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THE JOURNEY2As Our Lady of Peace approaches its 80th anniversary, it continuously aspires to be a leader in end-of-life care. The past year has proved both challenging and inspiring as we pursue this vision. The challenge of course was facing Covid and its eects on operations, and we are sincerely grateful to patients and families for your patience and cooperation during these trying times. Despite the pandemic, we were inspired to plan extensive improvements to the physical environment of Our Lady of Peace Home beginning this fall. We are heartened by the sta response to COVID, both by their care for in-home patients with the disease and their safe care for patients in the residence. Creating and implementing protocols for caring for home-care patients while keeping both patients and sta safe was a tribute to the skill and dedication of home care sta. The greatest challenge for residence sta was limiting and screening visitors to the residence while doing everything possible to facilitate patient access to visiting by loved ones. We are pleased that those restrictions have been loosened if not yet removed completely. We are proud that we have a very low rate of sta infections and that our sta vaccination rate approaches 100 percent.We are in the midst of a capital campaign to raise $4 million dollars to make Our Lady of Peace Home look as good as the care it provides. This project will create all private rooms in the home as well as a new front lobby and waiting space and additional oce space for our growing home-care programs. We believe when construction is complete, our patients will enjoy the best care environment available anywhere. We are touched by generous community support so far and hope that with your help we can reach our nancial goal and start construction in late fall of 2021. Though we are still confronting the challenges of Covid, we are condent that our excellent sta are up to the task. We are excited that our Board of Directors and all our stakeholders are committed to our vision of end-of-life-care leadership far into our future. We hope you will join us next year in celebrating our 80th year. Thanks for your continued support.PURSUING EXCELLENCE AS WE MARK A MILESTONE JOE STANISLAV AND JIM MILLERJoe StanislavJim MillerOur Lady of Peace BOARD MEMBERSAnnastacia Belladonna-CarreraDouglas J. BruceGreg CashRichard EastonTom KlasTria Lor, MD Fr. John MaloneMark Meyer, TreasurerJim Miller, Chairperson Jim Olsen Deborah Paone, SecretaryAngie SwetlandCarrie TreptowJohn ZobelJoseph Stanislav, President/CEO (non-voting)

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Our Lady of Peace3As Our Lady’s rst capital campaign draws to a close, its 80-year anniversary is nearing. This season is a poignant time of both remembering the past and imagining the future, sta members say. The $4 million capital campaign will change the face of Our Lady and fulll a longtime dream of providing private rooms to patients. It was begun late last year and is already nearing completion. “We’re blown away by the generosity of folks who have given,” CEO Joe Stanislav said. “I think everybody has realized what we’re trying to do, to improve the facility for years to come and ensure that we’re able to continue the model that we’ve developed here.” Protecting Our Lady’s future brings tremendous relief, Joe said. “It isn’t just that we’re improving the care, it’s also ensuring it for the future. We’re thrilled.” The campaign went public in July with a widely circulated Pioneer Press article. “We’ve been so hidden,” Joe said. “This is the rst capital campaign we’ve had in 80 years.” The following month Archbishop Bernard Hebda visited to recognize Our Lady’s 80-year mission and bless the grounds where construction would soon begin. It is a time of looking forward and backwards, studying architectural renderings of the new facility along with archival photos of Our Lady in its earliest days, when nine Hawthorne Dominican nuns arrived at the retrotted telephone building on St. Anthony Avenue. They had left their New York motherhouse on Nov. 26, 1941 – the day after Thanksgiving – after listening to a farewell address from their chaplain. “That lovely city on the Mississippi is to welcome a band who comes as pioneers, yes, but seeking nothing, begging only to be allowed to give their all,” Father Joseph Clune told the nuns. “Like Mary, you are to bring forth Christ in the Bethlehem of the middle west through your lives of service and sacrice.” The rst weeks were marked by great uncertainty. War was looming. Winter was near. But the warmth of the Minnesotans and the depth of the nuns’ faith paved the way. The grand opening for Our Lady of Good Counsel Home was held on Dec. 7 – the infamous day of the Pearl Harbor attacks. “Everyone saw it was an innovative undertaking – the idea that you didn’t have to pay and could come in your last days and get incredible care!” said Ray Wey, 86, a St. Paul resident and former priest who attended the grand opening as a boy. At the time cancer was considered contagious, and early visitors recall a basket with gloves they were advised to wear. But the nuns served uninchingly, inspired by their foundress Mother Alphonsa, daughter of the acclaimed novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne. In 1900 she founded the Third Order Dominicans. They were called the Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer – or the Hawthorne Dominicans, named for the location of their motherhouse in Hawthorne, N.Y. The Hawthorne Dominicans proceeded to open seven free cancer homes – the last one being in St. Paul. It was an uphill climb, but the public showed a “daily mercy,” as Mother Alphonsa said, and donations poured in when they were needed most.(Continued on page 8)OLP 2021: 80-YEAR ANNIVERSARY, $4M CAMPAIGN CONVERGE Architectural rendering of the new private rooms that will be available to patients and their families.

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THE JOURNEY4The passing of Sandy Klas leaves an irreplaceable hole at Our Lady of Peace, where the luminous philanthropist served as a board member, a generous donor and a loyal supporter. Sandy died on May 31, at age 90, surrounded by family. A mother of six and active volunteer based in Mendota Heights, Sandy served on countless committees. She was often described as “a force of nature” and is remembered for her infectious joy.At Christmas Sandy would host a holiday breakfast for the board and dress as Mrs. Claus in an elaborate red costume trimmed in white fur, calling herself “Sandy Klas,” or Santy Claus. “She had huge pockets on her Mrs. Claus apron which were full of candy she would hand out,” said fellow OLP board member Stella Lundquist. “She was generous and humble.”Sandy’s Christmas cheer left a vivid memory, said CEO Joe Santislav. “I hear her eervescent, slightly hoarse, ‘Merry Christmas, boys and girls!’ and see her greet each person and make them feel like the most important person in the room. She lit up every room she entered.”It is dicult to overstate Sandy’s inuence at Our Lady, added Joe. “Sandy’s impact on Our Lady of Peace spans three decades and her legacy will live far into the future. If she believed a cause was worthy, she supported it through all its ups and downs.” The compassionate end-of-life care provided at Our Lady resonated with Sandy. “Sandy Klas’s belief in the mission of Our Lady of Peace caused her to champion the improvements now in our future to the day she died,” Joe said. “She lived her faith, not quietly but unpretentiously. And Our Lady of Peace is just one of many causes she supported, both through hard work and monetarily. I know she supports us all still.” That includes her nal donation: the lead gift for OLP’s capital campaign. For Director of Development Lisa Sweeney, Sandy was an invaluable mentor. “She always challenged me to be on top of my game,” Lisa said. “She would encourage me when things got tough: ‘You can do it!’ She amazed me with all of her accomplishments and inspired me to do the same – give 110 percent and then you can never say you failed, because you gave it your all and then some. She always humbled me with her generosity, not thinking twice about it. She was a true role model in every aspect.” Other local leaders have joined in paying tribute to this amazing woman. “Sandy was simply one of the best people I have ever met,” wrote Tim Wynes, former president of Inver Hills Community College. “She was gracious and tough and funny.”She is remembered as the dynamic counterpart to her husband, Bob, CEO of Tapemark Company in West St. Paul. The two had been married for 68 years when he passed away March 8, 2019. REMEMBERING BELOVED OLP SUPPORTER SANDY KLAS VOLUNTEER PROFILESandy Klas was an ardent supporter of Our Lady of Peace and a beloved friend of the community.“Sandy’s impact on Our Lady of Peace spans three decades and her legacy will live far into the future. If she believed a cause was worthy, she supported it through all its ups and downs.” Joe Stanislav, CEO

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Our Lady of Peace5Not everyone can stay at Our Lady of Peace on St. Anthony Avenue, but thousands have received its signature care from the comfort of their home, thanks to Our Lady’s Community Hospice and Home Care. The program just marked its 20th anniversary. Director Nancy Larson joined the team in 2007, back when the sta consisted of two nurses, a nurse’s aide, one social worker and one chaplain. Their oces, at the time, were on the second oor of an old house next to St. Mary’s Nursing Home in St. Paul, and they didn’t go far beyond a couple block radius, typically walking to their patients, Nancy said. They served four or ve Hospice patients and four to ve Home Care patients per day. Today the sta serves 70 or 80 patients a day and reaches ve counties – Ramsey, Hennepin, Anoka Washington and Dakota. Nancy estimates that the program has served 3,000 patients over the years. The sta now consists of 11 RNs, four full-time social workers, one casual social worker, three full-time chaplains, six nurses’ aides and a three-person bereavement department. “Sometimes we hear from families we helped 10, 15 years ago,” Nancy said. “When you know that your care really helped people during a challenging time, it’s humbling and meaningful.” Compliments trickle in years later, when someone lights up at the mention of the program. “Oh, my neighbor So and So says you took great care of her mom 10 years ago,” Nancy paraphrased. “That’s the best compliment!” Each family served by the program lls out a survey afterwards. The percentage who say they would recommend the program is incredibly high – right around 98 percent. It’s a stark contrast to the state average. Another point of pride: the lack of turnover on the sta. “We have a lot of people who were with us back in those early days,” Nancy said. The team has a deep bond – given both the length of time they’ve served together and the nature of the work they do. The families of their patients are quick to express their thanks.“The wife of a patient recently contacted me and said, ‘There’s no way to ever repay you for all that you’ve done,’” Nancy said. “You hope people feel your care is compassionate, that we are sensitive to them not only as caregivers, but how they’re doing. A lot of healthcare is patient focused. The distinction that hospice has is that we’re equally focused on family and friends and work to support them.” Merging with Our Lady of Peace Home – formerly Our Lady of Good Counsel – in 2009 was a natural t, and Nancy said she’s proud the program is now part of this remarkable 80-year-old institution. “It has a great legacy, and to be part of that is very touching.” Sometimes that still requires a bit of education, she added. “So many people know of the residential hospice and all it has to oer, but it’s equally important for people to know that before you come to the residential hospice or in lieu of coming to the residential hospice, we have this fabulous team that can help you wherever home is.” 20 YEARS OF COMMUNITY HOSPICE AND HOME HEALTH Our Lady’s Community Hospice and Home Care sta. From left: Lindsey Pelletier, Brian Kroeger, Mia Yang and Janie Sydor.

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THE JOURNEY6The ve Geis kids grew up at Our Lady of Good Counsel, where their dad, Dr. LeRoy Geis, served as a volunteer doctor for 25 years. They have vivid memories of playing at the hospice, where their dad made rounds every week. Juliann, David, Michael, Steven and Brian brought youthful, unbridled energy to the building.“We’d go running and then slide underneath the beds,” recalled Steven, who is now a father of four and the principal of North Trail Elementary in Farmington. “Once we hit medical equipment and made a mess. That habit came to a screeching halt.” Sister Imelda used to roller skate down the halls – to make travel more eciently and to amuse patients. Juliann would stand on her skates, sailing along with the nun. “I fondly remember skating patient to patient to say hi,” said Juliann, a mother of two who works as a orist in Mendota Heights. The kindness of the Hawthorne Dominican nuns left a powerful impression, the Geis siblings say. “When we would arrive for rounds, Sister Patrick always had a sandwich and some fresh fruit and chips before Dad started seeing patients,” Juliann said. “The sisters were like my aunts, and as I grew up, they became dear friends.” Dr. Leroy’s expertise in end-of-life knowledge was matched by his wife. She was an RN with a background in end-of-life care and an intuitive grasp of the spirituality of death. Dorothy shared her insights over the years, making a powerful impression on the sta and the relatives of dying patients. The Geis family volunteered at Our Lady every Sunday. They celebrated every holiday by attending Mass with the nuns in their chapel. “The sisters always served a large meal at noon, and we would help serve the other patients,” Juliann said.The experience shaped their young hearts.“Our parents were very insightful: ‘We want to expose our children to this place,’” Steven said. “We learned so much. My dad said it was the closest thing to heaven.” Over the decades, spending Sunday afternoons at the front desk, greeting visitors and answering the phone, became a touch point in each week, he said. Once the Geis siblings had kids of their own, it was only natural to involve them at Our Lady. Steven named his rstborn after the inimitable roller-skating nun, choosing the name Faith Imelda. “When we started having children, we asked the sisters, ‘Can we bring our kids?’” Juliann said. “We wanted them to have the same experience.” The third generation started early. Some were baptized at Our Lady. As young kids, they continued the family tradition of volunteering, and they have helped in various capacities over the decades. (continued on page 6)UNBREAKABLE TIES: HOW THREE GENERATIONS OF THE GEIS FAMILY GIVE BACK DONOR PROFILEThe Geis family. Front: LeRoy and Dorothy. Middle: Michael, Juliann and David. Back: Brian and Steven.

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Our Lady of Peace7What an exciting time at Our Lady of Peace! Currently the parking lot overhaul, our rst project, is almost complete. Instead of 13 spaces, our guests will have access to 41 parking spaces directly in front of our building with improved drop-o locations.Construction on our beautiful new private rooms and renovation of our rst-oor rooms will begin soon. In order to keep our patients as comfortable as possible during transition, we have consolidated care to one oor.We are thrilled to report that 80 percent of our campaign goal has been met and the nish line is in sight. This wouldn’t have happened without your support. Our gratitude runs deep. Thank you!Watch for additional campaign updates on our website CAPITAL CAMPAIGN NEARS THE FINISH LINE(Geis Family continued from page 5)Starting as toddlers, Juliann’s daughters came to visit patients, deliver mail and decorate for holidays. Once they were older, she invited their Girl Scout troop to Our Lady on Halloween to hand out candy. The Girl Scouts would also come over to sing for patients. Before Covid, Juliann loved to donate oral arrangements and owers to the sisters who adorned the chapel. She and her mom and her brothers were key supporters of Our Lady’s annual luncheon, serving as table hosts and introducing many friends to their father’s former workplace. “We have spread the word about Our Lady of Peace to everyone we know, for we feel it is such a treasured gem,” Juliann said. Their father died in 1995, and their mother passed away last December. Now that both of their parents have died, their connection to Our Lady endures. “Even though our mom passed away last year, we would always want to be involved with Our Lady – rather the opposite,” said Juliann. “When I pull into the newly expanded, wonderful parking lot, I feel so happy to be there! It feels like coming home.” And she looks for a sign. “A part of me hopes for a mini miracle, that I might get a sign from my mother, father or deceased brother [David], all of whom loved the home. When I see butteries greet me in the garden, I accept that as the sign and feel their continued love for the home.” MATCHING GRANT CHALLENGES!We’ve been blessed with matching gifts from generous donors and the giving response to these opportunities has been tremendous. There is still time to donate! $400,000 Matching Gift ChallengeDollar for dollar your donation to the Support Strengthen Sustain Capital Campaign will be match up to $400,000 thanks to a generous matching Gift Challenge from The Wasie Foundation. Donations accepted through Dec. 31, 2021.Hank’s Double Dog Dare Ya! $100,000 Matching Gift ChallengeHank, our mascot, and unocial Construction Project Manager, “double dog dared” people to help Our Lady of Peace with a $100,000 Matching Grant given by an anonymous donor to benet our Capital Campaign. Our heartfelt thanks to the incredible donors who accepted the challenge and made it happen!Visit to learn more.

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THE JOURNEY8May of 2021 was still too soon to bring our family of donors together in person to celebrate the annual Friends of Our Lady Luncheon. So once again, we relied on video and loyalty to pull o our second virtual version of this much-loved event. Hosted by Twin Cities media celebrity Dave Dahl, the video presentation used a question-and-answer format to create an opportunity to learn more about services provided at OLP’s residential home and through our Community Hospice and Home Health Care program. All proceeds raised were allocated to direct patient care.Dave Dahl recording Luncheon video interview with Community Hospice and Home Care team members (left to right) Nancy Larson RN, Kelly Pietrzak LSW and Janie Sydor RN.DAVE DAHL HOSTS VIRTUAL LUNCHEON OUR LADY OF PEACE LUNCHEON A SPECIAL BLESSING FROM ARCHBISHOP On Aug. 12, Archbishop Bernard Hebda recognized the 80-year mission of Our Lady of Peace and blessed the grounds where private rooms, a protected entry, lobby, family waiting room and much-needed additional parking and drop o space will be built. He also blessed the caregivers who will care for patients and families of all faiths in these spaces and current patients who were near the end of life.After a year and a half of providing care during a pandemic, the sta of Our Lady of Peace welcomed the opportunity to take part in a ceremony that recognized the value of the meaningful work they do every day.The glow of hundreds of candles, each representing a life, lit up the chapel at Our Lady of Peace during a special Celebration of Life tribute to patients cared for during 2020. As Covid restrictions prevented gathering in person, this special memorial service was honored through a beautiful online video presentation that reached thousands of OLP families and supporters. Names of those who passed were read aloud by care team members: Tom Cassidy, RN; Natalie Wick, RN; Kelly Pietrzak, LSW; and Janie Sydor, RN. Our thanks to Kari Logan of EditBe for directing and producing the video.CELEBRATION OF LIFE REACHES THOUSANDS ONLINEStar Tribune readers have chosen Our Lady of Peace as the Best Hospice in Minnesota! We are the 2021 Reader’s Choice Gold Winner in the Hospice Care category. Our thanks to all the Star Tribune readers who helped us earn this special award. We are honored!

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Our Lady of Peace9SISTERS’ CORNEREditor’s note: Our Lady of Peace is blessed to have four Francisican Clarist nuns who live on site at the hospice residence and have dedicated their lives to providing physical and spiritual care for our patients. Their gentle, steady presence is a gift to our organization, and although they typically are loath to spend time in the spotlight, they agreed to let us share their stories in The Sisters’ Corner, which will be a regular feature in The Journey. Sister Polsy, Sister Jenny, Sister Gracelet and Sister Metty are originally from Kerala, India, which is located in the southwestern part of the Indian peninsula along the Arabian Sea. They are members of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, an order founded in Kerala in 1888 by Bishop Charles Lavinge. The order draws inspiration from St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. The mission of FCC is to spread the kingdom of God through prayer, humble loving service to all – especially the sick, poor and downtrodden – total trust in the providence of God and leading all people to the love of God by bearing witness to the Gospel values, even being ready to be martyred for the sake of Jesus. Sister Polsy and Sister Jenny have served at Our Lady of Peace Home since 2003, Sister Metty since 2011 and Sister Gracelet since 2014.Left: Sister Polsy. Above (left to right): Sister Jenny, Sister Gracelet, and Sister Metty.(OLP 2021 continued from page 2)Her love for cancer patients – those without money or cure – ran deep. “God surely loves them better than He loves us unless we love them,” Mother Alphonsa wrote. Staying true to her vision feels like a sacred duty, Joe said. He has researched St. Dominic, who founded the Dominican order, and St. Francis, who inspired the Franciscan Health Community that merged with Our Lady of Peace in 2009. “When I think about the legacy of the sisters and their foundress – they were true to the saints that founded their orders,” Joe said. “I want people to look at this organization as a culmination of hundreds of years of founders. We could go back to Christ, if you want to go back to the very beginning. That’s where these saints and sisters came from. There’s a long support for that legacy.” Right: Architectural renderings of the new facilities that will be available to patients and their families.

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THE JOURNEY10Adding joy to the workplace is always a good idea, but not necessarily easy, especially when the workplace is a hospice organization. Our Lady of Peace employees Kim Cash, Aaron Drake, Amy Koehler-Killeen, Brian Kroger, Kelly Pietzrak and Janie Sydor met this challenge head on by forming the Fun Committee, a group that brings sta from all departments together in the name of simply having a little fun and getting to know one another.Events and projects have included a spring yard clean-up for community hospice patients, a garden party barbeque with live music, Wellness Bingo, a Little Gratitudes mailbox for sharing peer-to-peer compliments, thanks and recognition, and a Get To Know You wall featuring photos of employees and answers to creative biographical questions such as: What is your favorite band? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? What is something no one knows about you? According to pharmacist and Fun Committee ringleader Aaron Drake, employees have welcomed opportunities to engage. “Our goal is to foster relationships amongst sta members,” he said. “People seem really happy about it. They loved the summer barbeque party, and I’ve heard a lot of great comments about the Get To Know You Wall.”Fun Committee members extend their thanks to Nancy Larson and Kathy Wedemeyer for their support and to Fun Committee Emeriti Natalie Wick and Liz Hetmes.TAKING FUN SERIOUSLY

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Our Lady of Peace11TAKING FUN SERIOUSLYAs soon as a Covid 19 vaccine was available, Our Lady of Peace employees and volunteers were quick to literally roll up their sleeves to make a dierence. Through several onsite clinics oered by Ramsey County and Rx Express and coordinated by OLP sta, employees and volunteers were oered the Moderna vaccine starting in January 2021. The basement of the residential home was converted into a temporary vaccination clinic where people could be safely and quickly accommodated. By early summer, leadership was proud to report a 95 percent vaccination rate for the organization. Our thanks to everyone for doing your part to help. Who are you getting vaccinated for? The reasons people rolled up their sleeves varied, but the goal was the same: get that immunity! Whether it was to protect an immunocompromised loved one, help slow the spread Covid, or for self-protection, it was powerful to see their smiling faces and handwritten reasons.TAKING THE LEAD ON COVID VACCINATIONS

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THE JOURNEY12Kristy Boike’s journey through grief has led her to unexpected places. The latest surprise: She is now a published author. Rise Up, Little Bluebirds tells a sweet tale of grief and community through the eyes of a bluebird family that is searching for ways to keep the memory of their dear Grandma Bluebird alive. The picture book was written by Kristy, whose mother Pat Rudolph was cared for at Our Lady of Peace. With tender text and vibrant illustrations by British artist Kathryn Inkson, the book enables parents, professionals and educators to help children see grief through a lens of hope and to give them a language to talk about dicult emotions. “I hope the message within Rise Up, Little Bluebirds will resonate with children and adults alike while delivering a compelling message in today’s uncertain times that though we might be separated from the ones we care for, love is the unending connection that binds us all,” said Kristy, a Minnesota mother of four who turned to writing to help process her grief. The book is receiving widespread praise from grief counselors. “This lovely children’s book is the embodiment of how one can heal by telling their story, by helping others and by continuing legacy,” said Carolyn Kinzel, president of Brighter Days Family Grief Center. This isn’t the rst time Kristy has embraced a creative outlet to honor her beloved mother. She also helped her father Ron Rudolph turn his grief into a beautiful tribute by creating bluebird houses in Pat’s memory. Bluebirds were her favorite bird. Rudolph’s Bluebird Houses are now sold worldwide on Facebook Marketplace, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Our Lady of Peace. “My mom continues to shine through me in this way,” Kristy said. You can purchase a copy at courtesy of Rose Newman at Minnesota Aperture Photography.THE BLUEBIRD SINGS AGAINWriting helped Kristy Boike process her grief. Then it led to a picture book.Kristy and her husband, Joe, with children: Grace, 15; Noah, 5; Ryan, 14; and Matthew, 17.

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Our Lady of Peace13What a time to be at Our Lady of Peace! The Covid-19 pandemic upended our operation, requiring our sta to step up in a profound new way. Now an ambitious capital campaign is underway, enabling us to provide the unthinkable for a free hospice: private rooms for each patient, at a rst-rate standard. This has been a lofty dream, and we are so excited it is now within grasp, thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends and donors. We ocially began fundraising last December. Much to our delight, we raised more than 80 percent of our goal in less than eight months! The silent phase of the campaign ran through June, providing an opportunity to meet with key supporters. Then a terric Pioneer Press article announced our campaign. Frederick Melo did an excellent job telling our story, beginning with the account of a resident who led kung fu classes from his wheelchair here a week before his death. It garnered multiple donations, sight unseen.Right around this time, The Wasie Foundation notied us of a $400,000 match they would provide. We were beyond thrilled! The campaign hummed along, and in August, we received an anonymous gift of $100,000. It is incredibly touching to receive such a large donation anonymously. Someone, somewhere wanted to make a big impact and receive no credit. I pray for this person, who inspires me to give more of myself every day. The donation is being matched this fall, doubling its impact.The nish line is near! We hope to conclude our fundraising at the end of the year. Soon we’ll be celebrating our 80th birthday with spectacular entertainment and speakers. You’re invited! Watch our website for updates. It will be a joyous occasion.I commend the development team for working around the clock. Debbie Swanson and Heather Zenk are incredible colleagues! I also owe a huge thanks to my wingman Father John Malone, who knows everyone and can always crack a joke. At every turn, his wisdom and wit have lent momentum to this ambitious campaign. This is a remarkable time for Our Lady of Peace, when our history feels so alive and our future is clearer than ever. I will always be grateful to be right here, right now.To help us cross the nish line, contact Director of Development Lisa Sweeney at 651-789-6826 or FULFILLING A LONGTIME DREAMBY LISA SWEENEYLisa Sweeney, Director of Development THANK YOU! Thank you to all who have contributed to our capital campaign, Support. Strengthen. Sustain. We are blessed by your generosity. Our fundraising eort is still underway! A comprehensive list of our generous donors will be published in the 2022 edition of The Journey.

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THE JOURNEY14ANNUAL REPORTWe are pleased to present the following snapshot of the nancial well-being of Our Lady of Peace Home. 2021 was a remarkable year thanks to the generosity of our donors. Our operations were supported by unprecedented numbers of donors and estate gifts. These gifts will go a long way toward ensuring that we will continue to provide free end-of-life care to those in need for years to come. Continued support from our benefactors will be crucial for maintaining our unique ministry. Our Lady of Peace HomeStatement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the year ended June 30, 2021Revenues and Other SupportHospice CommunityHospice (The Home)Home HealthHighland Block NurseOur Lady of Peace DonationsOther RevenueOther Support and Investments Total Revenues and Other SupportExpensesProgram ServicesGeneral and AdministrativeFundraising Total Operating ExpensesExcess (deciency) of revenues over expensesChange in temporarily net assets released from restrictions Change in Net AssetsAnniversaries55th Wedding Anniversary of John and Darlene Zurawski Darlene Zurawski 80th Anniversary of Bob and Florina Fienhage Patricia Fienhage Werden Annual Annunciation DinnerAnnunciation ParishionersSally AlveyKari BallJohn and Bonnie BedardDouglas and Denise BorglundAudrey BoyleAmy BuelowJoseph and Nancy BurkhardtJoseph BuschRose Mary ByrneCheryl CarlsonJulie CarrollJoanne C. CarrollChurch of the AnnunciationHelen CorkranSean and Joan CurtanJill De SibourFather Bill DezielJames DunnMichael and Colleen EckmanRichard and Penny FickGeorgina FranaBruce and Christine FrankPatricia GleasonKenneth and Therese HeerAnn HomanShiro and Patricia KatagiriGENEROUS DONORSOur Lady of Peace Home is pleased to acknowledge these donors in the following pages. These gifts were received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Every eort is made to ensure accuracy. If you see an error or omission, please contact Lisa Sweeney at 651-789-6826.$3,740,2912,295,747755,165111,1072,976,1921,692,6984,047,185$15,618,384$7,803,6192,008,948271,436$10,084,003$5,534,3812,497,970$8,032,351Hospice Community24%Hospice (The Home)14%Home Health5%Highland Block Nurse1%Our Lady of Peace Donations19%Other Support and Investments26%Other11%

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Our Lady of Peace15Judith KattrehThomas and Virginia KernConstance KlaersDan and Sarah KleinJoan McCoyFranz and Carol MetzgerJoan MoattMatthew and Tracy MoosbruggerJanice and Timothy MulcahyElizabeth and Roger O’DanielKevin and Theresa OrthMark and Margaret PospisilWilliam PrinceCynthia PrinceJohn ProlaTom W. ReddinS. Andrew and Elizabeth RothJim and Pat RudolphCatherine SchackCarol SkalaSteven and Shelley SnedekerJames and Joan SoholtRobert and Tamara SorensonRachel StavrouDebbie and Tim SwansonLorna TaketaJulie ThompsonMary and Jerry TillmanHelen TrepanierJewel TurcotteMary Beth UndemAnna WalkerDeborah WarrenMary Grace WestmanDaniel and Madolane ZydowiczAnnunciation Nut Sale FundraiserPaige BergDouglas and Denise BorglundSean and Joan CurtanJoseph C. EganEnergy Savers InsulationNicholas and Christine FritzenTimothy and Annette GagliardiRay and Sally GleasonRose Marie GramN. David and Jeanette HonnigfordJoyce HowesJohn and Kari HullsiekPeter and Bridget JaegerThomas and Emily KoenigDennis and Jean LeeMary MahoneyMcGill Brothers, Inc.Daniel O’Brien and Catherine DolanElizabeth and Roger O’DanielJessolyn OdishawPatricia A. PedersenConnie and Jack PelnerMark and Margaret PospisilKatherine RemusKaye RichardsonPatricia RothNicholas and Katheryn RothGregory and Mary Susan SchmidtSteven and Shelley SnedekerLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiMary and Jerry TillmanHelen TrepanierJewel TurcotteColleen Werle RourkeHelen WeidesStephen and Elizabeth ZenisekDaniel and Madolane Zydowicz BirthdaysGerald Fisher Carol T. Fisher Toby Folwick’s 50th Birthday Floyd and Erma Folwick Diane Hankes Glen and Diana Van Wormer Patricia “Pat” Hasse Janet Fairbanks Robert Nystrom Joanne M. Pevovar Ottavio Savina Phyllis DeLisi Haley Joy Tate Carl and Kristine Maier Brick MemorialJonathan BlindermanThe Bye and Krogman Charitable AccountJoanne C. CarrollMary ComfordJackie R. DanielsonBarbara DufaultHerr FamilySharon HestadRonald HomanCheryl LarsonScott and Malia LeickColin and Lisa McKeownAnh NgoMichael PetersonMark and Margaret PospisilLavoid RhodeBerle RichmanSteve and Darcy RoesslerRick and Eileen SandahlJoan SchmeckpeperJohn SnyderLinda StarkJennifer and Je StrackJohn ThomasButtery ReleaseAnonymous Geraldine AbbottAndrea AdamsLarry AhlbergRichard and Judith AhlstromLoretta AldenGinny AldrichMary and David AlexanderDarlinda AlexanderKeely AlgerDiane AlitzJoseph and Jane AmbergSue AmundsonKatherine and Gary AndersenAngela AndersonRoberta AndersonStanley and Marlys AndersonLois ArholmStacy BaeckerDavid and Barbara BaierlThomas and Laura BakkCarroll BarnesMargaret BarrettMark BarrettEleanor BartholomewLenette BauerKathleen and Dave BauerfeldBarbara BaumannLoretta BeckleyDiane and Randy BehrendtKathleen BellandDavid and Judy BendaJulie BergTeresa and Anton BergerRonald and Catharine BerqualLynn BerresSteven and Linda BerryAnn BettenburgHelen BeverRobert BilottaJoseph BilskiCharmaine BingJoseph BlackVirginia BlaseMary Ann BlechingerJulie BoeserGerald and Jean BohligPaul and Melissa BolandMichael and Karen BolandJanice BolinMary Lou BollesCynthia BondJeanine and David BonnWilliam and Joan BorchersJohn and Virginia BordeauxJoanne BorockiDiane BorriesJennifer BotzAnna BotzBob BoudewynsMarie BoulosBarbara BowerHans and Colleen BrakobCarolyn E. BreitbachCharles and Alice BresnahanSteve BringeBill and Ardis BrinkDavid and Elizabeth BrodheadRonald and Clare BroosKaren BrotzlerAlexandra BrueggemanPamela BrustPaula BrustAnita and Timothy BuelRegina BukovichRachel BurgessCourtney BurksKathryn and James BurnsElizabeth BurrMary and David BurrillJoseph BuschMargaret and Dave BushlackMarlene BuskirkMary ButrumMaureen ButtrickMichael and Nancy ByrneLucille CalguireMajor Thomas P. Carney USMCJoanne C. CarrollNicholas and Dawn CarusoMary CaryPatricia CaseyThomas and Kate CassidyKat CastilowMary CaylorJoy CedarleafPeter and Mary CermakGary ChristensenLawrence and Patricia ClemensMichael and Victoria CobianDavid and Joyce CommerfordMary ConghaileNeil ConnellyTamera ConnellyCharles and Rose ConroyKathleen CookChristopher CookAdina CoomesVicki CorriganTimothy Cotroneo and Judy GrundtnerThomas and Teresa CowleyTiea and Thomas CraneRobert and Mary CrnobrnaKathleen CullenWendy and Stephen CulleyJackie R. DanielsonPatrick DarcyRonald and Judith DavidsonBarbara DeckerKathleen and Kevin DeGondaSigismund and Diane DekanyAnatalia DeLaoLori DeNertGerard and Mary DevaneyPhilip and Linda DeZelarShirley DickinsonBarbara DicksonMary DingerJoan T. DolanJohn and Davina DonaldJan DooperJan and Joel DornPatricia DowneyRick and Kelley DraegerGeorge and Patricia DramdahlJeanne DriscollSharon and Raoul DufresneSteven and Elizabeth DupayDavid EarenghtOur Lady of Peace HomeStatement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the year ended June 30, 2021

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THE JOURNEY16Sara EbyGloria EddyWayne EgerAnna ElasarianDiane ElmajriSandra S. ElmstromElizabeth EnglundAnna and Gerald EnnisLori ErichsenCynthia EricksonArthur B. EttlLynn EvansViola FahrendorDavid and Lorraine FaitElizabeth FarrellJerey and Mary FaustDena FavillaMichelle FeldhakeCarla and George FeldhamerRamona and Max FennaDaniel and Susan FerberGary and Beatrice FerdelmanBonita FergusonCarol FiedlerJill FigginsAnna Marie FischerConnie Fisher-KnutsonBarbara FitzpatrickThomas and Faye FlahertyKaren and Mike FlanaganFloyd and Erma FolwickSusan ForrestCheryl FosdickLaurie FountainWilliam FoussardRita FoxTierney FoxJeanne FrankMary FranklinJe FrankoElizabeth Frenzel JonesPatricia J. FreyDennis and Sharon FrickJoan E. FriskeJean FroehleCarol and Scott FuhrmanLynn FullerKatherine FurediJudith A. GabrielPriscilla and Thomas GadowLinda GaliMark and Nancy GallagherGwen GallantLawrence GarberBarbara and Charles GauPatricia GavilanSusan GayJames GehlenTara and Scott GeislerEveline Georges-BennerNancy GeorgiLinda GerenzMary GibbsDonna GieskeThomas Gilde and Mary OrrShannon GilmoreShirley GilmoreMichael and Laurie GoldJean GoldenDavid and Julie GonsoskiVictoria GonzálezMary GoodellCatherine GorrDeborah Grant and Thomas CarneyJohn and Cheryl GrayChuck and Maureen GreggNancy GrimesLouis GrittnerRoy J. GrohsCharles and Barbara GrothThomas GullettDonna M. GustafsonBirgit HaagensonBeatrice Hall-EbersoleRose Anne HallgrenJoyce HalversonJohn and Rachel HalvorsonNora Nell HamburgeMark and Elizabeth HamelDelores HanceDennis HaneyKenneth and Mary HanleyNancy J. HansenAnnette HansenLauren HarmeyerLois J. HarmsCharles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanBridget HarringtonDolores HarringtonPatricia HasseDiane HaugenDaniel J. HauserMary HauserEdward and Peggie HawkinsGeorge HawkinsKaren HaynesSteven and Faye HeeleAmber and Chad HeggestadNeil and Anna HeidenJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennFrances and Jared HendlerPaula HeppnerBarbara and Andrew HernandezBarbara HigginsBeverly and John HillGregory and Mary HirschDeloros D. HobroughGeraldine HodgsonMichelle HoekstraSharon HogensonKathryn A. HoglundHarry and Kathleen HohmanGeraldine HohnKristi HolmquistWayne and Nora HornicekConstance HoyeKatherine HubbardSusan HulbertJohn and Kari HullsiekKathleen HulsNanette HusnikWilliam HuthJanet Kroll IndrehusCheryl IrwinDonald JacksonRobert J. JacksonLinda JambikJames JansenRoxanne JaroszEllie JarvinenMargery JaschobGeorge JelinekMartha JohnsonCatherine JohnsonDebra JohnsonMary Anne JohnsonLora JohnsonRoy and Kathryn JohnsonDonald JohnsonPatricia and George JohnsonDenise and Dan JohnsonMatthew JohnsonSandra JohnstonThomas and Cynthia JonesCarol JordanEvelyn T. JorgensenSandra JosephsWalter Jost and Ellie BrennyJane Juntti and Robert LillevoldGerald and Jean KallevigThomas and Norma KaluzaMary Kaluza-RivierePatrick and Alexandra KaneKathryn KarelDavid and Karen KargesRichard and Caroline KaselAlan and Cheryl KaupEllen KavanaghRoger and Marian KeapprothDavid KelleyMark and Julie KellyJean KempShannon KennedyTodd and Cheryl KennedyMaureen KenneyPatricia KiefnerDenny and Catherine KilbaneMary KileyPatricia and David KincerKathleen and Stan KinkeadVictor KleinLester and Janice KlosRonald and Lynn KnappBarbara KnotzLeonard and Christine KnotzRichard KolbeckChristopher and Lisa KonecnyRosemary KostohryzJerey and Kerri KotsmithThomas KottkeChristine KraimerAntoinette KrattenmakerJim and Mary KremerBarbara KreuscherJeanette KruegerPaul and Lisa KulhanekJosephine KuszBarbarajo KuzelkaMargaret KuzniaPatricia LafontaineKathleen M. LairdBambi LambertDebra and Peter LaneTerence and Loren LanganJohn and Marie LangePhyllis LangeldF. Thomas and Carol LannersMary Ann LapitzKevin LarsonE. Douglas LarsonCarol LauKathleen LaughlinJean and Mark LavalierSteven and Tamara LawsonGregory and Susan LeBlancDonald Lee and Diane Miller-LeeJohn and Donna LeeJacqueline and Chris LeeThomas and Mary Geraldine LeeJohn LeguilDavid LeitzkeCarol LentschPenny and Penny LepinskiDeb and Nicholas LeskeMike and Rose LethertGerald LeydeTerrill and Darlene LinderholmFay LindmeierJohn and Kimberly LindquistRalph LionettiMargaret H. LipaSusan LivingstonNola LivleyAnita LoerzelRobert J. LogelinBeverly LongPaul and Dellavon LongenDoris LothropJeanne LoweNancy LuederStella LundquistJeri MaciejeskiJoan MadisonPatricia MaiettaMargueritte MaloneyMarie MannGregory and Mary MannNina M ManziAlan MarcovecchioJulie MareshGretchen MarshallRichard and Gail MartinJames and Ruth MartinBurton and Mary Jo MartinsonDonald and Barbara MarystoneLynn MasonBarbara MatthewsLoreen and Je MatzkaGregory and Mary MawPamela and Jerey MaxaCarole M. MayersKay and Allen McAloneyJoyce McCabeJohn and Carla McClellanSusan McConvilleSusan and Scott McDonaldJean and Thomas McGough

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Our Lady of Peace17Carol M. McGoughGerald and Margaret McGrathBarbara McGregorGary McLeanFrancis and Dorothy McMahonEugene McMahonEileen McNamaraRobert and Joann McNeilThomas McPartlanSusan McShaneDean MealeyMarlene MehrMary MehsikomerMark and Stacey MeyerRichard MeyersSusan and Kenneth MeyersRolf and Karen MiddletonRichard and Linda MillerCharlotte MillerJoan E. MillerJohn Mills and Kate Buckley MillsElizabeth MinogueJames and Judy MisencikMaureen Mitch Peterson and Gary PetersonMillie MlinarevichRichard and Lila MobergDonald and Susan MockenhauptJohn MoellerKathleen and Blake MohrLaurie MondryMildred MonsenJoel and Judy MontpetitAida MoralesTimothy MorinWilliam and Norma MorleyMary and Terry MorrisMarie MortekGregory MulallyJanice and Timothy MulcahySusan MurphyMargaret MurphyDean and Ann MyranPatricia NalipinskiNancy NaslundManuel and Janelyn NavarroJohn and Barbara NelsonKaren NelsonSusan R. NelsonGary and Bonnie NeunsingerSusan Newman and John WagnerTuan V. NguyenMelissa and Chris NordinKathy and Steven OakleyGeorgia O’BrienSean and Julie O’BrienInga OelschlagerYvonne OldingCharles OleheiserDavid OlsenKatherine OlsenRonald and Sharon OlsenColleen OlsenEmmelie and Norman OlsonDavid and Barbara OlsonJean and Stephen OlsonGeraldine A. OlsonCarol OlsonJeanne OlsonNancy OlsonSandra OlsonDouglas and Judith OslandGregory OsterbauerJoe and Dory OttoPaul and Lynn OttoSonnia PalacioMark Brooks and Deborah PaoneDorothy PapenheimEmily Parker and Michael NawrockiJames PaulRobert PaulRobert and Dorothy PaulsonChristine PaulsonLinden PedersonMark and Barbara PedersonGregory and Ellen PelletierAurelia PeschkenElaine PesekThomas PetermeierWilliam and Mary PetersenRobin PetersonDale and Janice PetersonKenny and Faith PetersonMadonna Peterson-JonesJosephine PetronJoanne M. PevovarCarol PevovarCheryl and Michael PfeierDiane PierceVincent Platt and Carolyn NayematsoDouglas PlehalDorrie PloofMary PoidingerJulie and Alex PolinskyGregory PolskiTerri PooleJorge PopocaMark and Margaret PospisilMary PostonPeter PrestrudWilliam PrinceAnita and Duayne ProehlProgressive Packaging, Inc.Sharon QualePatrick and Michelle QuinlanThomas QuinnRobert QuirkRuth and Steve QuisbergLynn RadeckiLori RaduenzLarry RamseyJames and Beverly RandallMike and Lonnie RatzlaMary Lou RauchwarterTerry ReasonerDavid and Katie ReederGary and Gorganne ReiersonKathleen A. RichardsonHarold and Margaret RiehmJoe RiskevichAlice RitterJoy RobbinsLisa RobinsonMargarita RobinsonPauline RodgerDiane and Ira RoMary RogersPatricia RolewiczPeter and Mary Beth RonzaLucy RooneyLeona RossMary RossElizabeth RothsteinMarsha RotramelLouise RoutheChristopher and Tyler RoutheKen RuckerJohn RyanMary Lou S. Salas-JesnessSue SalinazAllan and Carol SalleePhyllis SalmenAmy SampsonRobert SampsonRichard SanfordMelissa SauerweinElaine ScheunemannDavid and Judy SchifskyJack and Judith SchlukebierBarbara SchmidtDotty SchmidtDouglas and Mary SchoenSister Catherine SchoeneckerKathy and Wade SchowalterDiann SchreifelsAlbert SchroederSusan SchulerBeverly and Kevin SchulteJames and Maxine SchultzMichael and Jeannie ScottJohn and Judy SeibelMarion SelidSteven and Linda SetterlundDavid and Julie SeykoraSusan R. SeymourDaniel C. ShannonMarcia ShawRobert and Marie ShieldsDonald and Bernice ShipleyPatricia and Richard SimmonsToni SimmonsSteven SimsMaureen SingletonTerry and Valerie SkrypekFather Michael SlusserMonique SmitalaCassandra SmithRobert and Jane SmithPaul and Catherine SnyderTracey SoleiDeanna SolomonMargaret SourileJoseph SpanoRonald and Teresa SpencerArchie SperryDavid and Deborah SpiessBob and Barbara SpillerMark and Maribeth SpreemanStanley J. SrogaSarah StaabSusan StakstonMarty and Susan StarkeyCheryl StarksKathy StechmannLouis StefanichAnn StevensonRobert and Heidi StevensonMary StockThomas and Diane StockwellGlen and Susan StoeverMargaret StoickThomas StolarekGary and Jane StormJoan StoutAnne and Rodney StowellMary and Steven StrafeldaLinda StraleyVirginia StreseBarbara SummereldMary Sumpmann and John HoshalRichard and Karen SundbergKatherine SwaserLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiSheila SweeneyRobert TautgesKathy and Daniel TaylorNancy TeelThamesArthur J. ThellJon and Leah TheobaldCharlene ThoemkeJames and Judith ThomasBarbara ThompsonKathryn and Gilbert ThostensonRichard TollefsonWayne and Joyce TonnMary TorborgMary TraubaCarrie TreptowMargaret TrondsonMichael and Shannon TupperRoberta TurnerMary TymoshukGeraldine A. UlnessThomas and Joann UrbanskiBarbara ValencourRobert and Gladys ValencourRichard Vanneste and Linda ManfreRoma VasseurEugene VavraJacqueline VeimanStephen VenableMichelle VikreRichard and Sheila VitelliJ. David and Kathleen VogelSusan K. VokatyJanet WagnerLaura WakeeldShirley WaldvogelMarianne WalkerJohn and Susan WallaceCatherine WallerusHarold WalshJanet WaltersKim WebsterKaren WeeksHelen WeidesFrank and Jill Weis

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THE JOURNEY18James and Jean WeissRose WeltonLois WenzErnest and Bonnie WepploTerrence and Rita WerthPeggy WestermanCarol WhaleyPatricia WhiteSuzanne and Michael WickhamDolores WigginWendy and James WillettRobert WilliamsElla WilseyPatricia WilsonFancy WinslowDan WinslowLaurel WinsorAvona WintersMerikay WiselyTeresa WoelfelRonald and Lori WolkerstorferMichael and Pamela WoodPauline WoodJohn and Mary WrenLaurence and Judith WrykRuthie WuolletPaula WynnyckyjShirley YatesGeorge and Susan YoshidaDoris ZacharyLinda ZeladaLeonard and Marie ZimmelRichard J. ZitonRae Lynn ZuehlkeCelebration of LifeAnonymousJane AdamsonElmo AlexanderKeely AlgerJoseph and Jane AmbergSumathy and Manning AmbroseHenry and Teri AmonDaniel AmonKatherine and Gary AndersenNkem AndersonLeora AndersonVince AndersonMary Jo and Scott AndersonRoseanne M. AndersonSusan Anderson HornerKathryn AndrewsJames and Suzanne BabinJames and Mary BachaJustine BadzinskiDonna BarbeauMargaret BarrettMark BarrettMarjorie BarthoAnn BartholomewRichard and Diane BartholomewVirginia M. BattisHelengrace BauerJames and Marlene BauerJeanne BaumannEileen BaumgartnerFrances A. BeaudryAnn BechererStephen BehnenDiane and Randy BehrendtLely BeitnerDale and Susan BelterDavid and Judy BendaDonald and Christine BensonElaine Benson-MoosbruggerThomas and Colleen BergstromDeborah BeringerMarie BerlinerRobert BernardsSteven and Linda BerryDouglas and Judith BestlerJesse and Stacy BewleyBonita BigelbachCharmaine BingMichelle BlairVirginia BlaseMaryann BlochCatherine BorerJoanne BorockiRoger and Margaret BorowiczDiane BorriesLance and Judith BougieMarie BoulosPatrick Branigan and Patrice Schober-BraniganTraci BransfordJane BrantsegMarlene BraunDonald and Barbara BredthauerBill and Ardis BrinkDrew BrooksKaren BrotzlerHelen K. BrownAlexandra BrueggemanPamela BrustPaula BrustJoane Buche Children of Frederick Rossi BuckJeanne BuckeyeBarbara and Gordon BuesgensSheila M. BurchRachel BurgessJudy BurnsRobert BuschMargaret and Dave BushlackMarlene BuskirkMary ButrumJohn and Peggy ButtereldMaureen ButtrickMary ByrneSteven ByrnesMary CampbellRobert and Lois CarlsonBonnie CarlsonScott and Joanna CarlsonGregory and Nancy CarlsonGary and Joan CarpenterJoanne C. CarrollGeorge and Linda CarrollMary CaryPatricia CaseyDolores CaseyRobert and Mary CasperThomas and Kate CassidyJames and Susan CassidyJoy CedarleafPamela ChickettDennis and Peggy ChirhartGary ChristensenJosephine ChristensenJeanette ChwialkowskiThomas CliordJerry and Mary ClysdaleRonald CoenenCarol CollotonDonald and Heather ComptonRalph CongdonFrank and Joann ConneySusan ConwayClaire CookCooney FamilyThomas Countryman and Susan MurphyJanie and Bob CraigRobert and Mary CrnobrnaLinda K. CrosbyMary Kay CrosbyJoelle CrossonKathleen CullenWendy and Stephen CulleyPatricia A. CurtisPaul CyrWilliam and Maureen DaehnJohn DalrympleJackie R. DanielsonBetty DanksRonald and Judith DavidsonRichard DeBlieckBarbara DeckerKathleen and Kevin DeGondaMary and Joseph DelaneyAnatalia DeLaoPhyllis DeLisiSteve DemzukToni DeRosier and Jerry HertelRosemary Diamond, Dana Petti, and Allen CrutcheldSusan DiekragerMary DingerMary Ann DircksRandy DodgeJanet DombrowMichael and Deborah DonnellyPatricia DowneyDan DoyleTimothy Du BoisWilliam DuyJanet DurandGloria EddyWayne EgerTerri EideDavid and Mary EkJulie EllingsonRosalind ElmquistSandra S. ElmstromLorraine EmilsonLori ErichsenCynthia EricksonRoberta EricksonJoyce EwestExclusive Interiors, Inc.Viola FahrendorDeborah and Jerome FangelHolly FarrellElizabeth FarrellFather Jerome FehnDeborah FehrmanCarol FelberGary and Beatrice FerdelmanBonita FergusonJohn and Valerie FerrianCarol FiedlerTroy and Donna FieldTeresa FimonBrad and Holly FinerRenee FinerAnna Marie FischerThomas and Faye FlahertyLaVerne FleischhackerCharles and Andrea FosterLaurie FountainBarbara FowlerMargaret FrankLawrence FriedlKathy and Fred FriedmanJoan E. FriskeDoris FrostJanet FuchsB. Franklin and Susan FullerJudith A. GabrielIrenetis GadientPriscilla and Thomas GadowMary GaneyGwen GallantSusan GayDarlene GerbozyDaniel GermainJulia GervaisDavid and Denise GierokDonna GieskeMs. Lenore E. GlodowskiLaura GoodmanCarl and Shirley GrafWilliam A. GraupeDebra GrayJohn and Cheryl GrayBob, Greg and James GremoreNancy GrimesLouis GrittnerAlvina GroebnerCynthia and Glenn GrothCatherine GustafsonBirgit HaagensonMichael HaleJames HalekJohn HallJohn and Rachel HalvorsonNora Nell HamburgeHampton and Wallis FamilyLinda and Lars HansenRoger HansenNancy J. HansenMary HapkaCharles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanDolores HarringtonJames Hartmeister

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Our Lady of Peace19Leona HauptNeil and Anna HeidenTodd and Carole HeimdahlJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennFrances and Jared HendlerGina Henton-Olson and Les OlsonBarbara HigginsMary Jane HilsgenDeloros D. HobroughJuanita HoeschenMary HomanKathryn A. HoglundGeraldine HohnMary HornerJoanne HostertJim and Pat HovelsrudBrian and Sue HoweSally HowesJohn and Kari HullsiekCeline HunterAudrey HusetTimothy and Carol HynesGloria IversonLila IversonNora IvoryDonald JacksonSandra Kay and Alberta JacksonRobert, Julie and Carol JacksonPatricia JaneculaEileen JankeAnne JanowiczMichael JansenJames JansenJustin JasperCatherine and Joseph JaszczakGeorge JelinekElaine JendroJon JennekeDiane JohnsonRaymond JohnsonPatricia JohnsonDenise and Dan JohnsonArlene JohnsonRobert and Mary Jo JohnsonPatricia A. JohnsonDonald JohnsonMary Anne JohnsonPatricia and George JohnsonJoyce JohnsonWintize JonesRory JonesMary E. JonesMitchell and Karen JorgensenWalter Jost and Ellie BrennyJoseph and Janine JungbauerGladys JurekAudrey KaderGerald and Jean KallevigBruce I. KalmoeMary Kaluza-RiviereDiana KammererRobert B. KanePatrick and Alexandra KaneMary KaneEugene and Patricia KarelsDavid and Karen KargesCarol and Dean KaylerDavid and Barbara KearnKrista Kee-CanniLeo and Marcelline KeglerThomas and Mary KellyMark and Julie KellyDaniel KellyJean KempPatricia KiefnerSandra KieserMary KileyPatricia and David KincerKen KlapmeierDawn KlawitterVictor KleinVictor and Kathy KlimoskiVirgil and Irene KlinkLester and Janice KlosGail KlugMarilyn KocerJoseph and Julie KoegelScott and Sharon KolbeckRichard KolbeckJames KormanBettye M. KortusColeen KosloskiDonald W. KostohryzMichael and Kimberly KotsmithMary KowlesRobert and Diane KraftPamela KrenTimothy and Jane KretzmannBarbara KreuscherMary Kay and Marty KrogmanKeith KubyKuklock FamilyScott KuusistoMargaret KuzniaMary Kay LachnerPatricia LafontaineArthur C. LaliberteJudy and Steve LanducciDebra and Peter LaneWilliam LangKenneth and Betty Lou LangJohn LankasNorma LannersNancy LarsonMary LarsonBernice LarsonKathleen LaughlinJean and Mark LavalierElizabeth LeachJacqueline and Chris LeeShirley LeeJohn LeguilElizabeth Bosch LehnerSharon C. LemleyJoseph N. LeoDeborah J. LimbackMary LindbeckFay LindmeierEric LindquistKeith LinnemanRalph LionettiFranca LipariSusan LivingstonPaul and Mary LockmanIra LongenTodd LongenDiane LucasNancy LuederEileen LujanEllen LukenLee and Jo LundbladStella LundquistDorothy LuskeyJoanne M. LuttrellMary G. LynchBob and Jane MadisonJ. Thomas and Alice MaherCarolyn MalkowAntoinette and Wayne MaloneMargueritte MaloneyJohn MantheyNina M ManziLeta MarglJohn and Nancy MartensDonald and Barbara MarystoneDawn MatlockPamela and Jerey MaxaKay and Allen McAloneyJohn and Carla McClellanAudrey McClellanJulie McEathronJoan McGonigal-StaskaCarol M. McGoughJoan McGrathRita McHugoFrancis and Dorothy McMahonRobert and Joann McNeilThomas McPartlanHelen McShaneSusan McShaneDean MealeyLawrence and Marlene MeehanCatherine MehaeyMarlene MehrMary MehsikomerWilliam and Carol MellonPatricia MerrittScott and Cynthia MevissenMark and Stacey MeyerMonica MeyerRichard MeyersSusan and Kenneth MeyersKathleen MiddletonRobert MillerDonald MillerKatherine MillerDavid Miller and Maggie DeLong MillerAudrey MinorJames and Judy MisencikMargaret and Kenneth ModeenJohn MoellerDean and Barbara MoenKathleen and Blake MohrPauline MohrSandra MoinichenDonald MolenaarLaurie MondryElaine MonitorSteven and Patricia MonsonLaura MooreLouise MoorheadAida MoralesJoanne Moussette and Robert BaileyGilbert and Janet MrosMary MroszakMichael MulcahyAnne MulcahySusan MurphyDave and Diane MurrayMitch MyrePatricia NalipinskiEarl NashMarsha Neita-JonesMarilyn NeitzS. James NelsonCindy NessMary NessTuan V. NguyenDeborah NickilaMary Lou NicosiaKatherine NindeDonald and Ilene NitzkowskiRobert and Mary NobleMelissa and Chris NordinEsther L. NowlinKenneth and Debbie O’ConnellJoseph OfstedalGeraldine O’KaneCecelia O’KeefeRosalia and Vernon OlsenKatherine OlsenJoan OlsonMargie OlsonDavid and Barbara OlsonEmmelie and Norman OlsonCarmine OlsonCarol OlsonCamille OlzenakPaul and Lynn OttoSharon OverlienLisa Palas GrahamRonald and Patricia PalmenKarl ParkosGregory PatesJames PaulRita PavelKatherine PennigLilee PereraElaine PesekThomas PetermeierJerry and Diane PetersWilliam and Mary PetersenMadonna Peterson-JonesOanh PhamBeth and Edward PicardDarlene PitmanRoger and Cheryl PittelkowVincent Platt and Carolyn NayematsoPatricia PoeschelJerine PolackGregory PolskiTerri PooleMark and Margaret PospisilDon and Kathleen PrettymanAnita and Duayne ProehlProgressive Packaging, Inc.

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THE JOURNEY20Timothy and Tammy ProulxSharon QualeRuth and Steve QuisbergDavid RadermacherLinda and Dominic RamacierLarry RamseySherry RaynovichDale and Renee ReedBonnie and Donald ReederJulie ReesPatrick and Mary ReganKelly Regan The Regan FamilyReverend James E. ReidyDonald K. ReillyMark and Bonita RekuckiRonald RengelKaren ReuterElizabeth and Glen ReynoldsPenelope RhoadesLavoid RhodeLisa RiehlJohn and Jane RitterCatherine M. RoachJoan RobertsonGary and Lee Ann RobinsonSuzette RobinsonMary Lou RochelDiane and Ira RoSteven J. RogersMary RogersPeter and Mary Beth RonzaMary RossLouise RoutheJohn and Sharon RoznickKen RuckerDenise RunningJerome RupkusJames and Shannon RuskBarbara and Joseph RussellKaye SabeanRichard SableMary Lou S. Salas-JesnessAllan and Carol SalleeRobert SampsonGloria Sandberg and Greg SandbergRichard SanfordBeverly D. SanitiDavid and Judith SaumweberJo Ann ScarrellaDenise SchadeggMargaret and Bradley SchaferPatricia SchleusnerRon and Lois SchmidtBarbara SchmidtMarcia SchmittRonald and Mary Kay SchneiderSister Catherine SchoeneckerNorman and Janet SchommerSean SchouvellerKari SchouvillerMary Lee SchowalterKathy and Wade SchowalterPatricia SchreierDiann SchreifelsBernice SchroederJune SchubertGordon SchwarzKeith and Cindy SchweigerFrank and Delores SeidlCheryl SeifertKathryn SelineSteven, Diane, Roger, Dale, Mark, Rick, Joe, Glenn and PatrickSusan R. SeymourGeraldine R. SheaRobert and Marie ShieldsBernice ShipleyLinda SierackiCharles SiggerudAlverda R. SimcoePatricia and Richard SimmonsRobert and MaryAnn SipekVictoria SlagleCassandra SmithGary and Linda SmithIda SmithJeanne L. Smith FooteFerdanette SokoloskiSharon SolfestDeanna SolomonMary Kay SpeggenAnn SperedonArchie SperryStanley J. SrogaJoseph and Pamela StanislavKathleen StauLouis StefanichAnn SteenCraig and Kathy SteinmetzDonald and Mary Ann StevensWilliam StevensonTeresa and Nathan StoltmanMary StormsJoan StoutThomas StremskiVirginia StreseMark and Kim StreseSusan StripskyElaine StrohfusDonald Strom and Colleen Connolly StromBarbara SummereldGerald and Beverly SwansonTracy SwansonKatherine SwaserLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiJae and Todd SwensonMark TackaberryDonald TeelNancy TeelJerey TeschDelores TheisenBarbara ThibaultJerry and Cyndia ThimsenDaniel and Patricia TibesarRichard TibesarMary and Jerry TillmanKenneth and Barbara TimmMargaret A. TockoMary Jane TockoRichard TollefsonMary TonerJulia TonerJudy D. TousignantTodd and Michele TousignantErin TreiberMargaret TrondsonMary TrudellJohn TschidaJames and Margaret TullyFrances TumaJoan TurpinTwin City Gear Co.Michael TwohyDeane and Sharron VailRobert and Gladys ValencourShirley Van HoutMichael and Raye Anne VandaRoma VasseurEugene VavraMichelle VikreLenore VogtSusan K. VokatyMary Kay VoosenJohn and Linda VukelichClaudia WagnerLaura WakeeldMable R. WalkowiakCatherine WallerusMarlene and Patrick WalshFrank WarnerKathleen A. WatsonKim WebsterHelen WeidesFrank and Jill WeisTerrence and Rita WerthThomas and Kathleen WestTed and Patti WesterdahlEloise WetherallCarol WhaleyEdward and Kristine WickDolores WigginStephanie WilharberLorna WilliamsBarbara WilliamsElla Wilsey and FamilyPatricia WilsonFancy WinslowBob and Paula WinsorBeverly WittgensteinTeresa WoelfelMarilyn WolMichael and Susan WolneyMary WomeldorfMichael and Pamela WoodMary WormSharon WynnGeorge and Susan YoshidaNancy YoungSophie ZasteraPaula ZenkerLeonard and Marie ZimmelDaniel and Joyce ZimmerLynne ZimmermanRichard J. ZitonDarlene ZurawskiChristmasMary Angela Davini Breen Ralph and Mary Pat Davini Dave and Michelle Dyrhaug Timothy and Mary Dyrhaug Tim and Kristin Dyrhaug Timothy and Mary Dyrhaug Lisa Ferrell Timothy and Mary Dyrhaug Chris and Heidi Gottwalt and Family Mikki Gottwalt Dave and Irene Gottwalt and Family Mikki Gottwalt Mark and Nora Gottwalt and Family Mikki Gottwalt Steve and Paula Gottwalt and Family Mikki Gottwalt T.J. and Margie Gottwalt and Family Mikki Gottwalt COVID-19 FundraiserBemidji Paul Bunyan Eagles #351Chris ClaudeLester and Rosemary DavisMary Ann DircksEngraphics, LLCFlorence EntzelPatricia J. FreyTami HaufBarbara JacobsEdward KeenanDavid KelleyLarry and Gretchen KimuraGerald and Margaret McGrathMary Jane MelnickSaint Paul and Minnesota FoundationJanet ThompsonJames G. WagnerKathleen A. WatsonDebra and Donald WeberEstate GiftsBradley AustinEstate of Leone BauerEstate of Opal BullCarol and Nicholas Cieminski Revocable TrustDonna ClevengerMr. A. E. ‘Gene’ CuvelotEstate of H. Mark De WolfMary HathawayEstate of Brad HerringMadeleine B. Kinney Charitable Trust Arlene KnottDonald KoughEstate of Mary MeeEstate of Katherine A. McKenzie

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Our Lady of Peace21Joyce NowakEstate of Fr. Frank Fred PerkovichEstate of Harriet StoltzRuth J. WilliamsFall AppealJohn AbseyThomas and Mary AchesonJe and Toinette AdrianKim ArnoldJeanne BarrettDavid BenoyRobert BernardsJames BocheMarie BolandDonna and William BorgerdingBernard and Patricia BrandWendal and Doris BratengWilliam and Corrine BrengmanJoseph BrooksDouglas and Dana BruceDonald and Janice BundeElizabeth BurrMary CampbellKathryn and Michael CampionMarilyn CarlsonConstance ChariparRosemary ChartersThomas and Kathryn CloutierWilliam CullenDale De LariaAnatalia DeLaoKent Djubek and Karra Neseth-DjubekDennis DjubekJim DomagallHenry and Irene DonaldsonJerey and Rebecca DoshRoberta DriscollMr. and Mrs. James DuroseDonn J. EidenThomas and Mary Lou EngelFather Jerome FehnJoan FickerReverend Gerald FoleyRobert J. FrenchLois GanglDavid GenoskyRobert GodavaJohn GordonRobert and Mary GrausamJohn and Cheryl GrayJohn GregorThomas and Mary GuionKathy HalversonWalton HeuerJoyce HowesAnthony and Nancy InserraMary Ellen IrishDonald JacksonMary E. JonesFi KafkasJoseph and JoAnn KazekKathleen and Thomas KeithDavid KelleyJames and Loretta KellyTerry and Mary Jo KellyGeorge and Ginna KlineLester and Janice KlosTheresa KomomuaGordon and Kathleen KrenikJack and Peggy KulpaMargaret KuzniaJames and Linda LamontKathleen LaughlinPatricia LeeJanet LienBarbara LindstromThomas and Mary Jo LykeElaine K. MartyJanet MathewsColleen McCarthyDick and Regina McCarthyAudrey McClellanSusan and Scott McDonaldLawrence and Barbara McMahonEileen McNamaraGerald and Kathleen MeyerJeanne MilosevichFrank MirovskyMildred MonsenMary and Terry MorrisJohn MurphyKaren NelsonDeborah NewcombGarry NicosiaKathy and Steven OakleyAnnette PantelRobert and Dorothy PaulsonPatricia A. PedersonCheryl and Michael PfeierJerry Pojar and Rose HassingGregory PolskiMark and Margaret PospisilThomas QuinnRichard RedingGary and Gorganne ReiersonKaren ReuterBerle RichmanWesley C. RolngCraig and JoAnne RoundsJerome RupkusBarbara SchmidtDotty SchmidtMathias SchroederRobin SchroederCynthia and Thomas ScottBrian and Kathleen ShortFather Michael SlusserMargaret SourileJack and Pat StichaSuzanne StrandThomas StreseNancy TeelJudith TerpArthur J. ThellMichael and Georgina ThompsonRonald TipckeThomas and Judith TixTJK Plumbing, Inc.Tom and Marlene TrappDolores and Donald TraxlerBev TruranMary and Marty VoPavaDominic and Barbara ZweberFlowers & GardensJody and Steve AnderlyRiverain Condominium AssociationKeith and Cindy SchweigerFriends of Our LadyLuncheonGeraldine AbbottKathleen AbramsMary AdairDiane AlitzKatherine and Gary AndersenAngela AndersonLinda AndersonNancy Baker and Dan OlsonVerne and Beverly BarnickMargaret BarrettCecelia BeecherDebra BeltrandElizabeth BergeBeverly and Eugene BjerkebekKaren BlyLaurel BoergerShirlee BokuskyKarol A. BowmanDavid and Maureen BoxrudRichard and Cecelia BrandJulie Ann BrantsegRegina BreuerBill and Ardis BrinkJoseph BrooksRonald and Clare BroosGrace BrownAlexandra BrueggemanKate M. BuckleyDonald and Janice BundeRachel BurgessMichelle and Kevin BuronLouis and Maureen BushardNancy J. BusseMary ButrumMary ByrneKathryn and Michael CampionJoanne C. CarrollCatholic Community FoundationPeter and Mary CermakConstance ChariparChurch of the AssumptionJeanette ChwialkowskiHelen A. ClassLawrence and Patricia ClemensClement and Molly CommersRalph CongdonNeil ConnellyTamera ConnellySusan ConwayChristopher CookKathleen CookCaroline CoryellMary CostelloCremation Society of MinnesotaCrescent Tide LLCCarol CrowleyKathleen CullenPaul CyrJackie R. DanielsonBetty DanksBarbara DeckerAnatalia DeLaoElizabeth DeLayPatricia DieyJoseph and Mary DirksenNancy DonovanArlene DrabekBruce DrakeJeanne DriscollDavid EarenghtGloria EddyTom and Mary EkBrenda EllingboeElizabeth EnglundAudrey M. EricksonTheresa ErlandsonCarole EvenrudJanet FairbanksTeresa FimonMavis FisherCarol T. FisherBarbara FitzpatrickWilliam FoussardJeanne FrankMary FranklinJoan E. FriskeJudy FullerIrenetis GadientGwen GallantLawrence GarberSusan GayEugene and Joan GennaroJanet George and Cathy CalderShirley GerlachDonna GieskeDavid and Nicole GilletConnie and Skeeter GindorDarlene GoldmanCatherine GorrRoger and Nancy GreenJohn and Theresa GriepCharles and Barbara GrothDaniel and Justine GrowBirgit HaagensonDeirdre HagstromStephen HaighKathy HalversonNancy J. HansenRonald and Romayne HauthJoan and Jerey HawkJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennChad and Kristin HellwigKaren and Craig HendricksonMark HiemenzBarbara HigginsBeverly and John HillFrezgi Hiskias and Sihin FrancoisMary Hoch and Terence DevineDennis HoelscherRoger and Mary Ann HoltzleiterHorizon Agency, Inc.Gloria IversonDonald Jackson

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THE JOURNEY22Jandrich FloralPatricia JaneculaMargery JaschobDouglas and Jeanne JensenEric and Mary Beth JohnsonPatricia and George JohnsonMary E. JonesMary A. JonesMary Jones-MorrisWalter Jost and Ellie BrennyGladys JurekGert and Chuck KadrieSusan KainzArnold and Judith KaiserBruce I. KalmoeJudith KattrehRachel Kaul and Bill PalmquistJean KempLarry and Gretchen KimuraLester and Janice KlosJohn and Kathleen KopkaJerome and Shannon KopperudJames KormanPaul and Lisa KulhanekMargaret KuzniaTheresa LaCoursiereF. Thomas and Carol LannersNancy LarsonGregory and Susan LeBlancOtto and Dorothy LeitnerJanet LienMary LindbeckMildred LowenbergDiane LucasStella LundquistMairs and Power, Inc.Julie MalechaMary Ellen MaloneAlan MarcovecchioRuth MarkowitzJames and Ruth MartinPaul and Pat MartinucciCarole M. MayersAnita McCarthySusan McConvilleJudy McCullochJean and Thomas McGoughJoan McGrathMelissa McLeanGary McLeanSusan McShaneDean MealeyCarol MelinPatricia MerrittGerald and Beverly MertzMetro ElevatorFranz and Carol MetzgerBeverly MeyerMarilyn MeyerRichard MeyersSusan and Kenneth MeyersDulce MezaMidwest Medical / RX ExpressAnthony and Joan MielochJeanne MilosevichElizabeth MinogueFrances MiskovichMillie MlinarevichMargaret and Kenneth ModeenWilliam and Norma MorleyDeborah MorsethMary MroszakScott and Susan MuehlerMueller MemorialJames and Carol MulliganJohn MurphyDaniel and Lorrie NaleznySharon NielsenJudith OberhauserCharles OleheiserColleen OlsenRonald and Sharon OlsenKatherine OlsenGeraldine A. OlsonEmmelie and Norman OlsonCarol OlsonMark Brooks and Deborah PaoneWally M. ParishRobert PaulRita PavelDoris PearsonGregory and Ellen PelletierThomas PetermeierWilliam and Mary PetersenCarol PetersonDiane PetersonJerome and Kathleen PetronJosephine PetronCheryl PhillipsDorrie PloofJane PomavilleMark and Margaret PospisilPremier BankPresbyterian Homes & ServicesAnita and Duayne ProehlGiuseppe PuppinRuth and Steve QuisbergDavid RadermacherLydia RappaportMary Lou RauchwarterGary and Gorganne ReiersonKristi RenvilleHarold and Margaret RiehmMary RileyJohn and Jane RitterGene and Mary Anne RobertsJune M. RoesslerDiane and Ira RoSteven J. RogersBeth RollieRosary and Altar Society of St. Albert’s ChurchKelly RossKen RuckerSaint Therese Foundation, Inc.Saint Timothy Council of Catholic WomenDoug SchaerDaniel SchlesingerJe SchlesingerStephen and Mary SchmidtPatricia SchreierMathias SchroederBeverly and Kevin SchulteBenjamin and Cheryl SchultzJoseph and Mary Ann SchwebelDaniel C. ShannonWilliam and Jill SieversAlverda R. SimcoePatricia and Richard SimmonsSteven SimsTerry and Valerie SkrypekJohn and Nancy SlothowerMonique SmitalaMargaret SourileMark and Maribeth SpreemanThomas and Kathleen StaaJaci and Dale StaigerJoseph and Pamela StanislavDennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyCraig and Kathy SteinmetzThomas StremskiVirginia StreseMartin and Patricia StrubMary SullivanSynergy HomeCareSynergy Home Care MSP MetroNancy TeelNorbert and Kathleen TennessenDr. Wayne and Dorothy ThalhuberRobert Thavis and Juliann Geis ThavisJames and Judith ThomasBonnie and John TreacyDouglas TurgeonTwin City Gear Co.Dave and Sue UhlerGeraldine A. UlnessRobert and Sharon ValoisJason Van HeirseeleCarroll and Michele VanceRonald and Judith VesseyClaudia WagnerBonnie WakeeldSamuel and Patricia WalkerCarolyn L. WallJames and Anne WandmacherWashburn-McReavyLora Lee and John WashburnNancy WeberKim WebsterFrank and Jill WeisRichard and Nancy WenkelLois WenzJames P. WickerDolores WigginBarbara WilliamsBob and Paula WinsorRonald and Lori WolkerstorferMary WoodMichael and Pamela WoodFrancyne YarussoLaura and Michael ZdychnecClaire and John ZobelFriends of Our LadyLuncheon SponsorsCatholic Community Foundation of MinnesotaChurch of the AssumptionChurch of St. TimothyCremation Society of MinnesotaCrescent Tide Funeral and Cremation Services Dennis HoelscherHorizon AgencyJandrich FloralMairs & PowerMeg and Mark PospisilMetro Elevator, Inc.Midwest CompaniesMueller MemorialPremier BanksPresbyterian Homes & ServicesRBC Wealth ManagementSt. Therese FoundationSynergy HomeCareJohn & Bonnie TreacyWashburn-McReaveyGeneral Fund3M CompanyGeraldine AbbottPaul AdamsonAerie No. 3424Anthony and Susan AllevaAllina HealthAmazonsmile Foundation DonationThecla AmbroseAmeriprise Financial Employee Giving CampaignKatherine and Gary AndersenMary AndersonChristopher and Norine AndersonThomas and Rhonda AndersonKurt and Carin ArvidsonMarvin ArvidsonAssurant Foundation Matching GiftsAT&TAyers & Riehm, P.A.Mark and Maryclare BadeDavid and Barbara BaierlBank of America Employee Giving CampaignBarb Blumer Law, P.A.Barrett Family FoundationMargaret BarrettBayerAnna BedardBelgrade HardwareBell BankGregory BenderBethlehem Lutheran Church WomenJoseph and Sheila BiernatBiogen Idec FoundationStephen BlahaMichelle BleesBlue Cross Blue Shield of MinnesotaCatherine BorerLinda and Leonard BornerTed BowmanJonathan BrassBarbara BreenWilliam and Corrine BrengmanLori BrinkJanet Brookeld

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Our Lady of Peace23Joseph BrooksRobert Brown and Dana Weise-BrownAllison BrownJohn and Joan BuchananDonald and Janice BundeKathleen and Carl BuraglioDaniel and Anne BurtElizabeth ByrneLarry and Doris CalhounBrian CampbellMary CaryKelli CassidySarah Cassidy Family FundJames and Susan CassidyJohn and Linda CastorinoCenturylink Employee GivingThomas ChappleConstance ChariparBonnie ChristensenChurch of Saint TimothyChurch of Saint Genevieve CCWChurch of Saint WenceslausPaul and Kathleen CierniaCignaRon and Kathy ColbyRobert CollinsDavid and Joyce CommerfordCommunity Health CharitiesCondence Learning Center, Inc.Ralph CongdonNeil ConnellyMichael and Sandra ConroyDarla ConstableStephanie CopenhaverJeanne and David CornishCorinne Van Heel Endowment FundMary and Anthony CostaMary CrandallDavid and Shirley CrawfordCrescent Tide, LLCPatrick CullenJackie R. DanielsonLawrence DasovicThe Daugherty FamilyWilliam and Susan DavernRalph and Mary Pat DaviniJudith DayHans-Peter de RuiterDeaf Hospice Education ProjectPhyllis DeLisiGerard and Mary DevaneyAnne DeYoungJames DingerDollar Bank FoundationKathleen DomeierRita DoodyJerald DoschJerome and Joan DownesMr. and Mrs. Terence DoyleRichard and Susan DubayTim and Kristin DyrhaugEagles No. 3282Eagles 5th District MinnesotaDavid EarenghtMichael and Colleen EckmanEllen EichtenJames and Laura EichtenElectricians and Associates, Inc.Stephanie EllistonAudrey M. EricksonLarry and Ruth ErnestJames and Raeleen EsserTroy and Lori EwertDeborah and Jerome FangelPatrick FarleyAnthony FerrazzoJohn and Valerie FerrianMarie FischerCass FlaggJennifer FleckDebbie FlickFOE Aerie 1791Regina FogardWanda FosterJoseph FoxHenry FoxJude and Jim FrankoFraternal Order of EaglesFraternal Order of Eagles #4456Sarah FryeLynn FumusoLawrence and Adina Gagner Family FundJerome and Beth Marie GeisEugene and Joan GennaroAnnella GibneyDavid and Sharon GielPatrick GillisRobert and Mary GlineburgWilliam GlowackiJanice GodlewskiDebra Godtland-Bernin and Don BerninPhyllis GoGeorge Golden and Deanna LouieGood Shepherd Catholic Church and SchoolLawrence and Carol GoodeEdward and Carol GorkaMichael and Suzanne GreeneldJoanne GrotenJames GruenwaldJonathan and Jeannie GudenGuild of Catholic Women Endowment FundAlbert and Nancy HagstromKim HalversonAnnette HansenGlen and Shirley HansonDavid and Kimberly HansonNancy and Bob HartzlerGerald and Joyce HaugeMarie HauserRonald and Romayne HauthGeorge HawkinsThraicie HawknerHess Bakken Investments II, LLCBarbara HigginsJerry HighBrad HinkerMargaret HoecherlRonald HomanMargaret HoganDonald HollyHoly Childhood Women’s ClubHoly Cross Rosary Guild and CCWHoly Trinity Council of Catholic WomenBeth and Kenneth HonkompKeith and Donna HonnoldLinda HornRichard HoschkaKevin and Mary Ann HoweBettina HoyeKatherine HubbardGeorge and Mary HuberElaine HunterIBM Matching Grants Program,Illinois Tool Works FoundationMary Ann JanskeThomas and Mary Ellen JohnsonMark JorgensenWalter Jost and Ellie BrennyDavid and Kathy JungquistJoseph and Constance KaiserRichard and Caroline KaselAndrew KasidDavid and Janice KastelicGary KatzmarekEllen KavanaghDavid KelleyMichael and Judith KerrThomas and Catherine KieerSandra KieserLarry and Gretchen KimuraKaren KitchelRobert and Linda KlasMary KlaudaDeborah KleinBernard and Mary KleinLester and Janice KlosKenneth and Janet KneerKnights of Columbus Council 9096Simon KnockelPaul and Sandy KochMark and Sherry KovachRyan KraemerJames and Trish KraskyNancy KraulikTimothy and Jane KretzmannRichard and Patricia KrinkeDavid MacMillan and Judith KrowThomas and Jean KuehnMarie KunzeDouglas and Linda KuplicPatricia KurtChris Kuyava and Jill KuetheCharles KuyavaTimothy and Roxanne LackasJames and Linda LamontLawrence and Kathleen LangerJacqueline F. LangloisKathy LantryMary LaPlantThomas and Barbara LaskaReverend Deborah M. LawrenceMichael LearyPatricia LeFevereMike and Rose LethertJudy LibertusMarilyn LienJudy LitmanCharles LobanLinda A. LockwoodFrances Long and Kirk JereyBridget LongDonald and Vikie LongMichael LuceyStella LundquistMarisol LuyckxCarolyn MacleodLayne and Diane MadsenJohn and Elaine MalakowskyMary Ellen MaloneMankato Eagles #269 and AuxiliaryJoseph and Marsha MansurMAPE Local #501Marian Council AuxiliaryAnnette MarosCindy and Joe MarsoChristopher MartinMary Queen of Peace CCWMarysburg Council of Catholic WomenCaroline MattersonMargaret and Lawrence McCarthyLawrence McGoughJennifer McGuiganThomas and Judy McGuiganAnne McKechnieJerey and Jeanne McLeanPatricia McMorrowGreg McNeelyMichael and Anne McQuillanSusan McShaneMedtronicMedtronic Your Cause, LLCMerchant ServicesGerald and Beverly MertzMicron TechnologyMicrosoft Giving CampaignJames MillerBeverly MillerKatherine MillerRichard MillerJeanne MilosevichElizabeth MinogueAudrey MinorWilma MizanoskiRaymond and Madonna MochinskiThomas and Maureen ModlKimberly MoellerChristopher Moeller and Sarah MaasDavid and Colleen MolinePatricia MontainMichelle MooneyMarie MortekDebra MuellerRichard and Annette MullenNature Stone FlooringJanis NegrattiBen and Leah NelsonAnne NelsonDianne NemoNetwork For GoodRichard and Nancy NicholsonJanet NielsenEdmund and Betty Nightingale

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THE JOURNEY24Dolores NovotnyGeorge NystromJudith OberhauserOld Timers Fast-Pitch SoftballKathleen OlsonKatherine OnkenGlenn and Janet OsterOtto C. Winzen Charitable FundOur Lady of the Lake ChurchOur Lady of the Prairie Church CCWKaren PaistMark and Patrice PeickLenore PeineBetty L. PelletierSteven PennigSara PennigPeregrine Capital Management, Inc.Barbara and Mark PerronPatricia PetersonChris PetersonRichard and Shannon PetersonMadonna Peterson-JonesScott and Rebecca PetroOanh PhamPhoenix Oil and Gas, Inc.Polish American ClubJames PorrazzoMark and Margaret PospisilAlbert PruszinskeClinton and Gail PruynChristopher and Dayna QuillenDuane and Rita RankeLydia RappaportRichard and Irma RaschkeJoyce RaschkeRaytheon TechnologiesRBC FoundationBonnie and Donald ReederWilliam and Jamie ReicheltReverend James E. ReidyRichard and Dorothy Revord FamilyWilliam and Lynda RichardsonKaye RichardsonJohn RichardsonAndrina RingquistRiverain Condominium AssociationAndrea RiversKevin RoachKatharine RobbElaine RobinsonMary Jo Rolek and Thomas AndersonJulie RolesRosary and Altar Society of St. Albert’s ChurchJohn and Ginny RothJerome RupkusPeggy RussellRobert and Mary SahliMelvin and Mary Ann SaignSaint Anne’s Council of Catholic WomenSaint Anthony Park United Church of ChristSaint Boniface Benevolent SocietySaint Casimir Altar & Rosary SocietySaint Casimir’s ChurchSaint George Council of Catholic WomenSaint Henry’s Catholic Church - CCWSaint James Evangelical Lutheran ChurchSaint Mark’s CCWSaint Mary’s CCWSaint Patrick’s Association, Inc.Saint Paul 600 ClubSaint Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocesan CCWSaint Rose of Lima GuildSaint Timothy Council of Catholic WomenSalesforce.orgMarshall SamuelsGloria SandbergTimothy and Mary ScanlanJo Ann ScarrellaDavid and Judy SchifskyMichael and Jane SchlangenThomas and Zaiga SchleismanSchlumbergerJulie SchmidSusan SchmidtNancy J. SchonsRobin SchroederAnn SchweitzerNancy L. ScovilSecular Franciscan Order - Saint AlphonsaMarjorie SehnertPeggy SellersJacklynn SelvigDaniel and Rita SevenichMary Lee SeversonDavid and Shirley SeyfriedDorn Sichveland and Michele MurphyRichard and Cindy SimsSteven SimsTherese SinzRobert and MaryAnn SipekRobert and Jacklyn SlaterJohn and Nancy SlothowerSlovak Men’s ClubJeanne L. Smith FooteRon and Patricia SolfestTim SolfestVictor Spadaccini and Susan StreifelsThomas and Cynthia SpeltzDennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyKathryn and William SteigaufSunoco, Inc.David SuttonMary SwansonDouglas and Angela SwetlandMargaret and Ron TabarJacqueline TagueElaine TecklenburgTelecom Pioneers Minnesota Chapter #18Florence TerdemanPatricia S. TeynorMay Kia ThaoThe Langdon Inc.The Slovak LadiesJames and Judith ThomasCraig ThompsonThomson ReutersJerey ThorupThrivent Financial FoundationThomas ThulMichael TimmerKathryn TimoRobert and Pamela TomaszewskiMary TraubaCraig TupyGeorge TurnerMichael TwohyMary TyreeTheresa UkkelbergGeraldine A. UlnessUnited Way Greater Twin CitiesUnited Health GroupUniversity of Minnesota Women’s Golf ClubUS Bank Employee Matching Gift ProgramDavid Van SchyndelGlen and Diana Van WormerJohn and Deanna Vande NorthAshleigh and Daniel VarleyVelair Property ManagementVerizonVFW Auxiliary to the Vasatka Goers WWII 6690Robert Vince and Maureen VinceBonnie VrunoRoberta WagnerDiane WagnerThomas and Christine WalshJeanne WalsteadJohn and Donna WardWendy WarrenDeborah WarrenMarcia WaskoskyElizabeth WeberDorothy R WeberKim WebsterWells Fargo FoundationJames and Arlene WernerMonica WernetEberhard and Kathleen WerthmannLoretta WestMary WiblishauserRyan WilsonAvona WintersMary WoodDeborah WoodburnBernard and Mary WormKenneth and Christine WurtenbergerXcel Energy FoundationMona M. ZarlingMary and William ZimmerJohn and Darlene ZurawskiGifts in KindKarlene and Dave GadeRichard and Robyn HastingsMaureen HirschDennis HoelscherManhattan ToyElizabeth MinogueJulie and Alex PolinskyRotary Club of Maple GroveSaint Mary’s ChurchSaint Odilia Council of Catholic WomenSaint Stephen’s Lutheran ChurchJames and Judith ThomasKim WebsterLori WoodGive to the MaxLenette BauerSteven BergRenee DucharmeStuart EdealCarla and George FeldhamerNora FitzpatrickLaura GoodmanJohn and Kirsti GroessKathy Guggenberger and Gary BrownBrenda GundersonLauren HarmeyerEugene and Joyce HaselmannThomas J. HeinlBeth and Kenneth HonkompJerry and Diane HoytJohn HullJerey HusetKathryn JamiesonRobert and Judith KleinmanJohn Kupris and Margaret HamburgerRobert Lasser and Barbara McLaughlin LasserJerome and Sharon MountElizabeth NoelPeter O’GormanCharles OleheiserKatherine OnkenSusan PetersRonald PetersonScott and Rebecca PetroMarilyn PiersdorfChristopher PollardMary RossTerrance RyanHanna SponbergMary and Steven StrafeldaWendy WarrenJane WeinerAndrea WintersFrances ZambGrantsFred C. and Katherine B. Andersen FoundationBirmingham-Dorsey Charitable TrustRobert and Delores Buril FoundationCharity, Inc.Joseph C. and Lillian A Duke FoundationRay and Kay Eckstein Charitable TrustRay Edwards Memorial TrustThe Anna M. Heilmaier FoundationMrs. Sally HeimermanLeonette M. and Fred T. Lanners Foundation

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Our Lady of Peace25Peter and Dorothy Lapp FoundationJames Linsmayer FoundationKopp Family FoundationCasey Albert T. O’Neil FoundationPoehler-Stremel Charitable TrustElizabeth C. Quinlan FoundationRBC FoundationRichard M. Schulze Family FoundationH.E. and Helen Warren Foundation Highliand Block Nurse ProgramDarlene AlthausAnonymousSubir BanerjeeMargaret BettsAllan BaumgartenMarilyn BronnerJoan CaueldElizabeth DeLayJane DowdConstance FalveyHilde FlynnMary Alice GintherJames & Georgia GreeleyElizabeth GrundnerRobert & Janet HananSusan HarveyBetty KartakEsther KelloggAnne KellyElizabeth KiernatF. Alexandra KlasMargot LairMargaret LozenBeatriz Luciano-RozieStella LundquistMacalester-Plymouth United Church DeaconsJoan MailanderAleda MathiowetzMagalene MauJoseph MicallefRolf & Karen MiddletonPeter & Karla MyersMichael O’DonnellToni OrbitaMarvin PertzikFred & Dorothy RomoLawrence and Susanne SavettMildred ShapiroDennis Shegos & Ellen Hart ShegosJohn & Gloria SkalbeckDebra SmithJoseph & Pamela StanislavEdward StephensRon & Margaret TabarWayne & Lola May ThompsonMargaret TockoAlice VignaloRobert & Barbara WiemanIn Honor Of Jody Anderly Thomas and Mary Jo Malchow Riverain Condominium Association Elyce Arvidson Kurt and Carin Arvidson Bellant Parents Anita Bellant Karen Sue Blaha Stephen Blaha Therese Sinz Denise Borglund Layne and Diane Madsen Carol Borman Anonymous Linda Borner Michelle Blees Leonard Borner Father John Brandes Joseph and Sheila Biernat Mary Ellen Brown Eugene and Joan Gennaro Lou Buron Mary Campbell Ben and Julie Butler Greg McNeely Joan Beth Carpenter Gary Carpenter Joanne Carroll Todd and Cheryl Kennedy Julie Carroll Todd and Cheryl Kennedy Phyllis DeLisi Kevin and Mary Ann HoweGeraldine A. UlnessDebbie Dovenmuehler Julie Schmid Tim and Marylou Dyrhaug Tim and Kristin Dyrhaug William and Nisrine Febres Marisol Luyckx Louise Fester Ted Bowman Bill Freeman Robert and Jacklyn Slater Lou Gardner Gregory Pates Tom Hansen Nancy J. Hansen Sheila Fogarty Herrmann William and Maureen Daehn Rosemarie Hingsberger Janet Durand Daniel and Dawn Strojny Karen Hlivka Keith Linneman Wayne and Nora Hornicek Father Gregory A. Skrypek Charlee Irmen Annette Maros Alexandra “Sandy” Klas Phyllis Go Sonja Klauda Mary Klauda Chris Kuyava and Jill Kuethe Charles Kuyava Wilma Mizanoski Muriel C. L’Allier Michael Twohy Marilyn Lantry Kathy Lantry Kenneth Larson Jason Szondry Alan John Lindbeck Mary Lindbeck Mikki Lindsay Bettina Hoye Bob Madison Jane Madison Vera Mathson Julie Dillon John Dukovac Zachary McDonald Anonymous Jim Miller Richard and Nancy Nicholson Debbie MontgomerySaint Paul Rotary FoundationOur Lady of Peace Sta Barb Blumer Law, P.A. Mary Cobley Mary Comford Ronald and Romayne Hauth Joseph and Janine Jungbauer Kim WebsterLaura and Michael ZdychnecOur Lady of Peace Sta - Kelly and Lynette Doug Schaer Denise Parish Upper Midwest Athletic Conference Sean F. Petermeier Jr Thomas Petermeier Agnes Peterson Katherine Swaser Andrew and Helen Rains John and Nancy Slothower Regions Hospital Palliative Care Jerey Thorup Reverend James Reidy Holy Childhood Women’s Club Gary Reierson Gorganne Reierson Barbara Renville Kristi Renville Mary Ann Rohling Mary Kay Speggen Louise Routhe Christopher and Tyler RoutheKen Rucker Margaret Barrett Dotty Schmidt Bob and Jane Madison Richard Simmons Patricia and Richard Simmons Jan Sroga Stanley J. Sroga Matthew Staord Joseph and Jane Amberg Mariona Sullivan Saint Paul Rotary Foundation Harriet Sundet Glen and Shirley Hanson Larry Hanson Debbie Swanson Ann Homan Mary Swanson Linda Tackaberry Mark Tackaberry Marie Tenold Justine Badzinski

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THE JOURNEY26Mary Tillman Joseph and Jane Amberg Judi Tsudo Janet Brookeld Mike Gardella Linda Horn Loretta West Pao and Kia Vang Christopher Martin Volunteers at Our Lady of Peace Ronald and Romayne Hauth Helen Weides Mark and Margaret Pospisil Rosanne Wilson Gloria Iverson Patti Witt Judy Litman Bruce Wood Michael and Pamela Wood Steve Zimmer Daniel and Joyce Zimmer In Memory Of Delores M. Absey John Absey James “Jim” Abts Debra and Peter Lane Alice Acheson Sue Amundson Beverly Adams Andrea Adams James Adams Andrea Adams Allan Adamson Jane Adamson Roy and Kathryn Johnson Judith Ansell Adamson Jane Adamson Gregory Adler Francis and Dorothy McMahon David Adrian Jeanne Milosevich Marvin Aerbaugh Bob Aerbaugh Marty Aerbaugh Marie Mondo Louis and Shirley Ahlberg Larry Ahlberg Karin Alaniz Mark and Margaret Pospisil Bob Alberti Charlotte Alberti Michael Alden Loretta Alden Nicole “Nikki” Alexander Larry Renschler Walsburg and Michael Walsburg Renschler Robert SampsonTimothy Alexander Elmo Alexander Richard “Dick” Allen Stephen Venable Bernadine Altendahl Family of Bernadine AltendahlJames and Cynthia AltendahlThomas AltendahlDavid and Diana EricksonJane EvansQuincy StroeingWengler FamilySusan WenglerTimothy and Janice Wingate Ray Altice Mary Ellen Irish William Howard Alvord Carroll Barnes Henry “Hank” Amon Sr. Henry and Teri Amon Rita Amon Daniel Amon Ardys Anderson Jeanette Chwialkowski Michael and Valerie Johnson Bruce Anderson Nkem Anderson Donald Anderson Angela Anderson Edward AndersonLuella AndersonSteven AndersonGreg and Jill KrausePhillip and Barbara LangeKevin and Cathy PalmerScott and Rebecca PetroTina PetroLauren Wipper Lyle R. Anderson Timothy and Suzanne Anderson Otillia “Tilly” Anderson Bruce and Judith Erickson Richard A. Anderson Susan R. Nelson Richard “Dick” Anderson Roseanne M. Anderson Ruben E. Anderson Vince Anderson Sandra AndersonFamily of Sandra AndersonYvonne DanielsonTamara O’Connell Shirley Anderson Bartholic Family Foundation Theresa Anderson Barbara Higgins Kenneth Anger Linda Straley Gregory Anton Jae and Todd Swenson David Arholm Lois Arholm Genevieve Arias Wanda Rozek Marilynn ArnoldKim ArnoldPatrick and Alexandra KanePamela and John O’Neil Lynne Arradondo Donald Jackson Sandra Kay and Alberta Jackson Elyce Arvidson Ruth Johnson Hazrat and Halima Audam Charmaine Bing Bradley Austin Leigh Nelson Gerald “Jerry” Avenriep James and Raeleen Esser Barbara Axelson Lynn Fuller Gretchen Babou Scott Babou Patricia Rolewicz John Bacha James and Mary Bacha Gertrude Bachman Gretchen Marshall Beatrice BackerMargaret ArneyJoanne BackerKaren BahnemanMary GanderKaren KoeppeRandy and Laura LindholmGail and Mike MilletteNancy RadowPeter SaikoThomas SlavikTheresa TraversRichard and Nancy WenkelGeri Zappa Sharon Backstrom Steven and Elizabeth Dupay Barbara Bade Jerry and Cyndia Thimsen Kathleen “Kate” Bailey Bradley and Debra Homeier Kenneth and Lora Mae Norstrem Nancy Young Bill and Eddene Bakker Marlene and Patrick Walsh Jackie Bangerter Janie and Bob Craig John and Betty Salmon William Barnard Thomas Countryman and Susan Murphy Daniel and Dolores Barrett Mark Barrett Mary Womeldorf Daniel Barrett Mark Barrett Sigismund and Diane Dekany Teresa and Nathan Stoltman Joseph W. Barrett Margaret Barrett Thomas Barrett Margaret Barrett Don Bartho Marjorie Bartho Jack Bartholomew Eleanor Bartholomew Neola Matchan Bass Julie Prescott Deloris Bathrick Robert and Diane Kraft

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Our Lady of Peace27Karen Batterson James Jansen Richard “Dick” Battis Virginia M. Battis Reverend John T. Bauer Annunciation Parishioners Leo Bauer Helengrace Bauer Lenette Bauer Lisa Kogan Carol Bayert Patricia Wilson Barry, Benita and Louis Beamon Barbara and Gordon Buesgens Judith “Judy” Beauchamp Virgil and Irene Klink Gerald Beaudry Frances A. Beaudry Barbara Beck Robert Paul Warren Beck Carol Beck Kathryn and Gilbert Thostenson Randall and Violet Becker Denise Becker Thomas and Suzanne Koppe Natalie Becklund Anonymous Marion Beczkalo Kevin and Mary Beczkalo Mark and Julie Beczkalo John Beecher Cecelia Beecher Marlene Beeney Charles and Barbara Groth Karen Bege Thomas Bege Toby Behnen Stephen Behnen Gerald “Jerry” Behrendt Diane and Randy Behrendt Bridget Bell Jody and Steve Anderly Charles Bell Diane Alitz Anne “Annie” Bellone Thomas and Kathryn CloutierDaniel T. Bemlott Timothy Du Bois Roger and Nancy Green Alba Benda David and Judy Benda Michael Benner Nadia Benner Eveline Georges-Benner Elizabeth Bennett Timothy and Nancy Bartusch Mary Campion Edward Kulhanek Paul and Lisa Kulhanek Robert McGarry Bichtieu Nguyen Sheaer JoAnne Benoy David Benoy Katherine “Katie” Bensen Dennis J. Flaherty George Benson Richard Tibesar Lorraine Benson Anonymous Louise Berg Ms. Lenore E. Glodowski Edward “Ed” Bergquist Donald and Barbara Marystone Charles and Marie BernardJohn BernardMary FreundschuhKathy GiesenSusan and Pete Price Marie BernardAnonymousAlyce AllenJohn BernarMr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. BlakeboroughDon and Nancy CrewsGregory and Ann DeMarcoRichard and Mary EhaltSteven and Judith GovernBethany HallCharles and Norma HallTammy HarrellBrad and Barbara MayerLoren and Julie McCaghyLoren and Faith McCaghyAnn NerudKevin and Sandra O’BrienTeresa Omana TorresKatie OrrBeth Papacek-KovachVirginia “Ginni” Bernin Kristina GottbrehtJames Bernstein Carol Kalan Tyler Berqual Anonymous Verne and Beverly BarnickRonald and Catharine BerqualJonathan BrassKaren HobartBarbara LechneWilliam and Jill Sievers David Berres Lynn Berres Jack Berry Michael and Deborah Donnelly Rozelle Berry Steven and Linda Berry Ruth Dangel Besaw Linda Sieracki Lawrence Bestler Douglas and Judith Bestler Robert and Mary Noble Corrine Bethke Kirk and Toni Meyer Juan and Kim Perez Mark and Margaret Pospisil Dorothy “Dotty” Bethke Linda Glass James E. Bever Helen Bever Larry Bewley Jesse and Stacy Bewley Jill Ovre Dora “Jean” Bickett Lynn Radecki Sonny Biever Beverly and Cullen Alexandra Gerald Bigaouette Beverlee Schultz Joyce Bigaouette Jerry and Margaret DeYoung Daniel “Dan” Bilotta Phyllis DeLisi John “Jack” Bilski Joseph Bilski LaVerle and Randall Birkel Marilyn Kocer Terrill and Darlene Linderholm Phyllis Salmen Mark Bittner Anonymous David Arthur Black Jody and Steve Anderly Keith and Cindy Schweiger Janet Marie Black Joseph Black Karen Blaha4Giving FoundationAJ ManufacturingDionne BlahaEric BlahaJoan CordesDavid EngelkingKathy GroveSharon HansonRita Rae LarsonStella LundquistEsther OsellMark SchwartzLaurie SherburneTherese SinzRoger and Janet SmedMary Beth SnyderJanet SwansonMargaret Welshons Dennis BlakeDavid Blake and Lisa Boland BlakeMarie BolandMichael and Karen BolandCharles and Mary GroteSusan HommesJessica JohnsonBlane Kolb and Roseann Pitzen KolbTim LeithauserLonnie and Lois Stolte Octavia Blanks Wintize Jones Lavoid Rhode Vernon “Sam” Blanski Mary Ness Bonnie Prokosch Lester Blase Virginia Blase Barbara Dickson Carole BleesJudy FullerDavid and Nicole GilletDarlene GoldmanJerome and Shannon Kopperud Donald Blume Karen Larson Ella Wilsey Nancy BlumelJoseph and Susan BauerKathleen and Dave Bauerfeld

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THE JOURNEY28Bonnie CampbellBonnie Blair CruikshankTeresa and Larry DoranPeter and Judith DyrudBenjamin and Jean EideThomas and Marilyn GibbonsSusan GrunDouglas and Christine HlavacekSonja KlaudaMidway Speed SkatingRonald and Patricia PalmenToni PruittEric and Annette RistauGay RistauElaine ScheunemannMark and Maribeth SpreemanBob and Paula WinsorLinda Winsor and Andrew Prokop Jan Bly Karen Bly Jean Boden Julie Boden William Boggs Kay and Allen McAloney Terrence and Rita Werth Gregory Bohen Jennifer Botz Pamela Boisvert Jodi and Kevin Hickey Gerald Boland Paul and Melissa Boland Peter Boland Paul and Melissa Boland Evelyn “Evy” Booth Nancy Averill Thomas and Mary Kay Booth Teresa Erickson Joseph E. Bordeaux John and Virginia Bordeaux Catherine Borden Mark and Elizabeth Hamel Linda BornerDeborah BleesAndy and Kathi BussCathy EinbergerHarry and Debbie HedgesSteven Le ClaireDavid NeiblingDiane Stoel Armand “Nick” Borocki Joanne Borocki Florence “Dolly” Borotz Beverly and John Hill Kathleen Huls Barbara Summereld Rose Welton June Borotz Kathleen Huls Robert H. Bosch Elizabeth Bosch Lehner Delores Bosquez Barbara and Joseph Russell William Boudewyns Bob Boudewyns Helen Bougie Lance and Judith Bougie Duane Bouley Barbara and Charles Gau Boulos “Paul” Boulos Marie Boulos Lucy Mae Bounds Mary and Terry Morris Paul Bower Barbara Bower Boyd Bowman Karol A. Bowman Evelyn Bowman SmithAnonymous Vic and Mary BowmanWalter and Georgia BrewersCynthia CarlsonEugene and Carolyn DesmetPeggy HamesJulie MallCynthia McLaughlinMark and Jean MenardAlan and Jane MunnsJulie Warner Maria Puppin Boyd Giuseppe Puppin Margaret “Peggy” Boyle Elizabeth Drucker Scott Brace Nancy Brace Deloris Brain Susan McConville Peter Brandt Virginia M. Battis James Edward Bransford Traci Bransford William “Bill” Brazil Cleone R. Brazil Edward “Ed” Breitbach Carolyn E. Breitbach Nicholas Bremer Susan Anderson Horner Patricia Bremner Marjorie Bartho Margaret Bremner Robert and Marie Shields Timothy Bremner Margaret Bremner Robert and Marie Shields Mary A. Brennan Kathryn and Michael Campion Jeanette Brennhofer Jacqueline Opine Robert BrettinRobin Brettin Helmut Breuer Regina Breuer John and Martha Doyle Thomas and Ingeborg Moore Bradley Paul Brewer Robert and Judith Kleinman Carli Brewer Soukup Robert and Judith Kleinman Daniel J. BrickSusan Chilcote-KmetzTimothy and Nancy GavinDonald and Patricia GerlachMichael KellyHazelann LuchtMichael and Margaret MaloneyAngela NicholsJim and Janet Yoswa Marjorie Bringe Steve Bringe Adlai Andrew Brink Bill and Ardis Brink Dorothy “Nan” Broberg Catherine Johnson Joe Brocato Mitch Myre Daniel Brodhead David and Elizabeth Brodhead Bernard L. Brodkorb, Jr.Margaret BarrettJery BelairBernard and Linda BrodkorbLinda BrodkorbGKi, LLCAnn MorrisseyDwayne and Jeanette NelsonJen Olson and Brian Linneroth at Best and FlanaganRobert and Maureen PreinerPaula QuinnSilverthorn Estates Townhomes AssociationRichard WeckerWild, Inc. DBA Wildwood Bowl Brett Broghammer Barbara Thibault Bonnie Bronstad Andrea and Michael Richard Edith Brooks Drew Brooks Joseph Brooks Joseph Brooks Dennis and Peggy Chirhart Francis Ludwig Gary Edward Brown Joan Robertson Gerald “Gerry” Brown Helen K. Brown Janet Brown Harold and Karen Brown Kevin Brown Fern Vescio Teresa Browne James Browne Peter Brueggeman Alexandra Brueggeman Marilyn F. Brust Pamela Brust Paula Brust Ronald BrzinskiAnonymousJeanne AndersonMichael and Kara AndresJohn and Jane BablerAnn BartholomewBrooks and Sandra BergersenTracey Brixius WymanArlene A. BrzinskiLeonard and Judith BrzinskiBlanche BurroughsTerri CavanaughKathleen DittelDuane and Jeanne FrahmAnita GiulianiThomas and Shirley HallawayThomas and Virginia HartmanDick and Tuynh HolzheimerMarjorie HumanDavid and Mary KnezovichLouise Kramer

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Our Lady of Peace29Sara KubuLake Country ChorusPam LandeCarrie LeischJon and Bonnie LessardKatherine LineNancy LuederKevin LynchCarole M. MayersMary McKayLinda MorganNancy NarigonCheri OliverJacqueline OpineRita RuddickCatherine SchreifelsPeggy SjolanderElaine StrohfusRobert WadeJudy WicklanderGwen WilliamsEthel WoestehoPatricia WollmeringWilliam and Mary Zrust Elizabeth Bubb Herbert and Shirley Lardy Frederick “Fred” Buck Scott Buck Susan Budd Sue Bignall Exclusive Interiors, Inc. Janet George and Cathy Calder Dr. Walter M. Budde Mark and Margaret Pospisil Rose Mary Burand Elizabeth Drucker James Burbach Christine Burbach Michael R. Burch Sheila M. Burch Ruth Ann Cropsey BurchAnonymous Thomas and Laura BakkDeborah BloodShauna CoonsRonald CropseySteven DavisJacqueline and George MlynarczykNicquie NeelyRhonda SchumacherJessica Wilson Katherine Burck Sarah Bennett Julia Collins Roy Burgess Rachel Burgess Leroy BurkemperAnonymous Alex AnorLuke AnorEliot and Paula BelferDonna BjerkeJe and Kathleen BoernerEugene and Terry BurkemperKelley BurkemperMelvin and Kathy BurkemperPatty L. BurkemperMary CarterMary ConlonEastern Missouri Commission CompanyRichard and Penny FickBen GarciaBenito GarciaCynthia GarciaJennifer GarciaGetWireless LLCAlesandro InnocziIsabella InnocziMaya InnocziLawrence and Jane KoenigAnthony and Rose WalskeRandy and Kay Wilson Peggy Burks Courtney Burks Richard Burquist Avis Benson Daniel and Jennine Dooley Cathy Hayden Itokah Valley Condominium AssociationKeefe FamilyDonald and Marilyn LarsonThe Larson FamilyRobert MurphyJe and Kathleen Seamans Mary Jane Bursell Kathleen Abrams Sharon Burshiem Susan and Scott McDonald Richard Burtman Dave Burtman Ronald Tipcke Carole P. Busch Joseph Busch Gerald and Margaret McGrath Charles Busch Robert Busch Karen Bush Lynne Zimmerman Robert Buskirk Marlene Buskirk Diane Buss Michael Buss Garry BusseNancy J. BusseJohn and Peggy ButtereldFrances MiskovichJulie and Alex PolinskyRonald and Mary Kay Schneider Asa Buttrick Maureen Buttrick Patricia Lee Barbara Jean (Layeux) Bye Margaret ByeLaVaughn ByeDavid and Mary EkMary Kay and Marty KrogmanJoan Scovil Philip and Mary Lou Byrne Michael and Nancy Byrne Thomas Byrne, Sr., Patrick and Tom, Jr. Mary Byrne Thomas Byrne, Sr Mary Byrne Michael and Nancy Byrne Ronald George Byrnes Steven Byrnes Janet Cage Susan and Kenneth Meyers Stephanie Calguire Mary and David Burrill Faith “Faye” Campbell Anonymous Mark Anthony Cardinal Terry Holmgren Lawrence “Larry” Carlsen Dennis Hauber Richard and Beverly Rooney Barbara Ann Carlson Julie Boeser Bernie Carlson, Jr. Mark Carlson Pauline M. Carlson Beth and Kenneth Honkomp Karle C. Carlson Gregory and Nancy Carlson Marguerite Carlson John and Nancy Martens Richard J. Carlson Bonnie Carlson Richard “Dick” Carlson Marilyn Carlson Tyler Carlson Penelope Rhoades Warren Carlson General Dynamics Mission Systems Roger Dale Carnes Lanny and Susan Kurysh Leo Carpenter Diana Saver Robert Carpenter Tom and Tracy Rasmussen Shirley Carpenter Family and Friends of Shirley Carpenter Robert Carpenter Norene Carr Jennifer Garden Barbara Carroll Terry and Linda DreblowThomas “Tom” CarrollJoanne C. CarrollJulie CarrollTodd and Cheryl KennedyGary and Linda SmithLaurence and Judith Wryk Andrew “Andy” Carruth Arthur Carruth Mary Alice Cary Margaret Frank Daniel Casey Dolores Casey Marie Cassidy Thomas and Kate Cassidy Robert Caylor Mary Caylor Jane Cecka Marie Mann William Cermak Peter and Mary Cermak Manuel Jesus Cervantes Dennis J. Flaherty Andy and Joan Chandler William and Theresa Chandler Jim and Mary Kremer Anita and Duayne Proehl LoAnne Chandy Caroline and Mark Johnson

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THE JOURNEY30Marie Louise Chapple Janet Kroll Indrehus Karl Charipar Constance Charipar Melisande Charles Carol Zen Karen Chavez Robert and Roxanne Bueno Lorraine Chavez Bonita Bigelbach James Chevalier Anne McKechnie Joyce Christen Mary Ann Lapitz Frances Tuma Barbara Christensen Gary Christensen Ronald and Lynn Knapp Gene Christensen Josephine Christensen Anita ChristiansonBrian ChristiansonAndrea ChristiansonSigne ChristiansonKari ChristiansonRobert and Elaine Victorine Irene Christy Douglas and Dana Bruce Mike and Rose Lethert Lois Cihlar Jeanne Driscoll Marguerite Clark Mark Brooks and Deborah Paone Mary Kay ClarkMyron and Louise BasErnest and Barbara BoswellRoger ClarkJohn and Beth GerritsenRodney and Christine NelsonRonald SchultzMary SmithDuane Wesp Dale Kenneth Clauson Mary Lindgren Manuel and Janelyn Navarro Gary Clements Jane Clements Donna Clevenger Donna Clevenger Judy Lambert Rose Cliord Thomas Cliord Rita McHugo Lucy Cloutier Anonymous Charles CochraneAlison CochraneElizabeth CochraneLaura CochraneEd and Polly DuRose Frank and Leona Coenen David and Judy Schifsky Leona Coenen Ronald Coenen Elizabeth “Betty Mae” Collins Virginia M. Battis John Sullivan ComfordAnonymousHelen and John BarrettMary ComfordBryan and Susan DowdSusan KearneyBonnie MiesbauerRachel NelsonSam and Elyse PiteraPam Quirk BeckerCarolyn Sorensen Margaret Conant Mark and Margaret Pospisil Helen Weides Barbara Congdon Ralph Congdon Mary Conley Samuel and Patricia Walker Robert F. Conley Mary Conghaile Dr. Dan Conlon Catherine Borer Judith “Judy” Connelly Neil Connelly John and Jane Ritter Terrance Connelly Neil Connelly Carl and Mary Conney Frank and Joann Conney Carol Connolly Ann Connolly-Hansen Dennis “Denny” Connolly Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly Strom James “Jimmy” Connolly Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly Strom Marcus Connolly Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly Strom Patrick Considine Coreen and John Thum Maryanne Conter James and Emily Benzie James Murray Matthew Conway Susan Conway Anne Cook Donna and William Borgerding Jeannette CoronaPatricia AndersonTimothy and Linda FuginaBernita KallasJoanne LangsdorfCynthia LarsonKathy LucasChristopher and Leslie MullinJacqueline TumbergBill ZilkaJoel and Pamela ZilkaLu Anne Zilka James Corrigan Vicki Corrigan Dorothy Costello Mary Costello Douglas and Jeanne Jensen Mary Riley Norbert and Kathleen Tennessen Patricia Costello Irene A. Quinn Norbert and Kathleen Tennessen Loren Cota Loreen and Je Matzka Betty Cotroneo Timothy Cotroneo and Judy Grundtner Michael Cottrell Mary Hofmann John Coughlin Lorraine Schmitz Sr. Mary Courteau Sister Catherine Schoenecker and extended family Sister Mary Courtene Ann Gibney and Family Roselyn Koenig and Family Mary Trudell and Family Mary Cowley Thomas and Teresa Cowley Margaret Otte Paul J. Cox Dean and Ann Myran Margaret “Maggie” Craine Teresa and Anton Berger Daniel “Dan” Crawford Teresa Woelfel Stacy Crawford Kathryn Fischer Paul “Terry” CreaganMary Ann AbelEllen and Chuck AdamietzGerald and Mary Jo BoxstedLeah BredehorstPatricia CanovaiPaul CreaganSara CreaganMr. and Mrs. James N. DennJill DubisFather Jerome FehnMaureen GeorgouJudeen JohnsonThomas and Maureen LarsonDarrell and Jan LynnM. Mildred McGarryCatherine McKnightMark and Jean MelodyDonald and Marla MontbriandLynne MorinWilliam and Karin NordstromRobert and Carol RathjeJudith RatschLaurie WehrJudith Zaitz Thomas Crosby Linda K. Crosby Brian Crosson Joelle Crosson John Crowley Carol Crowley Concetta “Edith” Crutcheld Rosemary Diamond Donna CulbertsonCharlotte AndersonIrvin and Barbara HosfordThomas and Elaine LehmannStanley Mork and Carrie Williams MorkMichael and Debra NewmanKaren ReinsbergMary ReinsbergScott StelznerTheresa and Gregory Stelzner

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Our Lady of Peace31Wells Fargo Foundation Catherine “Cathy” Cullen William Cullen Howard “Mickey” Cullen Kathleen Cullen Patricia Cullen Linda Tysk Dave and Sue Uhler Gordon Cunningham Joan and Jerey Hawk Thomas “Tom” Curtis Patricia A. Curtis Joseph and Mary Ann Schwebel Dennis Cusick David and Barbara Baierl Barbara CyrKevin and Anne BisgaardRebecca ClarkPaul CyrMary Lynn DeCarloJoan E. MillerDale and Janice Schuener Cynthia Dahlin Beverly and Eugene Bjerkebek Jack and Mary Dalrymple John Dalrymple Eleanor DalyColin and Karen GravesMary HertausMargaret and Dane Holtz and FamilyKathryn KrauseLorraine McManmon and FamilyMary Patricia McManmonGeorge and Meg and FamilyJos McManmonAnne Redgrave and Family Dorothy Danek George Jelinek Darlene Daniels Michael T. Daniels John Danielson Jackie R. Danielson Alfred Danks Betty Danks Mitchell and Karen Jorgensen Patrick Daulton John and Kathleen Kopka Annabelle Davidson Ronald and Judith Davidson Vance and Annabelle Davidson Ronald and Judith Davidson Andrea Davis John and Kimberly Lindquist Ruth DavisBatavia VFW #1197Reginald DavisJames and Barbara GeertsemaDavid SolomonNancy WallickJudith Wood Wayne Davis Joann Davis Betty Dawson Jonathan Ellis Mary Anne Johnson Deborah Dawson Jonathan Ellis Rosemary De La Rosa Patricia Gavilan Ted de Lancey Cleone R. Brazil Raymond “Charlie” DeBlieck Richard DeBlieck Allan Decker Barbara Decker Florence Deeb Anonymous Patrick Delaney Monica Mitby Paulino DeLao, Jr. Anatalia DeLao Cliord DeLisi Mary Ann Bilotta Richard “Ricky” Deloia Kay Swanson and John Schoen Carol Deluce Gary and Beatrice Ferdelman Winifred Billock Demarais Paul Demarais Rebecca B. Demarais Leonard “Len” Demers Kathleen and Carl Buraglio Regina Demzuk Regina and Steve Demzuk Steve Demzuk Marguerite Desotelle AnonymousJim, Rosie and Mike Devaney Gerard and Mary Devaney Joe DeZelar Philip and Linda DeZelar Virgil and Helen Dickenson John and Patricia Gaertner Florence “Annie” Dicks Tamera Connelly Ray Diekrager Susan Diekrager Iona Dillenburg Joan Knisley Catherine “Cas” DiMennaEd and Ann FoscoDeb JuenkeMartha NashDanette RoachRick and Eileen Sandahl James Dinger Mary Dinger Dennis D’Jock Linda A. Lockwood Mary Ann Djubek Dennis Djubek Kent Djubek and Karra Neseth-Djubek Song-Huong Do Anh Ngo Delphine Dobratz Ted and Patti Westerdahl Mary Dodge Randy Dodge Francis “Steve” DolanAnonymousRobert and Patricia BlumbergThomas and Kathleen ColaizyRebecca ConnollyElisabeth CulliganJoseph DeuhsJoan T. DolanJohn and Patricia GaertnerThomas and Barbara GeherenOtto and Dorothy LeitnerJohn and Cynthia O’HalloranGenevieve L. UbelJoan UtvikJane Wandmacher Carolyn Domagall Jim Domagall Ted Dooley Kristi Holmquist Lucille Dosch Jerald Dosch Lloyd V. Dosh Jerey and Rebecca Dosh William “Bill” Doughty Patricia A. Pederson Deborah Dovenmuehler Patrick and Mary Callahan Mark Hinterthuer Suzanne VandenPlas Louise Downey Patricia Downey Nathaniel Downey Patricia Downey Rita Downey Patricia Downey Jane Downs Susan Forrest Frank Doyle Dan Doyle Albert and Florence Drabek Arlene Drabek George and Mary Dramdahl Anonymous George and Patricia DramdahlBilly Draper Carolyn and Neil Dulas Donald Drew Becky Drew and Family Joseph Driscoll Jeanne Driscoll Roberta Driscoll William and Barbara Driscoll Patrick Driscoll and Shirley Fairbanks Marlene Dropik Jan and Joel Dorn Joseph and Mary Ann Schwebel Dale Dufault Barbara Dufault Dennis Lee Darrell Du Julie Berg Leo Duy Eileen Lujan Marilyn Abalan Duy William Duy

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THE JOURNEY32Dufresne Family Sharon and Raoul Dufresne Wayne Duncan Roma Vasseur Beverly Dunn Mary Lou Rauchwarter Rosene Dwinnell Barbara Baumann Richard Dwyer Julie Ellingson Darlene Dyczkowski Patricia Casey Helen Dyer Ferdanette Sokoloski Edward “Ed” Dyrda Ronald and Mary Kay Schneider David Eby Jeremy Eby Sara Eby Lloyd Eckman Joseph Busch Jack W. Eddy Gloria Eddy Judith “Judy” EddyMike and Beverly FeipelJacqueline HallerDeborah MorsethJohn and Mary Jane Regan Louie James Edlund James and Margaret Tully Jon Egbert Joanne Hostert Patricia “Pat” EgerMichelle AanensonPaul and Allison EgerWayne EgerDean and Jacqueline KroneJody KroneKenneth and Karen MaddenMichael and Catherine McClellanJim and Faye OrmsethMartin and Patricia StrubGeneral and Mrs. Thomas D. WaldhauserSteven and Nancy WaleschKen and Laurel Wiese Jan Ehmke Branth and Dianne Leander Anita Ek David and Mary Ek Rosemary Ekelund Phyllis DeLisi Mary Elias Biogen Idec Foundation Dennis and Brenda Wieber Emilie Ellingboe Brenda Ellingboe Marguerite “Peggy” EllisAlex and Mary BatinichPam BerndtAllison BrownJanine DraperKayla, John, Kathi, Colleen, Susan, Robert and ChristineGloria KearneyArt and Louise MannoChristine MannoRaymond and Amy MillerJoseph and Carolyn NadolnyLouis and Marilyn Schaefer Rafa Elmajri Diane Elmajri Herb Elmstrom Sandra S. Elmstrom Clarence Elsen Kathy and Robert Goodsell Gary Embretson Charles and Barbara Groth Karen Emery Gay Peterson Oscar Emilson Lorraine Emilson William “Bill” Engebretson Spencer and Christine Engebretson Margaret “Marge” Engel Monique Smitala Jeanette Engler Richard and Linda Miller Lawrence “Larry” Englund Elizabeth Englund Janeal Erichsen Lori Erichsen Don Erickson Julie Boden Donald B. Erickson Victor and Kathy Klimoski Keith Erickson Cynthia Erickson Norman and Carolyn Espersen Cynthia Sandkamp Barb Ewer Thomas and Patti Bush Thomas “Tom” Falvey Mary Ann Bilotta Marlene Braun Kenneth “Ken” Farnham Tom and Ann Dvorak Greater Horizons Brian Farrell Mary Lou NicosiaMary Galvin Farrell Nora Galvin and Jeanine Pearson Helen Farus James and Lou Ann Marsden Dennis and Cynthia Sapletal Mary Faust Jerey and Mary Faust Stanley Faust Alan Feldhake Michelle Feldhake Debbie Sue Felker Justine Badzinski Darlene Banick Dirk Fenna Ramona and Max Fenna Fenna Family Twin City Gear Co. James Ferguson Patricia Roth Marlys “Micky” Ferguson Katherine and Gary Andersen Don and Kathleen Prettyman Margaret “Marge” Ferraro Anonymous Mary Victorine Ferrine Thomas and Mary Geraldine Lee Keith Fester Louise Fester Steve Fester Robert “Bob” Fiedler Carol Fiedler Florine Field Troy and Donna Field Antone Fier, Sr. Francis and Dorothy McMahon Magdalene Fier Francis and Dorothy McMahon Paul Finer Brad and Holly Finer Renee Finer Monica Meyer Frances Fiola Joseph and Julie Koegel Bernard “Bernie” Fischbach Brian and Diane Clancy Matt and Marilyn CliordMargot FischbachStephen Funari and Annette Rumpza-FunariStephen and Viola GerickeDonald and Esther GieselPhillip and Nancy HooverKathleen JacobsLorraine MeyerHarriette MillerVale and Carol PengraVernon and Elfriede SchaafThaddeus and Linda SelbitschkaPatricia SolbergDennis and Suzanne WalshHarold WalshJudith T. WalshQuentin and Caryl Zimmerman Bruce Fischer Marie Fischer Gary Katzmarek May Kia Thao Richard A. Fischer Anna Marie Fischer Vincent Louis Fish Michele Hansen Gerald “Jerry” Fisher Connie Fisher-Knutson Gerrie Fisher Antoinette Krattenmaker Leone Fisher Kathleen Cullen Margaret Hogan Sharon Fisher Ann Bettenburg Patrick Fitzgerald Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #34 Thomas J. Fitzgerald Jerome L. Kern Tanner Fjeld Bonnie and Donald Reeder Jerry FlanaganJames and Renee Baglio

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Our Lady of Peace33Dale CurtisDale and Janna FlanaganDolores A. FlanaganGregory and Suzanne FlanaganMike and Barbara FlanaganPatrick and Teresa FlanaganMary Lou FleischhackerJames KalbCarol LarkinAdeline MeyersGrant and Susan MoosJoann MulcareNancy MulcareSandra RamsayChris RoyThomas RoyGenevieve SchnaithDennis Smith and Mary Shaughnessy Smith Barbara FlatgardStephanie CarlsonJean DesAutelsJoanne ElsenSteven and Cathy ElsenJessica HarrisJoseph KoesslerJoanne and Tom MlinerMike and Shanna MlinerJackie MohrKyle and Catherine RaetherBob RumpzaWilliam and Liz RumpzaLarry and Claire SerresRoxanne ShawTimothy and Cheryl Skildum Russell Flatley William and Katherine Hamlin Norbert Fleischhacker LaVerne Fleischhacker Father Martin Fleming Rosemary and Pat Barry Mary Lou Fleming Jon and Leah Theobald William “Bill” Flintrop Teresa Fimon Joanne Floersch Anonymous Maxine Fluegel Margo Ashmore Alfred D. Flynn Sharon Hestad Mary Pat Flynn Dennis Haney Monica C. Flynn Sharon Hestad Leonard Fogarty William and Maureen Daehn Carol Follmer Lisa Daniels Toby Dean Folwick Dent Family Floyd and Erma Folwick Dennis FooteRosemary and Dennis KingBrian and Carrie SmithJeanne L. Smith Foote Arthur and Rose Forbes Patricia J. Frey Darrell Forbes Donna Bjerke Lloyd Forry Judy Forry Kathryn Forsgren Linda and Lars Hansen Michael Fortney Lenore Vogt Arlene Fosdick Cheryl Fosdick Irene Foster Juris and Elizabeth Priedkalns Donny Fostner Thomas and Diane Stockwell Larry “Soul Man” Fountain Laurie Fountain Donald Fox Nancy Olson Kristin Fox Mighty Cause Julie Roles Dolores “Dolly” FrakiRodney AchenbachRolland and Marnette BarthelRobert and Carol HagelJacqueline Lantry and Peter YelleBrian McGregorBruce and Cheryl MohnJon and Melissa RhodesRenee Rodewald Rowena “Ronnie” Freeman Bonnie Prokosch Wilma Freidlund Susan Kalmen Kathleen “Kathy” FrenchRoger and Dorothy AudetteRobert J. FrenchGeraldine HodgsonJoan McCoyPatricia A. PedersenMark and Margaret PospisilHelen Weides Terry Frick Dennis and Sharon Frick Carol Mae Friedl Lawrence Friedl Donald Friedlander Don and Pam Friedlander Mary Friedlander Don and Pam Friedlander Lorraine Friese Rod Friese Mary and Cliord Meyer Margaret Frikken Richard Frikken Juliann “Julie” Frisco Anonymous Linda Fritz Terrence and Rita Werth Father Charles Froehle Jean Froehle JoAnn “Joey” Frost Joan Griep Annie Fuchs Janet Fuchs Gabor “Kurt” Furedi Katherine Furedi Judith “Judy” Gaaskjolen Gail Goettsch Dana and Craig Guth Mark GabrielJudith A. GabrielJoanne Moussette Douglas Tanner and Marcia Gabriel-Tanner Karlene Marie Gade Jackie Halena Kristin Pollock and Family Frank and Mary Gaertner John and Patricia Gaertner Violet Marie Gagner Bev Truran Lana Gaier Amber and Chad Heggestad Pauline Wood Je Gair Gwen Gallant Mary and Jerry Tillman Benno Gall Kevin and Deborah Gephart Markus Gallant Gwen Gallant Rita Gallas Darlene Goldman Lee Galvin Janet Fairbanks Viola Galzki Cheryl and Michael Pfeier Salvatrice Gambino Franca Lipari Carolyn Gantert Susan Hulbert Frances Gantz Duane Gantz Tony GardnerRoland and Judith AltmanTerry and Judy BitneyClaire CookJohn and Dorothy DeGidioEdgewater Condominium Association, Inc.Gayle GartnerDan Johnson and Sheri RackensackJared and Jennifer JohnsonGert and Chuck KadrieHarla KadrieTimothy and Florence KenneyJudy McCullochSharon PalasGregory PatesMaureen Stoen and Nea MeyerMary Kay VoosenGlen Yakel Phyllis GarryBarbara BassCharles and Mary Jean Bischof Jeanette and Rob BruckbauerJulitta DragichFaith and Fellowship Bolling AFBPerry FedersGary and Judy GoblirschJohn HytenDonald MaiettaPat McGuirePatricia McGuireTim McGuireRita McMonigalDavid and Samantha MillerJoseph and Janet NeweldPeter OsterbergBarbara RaymondDarwin and Geraldine Reedy

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THE JOURNEY34Brandon and Alison RumpcaLaura RyanThomas and Rene Madia SchifskyRichard SchoonmakerKristen SeaburgCarole, Joseph and Cindy SteSusan SteMark and M. Colleen TracyJoseph and Lorraine TuckerBrian WadnalPaul and Brenda Wilson Patricia Gartland Margaret and Bradley Schafer Helen Cecilia Gathje Kenneth and Esther Gorlinsky Richard and Helen Gehlen James Gehlen Dorothy GeisAnonymousKim BollesenAlison ClarkePaula DellisBrian and Kara FarleyDenise FeldmannJoseph Finley and Mary Morrissey FinleyMichael and Margie FraserJerome and Beth Marie GeisJoan GeisSteven and Kathleen GeisMary Ann GilbertsonKaren GillenDeb HomanHolloway FamilyBarbara JacobsCarlotta JonesLarry KlancherAnnette KuckPatricia McLeodJames and Jacqueline NeilsonMichael and Lisa NekichMark and Polly NormanPatricia N. PedersonDeanna PerchyshynDouglas Peterson and Terese Fink PetersonPremier BankCaryl RangePatricia SirlsRobert Thavis and Juliann Geis ThavisThe Toro FoundationMary and Jerry TillmanJohn and Deanna Vande North Richard “Dick” George Janet George and Cathy Calder Andrew John Gerbozy Darlene Gerbozy Daniel Gerenz Linda GerenzShirley Germain Anonymous Daniel Germain John and Marie Lange Steven Gervais Julia Gervais Pat Gibney Lisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiIsabelle Gieseke Bruce and Cynthia Dulon Patricia Ferber Leo GiesenGloria FordJerey and Karla GiesenPatricia HelinMary Ellen KennedyBarbara RileyWilliam RosackerCharles and Nancy Southerland John “Jack” Gieske Donna Gieske Christopher Giesner David and Barbara Olson Dennis “Denny” Gillespie James and Sandra Schneider John Gjevre Gjevre Girls Sherry Raynovich Kari Schouviller John “Jack” Glass Linda Glass Lyle Glass Linda Glass Thomas “Pops” Gleason Lisa Sweeney Pat Sweeney Kim Gregory Glieden Lorraine Schmitz Jo Glodek Father Paul Jaroszeski David W. Godfrey Susan Newman and John Wagner John Wagner Janet Godfrey Frances Dansky Cathy Godfrey Alice Goetz Charles Siggerud Lizzie Gold Michelle BlairFather Ed Goldbach Margaret Kuznia Raymond “Pat” Gollon David and Karin Gollon Kim Setter Bill and Lynn Yunker Karol Gonsoski David and Julie Gonsoski Eva Gonzalez Victoria González Robert “Bob” Good Nora Fitzsimmons Bernadette Michel Goodell Mary Goodell Valeria Goodman Laura Goodman Marcella Gordon John Gordon Peter and Jennifer Gordon Barbara Gormanson John and Kirsti Groess Vincent Gorr Catherine Gorr Terry Hare Gothmann Dave and Sue Uhler Virgil Gottwalt Mikki Gottwalt Thomas and Maria Gottwalt Marge Grahn-Bowman Jane Clements David Leitzke Frederick “Fred” Grant Gail Klug Philip M. Grant and Jean Burtis Grant Major Thomas P. Carney USMC Deborah Grant Sharon Grant Elizabeth Drucker Barbara Graupe William A. Graupe Joseph “Joe” Graupe William A. Graupe Stanley Gray John and Cheryl Gray Nathaniel Greene, Jr. Christopher and Cheryl Gibbons Thomas Greene Janet Fairbanks Sydney GrellAce Scale CompanyJerey CaneldDean’s List OrchestraEmery Winslow Scale Co.Joseph and Nancy GrellJames GruchallaGregory and Lisa LeachJames and Jennifer O’BrienScales Sales & Service LLCSiouxland Scale ServiceJanet TakleThree Point Solutions, Inc.Jerey and Jill TomeshValley Scale, Inc. - Paul, Robert, Kristi, John and LoisStephanie Vander PasGlenn Zalusky Bonnie Gremore Bob, Greg and James Gremore Douglas H. Griep Joan Griep Judith Grimes Nancy Radow Shelley Grimes Nancy Grimes Gerald Groebner Alvina Groebner Gary Groettum Jean MacFarland Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pagel Rick and Claudia Ripley Robert Gronos Anonymous Jack and Lin Capeti Kerri Capeti Charles Groth, Sr. Charles and Barbara Groth Sylvie Guggenberger Kathy Guggenberger and Gary Brown Dorothy Gullett Thomas Gullett Wanda Gunter Kevin and Deborah Gephart Christy Gustafson Don and Pam Friedlander Cliord “Cli” Gustafson, Jr. Don and Pam Friedlander

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Our Lady of Peace35Gerald “Jerry” Gustafson Donna M. Gustafson Robert Gustafson LuAnn Gustafson Diane Guttmann Jeanne Schmidt Geneva Guzijan Millie Mlinarevich Stanley Guzik, Sr. Esther Guzik William “Bill” Gydesen Phyllis DeLisi Leo Haagenson Birgit Haagenson Kathy Haberman Susan Stakston Phyllis Haenze Thomas and Colleen Bergstrom George Hach James and Linda Lamont Harold Hafner Steven and Elizabeth Dupay Vera Hahn Saint Cloud School of Nursing Alumni Everett Haiby Carole M. Mayers Michele Haigh Kurt and Theresa Lauber John HaldemanJerey and Rhonda BraaPolly DorrJoan HaldemanJohn and Anne Scharnweber Jamie Hale Michael Hale Elizabeth and Glen Reynolds Brooks Hall Mark Brooks and Deborah Paone Stephen “Steve” Hall John Hall Betsey Halter Kathy and Steven Oakley Robert Hamburge Nora Nell Hamburge Romain Hamernick Kevin and Rita HamernickJudith Hamilton Anonymous Beverly HammondAnonymous Robert and June AdamKurt and Cynthia ClaussenCarole EvenrudChristine KolarKamille KolarWilliam and Louise LehnherrVickie MaxamMichael and Kathleen NelsonBeth OebserLinda StinarLaurence and Karen Weddle Mary Hanft Rose Anne Hallgren Karen HannemannJames and Terri AikenSam BentleyCurt BorgosJohn and Gayle BrunkowKevin and Abigail ElzaPamela EmersonKathleen FrancisVicki GardnerKen HannemannMaria E. HokansonDonald and Sharon LehmannJeanne LewisNicole MeekerJanet NelsonDon and Sharon OnkenDouglas and Judith OslandKimberly OslandJoan PannetonCindie ReiterGregory and Laurie ShieldsNeil SibleyJerome and Nancy SwainDavid and Sandra WillmarthVickie Wright Debbie Hannigan James Hannigan John “Jack” Hannigan Ann Stevenson Karen Hanninen Anonymous Elizabeth “Lisa” HannonKaren ChristensonGerry and Sharon DamsgardJudith EricksonDavid and Kathleen GreshamJuanita HazelClaire KellyDewitt and Phyllis KillamWilliam and Carol KimberlyRoland and DeEtte LinsStanley and Linda PearsonTheodore and Mary PestelKen and Carolyn RubleJulie ShepherdTom and Anne ShermanKathleen Smith Ben Hansen Susan Schuler Jane Hansen Michael Holt Joan S. HansenAnonymousRoger HansenDanny JohnsonDenise and Dan Johnson Rose Hansen Josephine Kusz Thomas “Tom” HansenMichael and Nancy ByrneThomas and Mary GuionNancy J. HansenRosemary and Dennis KingJohn and Kathleen KopkaPaul and Pat MartinucciJane PomavilleJames and Beverly RandallAndrea RiversFather Gregory A. SkrypekMary and Steven Strafelda Karen Hanson Sharon Hogenson Claudia and William Prelgo Margaret “Peg” Hanson Barbara Godfrey Mildred Monsen Myrtle Hanzel Patricia Schleusner Richard Harkins Virginia Harkins Mary Jo Harlan John McDonough David Harmeyer Lauren Harmeyer Ron Harrington Dolores Harrington Marguerite A. Harvieux Patricia Rolewicz Dianne Haselmann Sonnia Palacio Frank Haselmann Sonnia Palacio Leonard Hasse Patricia Hasse William Hassinger, Jr. Patricia and David Kincer Mary Hathaway Mary Hathaway Rita Hathaway and Charlie Kaney Lori Haugen Anonymous Alan and Susan Vokaty Susan K. Vokaty Whitney HauserShannon GilmoreShirley GilmoreDaniel J. Hauser Mary Hauser Jane HawknerBrad BeckerJanet BreitfellerThraicie HawknerKen and Chuck Kausalik-Boe Joan M. Hayes Frank Mirovsky Maryellin Hayes Michael J Hayes Melvin Hazelwood Thomas and Michelle Sauka Dolores Hazuka Robert and Mary Crnobrna John and Gretchen Healy Ann Degree James “Jim” Heath Kenneth and Janet Kneer Kathleen Corbett Hebrink Carole M. Mayers Patrick Hedican James and KimMarie Harrington Kathleen Heiderich Karla and Mathew Hollinshead Beth Jurgensen Carol Heinl Thomas J. Heinl Frank and Marie Hejhal James and Sandra Ruecker Charlotte Hemmis Anonymous Lely Beitner Todd Hendrickson Catherine Borer Harriet Henk Diane K. Berglund

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THE JOURNEY36Tim Hennes Michael and Deborah Donnelly Sandra and Walter Henton Gina Henton-Olson and Les Olson John Hernandez Kathlyn Sandeen Elmer August HerrDeborah and Keith HansonHenry and Doris HerrTrina MisticRobert and Karen MosingStanley and Laura WinterShannon WoodNorah Wyman Elmer and Jane HerrWilbur and Bev CasteelSheldon and JoAnn GudmunsonScott and Darla HansenSteve and Sharon JohnsonJerry and Sharon PetersonLaurinda ReynoldsBob and Diane SvangstuAnne VorderbruggenDon and Sandy Wolf Jane Herr Bob and Diane Svangstu Stanley and Laura Winter Rosanne “Roseanne”HertelToni DeRosier and Jerry HertelRosanne HertelCarol and Donald KlukMary Ellen MartinsonTim and Kate Martinson-LippertDouglas and Frances Tieman Angela Herzberg Deborah L. Evans Marcella Heuer Walton Heuer Elizabeth Heyn Yvonne Olding Mary “Molly” Hibbard Elizabeth Farrell Holly Farrell Anne Janowicz Carol Hickle Jeanne Driscoll Ralph HighDenise Anderson PoetterSteve and Elizabeth FrankJerry HighPeter and Diane HuellerLynn Middleton-Koller Diann Hilsgen Laurie MondryFather James Himmelsbach Mark and Margaret Pospisil Rosemarie Hingsberger Janet Durand Gerald “Jerry” Hirsch Gregory and Mary Hirsch John Hlivka Keith Linneman Philip Hobrough Judith BrinkmanSharilyn ClaggettJohn Commers and Beth Pitzel CommersJames Dibble and Becky Drusch DibbleDavid and Kathy ErfRobert and Carole FarahDavid and Christine HobroughDeloros D. HobroughDean and Lorelei LibbyPaul and Nancy MelquistWilliam and Julie PerryMichael and Ann RoeCindy RogersDarlene SabeanKarlene StrelowPeter Walker William Hoch John Hoch Lois Hodgins Katherine Hubbard Carol Hoelscher O’Keefe Dennis Hoelscher Leo Hoeschen Peter and Arlene Frie Juanita Hoeschen Kathleen “Katie” Hofacker Kari Aanenson Margaret Sourile Martin and Patricia Strub Edward A. Homan Gary Homan Katherine Homan Thomas Homan James and Maxine Schultz Lambert Homan Lois Gangl Marian Homan Mary Homan Diane Emily HoganElizabeth CherneBeth GloppenKimberly GrillaertNancy Hanily DolanMichael and Mary KingCathryn LongMary Anne McNamaraJanel PaulsonJoan PetersonPeter and Sara Ribbens Margaret and Albert Hogan Jerry and Mary Clysdale Peter Hoglund Kathryn A. Hoglund Karl Hohn Geraldine Hohn Stanley Hohn Geraldine Hohn Richard “Rick” Hokanson Mary Costello Douglas and Jeanne Jensen Anthony and Joan Mieloch Mary Riley Norbert and Kathleen Tennessen John Holland James Hartmeister Mary Holman Charles Holman Louise Holmes Louise Routhe Paul HookerAnonymous Daniel EngelsmaRamona HolmesKathryn HookerTimothy and Victoria PeaseJohn and Theresa Tucci Julia Ione Hoover Dean and Rosemary Hoover Lowell and Julia Hoover Ruth Hollrah Emily Horner Eagle Mouldings Louis J. and Irene M. Hornicek Wayne and Nora Hornicek Eugene “Gene” Hosch Theresa Komomua Shirley HoshalKathy BeenenPeter and Carol BernaciakSusan CarrollKathleen DeorianLisa DrakeRobert DuworsElizabeth FordMargaret HayesJean HoshalRaymond and Mary JewisonCaroline MattersonPatrick and Kathleen McCabeLinda and Gary NelsonTerry NolanKevin and Ann O’ConnorPatti RossBrian and Kathleen ShortMary Sumpmann and John HoshalMike SumpmannPatrick and Kari SumpmannSharon Vonachen Tom and Marcy Waldinger DonnaMae Weis Bill Houle Richard and Beverly Rooney Melvin HouleNeil and Catherine ConveryMary DiIoiaCeleste HouleJean and James KuehlCharlene L’AllierJayne LallierCharles and Patricia TesterMichael TwohyMary Ward Nadine Howe Brian and Sue Howe LeRoy Howes Sally Howes Ronald “Bruce” Howes Joyce HowesCarolyn Huble Stanley J. Sroga James Huerth Diane K. Berglund Beverly Huesmann Anonymous James Hulbert Sue Ellen Bell Dennis Smallwood Gary and Kathleen Thompson Laura Hull Yvonne Olding Charlie Hullsiek John and Kari Hullsiek Robert Hullsiek John and Kari Hullsiek George Hummel Family of George Hummel Dawn Kaeder

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Our Lady of Peace37Thomas Hungling Kay Jones Brenda and Steven Trace Lyle Hunter Celine Hunter Duane Charles Huppert Family of Duane Huppert Dennis Hurley Denny and Catherine Kilbane Michael Hushcha Diane CruzGreg GubashKathleen MeyersBarry RubinWalter and Christine Schlafke Florence Husnik Nanette Husnik Arthur Hustad Ann Hustad Sheila HustenJody and Steve AnderlyMary Ellen MaloneJoy RobbinsKeith and Cindy SchweigerPatrick and Ann Sweeney Elizabeth Anne Schaer Huth William Huth Suk Hwang Sam and Gladys Kim Gregory Hynes Timothy and Carol Hynes Jeanne Hyvare James and Mary Hyvare Grant Imahara Larry and Gretchen Kimura Marlys Inman Kris Hallis Layne and Diane Madsen Ernest “Ernie” Iverson Lila Iverson Donald and Ilene Nitzkowski Gary Iverson Charles and Barbara Groth Nancy Jackson Carol Jackson Julie Jackson Robert J. Jackson Dale “Jake” Jacobson David Kelley Kay Jacquart Kathy and Fred Friedman Alethe Jaeb Mary Butrum William Jaeb Mary Butrum Veronica Janisch Clara Noe Delores Janke Nina M Manzi Claire Kelly Jansen Betty Hansen Michael Jansen James and Anne Wandmacher Nancy Janssen Donn J. Eiden Roland Jarvinen Adina Coomes Ellie Jarvinen Ronald “Ron” Jaschob Margery Jaschob Thomas Jasper Justin Jasper Loretta Javra Walter Jost and Ellie Brenny Joe Jereys Ida Smith Benjamin Jelinek Diane K. Berglund Cindy L. Jelinek George Jelinek Robert “Bob” Jendro Elaine Jendro John Jenkins Albert and Cynthia Schmitt Elaine Jenneke/Grandma “J” Jon Jenneke Dorothy “Dorothyfest” Jensen Dan Jensen Marlys Jensen Mary Mroszak Pamela Jespersen Marcia Schmitt Daniel Joachim Larry and Gretchen Kimura Charles W. JohnsenTerrence and Sheryl HoyeLorraine StarkPaulette Stark Ardy Johnson Julie Boden Curtis Johnson Tom and Jenny Essen Dane Johnson Fern Vescio Daniel John Johnson Raymond Johnson Darlyne JohnsonDon JohnsonGary JohnsonSharon Johnson Doris C. Johnson Barbara and Andrew Hernandez Debra Johnson Dorothy Johnson Terrill and Darlene Linderholm Earl Johnson Daniel and Marylyn McCulloch Elmer Johnson Barbara and Gordon Buesgens Gerald JohnsonChristopher and Amie DuFresne Glenn Johnson Gary and Gorganne Reierson Gloria Johnson Diane and Steven Senstad Bob and Helen Johnson Kathleen and Dave Bauerfeld Thomas and Marilyn Gibbons Elaine Scheunemann Mark and Maribeth Spreeman James Johnson Camehle Baron Kathy Johnson Barbara and Andrew Hernandez Debra Johnson Lori Kay Johnson Arlene Johnson Marge Johnson Alice Baron Nancy Donahue Dave Ewing Marjorie JohnsonRoger and Vicki Barton HenryAngie DeAlmeidaBonnie FeatherstoneKim JohnsonSharon KotkeAmy MeyerLisa and Greg Nash Mary Kathryn JohnsonLynn and Kathleen AndersonGreg and Carol BarkleyAngel BenesMarie FellDavid and Susan FullertonJoseph HuebschLouann HuebschStephen and Sarah KleckerJohn and Patricia KniefelRonald MillerTimothy and Geraldine MooreKen and Marian NelsonCatherine Purcell Richard W. Johnson Patricia Johnson Robert W. and Helen Johnson Mark and Maribeth Spreeman Russell Johnson Patricia A. Johnson Sandra “Sandy” Johnson Layne and Diane Madsen Virgil Johnson Jean Johnson Paul Johnson Wayne JohnsonSusan BowmanPatricia A. JohnsonRobert and Mary Jo Johnson Wendy Johnson Ron and Darlene Renneberg William “Bill” Johnson William and Pamela McAuley Karene Johnston Lorrie Reed Marjorie “Marge” JohnstonSusan BrekkeAlvin CarrierJulie CroonquistRalph CroonquistGunnar and Barb FeilerAnn GavinRobert and Joan JohnstonBarbara LykeMichele MorrisonBarbara SchultzAnnilee ShaulAnita Valliere

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THE JOURNEY38Betty Jones Thomas and Cynthia Jones Dolores Holly Jones Mary Stock Franklin Jones Mary E. Jones Mary JonesOsadchuk Family Rosalind ElmquistVirginia JohnsonNancy SandahlDaniel OsadchukMark Osadchuk Thomas Osadchuk Robert “Bob” Jones Marjorie Abrams Donna Barbeau Rose A. Jones Daniel Simon Vernamarie Jones Rory K. Jones Leslie and Rita Joseph Christina and Gary Hanauska Patricia Joyce Rebecca Connolly James Junker Anita Loerzel Henry Jureck Diane Haugen Gerald “Jerry” Jurek Gladys Jurek Gerald Kallevig Jean Kallevig Mark Kalscheuer Costas and Lorraine Stavrou Bill Kaluza Mary Kaluza-Riviere Ida Kaluza Mary Kaluza-Riviere John “Jake” KaluzaMargaret and Dave BushlackThomas and Norma KaluzaMary Kaluza-RiviereAnne and Rodney Stowell Peter Kaluza Mary Kaluza-Riviere Peter Jay Kaluza Mary Kaluza-Riviere Donald Kammerer Diana Kammerer Marilyn Kane Mary Kane Robert B. Kane Phyllis KaprothPatricia and Richard SimmonsEvan KargesDavid and Karen Karges Steven Kari Kenny and Faith Peterson Jean Karschnia Chuck and Maureen Gregg Michael Karvonen Charles and Barbara Groth Kasel and Yentz Families Richard and Caroline Kasel Carl Kaston Lawrence and Patricia Clemens John KatzmarekMarie FischerGary KatzmarekMay Kia Thao Dorothy Kaufenberg Michael and Laurie Gold Judetta “Judy” KavanaghDavid and Stephanie KavanaghEllen KavanaghMarty and Susan StarkeyDolores Wiggin Larry Kavolak Daniel and Marylyn McCulloch Dana Jo Kazek Markland Joseph and JoAnn Kazek Richard Kealy Beverly D. Saniti Marguerite Kearn David and Barbara Kearn MaryLou Keenan Karen Brotzler Susan Keeney Bruce I. Kalmoe Rev. John Kelley Donn J. Eiden Mary Kelley Joan Bettenburg and Martin Duda Edward “Ed” Kelly Carol Kalan Kay Ann KellyGary BirkenmeierThomas and Marta BrogeBarb GilbLawrence E. KellyBarry and Kathleen LangtonMolly MadsonSusan MadsonLinda OttoStephanie QuinnMarilyn RundbergSara SeitzA. Kay Sieh Mary Catherine KellyJohn and Catherine CalabreseJohn and Lenora EullMolly JacobsJane Thames Molly KellyReverend Harry BehanBetty HansenDaniel KellyMichael Sarafolean Patricia “Pat” Kelly Mark and Julie Kelly Franklin “Frank” Kemp Jean Kemp Gretchen Kemp Phyllis DeLisi Gina Rulli Ann KeneckScott ArnoldLynda Toenges CartwrightLeatrice Berg DeweyBetsy DickmanLaurie DinneenBonnie Gorman GlancyScott GodesAnn Larson HansonKevin and Nancy HoganJulia Daugherty KirkwoodRichard and Sheila RussellSheila Cannon RussellKris SheldonJoseph and Georgann ShielyLillian TitaSherri TuttleWashburn-McReavyAnn Wiessner John “Jack” Keneck Nora Fitzsimmons Leonard Kennedy Shannon Kennedy Mary Suzanne “Suzy” Kennedy Thomas and Kate CassidyJanet Kennen Dale J. Wilson Joseph KenneyScott and Jayne AtkinsonPatricia ProftFather Michael SlusserArt Turnquist and Judith Trombley-Turnquist William “Bill” Kenney Maureen Kenney Daniel Paul Kenward Kenneth and Esther Gorlinsky Scott Keppers Mary and Harry Skinner Edward S. Kern Charles and Andrea Foster John Kerr Francis and Joan Decker Marie and Elmer Ketchel Jeanette Krueger Tom Kettleson Mary Gibbs Catherine M. Roach Judy Keyworth Janet and Glen Johnson Kimberly and Mark Sheahan Virginia Kezele Tom Renshaw August “Auggie” Kiekhoefer Karla Danley Kiekhoefer Family James “ Jim’” Kieser Sandra Kieser Irene Kiesow Margaret Kuznia Georgann Kilbane Denny and Catherine Kilbane Michael “Sticks” Kiley Mary Kiley Randall “Randy” Kimmes Kevin and Deborah Gephart Arlene King Robert King Timothy F. King Anita McCarthy Bethany Kisting Steve and Darcy Roessler

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Our Lady of Peace39Edward R. Klamm Peter Honsa and Joanne Hense Richard Klapmeier Ken Klapmeier Frances Alexandra “Sandy” Klas Sarann Slattery Bertha “Trudy” Klassen Darla Miller Bruce Klawitter Dawn Klawitter Karen Klebs Rodney and Patricia EatonJerry EatonEugene and Lynn EversmanMary and Ed FeiglRobert and Rita HalquistChad KlebsJohn and Ellen WoodruMary Woodru Margaret “Greta” Klein Victor Klein Carolyn L. Wall Robert “Bob” Kleven Geraldine and Ron Johnson Charlene Klimek James and Marlene Bauer John Klingberg Kathryn and James Burns Eileen “Pinky” Klockeman William and Corrine Brengman Dennis Kloos Eleanor German Frank and Cynthia Smyth Lester “Les” Klos, Sr. Lester and Janice Klos Lorraine M Kneissel Mary DiIoia Family of Lorraine Kneisel Jean Walstad Antonietta “Toni” Kniebel Ellen Kniebel Audrey Knight Norman and Jody Hampton Judith KnopsDianne AdamsMelvin KnopsBeverly MillerKathleen PetersonTracye Sunde Margaret Arlene KnottArlene KnottKatherine Knott ZingsheimEllen Quirk Pahl Lois E. Knowles Mary Hilgert Alice Knutson Mary Mehsikomer Carol Ann Knutson Barbara Schmidt Laura Arnold Knutson Fern Vescio Richard Kodelka Robert and Gail Kodelka Elizabeth Koegel Marie Mortek Peter A. Koegel Marie Mortek Cheryl Koehnen Carol Bickman Mary Lee Schowalter Albert Koenig Thomas and Kathryn Cloutier Lisa Sweeney and Scott Korzenowski David Koenig Lisa Sweeney and Scott Korzenowski Catherine Kohner Mary Wood Russ and Catherine Kohner Beverly Meyer Mary Wood Terrence “Terry” KohnerMr. and Mrs. Michael BiermaierSharon FitzgeraldJulia FrenchDiane FriskNick HeislerEleanor KohnerDoreita Reynolds Joanne Kolbeck Deborah Beringer Richard Kolbeck Scott and Sharon Kolbeck Irene Kuelbs Kolles Katherine Rogers Crystal Koncak Anonymous Sarah Staab Mary Jane Konecny Christopher and Lisa KonecnyPaul Kope Louise Moorhead Thomas Kopernik Kathleen and Blake Mohr Rae Lynn Kordiak TJK Plumbing, Inc. Mary Korman James Korman Ronald “Frank” KostronVicki ConnellJohn and Dorothy DeGidioBetsy DickmanRoberta L. Keller Jeanne KoenesCharlotte KostronDiane LundMark and Kim NyquistMichael and Karen PedersonAngela PenceAmy Schneider PurdyCurtis and Kathleen SigdestadLinda and Thomas TroskeyBob and Paula Winsor Dee KotsmithJerey and Kerri KotsmithMark KotsmithMichael and Kimberly KotsmithUnited Health Group Theodore “Ted” Kotsonas Donna and William Borgerding Donald Kough Dave Kough and Wendy Kerich Suzanne Kraemer Gerald and Jean Kallevig Jean Kallevig Terri Poole Kathryn Kramber Karen and Mike Flanagan Alton and Phyllis Kramer Jean and Stephen Olson Ruth Kremer Claudia Wagner Robert John Kren Pamela Kren Jeannette Kretzmann Timothy and Jane Kretzmann Loretta Kruckman Dennis Stanley and Carol Marston Stanley Ronald “Ron” Krueger, Jr. Jeanette Krueger Theodore “Ted” Kruger Ginny Aldrich Virginia and Kenneth Kuby Keith Kuby Joanne Kucera Peter Honsa and Joanne Hense Michelle and Dan Klamm Jeanne Michele Kuelbs Katherine Rogers Cynthia “Cindy” Kuhlman Marie Kilian Richard Kuklock Lori DeNert Lorraine Kuklock Diane Lucas Nicholas Alexander Kulpa Jack and Peggy Kulpa George and Betty Kunik Rick and Kelley Draeger Ellen Quirk Pahl George Kunik Anonymous Robert “Bob” Kunik Rick and Kelley Draeger Donald Kuppe Merikay Wisely Mark Kurkowski Jean Walstad Constance “Connie” Kuusisto Scott Kuusisto Gerald and Helen LaBelle Laurel Boerger Margaret LaBelle Laurel Boerger Patrick Lachner Mary Kay Lachner Mary LaFontaine Mark and Margaret Pospisil Harold LaHaise Barbara and Gordon Buesgens Jo Ann Kuiper Nancy LaHaise Terry and Camille Starey Stewart W. Laird Audrey Kader Kathleen M. Laird James Laliberte Arthur C. Laliberte

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THE JOURNEY40Laverne Laliberte Arthur C. Laliberte Corinne “Corey” Laman Robin Carlisle Clint and Melody Garoutte Deborah Nelson Denise Ver Steeg Charlotte Lampe Charlene Thoemke John Landgraf Elizabeth Burr Rueben LandinEleanore Bakken GardinerBonita LandinFamily of Rueben LandinMark and Sandra Miller Betsy Lang Craig and Kathy Steinmetz Woodrow W. and Clare T. Lang William Lang Maryann Langlais Donald and Barbara Bredthauer Laura Moore John “Jack” Lanners F. Thomas and Carol Lanners Norma Lanners Aurelia Peschken Leonette “Lee” Lanners F. Thomas and Carol Lanners Aurelia PeschkenThomas Lannon Lois Gangl Daniel Larson Bernice Larson Kenneth LarsonAnonymous Allina Health Clinic in AnokaCliord BoyumTom and Amber CaverMichael and Cynthia CollinsScott and Susan FrohreichGolden AcresNeil and Danna GrundeJohn KraemerLee and Karen KraemerPattie and Dean KraemerCheryl LarsonGil and Sharon LewisonMinneapolis Riverview LionsDavid and Gail NelsonRobert and Helen Norheim Mark E. Larson John and Nancy McCarty Patricia Larson Kevin Larson Stella Larson Regina and Steve Demzuk Steve Demzuk Todd LarsonSean and Mary CoatneyWilliam and Rose Mary HansonRobin LarsonBruce LindDaniel and Lynn MielkeRichard and Teresa PaulsonLorrie and Patrick SienkoMarlys Smith John Thomas Keith Laschinger Arlene Johnson Allen Lathrop Jackie McManus Christine Palm Mike Proulx Christine Wicks Clara Lau Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holmes Elizabeth Hornnes Agnes Lauer Lance and Judith Bougie Marie and Louis LaVoie Margueritte Maloney Kirby M. Law Annette Hansen Dawn Lawrence Michael Goodwin Ross Lawson Wendy and Robert Hayes William “Bill” Lawson Steven and Tamara Lawson Rita Lazor Joan Jacques John Lazor James Leach Elizabeth Leach John Leaders Anita Kennison James J. Leary Norma Leary Kellie Leasure Tracy Swanson Loren LeBlanc Gregory and Susan LeBlancJohn David LeBrun Katharine Robb Ronald “Duke” LeDuc Kenneth and Lora Mae Norstrem Cherie Lee Mary Campbell Roger Lee Shirley Lee Andrew and Joan Stark William Lee Donald Lee and Diane Miller-Lee Julie Leguil John Leguil Darlene LeickElizabeth Brown - Liz, Dani, Laura, Nichole, Olivia, Michelle, Sheila, Drew J. and Liz EMDell TechnologiesCharles and Bernice FischerJohn and Jane FischerLisa HannumGregg Johnson and Linda Andersen JohnsonLisa KienlenThomas and Shirley KuckBryan LeickScott and Malia LeickCatherine MehaeyAmy SchneiderJeaneen Stelter-NelsonValerie Tolhurst Ronald Leif David and Judith Saumweber Rebecca “Becky” Leifeld Irenetis Gadient William “Billy” Leitheiser Fern Vescio Paul Lemley Sharon C. Lemley Matt Lentsch Carol Lentsch Mary Leo Joseph N. Leo Evelyn and Claude Lewis Anonymous Debra Leyde Gerald Leyde Joseph Leyden Arlene Leyden Roger Licari Dennis J. HoganRussell Lien Janet Lien Mary Liesenfeld Boran David and Colleen Moline Donald Liljedahl Margaret and Lawrence McCarthy Elizabeth Lillevold Anthony and Joan Mieloch Ronald Skoogberg Richard LimbackAnonymous Debra CaravitisDeborah J. LimbackDonna Limback-Reyelts and Daniel ReyeltsLeona ReyeltsJane Riches Karen Lind Dorothy and Harold Bergee John “Jack” Lindau Lois Gangl LaDine Lindberg Joyce McCabe Patty Lindkvist Anthony and Joan Mieloch Robert Lindmeier Fay Lindmeier Betty J. Lionetti Ralph Lionetti Roger Lipa Margaret H. Lipa Nola “Peggy” Lively Michael and Deborah Beard Pamela Elliott Linda Loerch Laurie and Steve Gathje Joan Lofboom Tim and Cynthia Commers Marian Logelin Robert J. Logelin Brother of Karen Loney Kenneth and Esther Gorlinsky Sharon Long Carol and Dean Kayler Lois Longen Ira Longen Emmelie and Norman Olson Daniel and Patricia Tibesar

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Our Lady of Peace41Scott Lothrop Doris Lothrop Dr. Thomas Love Kathryn Love Jeremiah LuceyKristine BolandJoseph CroweMichael DiegnauKaren DrobacKathleen DrobacThomas and Deborah DrobacKelly DuncanGloria JantzenMarilyn KloppJon and Bonnie LessardMichael LuceyPatricia LuceyLyle and Ardis PieperSharon PirklJames and Rosemarie PowersCarol J. Reilly Marie Ludowese Anonymous Warren Lueder Nancy Lueder Thomas “Tom” Lund Dale and Janice Peterson Charles B. Lundquist Stella Lundquist Geraldine “Gerry” Lunzer Jerome L. Kern John Luskey Dorothy Luskey Vyan “Pete” Luttrell Joanne M. Luttrell James Lynch, Jr.Michael BazalGail JudeLynch FamilyMeisinger Construction Company, Inc.Louise WallnerWeegman FamilyJulie WeegmanRichard and Sharon Whelan Timothy “Tim” Lynch John and Mary Lou Volk William “Billy” Lynch Mary G. Lynch Dave and Sue Uhler Gwyn Margaret Maas Jerry and Diane Peters Rachel MacAuley Sandra Josephs Lydia Rappaport Eileen MacDonald Ruth and Steve Quisberg Joseph “Stan” Mack William and Ruth LaFerriere Catherine, Jo, Toni, Ruth, and Tom Mack Gregory Mackey Thomas Mackey Richard MacNabb Barb Branch The Posse Janice Cunningham Murray and Carol McCartan James Madison Joan Madison Geraldine “Gerry” Madsen Layne and Diane Madsen Terry Magel Verna and Francis Dreawves Mary Magers Dennis Magers Donald Magistad Jeanette Magistad Susan Magnuson James and Dolores Noah Sean Maher J. Thomas and Alice Maher Marlene Mehr Thomas Mahoney Janet Durand Tom and Kristin Seifert James Simser Rae Jean MaloneJody and Steve AnderlyMary Ellen MaloneRyan and Liz MaloneLinda MontpetitRenee PitraKeith and Cindy SchweigerJames and Patricia Thommes Tom Malone Timothy Morin Brian Maloney Anonymous Evangeline Mandel Ann Speredon Mark C. Mandell Arthur and Jo Ann Mandell Kathryn Mangen Charlotte Alberti Mary Franklin Ted Mangen Mary Franklin Elaine Mann Anna and Gerald Ennis Edward “Ed” Mansur Dennis J. Flaherty Larry Manthe Joanne Manthe Bonnie MantheyJohn MantheyJohn PetersonJulie PetersonLynn PetersonGail Peterson Romaine June Elizabeth Manthey John Michael Manthey Thomas Scott Manthey Rex and Patricia Ripple Philip Francis MantheyJohn Michael MantheyThomas Scott MantheyRex and Patricia Ripple Matthew Marcovecchio Alan Marcovecchio Joseph H. Margl Leta Margl Lisa Marie Jeanette Krueger James “Jimmy” Marino Roy and Geraldine Christopherson Margaret Scalise Joyce Markus Judith A. Markus Gair Roger Martin Mary Lou Martin Ronald Martinson Steven Berg James F. Marty Jeanne Barrett Eleanor Marystone Donald and Barbara Marystone Arthur Mason Lynn Mason Eleanore MatczynskiSteven KaplanDyan MatczynskiFrancyne Yarusso Theodore “Ted” Mateski Diane Borries Hans and Colleen Brakob Timothy Rush Vera MathsonAnonymous John AmbroseDennis and Bridget ArmbrusterJohn and Patty BrillThomas CarlsonKirsten ChelbergMeredith ChelbergRobert CollinsJoyce ConoryeaJohn CookeJudy DillonJulie DillonBobbi DriscollMike and Kate DriscollMaureen FaberWilliam and Janet FlynnRita GarciaTom and Julie GastSara HallquistHrvatski Dom AssociationKathleen KaiserKathy KellerJoe and Diane KellyGail KilleenWilliam and Janice KunzKeith and Carol LaBonneJohn and Judith MalmbergJohn Mathson and Kaci OsengaMary Mathson and Mark BraunRobert O. MathsonJennifer McCurdyKathleen MiddletonJon and Sharon NelsonCheryl NewmanCharlotte RobledoDon and Joan RudTom and Michelle WoessnerEric ZajacKathleen Zajac John MaturenPaul and Mary AmosMary Ann AndersonDana BabbittDonald and Kelley CaseyKaren GrinBarbara HelmkenJames and Julie HomanRosemary and Dennis KingTimothy and Linda PowersMonique SmitalaSusan StangebyeRichard Tibesar and Ginni DoyleJames and Anne WandmacherJane WandmacherKatiee WandmacherStephanie Weiland

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THE JOURNEY42Jill Matzen Millie Mlinarevich Paul N. Mayers Carole M. Mayers W.F. McCumber Thomas and Sara Grode Jackie McBride Stanley J. Sroga Vurlyn McCabe Sandra Olson Genevieve McCarrBetty AndersonJames DalyGregory and Janice FurdaSteven and Kathleen GeisDavid and Sarah GetteHenry W. McCarrCatherine O’NeillDavid PorterDavid and Jill RaymondTammy SeitelDrew Smith Betty McCarthy Carol Lentsch Carolyn Sue McCartyDee BarrettDoug and Sara BartholomewAudrey BuringtonErnie and Mary CostelloDarrin DickersonLoren and Joan HillstromJe and Nancy InghamChristine and Thomas MacDonaldAndrea MunsonKaren and Farrell PotterTim RuzickaCynthia SandellRobert and Michelle StokerJames and Jennifer ThulBarbara Wollan Edwin McCarty Stephen McCarty Michael McClellan Audrey McClellan John and Carla McClellan Grace McDonald Patricia Janecula Richard “Dick” McDonoughGerald and Victoria CampbellDonald and Sandra HysteadJoAnn JacobsonMaureen McDonoughRichard McDonoughThomas McDonoughPaula MerthRonald and Sharon OlsenJohn and Karen PattersonGreg RivetJim and Renee SassRonald and Rita SpiessScott and Pat StevensThomas and Deanna VillarJohn and June Yarusso Bert and Elisabeth McEathron Julie McEathron William “Bill” McGonigal Anonymous Joan McGonigal-Staska Peter McGough Carol M. McGough Jack McGrath Joan McGrath Kevin McGraw Roberta Anderson Laura McGregor Barbara McGregor Pearce McGregor Jerome L. Kern Judith and John McGuigan Douglas and Jeanne Jensen John and Mary McGuigan Anthony and Joan Mieloch Mary Riley Judy McGuigan Mary Adair Kenneth and Mary Hanley Ardelle “Ardee” McKenna Virginia M. Battis Patrick Anthony McKenzie Therese McKenzie Patrick McKusky Diane K. Berglund John McLaughlin Robert Lasser and Barbara McLaughlin Lasser Robert and Antonia McLean Kathleen and Stan Kinkead Lynn McLean Gary McLean Melissa McLean Andrew McMahon Francis and Dorothy McMahon Catherine McMahon Francis and Dorothy McMahon Marian McMullen Je and Toinette Adrian Maureen and Greg Adrian Jim and Antoinette McNamara Mary Ann Blechinger Eileen McNamara Howard “Jim” McNamara Eileen McNamara Elizabeth “Betty” McNulty DonaMae Deininger John McPartlan Thomas McPartlan Joan McShaneMarie BerlinerShirley DickinsonPhyllis LangeldHelen McShaneSusan McShane Corrine “Connie” Mealey Dean Mealey Joann Meath Mary Jo and Scott Anderson William Meath Mary Jo and Scott Anderson Lora Medellin John and Virginia Bordeaux Mike and Lonnie Ratzla Barbara Valencour Marlene Mehr Bernard Mehr Barbara Meier Diane K. Berglund Margaret Meier Diane K. Berglund Vernon and Shirley Meinen Mark and Patrice Peick Frances and Eileen Melloy Kathleen Belland Thomas and Cynthia Jones Robert Melton Kim Lapsley Juanita Melton William Menkevich Ethel Ruth Dorothy “Dottie” Merrill Patricia and Harry Palmer Robert “Bob” Merritt Pat Merritt Gianna Merryeld Karen Bly Carolyn Metty David and Barbara Baierl Allen and LaVerne Mevissen Scott and Cynthia Mevissen Juanita Meza Dulce Meza Rosemarie Roach Allan Michael Jerome L. Kern Kay M. Michael Jerome L. Kern Eileen Michels James and Norine Michels Leonard J. Mikulay James and Judy Misencik Eunice Milbrath Karen and Jon Schoenrock Carol Miller Joseph Miller Katherine Miller John V. Miller David Miller and Maggie DeLong Miller Joyce Miller Judith Ksepka Judith MillerAnonymous Dr. Debra J. GlanderVicki HurtGerald and Janet LarsonJane SantosDavid and Traci TomasUlteig Engineers, Inc. Mary Miller Joanne Berg Donald Miller Joan Stout Raymond “Ray” Miller Joan E. Miller Sandra MillirenDave and Dorothy AnibasGinny BellandFelix and Mary BergerBobbi Jo ChapmanDennis and Carol HaglundLinda HamerDan and Julie LaabsMary LundbladSteven and Carolyn MaisCharles Milliren

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Our Lady of Peace43Richard MillirenSteve and Terry MillirenTom and Sue MillirenPete and Mary OlsonNora PauleyTimothy and Amy RundquistBrad and Gail Saueressig Patricia Ann Minarich Diane K. Berglund Robert and Patricia Salstrom Kenneth H. Minor Audrey Minor Vernon Mirsch Charles and Rose ConroyMike and Beverly FeipelAudrey HjelmgrenDonna HuppertRoy and Joy KlasinskiValerian and Carolyn KuechleElaine LoaneyJulie and Tom MurphyPaul and Ann PalmerDan and Jane PluThomas and Joann Urbanski Herbert “Herb” Mischke Paul and Pat Martinucci Robert “Bob” Mitby Mary and Harry Skinner Charles “Chuck” MitchGeorge and Linda CarrollRobert MillerMaureen Mitch Peterson and Gary PetersonWilliam and Norma Morley Georgianna “Georgie” Modeen Eugene and Kathleen Hutchinson Kevin Scott and Mary Petrie Margaret Moeller John Moeller Paul Mohr Pauline Mohr Charles “Chuck” Moinichen Sandra Moinichen Donald Mollner Patricia and Harry Palmer Elaine MollnerPaul and Kathleen DelperdangLaverne EschEd FarnellWilliam and Kathleen GerdtsDonald and Esther GieselKaren HenningsenKathleen LarsonDonna Lovell Heather Moloney Freeman Mary Apuli Raymond Monitor Elaine Monitor Shari Monson Steven and Patricia Monson Jacqueline Montour George R. Montour Clayton and Bettie Jean Montpetit Keith and Cindy Schweiger Michael Mooney Patricia Maietta Thomas M. Mooney Duane and Rita Ranke Corrine Faith Moore Dennis J. Flaherty Grant Moosbrugger Elaine Benson-Moosbrugger Daniel Morales Aida Morales Robert and Patricia Salstrom John Moriarty Paul and Shirley Moriarty Judy Morinville Diane Bayerkohler Margaret “Marge” Moroney Anonymous Daniel Morris James and Margaret Johnson Robert F. Morrison Robin Peterson James and Therese Nichols Gina and Kelvin Vartti Delores “Dee” Morrissy Antoinette and Wayne Malone Connie L. Mortensen Martin Kevin Martin Blia Vang Moua Anonymous Bush Foundation Yer Xiong Arthur Moy Terri Eide Lee Moy Family of Lee Moy Elaine Mroszak Mary Mroszak John “Jack” Muelken Eileen Muelken Walter and Laura Mueller Dominic and Barbara Zweber John Muellner Robin Schroeder Carol Mulcahy Anne Mulcahy Michael Mulcahy Pat Mullinix Joseph and Pamela Stanislav Robert W. MurnaneMichael and Debbie AdducciAdler Management, LLCRobert and Jean AlbrechtVirginia M. BattisTerrie Louise and John BrandtClement and Molly CommersJoan T. DolanBarbara FitzpatrickMary Pat and Patrick FitzpatrickDennis J. FlahertyThomas and Patricia HooleyAnthony and Nancy InserraLaurence R. KennedyWilliam and Christine KrebsbachJim Leary and Mary Ann GallagherJanice A. LindauSheila MahoneyMonica MitbyAngela NicholsNTH, Inc.Mary RogersMichael and Jeannie ScottJaye and Ami SelaJane SoshnikSusan and Joseph SturdivantDave and Sue UhlerTimothy and Elizabeth UlgRita M. VosEberhard and Kathleen Werthmann Byron P. Murphy John Murphy Catherine “Cate” Murphy John and Donna Lee Lisa Robinson Mary M. Murphy Melvin and Celeste Houle Phillip Murphy Melvin and Celeste Houle Steven Murphy Susan Murphy Sylvia Elizabeth Murphy Elizabeth Golden Audrey Musta Anonymous James “Jim” Nalipinski Janet Murphy Patricia Nalipinski Mary Flynn Nantell Terrence and Rita Miller Phyllis Salmen Jane NashEarl NashLisa and Patrick SchatzLois Wenz Gerry Nasse Maryann Bloch Jessica Neely Priscilla and Thomas Gadow Susan NelsenNeil and Anna Heiden Denne K. Nelson Denne Nelson, Jr. and Janet Nelson-Dennie Paul and Deborah Rammer Frances “Jean” Nelson David and Kathy Collins Gale and Jim Lew Janet Bea Nelson John and Rachel Halvorson Joann Nelson Kathy Ziebell Marilyn Nelson Jerome L. Kern Glenn Robert Neske Carol L. Neske Linda Nesset Mary Horner Maria Mai Nguyen Oanh and Jerry Fabiano Carl Nicosia, Jr Garry Nicosia Cynthia Nicosia-Eskandary Garry Nicosia Betty NielsenSally BrownBonnie CarrollDennis DeilyNancy GabrielsonSteven and Debra Johnson

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THE JOURNEY44Terry Nielsen Mirth Ninde Katherine Ninde Donald Nitz Karen Reuter Stephen Nixon Jerry and Margaret DeYoung Mary Jane Noble Thomas and Mary Jo Lyke Leland “Lee” Nokes Jeanie Nokes Dana Noonan Sarah Bjorklund Nancy Nordlund James and Sandra Schneider Darrell Norell Franz and Carol Metzger Ida Norstrem Karen Gemza Noeurn Nov Anonymous Mary Novack Lucky Brand Dungaree, LLC Joyce Nowak Joyce Nowak Cindy Starr James Nutzmann Marsha Neita-Jones Marilyn Neitz Vernon Nyberg Karen Nyberg Robert Nystrom Carol Pevovar Linda Oberg Tiea and Thomas Crane Jane O’Brien Sean and Julie O’Brien Peter O’Brien Gerard and Mary Devaney Patrick Thomas O’Connell Kenneth and Debbie O’Connell David Anthony O’Connor Mary Rogers Donna O’Connor Kathy and Daniel Taylor Nancy Oehlers Donald Johnson Paul Ofstedahl Ruth Jovaag-Ofstedal Joseph Ofstedal Richard O’Kane Geraldine O’Kane Carol Olchefske Ronald and Mary Kay Schneider Jean Oleheiser Charles Oleheiser Beth and Edward Picard Bob and Barbara Spiller Enrique Olguin Cayetano Jorge Popoca Steven “Steve” Olinger Anonymous Janice Bolin Gary Olsen Katherine Olsen Louise Olsen David Olsen Natalie Olsen Vaedynn Olsen Colleen Olsen Dr. Bob Olson Margie Olson Carol Olson Lenette Bauer Jeanne Olson Daniel Olson Robert and Gladys Valencour David Olson Sandra Olson Delores “Dolly” Olson Mary Tymoshuk Donna Olson Karen Bruce James and Diane Farley Barbara Williams Erick Dean Olson Margie Olson Gale OlsonCheryl BoudreauPatrick and Patricia ColemanWayne and Sandra ColemanBrian and Diane JacobsRoger and Karen JacobsJoyce KrechShaun KuelRobert and Darlene ReisVictoria WellsAlan and Mary YoungkrantzGary and Andrea Zasada Grace L. Olson Nancy Olson James “Rudy” Olson Steven Roers James Olson Eric Brantseg Jane Brantseg Julie Ann Brantseg Je Olson Margie Olson Kenneth Olson, Jr. Daniel and Susan Ferber Carol Olson Lawrence “Larry” Olson Geraldine A. Olson Roger Olson Fern Vescio Russell V. Olson Jr. Joan Olson Pat and Joanne Oman Barbarajo Kuzelka Dennis O’Melia Patrick O’Melia Diane Ondrey Martha Johnson Matthew Johnson Bernadette “Babe” O’Neill Gregory and Mary Maw Christine O’Neill Nora Fitzsimmons Bill Orthaus Mary Jane Hilsgen Gordon Ortler Judy and John Rys Barbara “Barb” OsadchukRosalind ElmquistIngred HomanVirginia JohnsonDaniel OsadchukMark OsadchukThomas OsadchukNancy Sandahl Joseph “Joe” Osendorf John and Mary Lou Volk Viola and Earl Osgood Margaret Murphy Margaret “Peg” O’ShaughnessyDennis and Mary AmundsonJonathan BlindermanLouise BotkoFred and Gail BurkhardtKathleen CahillMichael and Catherine MazyckThomas and Susan McGuireConstance Scott Carol Osip Elaine Strohfus Lynelle Osterbauer Gregory Osterbauer Rosemarie “Rosie” Osweiler Steven Sims Shirley Otto Paul and Lynn Otto William Otto Jeannene Otto Joe and Dory Otto Catherine and Aaron Wol Barbara Overlien Sharon Overlien Dennis J. Flaherty Bambi Lambert John Palacio Diana Kammerer L.A. Palas Lisa Palas Graham Robert “Bob” Pal Michael and Mary Smith Judith Paone Mark Brooks and Deborah Paone Samuel and Patricia Walker Delores ParianaBarbara BobrowitzMr. and Mrs. James DuroseJan ParianaPatrice ParianaLinda Smith Darlene ParishRebecca HruzaWally M. ParishBradley RuiterMartha Walmsley Adria Parker Emily Parker and Michael Nawrocki Richard Parkos Karl Parkos

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Our Lady of Peace45Robert Parsons Cathleen and Nathan Noble Joan Proulx Pasiuk Linda Montpetit Susan Pasko Charmaine Bing Mary Lou and Don Pates Diane Johnson Brenda Path Barbara Williams Georgia S. Paul James Paul Karen Paulson Rivet Christine Paulson Robert and Dorothy Paulson Curtiss Pauly Susan Gay Jerry Pavel Janet Dombrow Rita Pavel John “Jack” Pavel Janet Dombrow Rita Pavel Leland PearsonLois Avaunne and Douglas HedDavid and Lori BallejoBarbara BergstromDr. Richard Greene and Mrs. Charlotte GreeneJohn and Janet HallettClaudia HouckJuanita KaumanDonna LeeRodney and Eloise LoeerBeverly MaasJoan McGuireGary and Betty PaghDoris PearsonEvelyn RunkeRobert and Sharon SchneiderDale and Doris StenbergGerald and Jeanne SundquistShirley TupperValley View Cooperative Act A/CCarrie Woerdeman Mary E. PedersonRosemary ChartersAnna ElasarianElizabeth ElasarianJohn ElasarianMark and Barbara Pederson Edwin “Ed” Pehoski Jerome L. Kern John “Jack” Peifer Grace Wolfe William Pell Deb Nelson Ted Peller Robert and Lorraine Peller Dale R. Pelletier Mary Gibbs Deane and Sharron Vail Roy Peloquin David and Denise Gierok Terrence “Terry” Pennig Katherine Pennig Sara Pennig Steve Pennig Reginald Perera Lilee Perera Karen Perpich Laurie Mondry Vicki Perri Peter Perri Alice Perrone Mark Perrone Darlene Perry Carl and Shirley Graf Linda and Michael, Children of E. Pesek Elaine Pesek Anthony “Tony” Petermeier Karen Haynes Scott and Susan Muehler Roger Olson Thomas Petermeier Jacqueline “Jackie” Petermeier Karen Haynes Scott and Susan Muehler Roger Olson Matthew Petermeier Karen Haynes Scott and Susan Muehler Roger Olson Patricia “Pat” Petermeier Thomas Petermeier Jerey Peters John Peters Michael R. Petersen William and Mary Petersen Marilyn Petersmeyer Jody Johnson Marilyn Petersmeyer Agnes Sullivan Peterson Daniel and Mary Kay Gallagher Katherine Swaser Richard and Sheila Vitelli Arthur “Al” Peterson Tierney Fox Beverly PetersonMichael and Maureen BouchardPaul and Pamela BurkeZora BurnhamEd and Carole CharbonneauJean CurrieLaura and Paul DeLaForestAnthony and Anita DeutschKay DoepnerDaniel and Maureen FeelyJames and Ann FernKevin and Deborah GephartWilliam and Susan GlendenningRobert and Mary GlineburgPeter and Carol HanlonNancy and Bob HartzlerNora IvoryRalph and Patricia NorusisDonna PetersonRobert and Shirley PetersonThomas and Mary QuickstadMark and Laurie SteigaufRoseanne TarnowskiCharles and Kathleen WaldoRichard WernerWerner’s Frontier, Inc.Thomas and Kathleen Wilkolak Beverly A. PetersonSusan BergstromMark and Nancy HedgeMichael and Judy McDonaldDonald and Lynn NicolayMichael PetersonColleen ReiterKeith RennerfeldtRandy and Elizabeth RennerfeldtJohn and Pat Sammons Daniel T. Peterson Carol Peterson David Peterson Joseph and Mary Ann Schwebel James and Anne Wandmacher Jerry Peterson Alice Fink Judy Peterson Robert and Lois Carlson James “Jim” Petron Josephine Petron Janice, Alex and Jack Petrovich Bridget HarringtonRoberta Pettes Georgia O’Brien James “Jim” Phillips III Ann Becherer Donald Piccard Chris Angier Wilma Piccard Connie Settles Dennis Pillen Michael P. Halbe Nancy and Michael Halbe Richard Pitman Darlene Pitman Genevieve Pittelkow Sharon and Bruce AbrahamsonFloyd and Kathryn AndersonGary and Gerri KremerRichard LaseeLawrence and Marlene MeehanRoger and Cheryl PittelkowStanley and Kathryn PittelkowCraig RichterLynne SchoenDebbie Thompson William Playle Daniel and Pamela Sundsmo Judith Plehal Douglas Plehal James “Jim” Plocienik Diane Bayerkohler Patricia Medlo Patricia PloofAnonymousChad and Kristin HellwigEileen JankePatricia Lafontaine Dorrie Ploof Jacqueline “Jackie” Plum Joy Robbins George Vernon Podelco Lawrence Friedl Donna Podgorski Diane K. Berglund Dean and Ev Langer Jane Podgorski Steven and Sue Elbing Joseph Poidinger Mary Poidinger Leann Polski Gregory Polski

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THE JOURNEY46Joanne Polta Andrienne Atkins Michael and Nancy Leitch Florence Polzin Kathleen Mommsen David M. Ponath Carmen Ponath Edward Porter Nora Fitzsimmons Anne Potvin Leonard and Christine Knotz Margaret and Kenneth Modeen Susan Stripsky Ruth Powers Stella Lundquist Maria Preciado John Burke Phyllis Preiss Marv and Judy Koep Dick Sullivan Terri Sullivan Mary Clare Prestrud Peter Prestrud Ernest G. Prince, Sr. “Pop” Carol Fiedler Edward Probst Kathleen Stau Bonnie Prokosch Jerry and Mary Clysdale Margaret Hogan Bernell “Bernie” and Patricia “Penny” Proulx Timothy and Tammy Proulx Thomas “Tom” Pruyn Geri and Richard Dahlberg Judith Pryor Anonymous Debra Puchala Dawn Matlock Audrey Puchtel Mark and Catherine Kenney John and Tracy Puchtel Saint Charles Borromeo School Ronald Pufpa Leonard and Marie Zimmel Geraldine “Geri” Pullen Joyce Ewest Susan Kathleen Puppin Giuseppe Puppin Wendell Quale Sharon Quale Bonnie Quimby Joan Turpin Betty Radermacher David Radermacher Robert Raduenz Lori Raduenz Diane Ramsey Larry Ramsey Grant Rasmussen Roxanne Jarosz Judy and Steve Landucci Jane RasmussenAnonymous Richard and Diane BartholomewJoann ImlerJames and Judy KortzHoward and Sharon LewerSandra MoharTerry and Carol OphusJulie PletschShirley Skauge Josephine Raway Kathleen and Kevin DeGonda Dona Rech James and Sandra Schneider Donna Reck Crescense M. Thompson Susan Reddin Tom W. Reddin Bruce Redgate Bonita Ferguson The Reding Family Richard Reding Oscar “Butch” Reed Sheila Reed Glen Reese Judy Burns Mark Reeves Anonymous Don and Jean ReganMary and Joseph DelaneyAndrew and Katie NathKelly ReganPatrick and Mary Regan Donald B. ReganAnonymous Dorothy GeisPremier Bank AlbertvilleMitchell and Karen JorgensenMichael KroisJames and Jean Weiss Allen Regehr Michelle Hoekstra Floyd Regehr Michelle Hoekstra Ann ReillyMary and David AlexanderGregory MulallyDonald K. Reilly Fran ReiserIrene AltonSusan BlattnerSandra and David CarlsonAudrey DarlingWilliam and Diane GeislingerCarson HarrisChristine MelchertKathleen RolfsrudSherry RuppertDouglas and Genevieve WillsAlice Woog Virginia “Gini” Rengel Ronald Rengel Judith “Judy” Resler Gerald and Konni Hovey Linda McClurg Charles and Carole Wallgren George Rettner David and Gayle Rettner Stephen and LaVina Reuter Karen Reuter James “Jim” Reuvers Jerome L. Kern Frances Reynolds Frances Reynolds Mary and Mike Stich Shirley Ribar Nora Fitzsimmons Gerald Richard, Sr. Gerald Richard Consuelo “Joan” Richardson Joseph Richardson Mary Jo Richardson James and Anne Wandmacher Phyllis RichmanJames and Susan BennettDaniel and Amy BrittRodney and Peggy CampbellLisa CarlsonEdward CohenJoyce CoyleVicki DeMarchiAlan Gordon and Stephanie Cottle GordonMary HilgertJacqueline HillNaomi Jackson and Anita DoyleBeverly JensenDorothy JohnsonGerhard JohnsonLynette KopperudGloria KozelLaurie LarsonMargaret MillerMary Jo MullenRandy and Joy NelsonShari NewsumSusan O’DonnellJohn and Margaret PerryBerle RichmanBruce and Dayna RichmanJohn and Marjorie SchaeferDorothy StuhlfeierMilton and Barbara Torin Darlene Riehm Harold and Margaret Riehm Julia Toner Steve Riskevich Diane Riskevich Joe Riskevich Robert Ritter Alice Ritter Danny Ritz Ronald Homan Catherine “Kate” Rivers Denise Schadegg Richard J. Ziton DeNiece Roach Mary Gibbs Catherine M. Roach Kevin Thomas RoachAnonymous Donald and Georgia AweDenise BauerMark DraynaDavid FaustJohn and Jean FisherFreedom Financial PartnersDirk and Wendy HansenJames and Brenda HardyCarl HicksJ. F. Ahern Co.Christine KallaJohn and Diane KnutsonPahoua LaschingerJayme Lyke

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Our Lady of Peace47Randolph and Mary MillisCharles and Carolyn NovotnyDeeAnne PetersonRegis Class of ‘93Elizabeth Revnew WolfJoan RossiJohn SchiavoneCharlene R. SheahanKimberly and Mark SheahanJudi TeskeSusan Zukaitis Charles Roark Christopher Pollard Patricia Roark Christopher Pollard Joseph “Joe” Roberts Julie Roberts Gerald and Beverly Swanson Richard Robinson Margarita Robinson RuthAnn Robinson Amy Johnson Jessica Larkin Vivian Robinson-Hall Beatrice Hall-Ebersole William Anthony Roche, Sr. Anonymous Theresa Rochel Mary Lou Rochel Robert G. Rodger Pauline Rodger June Rodysill Mary Ann Polzin John Roedler Joan Madison Joseph Rogers III Mary Rogers Lenore Rogers Steven J. Rogers Richard Rohling Mary Kay Speggen Thomas Rohling Mary Kay Speggen Dianne Rolng Wesley C. Rolng Wes Rolng Charles and Barbara Groth Renee Romain Donna and William Borgerding Ray and Sally Gleason Pastor David Ronath Manuel and Janelyn Navarro Jayne Rose Sharon Parnell Ruth Rose Claudia Wagner Dean Ross Mary Ross Berghetta Schmidt Gary Berg Julie Ross Samuel Ross Leona Ross Melvin “Mel” Rothstein Elizabeth Rothstein Nancy Rotramel Frances and Jared Hendler Marsha Rotramel Mildred Roznick John and Sharon Roznick Carla Jane Hansen Rucker Ken Rucker Leslie Rudh Linda Gali James “Jim” Rudolph Anonymous Terrence and Annette BeaudryLeslie Bonshire, Reid, Nate and OliviaRobert and Mauri EvansSherri JohnsonKurt and Theresa LauberMary Jean LoomisJane LothDeb MaeurerColleen McCarthyTimothy Murphy and Beth Doyle MurphyMark and Margaret PospisilJe and Debbie ReinholdzLaura RubinBecky ScattergoodJulie SchmidKaren SchmidRobert and Tamara SorensonAnn StarkTheresa TostengardMark WebsterJoseph White and Jeanne Hannah-White Patricia “Pat” Rudolph Lee and Peggy Aschenbeck Ronald Rudolph and Kathleen Scholz Shirley Running Pamela and Jerey Maxa Denise Running Joan “Jo” Rusk James and Shannon Rusk Dianne RuudLinda AndersonJared BeckerJason BeckerVictoria BelloreLarry BerlandCherrie BrinkGail BungeEvelyn ChristiansonJerey and Jan DawsonStephanie DerbyF & M Community BankNels Garthus and Kerry O’Brien, Sydney and GrahamNicole GlisczinskiPaula GuerraMatthew HanleyDavid and Linda HennesseyRoss and Jenifer HornRod and Vicki JorgensonJoann MillerRichard and Jennifer NepstadMike and Darlene O’BrienThomas and Betty O’BrienMatthew and Karen QuanrudGeorge and Kay SpanglerJennifer and Je StrackScott StrackElinor Tienter Geraldine “Geri” Ryan Pamela Freske Kirsten Hargreaves Thomas Ryan Bruce Simon John and Mary Claire Ryan Judith Oberhauser Richard Ryan John Ryan Ed Rydeen Elizabeth Drucker Michael Guy Sabes Jacqueline Ryan Patricia Sable Richard Sable Tom Sacco Michael and Susan Wolney Adolf Dolek Saja Thomas and Maria Gottwalt Phyllis Sakry-Kaproth Dan Jurek Francisco Xavier Salas Mary Lou S. Salas-Jesness Leroy Salinas Sue Salinaz Yvonne Sandel Janet Wagner James “Jim” Sandfort Carrie Treptow Marion Sandstrom Linda Madera Kim M. Peterson David and Jennifer Rorick Family of Roberta Swanson Jean Sanford Richard Sanford Norbert Santoski Jerome L. Kern Michael “Mike” Sarne James and Anne Wandmacher Richard Sarne Janet Mathews Daniel Patrick Sauro Dorothy R Weber Elizabeth Weber Jennie E. Savageau Sharon Hestad Diana Schmitt Sawdey Lorna Williams Joan Scanlan Christie Corcoran William Foussard Chelsea Lawson Patrick Parker David and Margaret Schneider John Scarrella Jo Ann Scarrella Agnes Schaeppi Deborah L. Evans Deloris SchaerJohn and Kelly BeaudoinMelanie BergstedtAnthony and Jacqueline BiljanBrian and Christina BrennemanPatricia BromleyDiversied ConstructionRandy and Brenda FlicekJudy GoodellLarry and Roxann HansenJustin and Dawn Johnson

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THE JOURNEY48Russell and Betty KielmanBruce and Jill LearE. Leland and Mary Lou LindbergKirk and Diane LindbergBrent and Erin LindnerGeorgia LoeweJoyce LundellAlan and Karen MeymanFran and Pam MikacevichPatricia NolanRichard and Mary SchaerJohn and Mary Jane SperlJames and Julie StaplesJerey SteenLuella TeveldalBrian and Tonya Whitmore Sarah Schaleger Kathryn Bonomi Victoria Fodor Janet Warwick Andrew Whitmont Marie Scharber Father Michael Slusser Diane Schaum Samuel and Patricia Walker Lorraine Schaust Alice Fink Mathias “Matt” Schaust Alice Fink Steve Scherman Elizabeth Brelsford Gerald “Jerry” Scheunemann Elaine Scheunemann William and LaVerne Schifsky David and Judy Schifsky Richard “Dick” Schlegel Christian and Grace Schlegel Bud Schleusner Patricia Schleusner Helen Schlichter Diane and Ira Ro Stanley Schmeckpeper Linden Pederson Joan Schmeckpeper Anton “Tony” Schmidt Bob and Jane Madison Berghetta Schmidt Dotty Schmidt Beverly and Kevin Schulte Beverly Schmitz Marion Magnuson Veronica Schober Patrick Branigan and Patrice Schober-Branigan Margaret Schoen Douglas and Mary Schoen Clayton and Helen Schoenecker Lisa Sweeney and Scott Korzenowski William “Bill” Schoenecker Robert and Sarah Goodell Kyle and Louise Nilsen Steven Scholz Kathleen Noaeill Betty L. Schouveller Sean Schouveller Bernice Schouviller Gary and Bonnie Neunsinger Thomas “Tom” Schraad Janet Fairbanks Fred Schreiber Kathy and Wade Schowalter Richard J. Schreier, Sr. Patricia Schreier John and Judy Seibel Mathew Schreifels Diann Schreifels Donald Schroeder Albert Schroeder Mary Trauba Janice Schroeder Viola Fahrendor Linda Jambik Shirley Schroer Jerome L. Kern Terrence Schubert June Schubert Shirley Schulman Ann Schulman Jean Schulzetenberg Margaret Barrett Kenneth Schumann Greg and Maureen Maurer Judy Schwab Margaret Kuznia Robert Schwarz Gordon Schwarz Lucinda “Cindy” Sebeck Richard Meyers Melissa and Chris Nordin Eleanor Seelen Patricia Poeschel Norman and Janet Schommer Richard Seierstad Mary Lou Bolles Janelle Selid Marion Selid Alice Seline Kathryn Seline Robert Sellers Carmine Olson Kriss Senander Donald Senander Mary Senko Stanley J. Sroga Margaret “Marge” Severson Jerome L. Kern Larry Seymour Susan R. Seymour Kathleen Quirk Shannon Ellen Quirk Pahl Robert Quirk Mary Beth ShannonJonathan Anderson and Jeanne Strand AndersonPeter AndersonRay Conroe and Shannon LindsayWilliam and Susan DavernMegan de los ReyesKathleen DieyBruce DrakeSue EnglishKaren EngstromDale and Joan FreebergPhilip and Carol Ann GilmerCarol GurstelleL.D. HagenHarold and Linda HaluptzokBrigitt HegerAudrey HenningsonHelen KlugAndrew KozakKara LazarusRoger and Ellen LillemoenTimothy LindbladJoanne M. LuttrellBeverly McMahonMichael and Margaret MorseJim and Marianne MurraySandra PoehlingRachel PritchardRainer and Carol RocheleauPatrick and Patricia RyanRichard and Mary Jo RyanNancy and Steve SchugelDaniel C. ShannonNancy SkaranPeter and Mary Kay SkempTeam Calhoun Charitable TrustKaren WeibergCurt and Stacey Youngdale Robert Shay David and Deborah Spiess Gary “Red” SheaChris, Tracy and Tara BachDonald and Donna KealyLorena KlinnertMike PaulPatricia PirklLaura Wingate Michael “Mike” Sheahan Jolene and Donald Twombly Michael Shekhner Inga Oelschlager Tatyana Shekhner Inga Oelschlager Teresa Shelton Gilbert and Janet Mros Lisa Riehl Agnes and Shorty Sherman Charles and Barbara Groth Lorna Sherman Cheryl Starks Barbara Jean Shipp Cynthia and Thomas Scott Bernard Edward Shlesinger Francis and Joan Decker Leo Francis Showalter Lucille M Gouette Michael Shubat Joan E. Friske Ed Sieber Ruthann Dahm Margaret “Marge” Sieberer Mary Ann Anderson Gilbert Siedow Marvin and Margaret Siedow Jerome C. Simcoe Alverda R. Simcoe Bradley Simmons Patricia and Richard Simmons Elizabeth Simmons Barbara Fowler

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Our Lady of Peace49Phyllis Simmons Toni Simmons Ronald Simmons Toni Simmons Leon Simon Paul Homan Gordon “Gordy” Sironen Monica Leger Mary Sisterman Janet Mathews Carolyn Skala William and Joan Borchers Carol Skala Jack Skarda Darlene Goldman David Skeie Kathleen Laughlin Kathryn “Kay” Skinner Steven and Judith Wallschlaeger Heidi Lynn Skrypek Terry and Valerie Skrypek Mary Skundberg Donald and Christine Benson John Slagle Victoria Slagle Amy Elizabeth Slater Robert and Joann McNeil Lloyd Sletten Wendal and Doris Brateng Bernard and Solvei Slick Charles Harriman and Karla Slick Harriman Rose Slomba Mary Burke Charlotte Smith Mildred Lowenberg Emily Smith Steven and Susan Vnoucek George and Velma Smith Greg Smith Ira “Jim” Smith Jacqueline and Chris Lee Cassandra Smith Linda Smith Jim Smith Dennis J. Flaherty Joyce E. Smith Carole M. Mayers Mark Smith Greg Smith Michaeline “Micki” SnyderAnonymous Kathleen FinkHeidi FriedJennifer HarazinCharles and Donna HauckRon and Linda HoltDan and Catherine LanderRandolph and Suzanne LoulaWilliam and Karen McKelveyColleen MensDavid and Stacey MoeRuth MulcahyPatricia NikodymKen PetersonMark and Cheri PetersonCarol J. ReillyJohn SnyderSouth Side HockeyCarolyn SporerHerbert and Patricia StrozinskyPhillip and Elizabeth ThorkelsonJean Wol Josephine Sochko Julie Maresh Paul and Jamie Schlough Geraldine Solei Tracey Solei Julynn Solomon Deanna Solomon Gordon Solz Anita Monette Alan Soniak Joanne M. Pevovar George F Soniak Joanne M. Pevovar Gordon George Soniak Joanne M. Pevovar Valentyna “Val” Soniak Joanne M. Pevovar Patricia “Pat” Sorensen Carol Lau Floribert “Flip” Spanier Kevin and Deborah Gephart Steven W. Sperry Archie Sperry Fredrick “Fred” Sprecker Fern Vescio Janice “Jan” SrogaMr. and Mrs. Richard AshJames and Mary BachaMargaret BricknerRick BricknerDarryl and Betty CrossmanMr. and Mrs. Doug DownsAnna EllingsworthMr. and Mrs. Don FuerstenbergRosemary HusbyTom JohannesKenneth and Barbara KlecknerJune KroeningAlice LebaArthur and Marcia LowellJohn PatricelliKathy ReickMark and Kathryn SandaRichard ShupienStanley J. SrogaKathleen StowellElaine ThorstensonMarie TraverJerry Wright Mary Pat St. Marie Katherine Rogers Steven Stacey Rodney Gieser and Dolores Zick John Stackpole III Anonymous Carla Staord Eugene McMahon Lisa Sweeney and Scott Korzenowski Lowell L. Staord Lisa Sweeney and Scott Korzenowski Mary and Jerry Tillman Annie Stakowski Ann Bettenburg Ernest and Evelyn Stanislav Joseph and Pamela Stanislav Ralph Stanislav Ronald and Judith Vessey Mary Stanley Joy Cedarleaf James Staples Anonymous Harvey Stark Suzette Robinson Patricia “Patty” Stark Roxanne Krause Suzette Robinson Philip Swenson Randall Robert Stark Margaret Bauman Linda Stark Gary and Kathleen Thompson Roger Stau Kathleen Stau Eric Stechmann Kathy Stechmann Ronald “Ronnie” Steen Ann Steen Vernon Steens June M. Roessler Patricia and James Stelmach Richard and Gail Martin Pam Stelten Carl and Georgine Gansen Sharon Stendahl Coleen Kosloski Cheryl Stensvad Judy and John Rys Claude and Laura Stephenson Patricia J. Frey Gordon “Gordie” Stephenson DeWayne and Sherry Grover James and Karen Robinson Joseph Stephenson Paul Stephenson Patricia J. Frey Judith Stignani Heidi Stignani Sam Stocoo Kenneth and Janet Kneer Kathleen “Katie” Stockness Arcand Diane K. Berglund Katherine “Kathy” Stoe Mark and Cheryl McDonald Ardyce and Leroy Pillar Timothy “Stotso” Stoel Daniel Burns Nicolas and Autum Stoel William Stohl Charmaine Bing Benjamin Storey III Dan and Kristina Swanson Donald Storholm Julie Prescott Sharon Storholm Marlyn Storm Gary and Jane Storm

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THE JOURNEY50Dave Stramel Charles and Barbara Groth Kenneth Streese Thomas Strese Virginia Strese Harold C. Stromwall Allan and Carol Sallee Lenore Strub Catherine Strub Gloria “Tots” Struntz Jill Figgins Barbara Strusinski Verna and Francis Dreawves Bernard Sturgeleski Carol Sturgeleski Florian and Dorothy Mary Toner James “Jim” F. Sullivan Katherine Swaser Frances Sundberg Richard and Karen Sundberg Harriet Sundet Glen and Shirley Hanson Jo Ann Sutton Dennis Hauber Stanford “Bud” Swanson LuVerne Haberkorn Vernon Sweeney Patrick Darcy Helen L. Sweep Charles and Alice Bresnahan Shirley Swenson Deborah and Jerome Fangel Nancy Swintek-Hallinan Keely Alger Janet Syring Robert and Patricia Salstrom Edward Szostak Children’s Minnesota Amanda Szostak Lloyd Tack Cheryl Irwin Orville Tague Ronald and Lori Wolkerstorfer Lucille Talbot Thomas and Mary Lou EngelFrancis Taranto Margaret Stoick John Tartaglia Carol Barnett Lois Marie TateCarl and Kristine Maier Joan Teel Christine Teel Donald Teel Nancy Teel Jane Ann Thames Ralph and Mary Pat Davini Claudia Wagner Chue Thao Marie Fischer Gary Katzmarek May Kia Thao Richard Thavis Anonymous Absalom and Barbara Alcaraz Mary and Phil BlaisDeMar and Melody BorthLawrence and Julie BurgartDick and Susan CashmanThomas and Randy EdelsteinDorothy GeisJerome and Beth Marie GeisDon GregoryDale Gould and Colleen McCarty-GouldBarbara JacobsThomas and Julie MillerMichael and Lisa NekichPatricia N. PedersonDouglas Peterson and Terese Fink PetersonHelen PetersonSusan and Gary RobertsAlan and Paula RoigerJudith SageserMarc and Suzanne SimpsonNorbert and Lynette SmithRobert Thavis and Juliann Geis ThavisTerry ThulWilliam and Alison UtermohlenMichael and Barbara Whittington Janice Theisen Delores Theisen Elizabeth Thell Arthur J. Thell Mirriam Thell Arthur J. Thell Jim Thibault Barbara Thibault Thomas Thiers Anita and Timothy Buel George W. Thill Janet Fairbanks Nanci Thomas James and Judith Thomas Roger and Adeline “Ann” Thompson Michael and Georgina Thompson Lola Thompson Joel Olson James Thury Timothy and Linda Fugina Brian Jacobs Rick and Janis Lopez Carole Martin Irene Tillman Jacqueline Palmer Lynne Preese Herbert and Florence Timm Kenneth and Barbara Timm Susan “Sam” Tinjum Patricia Kiefner Jerey Tesch Donald T. Tix Thomas and Judith Tix Donna Tobin Wade Tobin Dolores Todd 4040 Nichols, LLC John J. Todd, Sr. Joan Waldhauser Kevan Tollefson Richard Tollefson Patrick Toner Harold and Margaret Riehm Maureen Singleton Julia Toner Kenneth Tonn Wayne and Joyce Tonn John “Jean” Torborg Jeanine and David Bonn Mary Torborg Arnold “Arnie” Torguson Judy D. Tousignant Donna Torkelson Leona Haupt Louise Torok Stephanie Wilharber Eugene “Gene” Tousignant Todd and Michele Tousignant Grampa Gene Tousignant Judy D. Tousignant Bernice Toussaint John Toussaint Norman and Alta Trapp Tom and Marlene Trapp C. William Treacy Mary and Daniel O’Keefe Connie Treiber Erin Treiber Dick Trudell Charles and Barbara Groth Sister Catherine Schoenecker Mary Trudell Michael True Monica Mitby David Tryon John and Virginia Bordeaux Jean Tschida John Tschida Judi Tsudo Richard and Sandra Coser Delores Tuckner Ronald and Clare Broos Ronald “Ron” Tupy Raytheon Technologies Craig Tupy Trish Turek Mary Cobley Patricia Kay TurgeonWilliam and Melissa CaseySteven and Heidi LarsonDouglas TurgeonWilliam and Lois TurgeonJohn and Mary Anne Wilberg John Twohy Michael Twohy James Ueltschi Beverly Wittgenstein Arthur “Tom” Ulness Mary Ann Bilotta Catherine Morrison Geraldine A. Ulness Steven Urick Jerry and Margaret DeYoung

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Our Lady of Peace51Betty and Vince Vaccaro Phil and Nancy Vaccaro Margaret Vajda Karen and Craig Hendrickson Robert and Jane Smith Ben Valtierra Mario Reyes and Gloria Deeb Reyes Karen Ann Van Alstine Anonymous Deborah and R. Christopher Lilly H. Walter Van Dyke Rosalia and Vernon Olsen Donald Van Heirseele Bonnie Ritter Jason Van Heirseele Mary Van Heirseele and Family James “Jim” Van Horn Daniel and Linda Kasuske Dean Van Hout Shirley Van Hout Robert “Bob” Van Hout Shirley Van Hout Jerey Van Tassel Kathie Wunderlich Michael L. Vanda Michael and Raye Anne Vanda Maxine VanderhoRyan and Adriane LorsungJohn and Mary Jo OrenLolita PiscitelloMargaret VanderhoBobbi, Tammi, Jill, and Jennifer Wilf Arlene “Snook” Vannelli Camille Olzenak David Vanneste Richard Vanneste and Linda Manfre Lorraine Varness Catherine Borries Diane Borries Family of Lorraine Varness Timothy Rush Muriel Vaughan Linda Zelada Janet Marie Vavra Eugene Vavra Earl Howard Veeder Cassandra Veeder Alice Veiman Jacqueline VeimanGregory Vener Susan Murray Robert Tiller Daniel Vener Lidvina Vener Robert Vereen Lisa Garabedian Frederick “Fred” Vescio Bruce and Kim Leitheiser Fern Vescio David Vikre Michelle Vikre Gertrude Villnow Stacy Baecker Allen Voelz Christopher and Debra Skaalen Valarie Voelz Clara Vong Anonymous Rosalie VoPava Mark and Bonita Rekucki Suzanne Strand Mary VoPava Marty VoPava Michael Vruno Debbie Flick Bonnie and John Treacy Bonnie Vruno Savina Vukelich Patty and Gene Mandler John and Linda Vukelich Charles WagenknechtRoger and Carol BrinkKaren ChristensenMarsha DavidsonTerry and Barbara KallinNancy KjarPeter and Peg NasvikKay OstertagGerald and Darlene PhillippiThomas StremskiDiane WagenknechtBartley and Joanne Zehnder James Wagner James G. Wagner Ruth Wagner Mary Kay Crosby Donna Mae Wakeeld Laura Wakeeld Wallace “Wally” and Donna Wakeeld Bonnie Wakeeld Curtis Walker Kate Moore NGCOA Canada Florence Walker Janet Fuchs Stanley and Caroline Walkosz Tom and Marlene Trapp John E. Walkowiak Mable R. Walkowiak Kenneth Wallace John and Susan Wallace Thomas Wallerus Catherine Wallerus Christopher Walsh Carole M. Mayers Dolores Walsh Harold Walsh Fran Walsh Marlene and Patrick Walsh Jerome “Jerry” Walsh Frances G. Lamm Marty Walsh, Sr. Marlene and Patrick Walsh Marty Walsh Marlene and Patrick Walsh Steve Walsh Paul Homan Jill Walstead Doherty Anonymous Richard Walters Janet Walters Michael Waltz Iris Katzke Hortense Walz Peter and Arlene Frie Henry “Hank” Wander Cheryl Seifert Norma Wandersee Alice Fink Gary Wannebo Joyce Johnson Lawrence “Larry” Ward Nancy Georgi Franklin WarnerJoe and Vicki DodsonDean and Betty GrotjohnDennis and Jacque HooverKaren KeslRaymond Kreps and Ruth Dickerson-KrepsMark NiznikMarilyn OlsonStephen and Nancy OlsonAlan and Judith PotterJudith SchillingWidows and Widowers Circle of FriendsDianne Wolf Ray Warner Phyllis DeLisi Timothy Warner Franklin Warner John Watson Kathleen A. Watson Edward Wawack Kevin and Rita Hamernick Mary Ann WawackMark and Mary Ann CasciNichole ClarkinPaul and Anna DeareyDonna EarhartKevin and Rita HamernickMichael KroisAndrew and Katie NathLois OasPremier BankDonald B. ReganPatrick and Mary ReganDennis and Donna RondeauDavid StiMichael and Mary ThompsonJohn and Deborah Wawack Vivan Week Carolyn MalkowGladys Weeks Barbara Kreuscher John “Steve” Weeks Karen Weeks Robert James Wegleitner Kevin Scott and Mary Petrie Frank Weides Mark and Margaret Pospisil Helen Weides Frank and Helen Weides Rose Mary Byrne Mark and Margaret Pospisil Helen Budde WeidesMark AndersonElizabeth BeltaosPaige BergMary Kay Bitton

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THE JOURNEY52Joani BorowskiEd and Gina BuddeFrederic and Linda Budde - Anna, Michael, AnroniaLisa BurchRose Mary ByrneJoseph and Margaret CallanCheryl CarlsonJoanne C. CarrollNancy Cleveland and Tom MulcahyJeanne ConantHelen CorkranMary and Merlin DavisMargaretha ErtlAndre Dube and Charlie GrandJohn and Kathleen EricksonHubert FernandezKevin and Judith FitchGeorgina FranaBruce and Christine FrankJulia FrenzelRay and Sally GleasonRose Marie GramJohn and Kirsti GroessGeorge and Margaret HallKeith and Kristin HansenWayne and Marjorie HergottGeraldine HodgsonMargaret HoecherlAnn HomanN. David and Jeanette HonnigfordKathryn HookerJoyce HowesLuke and Michelle JohnsonMatt KanePolly KilgoreJudith KingDonna KlotzFrances G. LammDennis and Jean LeeHelen LiddiardTed and Kathleen MartinJoan McCoyDiane Meskan Schwecke and Marlys MeskanVi MilanRobert MilskeJoan MoattMatthew and Tracy MoosbruggerJanice and Timothy MulcahyGregory and Lorrie OasheimDaniel O’Brien and Catherine DolanElizabeth and Roger O’DanielBruce and Donna OhmePatricia A. PedersenConnie and Jack PelnerJuan and Kim PerezMargaret PerrierBeth and Edward PicardMark and Margaret PospisilKevin and Karla RawayBrenda ReesKaye RichardsonPatricia RothE. Peter RutledgeEileen ScallenSophie SiebertAmy SmithSteven and Shelley SnedekerJames and Joan SoholtWilliam and Debbera SpeeterGinny Speeter WippelCathy SteinhagenJoseph and Therese SullivanJoy Svoboda and Kurt DvorakVicki SwanJulie ThompsonMary and Jerry TillmanPaul and Sarah TrotterJewel TurcotteAshleigh and Daniel VarleyBruce, Ritalee and Winifred WaltersMary WehrheimTodd and Kathryn WhiteMary Jo WolfJoan ZenisekLisa ZenisekDaniel and Madolane Zydowicz Hilbert “Herb” Weiner Jane WeinerAdrian and Germain Weis Frank and Jill Weis Germaine Weis Eileen Janke Lyndsey Elizabeth Weller Elizabeth Minogue Sally Wells Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation John Wendland Alex and Sharon Frick John Wendland James Wento Elizabeth Drucker Richard Wepplo Ernest and Bonnie Wepplo Angeline Werth Terrence and Rita Werth Elizabeth “Beth” West Steve and Carolyn Pasket Family of Elizabeth West Mark Westerman Peggy Westerman Dean Westlund Pat Kissell Dorothy Vetsch Annie Westlund Dale and Sandra Westlund Charles Wetherall Eloise WetherallChester Whaley Janet and Keith Thomas Carol Whaley Jean Ann Wherland Patricia and Robert Trombley Carol Whitcome Robert and Mary Noble Charles and Carolyn Novotny Julie Rees Alison Whitcome-Noble and Andrew Noble Bonnie White W.J. and Judith Easterly Carol Felber Margaret Sandberg Harry White Patricia White Susan White Shirley Starner Leona Whitmer Kenneth and Esther Gorlinsky John Wickham Suzanne and Michael Wickham Mattie Widen Ralph and Rebecca Anderson Dannie and Mavis Gomez Anne Gottwalt Ladonna Hallberg-Sook Rhonda Isaacs Larry and Marjorie Jablinski Mary Jones-Morris Lowery and Mary Ann Smith Ann Wilken Edouarda Opatrny Mary Opatrny Jean Opatrny Shirley Willenbring Harvey and Meg Blonigen Robert and Judith Kale Joan Robertson Bartley and Joanne Zehnder Dave Williams Carol Kalan Jerome T. Williams Paul and Catherine Snyder Linda Kay Williams Darlinda Alexander Margie Williams Robert Williams Ruth J. Williams Mark Lyons Robert “Bob” Willwerscheid Jody and Steve Anderly Donald R. Wilsey, Jr. Donald Blume Karen Larson Ella Wilsey Alexander Wilson Patricia Wilson Charlotte “Char” Wilson Ronnie and Denise Janson Rose Marie Preimesberger Frank Joseph Windisch Mary Jean Loomis Bill Winn Nora Galvin and Jeanine Pearson Don Winslow Dan Winslow Fancy Winslow Frank Winsor Linda Winsor and Andrew Prokop Janice “Jan” Winstead Susan Ingram Earl Lindanger Mechthild Lindsay James Winstead Marjory Winterer Benjamin and Cheryl Schultz Claudia Wagner Jerome “Jerry” Winters Avona Winters Mary Wirl Daniel Lynch Wiliiam WisenErma CarlsonArne and Carol KleppeStanley and Donna ParryDouglas and Kathy RaschLinda and Steven SventekRobert and Crystal Wisen Mother of Patricia Witt Judy Litman Rene Woessner Lana Albrecht Ann Kline Rose Marie Preimesberger Sherri Wolf Kenneth and Lisa Rosen Marshall Samuels Leona Wol Marilyn Wol

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Our Lady of Peace53Helen Wollett Tom and Jenny Essen Margaret “Peg” Wolters Thomas and Sara Grode Carole M. Mayers Mary Kay Rottach Barbara Wood Michael and Pamela Wood Shirley Woods Maloney Melissa Sauerwein Martin “Marty” Wright Varsha Nagarsenker and Rajeev Shrestha Sandra Wright Wendy and James Willett Shirley Wuetherich Agnes Zawada Paul Yackel Rossi Clem Yarusso, Lombardi and Lenzi Families Francyne Yarusso George Yoshida George and Susan Yoshida Jurce Youngbird Kenneth and Lora Mae Norstrem Karen Youngdahl Mark Hiemenz Alan Olson Barbara Zabel Terry Holmgren Eleanor Zabito Alan and Cheryl Kaup Mary Ann Kothe Robert E. Zastera Sophie Zastera Ray Zawada Agnes Zawada John Zdechlik Joyce Falteisek Bruce ZellmerJarald and Charlette BensonJoan BisekJuanita BookshRandal and Kathy FelchBrian FindlayEric ForbesChuck and Sharon HagerMarge HutsellMary Ann KettlerJim and Sandy MassothDella PribnowBob and Janice RapackeGeorge RichardMarlene RichardSharon TockoGayle WalkerNancy WeirMartha Zellmer Carl Zenker Paula Zenker LuVerne Zieman Gene Zieman George Zirnhelt James and Michele Kolar Mark Zuber James Shubert John Zurawski Richard and Marietta Dreher Colin and Lisa McKeown Darlene Zurawski Joan Kammerer Zwart Diana Kammerer Arleda ZylaAnonymous Mark and Cynthia BialonRichard and Sharon CoenThomas and Robyn ColbertConnexus Credit UnionLorraine GlaizerWilliam and Katherine HamlinEugene and Joyce HaselmannRichard and Caroline KaselKerkow and AssociatesDeborah and Christopher KrierHerbert and Shirley LardyKaren LeMay and Mike MeyersJames and Kay LovelandDonald and Karen MickelsonCynthia NippEd and Nancy SolomonThomas and Linda TourvilleScott and Kathleen WardJohn and Debra ZylaPaul and Monica ZylaAll who have gone Shirley WaldvogelOur Lady of Peace Care Fund ($2,500+)Michael BussJeremy EbyDebbie FlickJames HanniganAaron HansonGlen and Shirley HansonDennis HauberCharles and Mary JungmannFrancis KennedyMarie MondoRonald Rudolph and Kathleen ScholzBonnie and John TreacyJack and Jane WhitefordJames WinsteadDeborah WoodburnSpring AppealJane AdamsonDiane AlitzRoseanne M. AndersonChris AngierLee and Peggy AschenbeckMichael and Mary Jo BaglioLynn BerresPatricia BlaskowskiMary Ann BlechingerKaren BlyJulie BodenJanice BolinJane BrantsegWilliam and Corrine BrengmanSteve BringeJoseph BrooksHelen K. BrownKathleen and Carl BuraglioRachel BurgessJoseph BuschRobert BuschRose Mary ByrnePauline M. CarlsonDick and Susan CashmanConstance ChariparGary ChristensenLawrence and Patricia ClemensElizabeth CochraneWayne and Sandra ColemanVicki CorriganPatricia A. CurtisRuthann DahmAnatalia DeLaoSteve DemzukToni DeRosier and Jerry HertelJoseph DeuhsPhilip and Linda DeZelarBarbara DicksonMary DingerKathleen Driscoll HellenMr. and Mrs. James DuroseDavid EarenghtSandra S. ElmstromRoberta EricksonJames and Raeleen EsserArthur B. EttlDeborah L. EvansDavid and Lorraine FaitJohn and Valerie FerrianMavis FisherCarol T. FisherElizabeth Frenzel JonesPatricia J. FreyLawrence FriedlJanet FuchsJohn and Patricia GaertnerDuane GantzKaren GemzaChristopher and Cheryl GibbonsDonna GieskeLynn and Joan GilbertsonShirley GilmoreJoan GriepThomas and Sara GrodeEsther GuzikMichael HaleWilliam and Katherine HamlinChristina and Gary HanauskaPatricia HasseCatherine HealyWalton HeuerMary HilgertDeloros D. HobroughSharon HogensonKathryn HookerAnthony and Nancy InserraDonald JacksonDonald JohnsonCaroline and Mark JohnsonDon JohnsonEvelyn T. JorgensenSandra JosephsRichard and Caroline KaselDaniel and Linda KasuskeMary and William KeeferEdward KeenanMary Jane and Gary KeilenKathleen and Thomas KeithMargaret KelschLarry and Gretchen KimuraRosemary and Dennis KingBernard and Mary KleinMelvin KnopsBarbara KnotzAnne KossRosemary KostohryzMichael and Kimberly KotsmithJeanette KruegerJudith KsepkaJames and Linda LamontKurt and Theresa LauberNorma LearyDavid LeitzkeArlene LeydenVirginia M. LiebigJanet LienRalph LionettiRobert J. LogelinPaul and Dellavon LongenMary Jean LoomisDoris LothropDorothy LuskeyPatricia MaiettaJohn Mathson and Kaci OsengaKay and Allen McAloneyWilliam and Pamela McAuleyDick and Regina McCarthyMargaret and Lawrence McCarthyEugene McMahonFrancis and Dorothy McMahonEileen McNamaraDean MealeyFranz and Carol MetzgerMonica MitbyJohn Moeller

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THE JOURNEY54George R. MontourPaul and Shirley MoriartyJohn MurphyDean and Ann MyranEarl NashKaren NelsonDianne NemoMary Lou NicosiaClara NoeDolores NovotnyColleen OlsenEmmelie and Norman OlsonMargie OlsonNancy OlsonGlenn and Janet OsterAnnette PantelPatrick ParkerRobert and Lorraine PellerCheryl and Michael PfeierTom PoeschlMark and Margaret PospisilMary PostonAnita and Duayne ProehlThomas QuinnDavid RadermacherHarvey and Ileane RamlowDuane and Rita RankePierre and Judith RegnierGary and Gorganne ReiersonDenise L ReuterLisa RiehlAlice RitterJoan RobertsonMargarita RobinsonWesley RolngJulie RossJames and Sandra RueckerJerome RupkusTimothy RushMelvin and Mary Ann SaignSue SalinazGloria SandbergLisa and Patrick SchatzDavid and Judy SchifskyChristian and Grace SchlegelJack and Judith SchlukebierJoseph and Mary Ann SchwebelMary W. SchwietzerCheryl SeifertSteven and Linda SetterlundPatricia and Richard SimmonsRobert and Jane SmithLaura SpackLouis StefanichMary StormsJoan StoutVirginia StreseCarol SturgeleskiGerald and Beverly SwansonNancy TeelCharlene ThoemkeJanet ThompsonMichael and Georgina ThompsonMary TonerMary TorborgJohn TschidaEugene VavraJohn and Mary Lou VolkBonnie WakeeldFrank and Jill WeisEloise WetherallMary WiblishauserDolores WigginRobert WilliamsFancy WinslowLaurel WinsorThe Wasie Challenge:Sister ActGeraldine AbbottGordon and Leslie AmundsonScott BabouNancy Baker and Dan OlsonBryan and Molly BaldwinKathleen and Dave BauerfeldRonald and Catharine BerqualEllen BialesLouise BillietSarah BjorklundJudith BlanchardLaurel BoergerCatherine BorerDiane BudzienMary and David BurrillDave BurtmanPeter and Mary CermakWilliam and Theresa ChandlerConstance ChariparChurch of Saint Mark Council of Catholic WomenChurch of Saint Matthew Rosary and CCWPatricia Cirino-LauthGreg and Debra Crane-LancePatrick M. CullenSusan DiekragerMichael EggerthEllen EichtenJonathan EllisSpencer and Christine EngebretsonMariann EricksonAudrey M. EricksonTom and Jenny EssenLouise FesterPatricia Fienhage WerdenMary FranklinJude and Jim FrankoCharity FrettyThomas and Linda GoodenHendrie GrantThomas and Kristy GriepCharles and Barbara GrothBrenda GundersonLuAnn GustafsonBirgit HaagensonMargaret HarrerMarikaye HatcherTeresa and Steve HawkinsBeverly and John HillLarry Hill and Mary Sherman-HillSusan HofstadGeraldine HohnDonald HollyHoly Name A.C.C.W.Ross HuelsterJanet and Glen JohnsonPatricia and George JohnsonFather Jan Michael JoncasStephen KaneDavid and Karen KargesRachel Kaul and Bill PalmquistCarol KeehnSam and Gladys KimThomas and Emily KoenigRichard and Barbara KraftJames and Trish KraskyRoxanne KrauseLakeville Knights of Columbus Council #8367F. Thomas and Carol LannersChristopher LaValleMatthew LawrenceJacqueline and Chris LeeOtto and Dorothy LeitnerRebekah LemkeJudy LibertusRachel LimonMichael and Karen LinnRodney and Eloise LoeerKathryn LovePatricia MalinowskyJohn and Minnie ManciniMankato Eagles #269 and AuxiliaryAlan MarcovecchioCarole M. MayersJohn and Mary McGuiganLynnette McIntireAnne McKechnieSusan McShaneDarla MillerKatherine MillerConnie MillerMargaret and Kenneth ModeenRobert and Karen MosingRobert and Margaret MunanePatrick and Marianne NewellCathleen and Nathan NobleElizabeth NoelGlenn NorstremKaren NybergJudith OberhauserJoseph OdenNatalie OlsenPamela OrrGregory OsterbauerMarc PaveglioKent PearsonDorrie PloofMark and Margaret PospisilToni PruittRichard RedingBonnie and Donald ReederVicky ReichowGary and Gorganne ReiersonMark and Bonita RekuckiDenise L ReuterJoe RiskevichSonya RomensRosary and Altar Society of St. Albert’s ChurchMary RossTom Rowan and Maria Jose MartinLisa RuettenSaint Adalbert’s Rosary SocietySaint Paul and Minnesota FoundationRobert SampsonKristine SchaeferLisa and Patrick SchatzJe SchlesingerJudy SellKimberly and Mark SheahanNancy SkutaGreg SmithMary and Steven StrafeldaRichard and Karen SundbergPhilip SwensonDouglas and Angela SwetlandJacqueline TagueThe Wasie FoundationJames and Judith ThomasDebbie ThompsonWade TobinMs. Carol ToninatoJohn and Bonnie TreacyLinda and Thomas TroskeyTurek FamilyGeorge TurnerPhil and Nancy VaccaroRobert VereenMichelle VikreClaudia WagnerDonna WalsethDeborah WarrenTheresa WatschkeHelen WeidesChristopher WhitingBob and Paula WinsorRonald and Lori WolkerstorferCorrine ZilgeWeddingsRon Rudolph and Kathleen Scholz Kenneth and Janet Kneer Peggy Russell A special thanks to the talented team of writer, Christina Capecchi, and designer, Christina Mahady, who created this publication. We are grateful for your gifts and grace.

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Our Lady of Peace55Their legacy.Every person leaves their mark, a legacy that lives on long after moving from this world. Our Lady of Peace’s In-Home Hospice, Home Health Care, and Residential Hospice services provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you need to ensure your loved one can live well...always. HOSPICE & HOME HEALTH CARELEARN MORE ATHospiceMN.com2076 ST. ANTHONY AVENUE — SAINT PAUL, MN 55104 // 651.789.5030 // OURLADYOFPEACEMN.ORGYour peace of mind.Our empathy.IN-HOME HOSPICEEnd-of-life carewherever home may be.HOME HEALTH CAREPost-op, wound, andpalliative care at home.RESIDENTIAL HOSPICEHospice care in our21-bed residence in St. Paul.

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