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Our fable is about a snake named Napoleon who was exiled out of his home forest and moved to Snowballs home forest. occupied by many animals that who needed a leader, someone to lead them. But two animals of all of them had minds who worked twice as hard and could see things for what they are, Clover and Benjamin. When Napoleon arrived in this new forest, he had a plan in mind to control their home to remake his version of his old home. Under one rule and following orders. He manipulated the other animals and when Clover and Benjamin tried to rebel against Napoleon after he had won the election against Snowball, he executed all the animals assisting them because he could not find Clover and Benjamin. After a while they saw their opportunity to take down the corrupted leader. After the rebellion was successfully finished, they cut off Napoleon's skin as a reminder that they can not be controlled by anyone but themselves. Showing that everyone should be educated about their government because since only two animals were educated and had input about them it took longer to free the others minds than it would have if everyone knew the function of their government.

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