leadership styles habits and traits Tracy Collins Executive Director New England Physical Therapy Network We left inspired having learned a lot and hungry for more Peter Becker Head of School The Gunnery

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TESTIMONIALS The session by Dr Fero exceeded my expectations and his energetic and comprehensive method of instruction proved to be most effective for my team Dr Fero s presentation was a far cry from the run of the mill presentations seminars and workshops on the topic Howard was enthusiastic and engaging throughout Timothy P Geelan President and CEO The Guilford Savings Bank Patricia M Ferrick Special Agent in Charge New Haven Division Federal Bureau of Investigation Howard Fero has been a driving force behind the exponential growth and success of my team Anthony J Truino CFP RICP CPWA Chief Executive Officer Barnum Wealth Management

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Realizing your potential reaching your potential and helping others to realize and reach theirs as well that s leadership Howard C Fero PhD

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WORK WITH THE LEADERSHIP DOC HOWARD C FERO PHD howard theleadershipdoc com 203 983 0983 P O BOX 110773 TRUMBULL CT 06611 www theleadershipdoc com