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The Journey 2022 Edition

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THE JOURNEY2We are grateful that Our Lady of Peace has successfully met the challenges of the past two years. This success is not surprising, given our founding during one of our nation’s darkest days, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the onset of World War II in 1941. Even further back, our foundress, Rose Hawthorne, overcame personal tragedy to open a home for poor cancer patients in New York City’s Lower East Side and her successors opened six other Homes including ours in St. Paul. One could say that great challenges push us harder and we persevere. While great challenges require great response, we may undervalue the thousands of small challenges our sta and volunteers overcome daily. Our Community and Home Care nurses provide compassionate care to many every day in their homes. Our Block Nurse Program helps many area seniors continue to live independently. Our Residence sta deal with disruptions from ongoing construction and continue Rose Hawthorne’s legacy of compassion to their patients around the clock. These individual acts compound to create innumerable blessings. We believe our mission was assigned to us by God, and for more than eight decades, our mission has persisted. It is not easy to turn away from Him. We have resisted the temptation to rely on others to do our work, to believe that bigger is better. And so we search out ways to improve, like creating all private rooms and partnering with others to provide for underserved communities. We know we can count on your continued support, and so we say thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow. A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE ON RECENT CHALLENGESJOE STANISLAV AND JIM MILLERJoe StanislavJim MillerOur Lady of Peace BOARD MEMBERSJames Miller, Chairperson John Zobel, Vice-ChairMark Meyer, TreasurerGregory Cash, SecretaryAnnastacia Belladonna-CarreraDouglas J. BruceRichard EastonTom KlasDr. Tria Lor Fr. John MaloneJim Olsen Deborah PaoneKelly Regan Angie SwetlandCarrie TreptowJoseph Stanislav, President & CEO (non-voting)

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Our Lady of Peace3It was an evening of laughter, joy, reminiscing and looking to the future as more than 400 people gathered at Woulfe Alumni Hall on the University of Saint Thomas campus to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Our Lady of Peace Hospice.The gala event, chaired by John and Bonnie Treacy, started with a lively social hour followed by dinner and entertainment from comedian Bob Stromberg. Entertainment was also provided throughout the evening by a team of multi-talented priests including Fr. John Forliti at the piano and Fr. John Malone, Fr. Joe Gillespie and Fr. Paul Treacy behind the mics. The highlight of the evening was the surprise announcement of a $100,000 match given by a generous donor in memory of her twin brother.We are thrilled to report that proceeds exceeded our initial goal and will help restore our much-loved Chapel and provide funding for patient care and general operating expenses. Our thanks to everyone who made this evening so special. We are grateful for your dedication to our mission.A special thanks to our Event Sponsor, The OAK Foundation.CELEBRATING THE JOURNEY; HONORING OUR LEGACYFor more photos of the event, please turn to page 4. Additional photos are available at our website, Click on “Events” in the Main Menu, then select “Gala” to view our online gallery.All donors who contributed gifts to the 80th Anniversary Gala will appear in the 2023 edition of The Journey.

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Our Lady of Peace5Thank you to our Sponsors!Event SponsorsSally & Cargill MacMillan IIIDiamond SponsorsThe Family of Betty and Deborah DawsonDennis HoelscherThe Family of Diane Patricia OndreyGold SponsorsTimothy CrossetRod FrieseThomas McKeown & Mary Cullen McKeownJohn and Bonnie TreacySilver SponsorsMark and Meg PopisilDebbie ReynoldsThe Family of Karen Ann SundbergFamily & FriendsHal and Karen BrownKelli CassidyPeter Honsa and Joanne HenseJerome L. KernThe Klas FamilyThe Kohner FamilyThe Family of Bert McKasyJim Olsen and Carolyn GanzWilliam and Julie PerryProgressive Packaging, Inc.Robert Thavis and Juliann Geis Thavis/Douglas and Terese PetersonThe Vruno FamilyJohn and Claire Zobel

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THE JOURNEY6Providing Our Lady of Peace’s signature end-of-life care in the comfort of one’s home is the aim of its dynamic Community Hospice and Home Health Care program. Once a little-known gem, the program is now 21 years old and growing in recognition across the Twin Cities. Director Nancy Larson credits her outstanding sta and the eorts of a marketing and community liaison team. “We currently get more than 15 to 20 percent of our new Community Hospice referrals from people who had heard about us from a friend or family member,” she said. The marketing team provides education to various church groups, professional organizations and healthcare providers, emphasizing the various programs that OLP provides. Amassing more than 4,000 Facebook followers has been another way to share information about events and services with the broader community. Director of Marketing and Communications John Henry Hullsiek led an eort to unify Our Lady of Peace’s brand and create a new website. He worked closely with Kathy Wedemeyer, OLP’s talented community outreach advocate.“The model was not to be a sales organization and be true to our core values of compassionate care,” Hullsiek said. “Our success ows from the bottom to the top with good communication. We seek input from all sectors of our OLP team.” In her outreach, Larson is quick to remind people that hospice care is a benet that most Medicare and insurances oer – and it can be delivered wherever people call home. They can choose Our Lady of Peace. “Consumers have a voice and choice in selecting their Home Care and Hospice providers, even if their clinic directs their care within a health system,” she said. The feedback she gets on her sta is incredibly positive. “OLP Community Hospice and Home Care sta members are uniformly committed to being patient advocates and helping those we care for identify and reach their goals,” Larson said. “They work toward achieving those goals through thoughtful collaboration among their various team members. I appreciate that they are as kind to each other as they are to the patients and families they care for.” She notices this across the sta, which consists of 11 RNs, four full-time social workers, one casual social worker, three full-time chaplains, three casual chaplains, six nurses’ aides and a three-person bereavement department. The hospice sta also includes three massage therapists, four music therapists and three healing touch practitioners whose gentle touch bring peace and comfort to those nearing death. They embrace Our Lady’s mission – now 80 years in the making. “Mission-focused work is certainly a contributing factor to our success and helps guide our decisions on a day-to-day basis,” Larson said. “I also see our success as coming from our organization’s leadership that does not emphasize rapid growth or expansion but rather has the goal of purposeful growth within our capabilities.” HOW OUR LADY’S COMMUNITY HOME-HEALTH SERVICES HAVE FLOURISHED HOME HEALTHCARESheri L. (right), a Home Health Aide on the Community Hospice and Home Health Care sta, greets a patient. To learn more about a few of our special staff members, please see page 7.

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Our Lady of Peace7Amy Koehler-Killeen, Medical Social Worker/Licensed Independent Clinical Social WorkerYears on sta: 5What do you enjoy most about the job? I love the variety of work I do. I see patients in the community, help with admissions in the hospice home, and also work in the grief support department. Every day is dierent. One day I might be meeting families in their own homes, the next I am co-facilitating a support group or coordinating our Teddy Bear program. I truly enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. End of life is hard and if I can provide emotional support, or help make a caregivers day a little easier, that is so rewarding. What have you learned on the job? I have learned despite similarities, behind the scenes each family unit is completely unique. I love learning the diverse experiences, challenges and accomplishments that have inuenced the family. They all have their own stories and it’s important to meet them where they are at. What advice do you oer to families preparing for the death of a loved one? Accept help and be specic about your needs. Go easy on yourself. No one person can do it all, we are all human, we all do the best with where we are at. What’s your favorite hobby or pastime? Crocheting, reading and camping with my family in our RV!Brian Kroeger, Chaplain Years on sta: 3 What do you enjoy most about the job? The people I work with, the patients I get to visit and the wonderful, supportive sta. What have you learned on the job? I have learned, through rsthand experience, a more nuanced understanding of various religious traditions and how they each utilized unique theological interpretations when trying to make sense of the ineable. What advice do you oer to families preparing for the death of a loved one? It’s not a one size ts all. It depends on the family and where are they in their grief process. However, if I had to give a pithy answer to this question I’d say, “Death is a reality we all must face; the more we are prepared to accept the reality of it, the more at peace we will be when it comes.” What’s the best book you’ve read this year? “Maus”, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman.What’s your favorite hobby or pastime? I like to build tiny scale models of things and make them look as realistic as I possibly can. For more about Brian, please turn to page 8. Vicki Hagen, RN Case ManagerYears on sta: 1What do you enjoy most about the job? What I enjoy most about my position is building trusting relationships with patients and families.What have you learned on the job? I feel I continue to learn something new each day. Education from our physicians and pharmacist is invaluable.What advice do you oer to families preparing for the death of a loved one? Advice I give to families-to cherish the time you have together. Many patients have diculties sleeping at night, take those special moments/opportunities to talk, share what you are feeling. Always tell your loved one how much they mean to you. What’s your favorite hobby or pastime? Traveling – especially somewhere warm. I also enjoy renovating homes. MEET THE STAFFGET TO KNOW THREE AMAZING MEMBERS OF OUR LADY OF PEACE’S COMMUNITY HOSPICE AND HOME HEALTH CARE PROGRAM

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THE JOURNEY8SISTERS’ CORNERMEET SISTER METTY“...whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” -Matthew 25:40 I have been serving at Our Lady of Peace Home for 11 years. I belong to the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, which was founded in Kerala, India. Our order follows the examples of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi by striving to spread the Gospel message through a life of prayer, service and community living. I joined the congregation in 1981 and made it my profession in 1984.I am from a strong Catholic family. We went to Mass every day and had family prayers in the evening. By seeing Catholic Sisters and spending time with them – many were my cousins – I developed a strong desire to become a nun and felt that God was calling me.Before coming to the United States, I worked as a nurse – RN/BSN – for 21 years in urgent care, pediatrics, orthopedics, and labor and delivery. I assumed leadership roles as a nursing supervisor.When I’m not caring for patients, I like to spend time in prayer and silent reection. I also enjoy gardening. “I was sick and you cared for me.” -Matthew 25:36When I am working at Our Lady of Peace, this is the Bible verse that leads me every day. I am so happy to work here because I am able to strengthen my faith by participating in Holy Mass and prayers. I can share Jesus’ love, care and concern for all people I meet every day, especially the sick and dying.‘LIFE FEELS MORE LIKE A WORK OF ART’For Chaplain Brian Kroeger, building miniature models is more than a hobby – it’s a spiritual exercise. “My hobby is a meditation on attention to detail,” he said. “It’s a physical practice that helps me remember the need for slowing down and having a laser-like focus on what I am doing in the present moment.” It’s made him a better chaplain. “This translates to the many times when I am sitting with a patient or family member and as they are speaking my thoughts might want to drift o to what I will say in response or a memory of something in my life that is similar to what they are saying, and I am better able to remind myself that I am here now, doing this craft of active listening,” he said. “Painting tiny things serves as a reminder that tiny details can be very important. Additionally, the painting of tiny things often requires more than one layer of paint, and the direction of the brush strokes with each layer is important – it’s like sculpting. This correlates with the way a chaplain sculpts dialogue with a patient, saying only what I think the person can tolerate emotionally in this visit and then adding to it in the next visit as needed.” Visually, the choice of paint inspires big-picture reection. “There is an art of putting darker colors in the recesses, base color on the surfaces and brighter highlights on the edges. This translates into the way we make meaning in our lives. If we can sort the darkness to accentuate the light, life feels more like a work of art, with joy and sorrow coming together to create the nal product – something of beauty.”

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Our Lady of Peace9Mavis Thunder doesn’t inch when she talks about death. There is a peace about her. Death, she believes, is the next step in her journey. It will happen at the right time, reuniting her with those who have gone before her. This certainty is part of her Ojibwe culture and a reection of her gentle, intuitive spirituality. While some people spend their nal days in agony, she feels her experience has been completely dierent, thanks largely to the Our Lady of Peace Community Hospice. “I’m doing it my way,” she says.The 65-year-old was born on the White Earth Reservation in northwestern Minnesota. She split her childhood years between South Minneapolis and the reservation. The girl with the deep brown eyes had a striking presence, earning her the nickname “Mythical Mavis.” There was thunder in her eyes and something other-worldly – a strength and a beauty. Her teachers described her as a leader among her peers. At times Mavis was subject to discrimination due to her Ojibwe heritage. Her mother, who had endured even more abuses as a child forced to assimilate into white culture, held her ground. She advocated for her family and helped convince voters to support programming for school children. She rallied others and made a dierence.“It’s kind of like blowing up a balloon and blowing one breath in it,” Mavis says. “Everyone else put their breath in it too.” Along the way, she learned to embrace her heritage. “I feel proud to be Ojibwe. I’m a survivor. My people survived and they made the children stronger by surviving what they had gone through.” Early on, Mavis found an outlet in the arts. She learned to sew by watching her grandma, making star quilts and doll quilts. With ve sisters, she quips, there were “a lot of dolls that needed clothes.” She devoted many years to teaching beadwork. She also enjoyed working at a bar. Getting people to open up and learning their stories was endlessly interesting. ‘Meant to be friends’With the bad news that cancer was progressing in her body – cholangiocarcinoma with abdominal metastasis – came some good fortune: Mavis connected with Our Lady of Peace Community Hospice and Home Care. Clincal Nurse Educator Janie Sydor has become her trusted ally, helping her navigate all the trials and triumphs of her nal months. Janie helped Mavis return to the reservation to check on her house. Mavis shared the Anishinaabe custom of making way moccasins, which are handmade by a person nearing death (or someone close to them) and worn only after they die to help them walk the journey home. With a little help from friends, Janie was able to contact an indigenous woman, Deanna, who shared the pattern for the moccasins as well as an oering of soft deer hide. During their time together, Janie was able to help Mavis begin the work on her moccasins. (Continued on page 10)HANDMADE MOCCASINS FOR THE FINAL JOURNEY PATIENT PROFILEFor OLP Community Hospice nurse, Janie Sydor,RN (left) time spent caring for patient, Mavis Thunder, was a gift.

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THE JOURNEY10Behind the scenes at Our Lady of Peace, there is always an element of tension surrounding the annual Buttery Release. Will the weather cooperate? Last year, the answer was an unequivocal no. With a late afternoon forecast for thunder showers and 60 mph winds, the main event was canceled at noon and OLP sta scrambled to ensure a safe send-o for the monarchs before the storms began brewing. Members from all departments – housekeeping, grounds crew, facility maintenance, nursing, kitchen services and administration – quickly gathered in the courtyard for an impromptu ceremony. This unexpected opportunity to gather as co-workers and focus on the symbolism of the Buttery Release was a meaningful reminder of what an honor it is to care for patients and their families at the end of life.BUTTERFLY RELEASE(Patient prole continued from page 9)“She makes it happen!” Mavis says. “It feels like we’re meant to be friends.” For her part, Janie says time spent with Mavis has been a gift. “She’s a really good person. You can just tell her heart.” Mavis accepts the compliment comfortably. “That’s how I am on the inside. A lot of it has to do with being Ojibwe.” Her response to death is commendable, Janie tells her. “I think you’re a model of being peaceful and accepting.” Mavis smiles. “I wish everybody could have a Janie and have this hospice. It really helps. I’ve never had cancer before. I’ve seen a lot of people who did and it was pitiful,” she says. “With Janie and hospice, I don’t feel that way at all.” Then she casts her eyes up at the heavy grey clouds. “Oh, it’s going to rain, isn’t it?”As if on cue, rain drops begin to fall. Mavis is ready. She stands up to head home, pausing at the corner to pet a dog walking by right as she passes. Once she is inside, the rain stops. It is the lightest of rains, and it is enough. Editor’s note: Since its inception Our Lady of Peace has embraced all people from all walks of life. Its diversity is part of the very fabric of its being. This was the vision of Rose Hawthorne – a hospice whose Catholic mission recognizes the inherent dignity of all. That tradition continues today. The OLP sta makes a point to honor the faith tradition, background and culture of each patient. This story is one example of how they do that.

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Our Lady of Peace11A garden party on the grounds at Our Lady of Peace marked the 12th annual Friends of Our Lady Luncheon fundraising event. After relying on video presentations to keep our luncheon tradition going strong during the worst of the Covid years, we were determined to gather in person for spring 2022 and heading outdoors was a safe compromise. We were thrilled with the turn-out and thank our loyal donors for hanging in there with us as we found new ways to celebrate. BUTTERFLY RELEASEIn the stillness of a bitter December night, hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight service to honor the 80th anniversary of Our Lady of Peace. Stars lit up the face of the Home representing thousands of souls cared for at OLP since its founding on December 7, 1941. Music was provided by members of the Minnesota Chorale who sang while guests lit candles ofremembrance.CANDLELIGHT CEREMONYFRIENDS OF OUR LADY LUNCHEONTHANK YOU! Thank you to our 2022 Our Lady of Peace Luncheon Sponsors!Church of the AssumptionCrescent Tide, LLCRichard and Sheridan HafdalKnights of Columbus Council 9096Midwest Medical HoldingsO’Halloran and Murphy Funeral HomeMark and Margaret PospisilPresbyterian Homes & ServicesSaint Therese FoundationSchlesinger Investment GroupState Farm Insurance Company - John Griep State Supply CompanyClaudia WagnerWashburn-McReavy

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THE JOURNEY12It’s 10:45 on a Monday morning, and as operations hum inside Our Lady of Peace, a pair of 83-year-olds are working behind the building, deadheading owers. The quiet, sprawling garden – with its dappled sunlight and visiting butteries – is their happy place, where the Mendota Heights couple dig in and give back. Long before Joanne Hense and Peter Honsa Sr. met, they each had connections to the Catholic hospice. Volunteering here now, together, feels meant to be. Peter, a father of ve, worked as a mortician, which brought him to Our Lady throughout the 1960s. He never forgot the place. “They treat people with such dignity and honesty, openness, from the time they go through the front door,” says Peter, who now has 11 grandkids. An employee’s husband spent his last two months at OLP. After two rough months hospitalized, he was lavished with loving care. “They gave him a bath, a haircut, a shave and fresh, clean clothes,” he says. “His wife was so amazed.” Meanwhile, Joanne, a mother of four, worked as an RN and learned about OLP through her mother-in-law, who volunteered here. Joanne was inspired to join the cause and began volunteering in the 1990s by helping record patients’ stories. “We brought tape recorders,” she says. “They would tell their story.”She still remembers a mother of eight who sang into the tape recorder, covering all the bedtime lullabies she’d sung to her children. After her death, OLP gave the tape to her family. “Everyone has a story,” says Joanne, now a great grandmother of four. That belief ows from her Catholic faith and was reinforced by her father. When she shared the set of questions from OLP with him, he used them as a prompt to write an autobiography for his 90th birthday. Her own story brought tragedy in 2005, when her husband died from a fatal arrhythmia. A year later, Peter was widowed, losing his wife to cancer. The two widowed Catholics met at a support group and quickly forged a bond. Their last names – Hense and Honsa – even clicked. “He helped me come out of my shock,” Joanne recalls. They’ve been married nearly 15 years, packing in lots of travel and laughter.“We’ve had a lot of joy,” Peter says. An unexpected connection Soon their paths would return to Our Lady of Peace. In 2020 Joanne’s beloved daughter Lisa died from cancer. She was only 57. Her friend Tim had supported her in her nal weeks, visiting and playing music. One day he showed up at Joanne and Peter’s home to share memories of Lisa. He brought a gift for Joanne: a candle from OLP. Tim’s wife, it turns out, is Debbie Swanson, the development associate at Our Lady.Joanne and Peter couldn’t believe the connection. They decided to volunteer here, helping in the garden every Monday morning. (Continued on page 13)‘HEALING HAPPENS IN THE DIRT’VOLUNTEER PROFILEVolunteers Joanne Hense, (left) and her husband, Peter Honsa, take a break from their regular Monday routine of tending the gardens.

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Our Lady of Peace13(Gardening continued from page 12)It was divinely orchestrated, Joanne says. “I love the garden, and my daughter loved gardening. She always kidded me, ‘You know, Mom, I’m coming back as a pink peony.’ And when I came out to the garden, I saw a pink peony. I feel her spirit here.” Sinking her ngers into the soil – nurturing life, removing weeds – is “free therapy,” she says. “This is where I come to grieve. This is my grief garden.” “Healing happens when your hands are in the dirt,” Peter says. And it feels good to add beauty to a space where the family members of OLP patients gather. “It’s a peaceful garden that helps families communicate in a tough time,” he says. Volunteering here has never felt like a chore, Peter adds. “You really want to see Monday morning come so you can come here.” “We’re paying it forward,” Joanne says. “What better place to come?” THE SECRET TO A LONG LIFEJoanne and Peter are spritely 83-year-olds – tanned, active, physically t. They credit their faith, relationships and optimistic dispositions for their longevity. “Overcoming the challenges of life keeps you young at heart,” Peter says. “You just can’t give up. You have to make lemonade out of lemons.” Sending ve kids to Catholic school meant money was tight, but the Honsa family always made it work. “Gratitude is part of it,” he says. “This is a tough time for us. We’re seeing many of our friends departing. We just say, ‘Every day is a blessing for us.’” “That attitude!” Joanne remarks. “I’m so grateful for my life, and my children have just surrounded me. They have accepted Peter. I’ve been very blessed.” Her faith keeps her going. “You just have to trust that God is with you on your path,” she says. “You’re never alone.” A shovel a day keeps the doctor away Peter Honsa’s belief in the therapeutic power of gardening is backed by science. “Digging in the dirt helps with depression,” says Paul Ru, a licensed Catholic psychologist who works as director of counseling services at The Seminaries of Saint Paul in St. Paul. “Research shows that. It might be biologically driven. We’re part of a biome, and we want to be in it.” Nature provides a “restorative relationship,” Ru says. “We’re meant to be connected with creation in real ways, to feel our sense of creatureliness in a world that’s been created with beauty.” Gardening is a powerful elixir to modern ills. “Living in an articial bubble of technology and being indoors all the time is not what we’re made for. It doesn’t allow us to move our bodies the way they’re supposed to move. In the treatment of anxiety and depression, exercise – and particularly exercise outdoors in nature – is one of the go-to interventions for many people.”

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THE JOURNEY14My mom lived the better part of a century, dying two weeks before her 96th birthday. Still, it is hard to say goodbye. She leaves behind eight children, 22 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and countless cherished memories. Roselyn Schoenecker grew up in New Prague, earned a nursing degree and married her high school sweetheart, Albert Koenig – my dad. They settled on a farm in Jordan and raised nine children. I’m the second youngest. My memories of our bustling farmhouse are so fond. It was a dierent time, a simpler time. We didn’t have much, but it was more than enough. My mom did it all. Her Catholic faith guided her. Prayer was a cornerstone of her busy days. She worked as an RN at Queen of Peace Hospital in New Prague and served in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corp.Her abiding love of family shaped her into a historian; a record keeper. Genealogy fascinated her. She wrote a family history book that traces our lineage in detail back to the year 1700. She preserved it for us. I remember my mom’s delight when I told her about my new job at Our Lady of Peace. She was awed by our mission and proud that I could play a role in sustaining it. Getting to tell her about the resounding success of our recent capital campaign and show her pictures of the beautiful new rooms will be a special memory for me. Since her death, I see our work here in a new light. I appreciate anew how we honor each patient and support every family, bringing love and dignity to the dying process. It is a sacred time. I’m more dedicated than ever to Our Lady of Peace, and I understand what a privilege it is to be a bridge for kind, generous people looking to support a worthy cause. I want to be a record keeper, a link in our long history.SAYING GOODBYE TO MY MOTHERBY LISA SWEENEYLisa Sweeney, Director of Development Roselyn Schoenecker upon her graduation from nursing school.To learn more about supporting Our Lady of Peace, contact Director of Development Lisa Sweeney at 651-789-6826 or

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Our Lady of Peace15Construction is underway at Our Lady of Peace with new beautifully remodeled private rooms already available to patients and completion of the full project targeted for spring 2023. We are grateful to the wonderful donors and volunteers who helped us reach our goal for the Support-Strengthen Sustain Capital Campaign. Your generosity is a blessing.SUCCESSFUL CAPITAL CAMPAIGN COMPLETED WAYS TO GIVESPOTLIGHT ON PLANNED GIVING: LEAVING A LEGACY AND THE IMPACT OF PLANNED GIVINGHello! My name is Debbie Swanson and as part of OLP’s Development Team, I work with donors to create a legacy through Planned Giving. It’s one of my favorite things! I love it because it is truly one of the best ways to ensure that our mission continues. Have you considered including Our Lady of Peace in your will or estate plan? A “legacy gift” or “planned gift” to Our Lady of Peace is a lasting investment in our mission of providing end-of-life care at no cost to patients and families, as we have done for more than 80 years. These types of gifts enable individuals to create a powerful philanthropic legacy. In turn, these gifts help provide long-term sustainability for non-prot organizations like Our Lady of Peace. A legacy gift is a planned future gift that designates some part of an individual’s estate as a donation. Here are a few examples:• Bequest by Will• Life Insurance• Retirement Assets• Donor Advised FundsI would love to discuss these, or other possibilities, with you. For more information about Planned Giving, please visit: or contact me at or by calling 651-789-6832.Warmly,Debbie

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THE JOURNEY16After 30 years as president and CEO of Our Lady of Peace Home, Joe Stanislav is preparing to step down. His nal day is Dec. 30. He plans to spend more time with his wife, Pam, their three daughters and their 12 grandkids. What kept you in this job so long? I never found anything I’d like to do more. I like the challenges, what changes throw at you and how you respond. It helps you grow in faith.Challenges can look huge sometimes. You let your mind go wild, and, “Oh my gosh, this is Armageddon!” That’s the advantage to being at a place a long time: You learn to be patient and persevere. You see those cycles, and instead of running from the problems, you go through them and face them and realize you’ve got a really great support group – excellent sta, volunteers, donors, all these folks. It isn’t just you, it’s everybody. That’s what’s kept me going for this long. How did you determine it was time to step down? I’m still a little ambivalent about leaving. If I was 20 years younger, I could see many great things we could do in the future. I think it’s time for somebody else with dierent ideas, more energy. What do you consider your biggest contributions to OLP?The biggest thing is the people I’ve hired over the years. They’ve become great managers. That’s really gratifying to see, people who have grown into their roles and who bring along other great people. That’s what keeps it all going. Not just sta but also the board members that I’ve helped to recruit. They’ve steered us through some tough times. It’s all about the people. What has working with death taught you about life? People fear death because we fear life. We’re afraid of the future, of not being adequate. I’m always inspired by patients who express that they are content with their lives, they’re not afraid of dying, they look forward to heaven. A lot of people are ready to go. They’re not anxious about it. They don’t think they were inadequate. And they believe that Christ died for us, and that’s all that matters. If you have faith, you’re not afraid of what comes next. Do you hope to have that same contentment when your time comes? Denitely. They’re kind of role models, and when you see people like that, you realize they’re not really any dierent than you. They’ve just learned to live in the moment. They’re not anxious about the future, they’re not ruminating about the past – they’ve come to grips with it. That’s what you have to do. Hopefully we all have time to do that and the mental capacity. Do you hear stories from sta about patients who encounter a loved one in heaven as they near death? Yes. That’s what I look forward to too – seeing them again and realizing they’re in heaven. What could be better? (Continued on page 17)AFTER 30 YEARS, JOE STANISLAV PREPARES TO SAY GOODBYEUp Next: sheetrock. The new patient wing on the south side of the building will be completed shortly after Stanislav’s last day at OLP.

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Our Lady of Peace17AFTER 30 YEARS, JOE STANISLAV PREPARES TO SAY GOODBYE(Joe Stanislav continued from page 16)A priest once said, “It’s great to have people who are in serious suering or pain pray for you.” I thought, “Well, we should be praying for them.” But when you think about it: people who are facing those things, they’re coming to holiness, and who better to pray for you? OLP is known for the way it welcomes new patients – giving them a bath, a shave or shampoo, clipping their nails, putting them in clean clothes. It’s a corporal work of mercy. If we do anything well, we get people to a point of being symptom free. That’s our goal. One way you do that is psychological, the things that just make you feel better. The [Dominican] Sisters set that example. They’re about the little things. And our long-term sta have passed that along. It’s their legacy: to look at the little things that can bring joy and to help make those end days much happier. It’s good to see how a family that arrives in turmoil – very demanding or upset about everything – by the end of the day, they’re calm and complimentary. We see that change in them. Their anxiety turns to acceptance and gratitude. Your retirement times out with the completion – or near completion – of a successful capital campaign and a construction project that will give each patient a private room. It’s gratifying to know that we give great care and now we’re going to be able to do it in the best setting – and still do it at no cost to the patient – all three of those things. Sometimes two would be great. That feels good. You have a close-up view of generosity in action. It inspires you. It makes you want to be more generous. It doesn’t matter whether they’re giving six gures or 100 dollars, it’s the attitude that they give it with. They really want to be part of this. Donating is their way of being part of this. It’s not grudging. It’s freely given, with such joy. That’s why I know I’ll always support this place. What are your retirement plans? I don’t know. When I have more time to concentrate on it, I’m sure that’ll take care of itself. I hope to travel more, to dodge winter and to be more involved in our church. I’m looking forward to having more time to reect, more quiet time. Do you have a favorite prayer? My wife and I together daily pray the rosary before bed. When we started doing that, it always seemed more like a chore. Now it’s something we look forward to. One of your daughters has a farm near Little Fork. It sounds like you enjoy your adventures up there. Pam and I keep a trailer on their property. They’re right along the Little Fork River. We sh, we golf, we take walks. They’ve got four wheelers and snow mobiles. When I go up there, I turn into a kid. I often tell my grandchildren, “Don’t tell Nana about the stu I do.” Stanislav pictured with Ed Martini, former OLP Board Chair, and Marian Adcock, former OLP Board member.With retirement quickly approaching, Joe Stanislav looks forward to spending more time with the people he loves most - his family.

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THE JOURNEY18ANNUAL REPORTWe are pleased to present the following snapshot of the nancial well-being of Our Lady of Peace Home. 2022 was a remarkable year thanks to the generosity of our donors. Our operations were supported by unprecedented numbers of donors and estate gifts. These gifts will go a long way toward ensuring that we will continue to provide free end-of-life care to those in need for years to come. Continued support from our benefactors will be crucial for maintaining our unique ministry. Our Lady of Peace HomeStatement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the year ended June 30, 2022Revenues and Other SupportHospice CommunityHospice (The Home)Home HealthHighland Block NurseOur Lady of Peace DonationsOther RevenueOther Support and Investments Total Revenues and Other SupportExpensesProgram ServicesGeneral and AdministrativeFundraising Total Operating ExpensesExcess (deciency) of revenues over expensesChange in temporarily net assets released from restrictions Change in Net Assets80th Anniversary AppealGeraldine AbbottCarol BarnettThomas BegeJaci R. DanielsonLeonard DavisFrancis Decker and Joan Kerr-DeckerLori DeNertWilliam DuyTroy and Lori EwertCarol T. FisherJe FrankoJodi and Kevin HickeyJulie KohnerJacqueline and Chris LeeJohn and Nancy MartensMark and Margaret PospisilBerle RichmanJohn and Sharon RoznickTerry and Valerie Skrypek AnniversariesJohn and Carol Freihammer Ron and Lorrayne Lenarz Annual Annunciation DinnerSally AlveySarah AndersonPaige BergFrederic and Linda BuddeAmy BuelowJoseph and Nancy BurkhardtJoseph BuschGENEROUS DONORSOur Lady of Peace Home is pleased to acknowledge these donors in the following pages. These gifts were received between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Every eort is made to ensure accuracy. If you see an error or omission, please contact Lisa Sweeney at 651-789-6826.$4,103,5641,629,172774,946126,5584,061,230125,043(2,093,314)$8,727,200$8,220,4092,030,452313,834$10,564,695($1,837,495)3,148,471$1,310,976HospiceCommunity38%Hospice(The Home)15%HomeHealth7%HighlandBlock Nurse1%Our Lady of Peace Donations37%Other Support and Investments-16%Other1%

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Our Lady of Peace19Rose Mary ByrneCheryl and Curtis CarlsonJulie CarrollJoanne C. CarrollHelen CorkranWilliam and Ginny DeSantoFather William DezielMichael and Colleen EckmanMary EilenBruce and Christine FrankTimothy and Annette GagliardiDana and Craig GuthGeorge and Margaret HallGeraldine HodgsonJoyce HowesJoseph HrabeKatie JohnsonJoseph and Carole JoncasLeah KaiserShiro and Patricia KatagiriJudith KattrehThomas and Virginia KernThomas and Barbara LaskaCharles and Karen McCannColleen McCarthyJoan McCoyMary McKayBridget MirkovichJoan MoattJanice and Tim MulcahyDave and Diane MurrayElizabeth and Roger O’DanielKevin and Theresa OrthConnie J. PelnerChristine Peterson StromgrenMark and Margaret PospisilJohn ProlaBridget RichardsonNicholas and Katheryn RothPatricia RothS. Andrew and Elizabeth RothPatricia RudolphCarol SkalaPeter SkarmanSteven and Shelley SnedekerJames and Joan SoholtCathy SteinhagenJoseph and Therese SullivanDebbie and Tim SwansonJulie ThompsonMary and Jerry TillmanHelen TrepanierThomas and Christine WalshMary Grace WestmanRonald and Suzan WilsonJoan ZenisekJim and Heather ZenkDaniel and Madolane ZydowiczAnnunciation Nut SalePaige BergDouglas and Denise BorglundCheryl and Curtis CarlsonKaren CarpenterHelen CorkranCaroline CoryellSean and Joan CurtanRay and Sally GleasonRose Marie GramGeorge and Margaret HallChristopher and Carol HighN. David and Jeanette HonnigfordJoyce HowesJennifer JacksonConstance KlaersDennis and Jean LeeMarilyn MartinJoan McCoyJanice and Tim MulcahyDaniel O’Brien and Catherine DolanElizabeth and Roger O’DanielBruce and Donna OhmeJuan and Kim PerezMargaret PerrierMark and Margaret PospisilCynthia PrinceKaye RichardsonKarlette RizziNicholas and Katheryn RothPatricia RothShane and Rene RothJessica RuegemerSteven and Shelley SnedekerJames and Joan SoholtMatthew and Kathy StaordLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiHelen TrepanierCharlie TrepanierStephen and Elizabeth ZenisekDaniel and Madolane ZydowiczGill Brothers Funeral Chapels, IncEnergy Savers InsulationBhakti Wellness CenterBirthdaysRickDeloia Kay Swanson and John SchoenMary Lou Dyrhaug Tim and Kristin DyrhaugTim Dyrhaug Tim and Kristin DyrhaugDiane Hankes Paul and Pat Martinucci Glen and Diana Van WormerRoland Jarvinen Adina CoomesTim Kenney Phyllis DeLisiMarilyn Lantry Jacqueline Lantry and Peter Yelle Kathy LantryTed Shannon Phyllis DeLisiDebbie Swanson Scott and Joy Nelson Brick MemorialMark BarrettBill and Ardis BrinkSusan BuesgensMary ConneyPaul DemaraisJerey EwerDebra Godtland-Bernin and Don BerninLucinda GreensethJohn and Mary HershmanKimberly and Steven HorneMr. and Mrs. Michael HornquistSteve and Linda KelmMary Jane, Barb, Marilyn, Kathy, David, Al, Anne and Don (Kilian)Diane KrugerMary Ellen MartinsonJoAnna Massoth and Daniel BarnesRita McHugoEllen OakesMark and Margaret PospisilSteve and Darcy RoesslerTom Rowan and Maria Jose MartinRon RuneborgSchwartzbauer DaughtersJulie and Steven SelanderBrittney SoggeTeresa and Nathan StoltmanLinda WilsonKathryn Wornson and Kendall MurrayButtery ReleaseGeraldine AbbottKellie and Todd AkinsDiane AlitzKatherine and Gary AndersenRoberta AndersonMarlys AndersonAngela AndersonDiane and Randy BehrendtMary BenderNadia BennerRonald and Catharine BerqualBeverly and Eugene BjerkebekVirginia BlaseKaren BlyMichael and Karen BolandJohn and Virginia BordeauxJoanne M. BorockiDiane BorriesMarie BoulosRegina BreuerJulie BrovitchAlexandra BrueggemanPamela BrustPaula BrustJeanne BuckeyeRachel BurgessCourtney BurksMichelle and Kevin BuronMary and David BurrillMargaret and Dave BushlackMarlene BuskirkMary ByrneJoanne C. CarrollMary CaryPatricia CaseyKim CashMary CaylorMary ComfordChristopher CookKatherine and Jon CranneyJaci R. DanielsonRonald and Judith DavidsonSusan DiekragerMary DiIoiaMary DingerJanet DombrowRebecca J. DrewWilliam DuySharon and Raoul DufresneDavid EarenghtKen EichhorstAnna ElasarianElizabeth FarrellGary and Beatrice FerdelmanJoan E. FriskeKatherine FurediPriscilla and Thomas GadowLouis GardnerBarbara and Charles GauSusan GayNancy GeorgiDonna GieskeMary GoodellJohn and Cheryl GrayLouis GrittnerCharles and Barbara GrothLarry HagenMary HallMark and Elizabeth HamelChristina and Gary HanauskaNancy J. HansenWinola HarrellCharles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennBarbara and Andrew HernandezMary HertausBarbara HigginsJackie HiltunenKathryn A. HoglundWayne and Nora HornicekConstance HoyeElinor HsuJohn and Kari HullsiekWilliam HuthDonald JacksonElaine JendroJoyce JohnsonDon JohnsonDebra JohnsonPatricia A. JohnsonDonald JohnsonSandra JohnstonRory K. JonesKathryn KarelRichard and Caroline KaselDavid KelleyDenny and Catherine KilbanePatricia and David KincerVictor KleinLester and Janice KlosOur Lady of Peace HomeStatement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the year ended June 30, 2022

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THE JOURNEY20Eleanor KohnerJenell KreugerDebra and Peter LaneLauren and Elizabeth LarsenKathleen LaughlinJean and Mark LavalierJacqueline and Chris LeeCarol LentschRalph LionettiNancy LuederCarolyn MalkowJohn and Carla McClellanGerald and Margaret McGrathDean MealeyScott and Cynthia MevissenJames and Judy MisencikMillie MlinarevichJohn MoellerKimberly MooreWallace MosmanMary MroszakMargaret Mary MurnaneMargaret MurphyJulie and Thomas MurphyJohn MurphyBarb NagloskyJoseph Nehring and Kelly AllenCharles OleheiserDavid OlsenCarol OlsonEmmelie and Norman OlsonMargie OlsonPatrick O’MeliaDouglas and Judith OslandDelores PattersonCarol PetersonBrett PetersonMadonna Peterson-JonesJosephine PetronSharon PillenPatricia PoeschelGregory PolskiMark and Margaret PospisilAnita and Duayne ProehlSharon QualeRuth and Steve QuisbergDarren Radcli and Elizabeth BrzinskiDavid RadermacherLarry RamseyGary and Gorganne ReiersonDonald K. ReillyMargarita RobinsonDiane and Ira RoMary RogersPeter and Mary Beth RonzaKen RuckerThomas RyanMary Lou S. Salas-JesnessRobert SampsonLisa and Patrick SchatzDotty SchmidtBarbara SchmidtKathy and Wade SchowalterAlbert SchroederSusan R. SeymourTamara SimonSteven SimsFather Michael SlusserCassandra SmithMark and Maribeth SpreemanJoseph and Pamela StanislavKathleen StauLouis StefanichAnne and Rodney StowellVirginia StreseCarol SturgeleskiJae and Todd SwensonKathy and Daniel TaylorMichael and Georgina ThompsonWayne and Joyce TonnThomas and Joann UrbanskiBarbara ValencourAnita ValliereEugene VavraStephen VenableFamily of Michele VierlingMichelle VikreMary and Marty VoPavaJohn WagnerClaudia WagnerCarolyn L. WallJohn and Susan WallaceElizabeth and William WareldFrank and Jill WeisMartha WellsRose WeltonTerrence and Rita WerthKathleen and Richard WhiteRobert WilliamsElla WilseyPatricia WilsonFancy WinslowAvona WintersMary WoodLaurence and Judith WrykSharon WynnPaula ZenkerProgressive Packaging Inc.Capital CampaignIndividuals Geraldine AbbottThomas and Mary AchesonLaura AchtorMichael and Karen AckersonMargaret AdamskiMarian AdcockSamantha AlanderMary and David AlexanderDiane AlitzNikki AlsupTerra AlvarezMyron AmundsonSuzanne AmundsonKatherine and Gary AndersenMelissa AndersonMadeleine AndersonAngela AndersonChristopher and Norine AndersonJerome and Constance AndersonBetty AndrewsMary ApuliJulie ArendsMarvin ArvidsonErik AschenbeckTessie AsuncionStephani AtkinsScott BabouMichael and Mary Jo BaglioSteven BakerCarroll BarnesCarol BarnettMargaret BarrettMark BarrettGlynne Bassi Leone BauerHelengrace BauerKathleen and Dave BauerfeldCecelia BeecherThomas BegeBarbara BelinAnita BellantMichael BenchetritDavid and Judy BendaPaul, Christopher and Nadia BennerRonald and Catharine BerqualLynn BerresSue BignallCharmaine BingJoseph BlackEric BlahaVirginia BlasePatricia BlaskowskiMary Ann BlechingerMaryann BlochHarvey and Meg BlonigenKaren BlyLaurel BoergerMichael and Karen BolandJanice BolinJeanine and David BonnGlen and Margaret BoothCharles and Jacqueline BoothDave and Linda BoraasDonna and David BorchertCatherine BorerNancy BorgstromLeonard BornerJennifer BotzAnna BotzDavid BraatenJames and Judith BrassDuane and Charlene BreidWilliam and Corrine BrengmanSteve BringeBill and Ardis BrinkHarold and Karen BrownDouglas and Dana BruceAlexandra BrueggemanPamela BrustPaula BrustArlene A. BrzinskiRegina BukovichChristine BurbachJudy BurnsMichelle and Kevin BuronJoseph BuschRobert BuschLouis and Maureen BushardJulie and Benjamin ButlerThomas CampionNancy CarlsonBarbara CarlsonKay CarmeanKaren CarneyRuth CarriereJoanne C. CarrollPatricia CaseyGregory CashKim CashMary CaylorJoy CedarleafConstance ChariparPamela ChickettMaclore ChristensenAndrea ChristiansonJeanette ChwialkowskiCarol and Nicholas CieminskiMarian CioeMichael and Ann CiresiMichael and Victoria CobianLaura CochraneRonald Coenen and Wendi CoenenMary ComfordTherese CommerfordDonald and Heather ComptonNeil ConnellyNorbert and Mary Ellen ConzemiusChristopher CookJulie CookJeanne and David CornishNancy CorreiaRichard CossettaMary CostelloTimothy Cotroneo and Judy GrundtnerTiea and Thomas CraneRobert and Mary CrnobrnaLinda K. CrosbyPatrick M. CullenKathleen CullenHugh and Melissa CullenJoseph CullenDarryl CunninghamPatricia A. CurtisPaul CyrMonica DaleyJackie R. DanielsonFrances DanskyKari DavenportVirginia DaviniRalph and Mary Pat DaviniLester and Rosemary DavisReginald DavisJohn DawesSigismund and Diane DekanyAnatalia DeLaoPhyllis DeLisiTom and Judy Denman Don and Barb DenmanPat and Patty Denman Toni DeRosier and Jerry HertelDaniel and Elizabeth DestacheGerard and Mary DevaneyGail and James DickhausenBarbara DicksonSusan DiekragerJulie Dillon

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Our Lady of Peace21Dennis DjubekHenry and Irene DonaldsonJoan DoyleRoberta DriscollBarbara DufaultChristopher and Amie DuFresneMichael G. DunleavyJames DunnAgnes M. DynesDavid EarenghtWayne EgerKen EichhorstDonn J. EidenRosalind ElmquistSandra S. ElmstromCynthia EricksonJon and Gloria EricksonKristi EricksonJane EvansCharles and Dawn EverlingJerey EwerRobert and Eileen FahrenkrugDavid and Lorraine FaitSidney and Raymond FaricyPatrick and Joan FarleyGreg FarleyTimothy and Jennifer FarleyKevin and Suzanne FarleyMichael and Julie FarleyBrian and Kara FarleyDaniel and Katy FarleyLaurie FelderRamona and Max FennaLouise FesterTeresa FimonRenee FinerBrad and Holly FinerTimothy FischerAnna Marie FischerCarol T. FisherMavis FisherThomas and Faye FlahertyReverend Gerald FoleyCharles and Andrea FosterWilliam FoussardJoseph FoxTierney FoxJeanne FrankJe FrankoJude and Jim FrankoMona and Steve FreebergJulia FrenchElizabeth Frenzel JonesPatricia J. FreyEugene and Mary Frey Dennis and Sharon FrickPeter and Arlene FrieFrancis FriedLawrence FriedlCathy FriskeJudith A. GabrielJohn and Patricia GaertnerJerome and Beth Marie GeisNancy GeorgiDonna GieskeElizabeth GillisConnie and Skeeter GindorWilliam GlowackiRobert GodavaMaximo and Jeanne GonzalezLawrence and Carol GoodeCatherine GorrLucille M GouetteAngela and Fred Graefenhain Carl and Shirley GrafRose Marie GramHendrie GrantJohn and Cheryl GrayRoger and Nancy GreenThomas and Kristy GriepAlvina GroebnerJohn and Kirsti GroessAnn Reierson HallMary HallJohn HallChristina and Gary HanauskaTammy HaneAaron HansonKevin HansonVirginia HarkinsMargaret HarrerCharles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanMartin HarringtonLinda HartyNancy and Bob HartzlerPatricia HasseDennis HauberMarie HauserAlice HawkinsCatherine HealyAmber and Chad HeggestadTom and Shari HenseWayne and Marjorie HergottWalton HeuerDebra HeymansBarbara HigginsPeggy HighbaughEmily Hildebrandt, also Clayton, Collin, RussellMary HilgertBruce and Fran Hill-RowenMary Jane HilsgenDeloros D. HobroughAnn HomanPaul HomanSusan and Chris Hofstad Mrs. Robert A. HoganGeraldine HohnMichael HollandDale HollandKristi HolmquistJoanne Hense and Peter HonsaWayne and Nora HornicekRichard HoschkaJoyce HowesRoger and Patricia HoytKathleen HulsWilliam HuthJames and Mary HyvareMary Ellen IrishGloria IversonKathleen JacobsJoanne JadlowskiJames JansenEllie JarvinenKathy JestusF. Craig and Patricia JilkMary Lee JohnsonAlvin and Margaret JohnsonPatricia A. JohnsonThomas and Mary Ellen JohnsonDenise and Dan JohnsonCaroline and Mark JohnsonJoseph and Carole JoncasRory K. JonesKathy JonesWalter Jost and Ellie BrennySusan KainzArnold and Judith KaiserEugene and Patricia KarelsBetty KarschniaRichard and Caroline KaselCarissa KaufmanDavid and Barbara KearnMary and William KeeferCarol KeehnDennis and Polly KeglerKathleen and Thomas KeithJames and Loretta KellyMargaret KelschJean KempFrancis KennedyLaurence R. KennedyPauline KiegerMary KileyLarry and Gretchen KimuraJohn and Diane KirbyF. Alexandra “Sandy” KlasChad KlebsGeorge and Ginna KlineLester and Janice KlosCarol and Donald KlukJohn KnapekKenneth and Janet KneerRobert and Gail KodelkaJulie KohnerEleanor KohnerRichard KolbeckTheresa KomomuaJames KormanDonald W. KostohryzRosemary KostohryzMichael and Kimberly KotsmithRobert and Frances KraemerRyan KraemerNeil KraemerRobert and Diane KraftRichard and Barbara KraftLouise KramerAntoinette KrattenmakerTimothy and Jane KretzmannJohn KreuzerDavid MacMillan and Judith KrowCharles and Sharon KujawaJack and Peggy KulpaJosephine KuszMargaret KuzniaSuzanne LaddusirePatricia LafontaineKathleen M. LairdArthur C. LaliberteJayne LallierCharlene L’AllierJames and Linda LamontJudy and Steve LanducciWilliam LangKenneth and Betty Lou LangSusan LangLawrence and Kathleen LangerF. Thomas and Carol LannersKathy LantryMarilyn LantryKevin LarsonKathleen LaughlinJean and Mark LavalierChristopher LaValleMary LawlessJacqueline and Chris LeeJohn and Janice LeguilSusan LeifeldOtto and Dorothy LeitnerMichaela and Leonard LeitnerLaurence and Jean LeJeuneJoseph N. LeoTom and Pat LewisArlene LeydenJudy LibertusFay LindmeierMichael and Karen LinnLaura LinzmeyerLeo and Betty LobergRobert J. LogelinMary Jean LoomisDoris LothropJeanne LoweStella LundquistThomas and Mary Jo LykeMary G. LynchEdward and Jayne LyonsLayne and Diane MadsenBarb MahalPatricia MaiettaFather John MaloneMary Ellen MaloneMargueritte MaloneyArthur and Jo Ann MandellGregory and Mary MannMarie MannJoseph and Marsha MansurJoanne MantheMyron and Paula ManzukAlan MarcovecchioLeta MarglRuth MarkowitzGretchen and David MarshallRichard and Gail MartinWilliam and Joyce MartinChristina MarxDonald and Barbara MarystonePamela and Richard MasloskiJoAnna Massoth and Daniel BarnesBarbara MatthewsLoreen and Je MatzkaDebra MaulikCarole M. MayersKay and Allen McAloneyJoyce McCabe

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THE JOURNEY22John and Cynthia McCabeCarolyn Sue McCartyAudrey McClellanSusan McConvilleJudy McCullochBernard and Sheila McDonaghMichael and Maureen McDonaldLinnea McDougallJohn and Mary McGuiganKristin and Rick McHarg added RICKCarolyn McKasyKatherine A. McKenzieMary Cullen McKeown and Thomas McKeown Lawrence and Barbara McMahonEileen McNamaraRobert and Joann McNeilHelen McShaneSusan McShaneDean MealeyLawrence and Marlene MeehanMarlene MehrMarilyn MeyerMark and Stacey MeyerMonica MeyerAdeline MeyersRichard MeyersKathleen MeyersJames MillerJoseph MillerJeanne MilosevichPreston MohrRobert and Leslie MohsSandra MoinichenDallas Jean MooneyAnne and Wayne Moran Susan MoroJohn and Susan MorrisonBruce Jacobson and Ann MorrisseyMarie MortekRobert and Karen MosingPatricia MullenRichard and Annette MullenMargaret Mary MurnaneJohn MurphyJulie and Thomas MurphyAndrew and Lisa MushettDaniel MuzzioLisa NagelPatricia NalipinskiCarol NeedelsLisa NeedelsAnn NeilsonMarsha Neitz-JonesKaren NelsonKaren M NelsonLinda and Gary NelsonScott and Joy NelsonGary and Bonnie NeunsingerPatrick and Marianne NewellTuan V. NguyenMary Lou NicosiaRobert and Mary NobleClara NoeKenneth and Lora Mae NorstremElizabeth and Timothy NowakGeorgia O’BrienInga OelschlagerJoseph OfstedalColleen OlsenDavid OlsenJames Olsen and Carolyn GanzDennis OlsonDavid and Barbara OlsonEmmelie and Norman OlsonGeraldine A. OlsonSusan OrnelasGregory OsterbauerJanet OttoJeanine OttoJoe and Dory OttoDoug and Maria OverboJill OvreFrank Owen and Marilyn O’Korn-OwenJennifer OwensKaren PaistPeter PalacioDeborah Paone and Mark Brooks Wally M. ParishKarl ParkosRobert and Dorothy PaulsonGary and Rosalyn PautzkeMarc PaveglioJill PavlakRobert Pechmann and Deborah Kinsey-PechmannDiane PelinkaRobert and Lorraine PellerGregory and Ellen PelletierElaine PesekAnn PetermeierPatricia PetersonMaureen Mitch Peterson and Gary PetersonC. Gregory and Jean PetersonCarol PetersonPaul and Carol PetronackCheryl and Michael PfeierDiane PierceMichele PierceFrank T. PilneyVincent Platt and Carolyn NayematsoDorrie PloofPatricia PoeschelTom PoeschlJulie and Alex PolinskyGregory PolskiMark and Margaret PospisilAlice PowellPeter PrestrudJuris and Elizabeth PriedkalnsWilliam PrinceGreg and Pat PromChuck and Lana PuerLori PurdyThomas QuinnRuth and Steve QuisbergLydia RappaportJoyce RaschkeTerry ReasonerPatrick and Mary ReganKelly ReganPierre and Judith RegnierVicky ReichowReverend James E. ReidyGary and Gorganne ReiersonGorganne ReiersonNadine ReiserRonald RengelKaren ReuterElizabeth and Glen ReynoldsKaye RichardsonJoseph RichardsonKathleen A. RichardsonBerle RichmanHarold and Margaret RiehmKatherine RogersPatricia RolewiczJill RonningLucy RooneyMary RossJohn and Ginny RothPatricia RothElizabeth RothsteinCraig and JoAnne RoundsTom Rowan and Maria Jose MartinMonica RoyJohn and Sharon RoznickKen RuckerJames and Sandra RueckerThomas Gibbons and Marilyn Ruhberg GibbonsRon RuneborgJerome RupkusMary RyanJane SaarelaJerome L. SaatzerMelvin and Mary Ann SaignNancy SampairRobert SampsonMargaret SandbergGloria SandbergLinda SandeenCynthia SandkampRichard SanfordBeverly D. SanitiMichael SarafoleanFrank and Mary Ann SattervallDiana SaverTimothy and Mary ScanlanKrista ScaramuzzoJo Ann ScarrellaMargaret and Bradley SchaferDavid and Judy SchifskyJe SchlesingerBarbara SchmidtStephen and Mary SchmidtDotty SchmidtJohn SchmidtRonald and Mary Kay SchneiderSister Catherine SchoeneckerGary and Mary Ann SchokmillerRobin SchroederDouglas and Florence SchuellerJames and Maxine SchultzMary Beth SchwartzAnn SchweitzerChuck and Ruth SchwietzCynthia and Thomas ScottCheryl SeifertMarion SelidKathryn SelineMary Lee SeversonCharlene R. SheahanJohn and Patricia ShrakeLois I. SicoraBrian and Carla SillanpaaElaine SimePatricia and Richard SimmonsSteve SimsPeter SiranyKathleen SitzmannBrother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDAmy SmithGayle SmithJohn SnyderFrieda SoderbergSharon SolfestDavid and Deborah SpiessMark and Maribeth SpreemanMary Stanislav and Mike FermoyleJoseph and Pamela StanislavDennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyAnn SteenLinda SteingrueblTheresa and Gregory StelznerGeorge and Katharine StewartJack and Pat StichaMaureen StoenGlen and Susan StoeverThomas StoneBlue StoneMary StormsMary and Steven StrafeldaDolores StrandRobert Strnad Jr. Elaine StrohfusMary SullivanAmanda SutherlandSandra SuttonLaura SwansonJack SwansonTim and Debbie SwansonLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiDouglas and Angela SwetlandDennis and Mary TagueNancy TeelRobert Thavis and Juliann Geis ThavisJon and Leah TheobaldJerry and Cyndia ThimsenKaren ThomasJoan ThompsonCoreen and John ThumHarold and Karen TianyKenneth and Barbara TimmThomas and Judith TixWade TobinMargaret A. TockoMary Jane TockoRobert and Pamela TomaszewskiMary TonerGeorge and Joyce ToniaCarol ToninatoJudy TonnElizabeth TonneJudy D. TousignantTodd and Michele Tousignant

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Our Lady of Peace23Dolores and Donald TraxlerChildren and Grandchildren of Bill and Terry TreacyLinda and Thomas TroskeyGeorge TurnerDave and Sue UhlerTheresa UkkelbergCraig UrsethDawn Van AlstineVanden Plas Family FundJeanne C. VanHeelCarolyn VerretFern VescioAlicia Vig and Matthew PlanJ. David and Kathleen VogelThomas VogtSusan K. VokatyMary and Marty VoPavaBonnie VrunoClaudia WagnerMichael and Janet WagnerPatricia WaldbilligCarolyn L. WallDonna WalsethMary WalshThomas and Christine WalshJeanne WalsteadJames and Anne WandmacherRichard WarrenDonna WasielewskiDebra and Donald WeberElizabeth WeberKaren WeeksRita WeglinskiFamily and Friends of Frank and Helen WeidesFrank and Jill WeisJames WelshRichard and Nancy WenkelStephen WenzelThomas and Kathleen WestTed and Patti WesterdahlAnnie WestlundCarol WhaleyPat Whitcomb and Patty NapierKathleen and Richard WhitePaul WiemerslageWendy and James WillettBarbara WilliamsDouglas and Genevieve WillsElla WilseyBob and Paula WinsorKaren WinterMerikay WiselyLeDonna WistrcillKerry WoernerJoseph and Marcia WolkerstorferMichael and Susan WolneyMary WoodBarbara WyldeFrancyne YarussoMuriel YlvisakerGeorge and Susan YoshidaAgnes ZawadaLinda ZeladaCaitlin ZenisekHannah ZenisekSteve and Beth ZenisekKathleen ZiemanJohn and Claire Zobel Deborah ZwickeyKathleen ZiemanJohn and Claire Zobel Deborah ZwickeyCorporationsAlightFred C and Katherine B. Andersen FoundationKatherine B. Andersen Fund of the St. Paul and Minnesota FoundationBarrett Family FoundationBradshaw Funeral and Cremation ServicesCasey Albert T. O’Neil FoundationChurch of the AssumptionCremation Society of MinnesotaCrescent Tide LLCFaith Realty CorpHardenbergh FoundationHoly Childhood Women’s ClubLakeville Knights of Columbus Council #8367Leonette M. and Fred T. Lanners Foundation MacGill 1969 TrustMedtronic Your Cause, LLCOpus FoundationPremier BankProgressive Packaging Inc.Saint Henry’s Catholic Church - CCWSecular Franciscan Order - Saint AlphonsaTarget ConstructionThe Oak FoundationThe Ron and Cathy Colby Family FoundationThe Wasie FoundationBuzz and Judy KleinmanAnne Cullen MillerImmaculate Conception CCWPohlad Family FundCelebration of LifeGeraldine AbbottJohn AbseyLaura AchtorDoug AgnewSumathy and Manning AmbroseHenry and Teri AmonRoseanne M. AndersonElizabeth AndersonJohn and Kathleen ArolaJames and Suzanne BabinJodell BarryLois and Hank BeckermannDiane and Randy BehrendtBarbara BergstromDeborah BeringerBernice BernsLois BernsLynn BerresDouglas and Judith BestlerSusan BitneyMary Ann BlechingerHarvey and Meg BlonigenKaren BlyRussell BoothWilliam and Joan BorchersJohn and Virginia BordeauxElizabeth BrelsfordRegina BreuerEnid BroderickKaren BrotzlerArlene A. BrzinskiRachel BurgessCourtney BurksKathryn and James BurnsMary ByrneLucille CalguireMary Callahan, Luke and Kevin DovenmuehlerKathryn and Michael CampionGregory and Nancy CarlsonJonathan CarlsonJoanne C. CarrollJosephine ChristensenGary ChristensenAndrea ChristiansonChris ClaudeTheodore Collins and Jean DickFrank and Joann ConneyChristopher CookMary Kay CrosbyPaul CyrDaniel and Marcia DahleMichael T. DanielsJaci R. DanielsonWilliam and Susan DavernLeonard DavisRichard DeBlieckMary Jo DeebAnatalia DeLaoSteve DemzukLori DeNertTerrence and Maureen DesmondAnnette DickinsonMichael DicksonMary DingerMary Jane DischJan DonaisJohn and Davina DonaldJerald DoschJerey and Rebecca DoshKathleen DossHenry DoughertyArlene DrabekGregory and Rose DrakeJeanne DriscollKathleen Driscoll HellenSteven and Elizabeth DupayAnna ElasarianRosalind ElmquistSandra S. ElmstromJane EvansKathy and David FennerBonita FergusonJohn and Valerie FerrianTroy and Donna FieldCarol T. FisherReverend Gerald FoleyRoberta J. FranklinDiane FriskJoan E. FriskeJean FroehleSarah FryeLee FullerSandra GaneyGregory and Denise GamrothLouis GardnerErin GeorgeNancy GeorgiRichard and Lisa GibsonJohn GivogreKari GjerdeKenneth and Donna GleisnerNancy and Allen GramRoger and Nancy GreenChuck and Maureen GreggKathleen GroettumCynthia and Glenn GrothJonathan and Jeannie GudenBirgit HaagensonJoyce HalversonJohn and Rachel HalvorsonChristina and Gary HanauskaKenneth HannemannAnn HansonSharon and Phillip HansonWinola HarrellCharles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanThomas HarrisNeil and Anna HeidenTodd and Carole HeimdahlJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennRobert HewittPaul Hodges and Jennifer HumanJuanita HoeschenKathryn A. HoglundMary HornerTeri HorvathEdward and Dianne HughesRonald and Renee HunterJanis HunterJoy HutchinsonLila IversonDonald JacksonJerome JasickiNeil and Elizabeth JeddelohGeorge JelinekEric and Mary Beth JohnsonJean KallevigSusan KalmenGalina KamenirRobert B. KaneMary Jo KellyJean KempPatricia and David KincerJoanne KingBernard and Mary KleinVirgil and Irene KlinkLester and Janice KlosJoan KnisleyBarbara KnotzMarilyn KocerTheresa KoehnScott and Sharon Kolbeck

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THE JOURNEY24Richard KolbeckChristopher and Lisa KonecnyDonald W. KostohryzRobert and Diane KraftGordon and Kathleen KrenikJudith KsepkaJohn and Teresa KuehneCharles and Sharon KujawaPaul and Lisa KulhanekDaniel KuluvarNancy Lee LaHaiseNorma LannersCarol LauShirley LeeJacqueline and Chris LeeLeWayne LenoDeborah LeyhTorrey LillevoldGary LillevoldMary LindbeckMary Jo LloydLeo and Betty LobergGeorgia LoeweSheila and David LongLawrence LoomisDorothy LuskeyDarcy MachWilliam and Donna MackenburgEarl MadisonJohn Michael MantheyAmanda MarchiniakBurton and Mary Jo MartinsonElaine K. MartyDonald and Barbara MarystoneAudrey McClellanLinnea McDougallStuart and Christine McKennaElizabeth McLeodEugene McMahonDean MealeyWilliam and Carol MellonJuanita MeltonMark and Ann MevissenSusan and Kenneth MeyersJames and Norine MichelsDarla MillerMarlene MillerDiane MillerJames and Judy MisencikKathleen and Blake MohrLaurie MondryElaine MonitorAida MoralesSally and Ray MoranElizabeth A. MorrissetteMary MroszakSteven Muenzer and Jeanne ScottJohn MurphyPatricia NalipinskiEarl NashDonald and Lynn NicolayRon NordinGeorge NystromKathy and Steven OakleyJames and Catherine O’BrienInga OelschlagerCharles OleheiserKatherine OlsenMargie OlsonCarmine OlsonEmmelie and Norman OlsonKathleen OlsonRichard and Lori OsendorfGregory OsterbauerSharon OverlienChristine PalmRita PavelDoris PearsonPatricia A. PedersonSara PennigElaine PesekWilliam and Mary PetersenCarol PetersonCheryl and Michael PfeierJerry Pojar and Rose HassingGregory PolskiMark and Margaret PospisilKathryn PrinceTimothy and Tammy ProulxLynn RadeckiLarry RamseyJames and Beverly RandallNadine ReiserJanet ReslerLavoid RhodeAndrina RingquistRex and Patricia RippleCatherine M. RoachMargarita RobinsonSuzette RobinsonPaul and Janet RoblingJune M. RoesslerDiane and Ira RoSteven J. RogersLaura RohlikIngeborg RokenPatricia RolewiczFaye RoodMary RossKen and Carolyn RubleJames and Sandra RueckerBarbara RuhlJudy and John RysLynn SadoRichard SanfordMary J. SchaalThomas and Zaiga SchleismanLuVerne SchmittMarcia SchmittMary Jo SchoenMathias SchroederCynthia and Thomas ScottFrank and Delores SeidlKenneth SengitaSteven and Linda SetterlundAnita SeviolaSusan R. SeymourRobert and MaryAnn SipekBrother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDMary Ellen SmithStanley J. SrogaPatricia StachelskiDennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyLinda StarkCraig and Kathy SteinmetzAnn StevensonRobert and Heidi StevensonThomas StoneJoan StoutMark and Kim StreseVirginia StreseDonald Strom and Colleen Connolly StromRichard SundbergGerald and Beverly SwansonLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiJerey TeschJanet and Keith ThomasDiane McBride-ThompsonHarold and Karen TianyRichard TollefsonSusan E. TonerMichael TonnJohn and Bonnie TreacyRobert and Lois TschidaChelsea TvedtMary TymoshukBarbara ValencourEugene VavraMichelle VikreLenore VogtJudith T WalshMarlene and Patrick WalshKathleen A. WatsonDebra and Donald WeberKaren WeeksJane WeinerRichard and Nancy WenkelElizabeth WestTed and Patti WesterdahlLorna WilliamsRobert WilliamsDale J. WilsonFancy WinslowRobert and Crystal WisenLeDonna WistrcillJoseph and Marcia WolkerstorferMichael and Pamela WoodAlice WoogBartley and Joanne ZehnderPaula ZenkerTwin City Gear Co.Saint George Council of Catholic WomenElectricians and Associates, IncTJK Plumbing, Inc.ChristmasMary Angela Davini Breen Ralph and Mary Pat DaviniDave and Michelle Dyrhaug Timothy and Mary DyrhaugTim and Kristin Dyrhaug Timothy and Mary DyrhaugTim and Mary Lou Dyrhaug Tim and Kristin Dyrhaug Lisa Ferrell Timothy and Mary DyrhaugTeresa Freeman Constance FreemanChris Gottwalt Mikki GottwaltDave and Irene Gottwalt and Family Mikki GottwaltHeidi Gottwalt and Josh and Jake Mikki GottwaltMark and Nora Gottwalt and Family Mikki GottwaltT.J. and Margie Gottwalt and Family Mikki GottwaltGorganne Reierson Ruth MoldenhauerMary Walsh Ruth Moldenhauer Double Dog Dare YaNadia BennerMaclore ChristensenMarian CioeDarryl CunninghamSigismund and Diane DekanyPat DenmanCynthia EricksonKristi EricksonJe FrankoCathy FriskeRoger and Nancy GreenThomas and Kristy GriepAaron HansonDennis HauberAmber and Chad HeggestadTom and Shari HenseMary Lee JohnsonJoseph and Carole JoncasJohn KreuzerCharles and Sharon KujawaMary LawlessBernard and Sheila McDonaghPreston MohrDaniel MuzzioKenneth and Lora Mae NorstremMary RossRon RuneborgPeter SiranyMark and Maribeth SpreemanRobert Strnad Jr.Jack SwansonLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiDouglas and Angela SwetlandDennis and Mary TaguePatricia WaldbilligDonna WasielewskiFamily and Friends of Frank and Helen Weides

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Our Lady of Peace25Progressive Packaging Inc.Wayne and Stephani Atkins Charitable FundEstate GiftsEstate of Roger BallEstate of Leone BauerEstate of Opal BullEstate of Jerome CampbellEstate of Mr. A. E. ‘Gene’ CuvelotEstate of Denis GardnerEstate of Mark G. Gearin Estate of George GroenkeEstate of Donald James JollyEstate of Mary McGinnEstate of Father Harold MountainEstate of John Novicky Estate of James Paul Estate of Clair L. PeteEstate of Rita StarrEstate of Kyle SteinerEstate of Lorraine StuhrEstate of Julie ThayerEstate of Rosyne ValleyFall AppealJane AdamsonJe and Toinette AdrianMary and David AlexanderJoseph and Jane AmbergChris AngierDavid and Barbara BaierlLely BeitnerDavid and Judy BendaGregory BenderDorothy and Harold BergeeTeresa and Anton BergerJoseph BlackJames BocheShirlie BokuskyKristine BolandRichard and Cecelia BrandJoseph BrooksRonald and Clare BroosPamela BrustPaula BrustKathryn and James BurnsRobert BuschMary ButrumMary ByrneLarry and Doris CalhounMarilyn CarlsonRobert and Lois CarlsonAndrea ChristiansonDavid and Shirley CrawfordRonald and Judith DavidsonKathleen and Kevin DeGondaSteve DemzukBarbara DicksonKathleen DittelDennis DjubekKent Djubek and Karra Neseth-DjubekDan DoyleMr. and Mrs. James DuroseDavid EarenghtRosalind ElmquistAnna and Gerald EnnisMariann EricksonCarol and Frank EvansThomas and Faye FlahertyRita FoxLynn FumusoJudith A. GabrielThomas and Mary GuionJohn HallJames HartmeisterEugene and Joyce HaselmannDaniel J. HauserEdward and Peggie HawkinsKaren HenningsenGina Henton-Olson and Les OlsonRita HermesBarbara HigginsDeloros D. HobroughMary HochMargaret HoecherlDennis HoelscherIngrid HofmanGeraldine HohnDean and Rosemary HooverCeline HunterTimothy and Carol HynesJanet Kroll IndrehusGloria IversonRobert and Mary Jo JohnsonJoseph and Constance KaiserMary KanePatrick and Alexandra KaneRichard and Caroline KaselIris KatzkeEdward KeenanBernard and Mary KleinMary Ann KotheJim and Mary KremerJeanette KruegerKeith KubyMary Kay LachnerArthur C. LaliberteKathleen LaughlinSteven and Tamara LawsonBranth and Dianne LeanderJohn Michael MantheyThomas Scott MantheyJanet MathewsKay and Allen McAloneyMarlene MehrRichard and Linda MillerLauri MivilleThomas and Maureen ModlMichelle MooneyEileen MuelkenMichael Mulcahey and Barbara DemingJohn MurphyGarry NicosiaMelissa and Chris NordinRita PavelMark and Margaret PospisilWilliam PrinceThomas QuinnRuth and Steve QuisbergWilliam and Jamie ReicheltBerle RichmanPatrica Ann RippleThomas Gibbons and Marilyn Ruhberg GibbonsDotty SchmidtRon and Lois SchmidtSister Catherine SchoeneckerDiann SchreifelsBeverlee SchultzKimberly and Mark SheahanLinda SierackiPatricia and Richard SimmonsVictoria SlagleFather Michael SlusserLinda SmithThomas and Cynthia SpeltzDennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyThomas StolarekThomas StreseArthur J. ThellRonald TipckeTom and Marlene TrappDeane and Sharron VailScott and Kathleen WardJames and Jean WeissMary WiblishauserRonald and Lori WolkerstorferKathie WunderlichMary and William ZimmerFather John Malone Retirement & 50th Jubilee CelebrationFather John Malone Brian and Kathleen ShortFlowers & GardensThomas and Mary Jo MalchowRiverain Condominium AssociationFriends of Our LadyLuncheonMichael and Karen AckersonDiane AlitzGary and Mary Ann AndersonKaren and Gerald ArgoMargaret ArneyTessie AsuncionMargaret BarrettGreg BaumbergerMark BayukCecelia BeecherBeverly and Eugene BjerkebekMaryann BlochKaren BlyLaurel BoergerKristy BoikeEngin BolukbasiKarol A. BowmanSteve BringeKathy and Gary BrownRichard and Theresa BrownJeanne BuckeyeAnita and Timothy BuelRachel BurgessMichelle and Kevin BuronDavid and Janet BurtonRobert BuschMarlene BuskirkNancy J. BusseLarry and Frances ButlerMary ButrumThomas ChappleConstance ChariparThomas and Teresa CowleyPatricia CullenKathleen CullenRuth DahlgrenLester and Rosemary DavisJudith DayDebra DayThomas DegrossAnatalia DeLaoTerence DevineGail and James DickhausenShirley DickinsonJoan T. DolanMonica DoyleJeanne DriscollKathleen Driscoll HellenSteven and Elizabeth DupayDavid and Mary EkThomas and Mary Lou EngelElizabeth EnglundCarole and Dell EvansStanley FaustJohn and Valerie FerrianTeresa FimonAlice FinkAnna Marie FischerBarbara FitzpatrickWilliam FoussardPatricia J. FreyFrancis FriedEileen GaddesJohn and Patricia GaertnerLois GanglLawrence GarberSusan GayNancy GeorgiTerry GiesenDonna GieskeShirley GilmoreKari GjerdeSteven and Diane GrufmanEsther GuzikBirgit HaagensonLuVerne HaberkornRobin HaenzeRichard and Sheridan HafdalStephen HaighKathy HalversonChristina and Gary HanauskaRoger L. HansenLois J. HarmsBridget HarringtonDaniel J. HauserJanice Heinen and Donald ChristensennMary HochMargaret HoganSharon Hogenson

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THE JOURNEY26Kathryn A. HoglundKristi HolmquistRoger and Patricia HoytJoy HutchinsonGregory HyserGloria IversonDonald JacksonPatricia JaneculaGeorge JelinekEric and Mary Beth JohnsonWalter Jost and Ellie BrennyGert and Chuck KadrieFi KafkasSusan KainzIris KatzkeLarry and Gretchen KimuraWarren KingRosemary and Dennis KingDesiree KingDenise and Thomas KloesRichard KolbeckArdis KoppenDonald W. KostohryzBill and Janet KronschnabelMargaret KuzniaSuzanne LaddusireJohn and Marie LangePhyllis LangeldNorma LearyOtto and Dorothy LeitnerCheryl and Bruce LittleJennifer LivingsSusan and David LivingstonRobert J. LogelinPatricia MaiettaNina M ManziMyron and Paula ManzukMarilyn MartinPaul and Pat MartinucciDonald and Barbara MarystoneKay and Allen McAloneyBarbara McGregorMary McKayFrancis D. McMahonLawrence and Marlene MeehanCarol MelinGerald and Beverly MertzFranz and Carol MetzgerMark and Stacey MeyerSusan and Kenneth MeyersElizabeth MinogueJonathan and Martha MorganBetsy Mott-SolomJanice and Tim MulcahySteven and Patsy MullenixJohn MurphyKaren NelsonDianne NemoTuan V. NguyenDeborah NickilaMary Lou NicosiaSharon NielsenJudith OberhauserJoseph OdenSusan O’DonnellInga OelschlagerColleen OlsenJames Olsen and Carolyn GanzEmmelie and Norman OlsonMargie OlsonJohn and Beatrice O’NeillJean OpatrnyPeter PalacioDeborah PaoneRaven PaoneTeresa PaoneKelly PastikaRobert Pechmann and Deborah Kinsey-PechmannThomas PetermeierPatricia PetersonCarol PetersonMary P. PetrieJosephine PetronCheryl and Michael PfeierTom PoeschlMark and Margaret PospisilClaudia and William PrelgoDon and Kathleen PrettymanLinda and Dominic RamacierDuane and Rita RankeTerry ReasonerGorganne ReiersonNadine ReiserRex and Patricia RippleMargarita RobinsonJune M. RoesslerDiane and Ira RoMary RogersPatricia RothKen RuckerRichard SanfordDavid and Judy SchifskyChristian and Grace SchlegelMarcia SchmittRonald and Mary Kay SchneiderJoseph and Mary Ann SchwebelPeggy SellersMarcia ShawRobert and Marie ShieldsPatricia and Richard SimmonsPatricia SirianKathleen SitzmannJohn and Nancy SlothowerJeanne SmithBrian and Carrie SmithThomas and Cynthia SpeltzJoseph and Pamela StanislavLouis StefanichStanley and Jennifer StepnowskiRobert and Heidi StevensonJoan StoutVirginia StresePatricia J. StrozinskyPaul and Julie SullivanRichard SundbergDaniel and Pamela SundsmoLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiJacqueline TagueJon and Leah TheobaldCharlene ThoemkeWade TobinThomas and Joann UrbanskiAmy VasselDaniel VenerCarolyn VerretSusan K. VokatyClaudia WagnerBonnie WakeeldPatricia J. WalkerJean WalstadJames and Anne WandmacherKathleen A. WatsonNancy WeberRita WeglinskiThomas and Kathleen WestRonald and Lori WolkerstorferJoseph and Marcia WolkerstorferAgnes ZawadaClaire and John ZobelO’Halloran and Murphy Funeral HomeMinneapolis Riverview LionsKnights of Columbus Council 9096Saint Therese FoundationPresbyterian Homes & ServicesCrescent Tide LLCWashburn-McReavyState Supply CompanySchlesinger Investment GroupChurch of the AssumptionState Farm Insurance Company - John GriepMidwest Medical HoldingsFriends of Our LadyLuncheon SponsorsChurch of the AssumptionCrescent Tide, LLCRichard and Sheridan HafdalKnights of Columbus Council 9096Midwest Medical HoldingsO’Halloran and Murphy Funeral HomeMark and Margaret PospisilPresbyterian Homes & ServicesSaint Therese FoundationSchlesinger Investment GroupState Farm Insurance Company - John Griep State Supply CompanyClaudia WagnerWashburn-McReavyGeneral FundIndividualsJe AbelJane Aby and Robert KuschkePaul AdamsonAnthony and Susan AllevaKatherine and Gary AndersenMary AndersonCharlotte AndersonDeb AnderssonFrederick and Mary Ellen AngellMary ApuliKim ArnoldPeggy and Dave ArolaMarvin ArvidsonJames and Judy AuneMichael and Nancy BackstromMark and Maryclare BadeAlisa Bardo-MartinsonPatricia BaribeauRobert and Theresa BarryJames and Marlene BauerFrances A. BeaudryCarol BeckCheryl BeckerThomas BegeStephen BehnenJoan BelangerElizabeth BergeEdgar and Luann BernardRobert BernardsCarol BickmanDonald and Marian BiehnJudith BlanchardJohn and Mary BoegeJohn and Janet BohanKristy BoikeJanice BolinMary Lou BollesJohn and Peggy BorchertDaugherty FamilySusan BowmanTed BowmanHarold and Charlotte BradyTerrie Louise and John BrandtCleone R. BrazilBarbara BreenCarolyn E. BreitbachJudith BrinkmanJoseph BrooksNancy Brynteson-Sermon and Duane SermonLinda BuccelliJoane BucheMichael J. BuddDonald and Janice BundeJoseph BuschJohn and Peggy ButtereldMary CarySister Kathleen CaseyGregory CashKim CashKelli CassidyTheodore ChalupskyConstance ChariparPaul and Kathleen CierniaEdward ClearyJane ClementsTheodore Collins and Jean DickMichael and Joan ConnollyDarla ConstableMary and Anthony CostaMary CostelloMary CrandallDavid and Shirley CrawfordPatrick M. CullenJames and Gloria CullenGeri and Richard DahlbergRuth DahlgrenJohn DalrympleJaci R. DanielsonDelonna DarsowLawrence DasovicRalph and Mary Pat Davini

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Our Lady of Peace27Hans-Peter de RuiterJennifer DeBettigniesFrancis Decker and Joan Kerr-DeckerGoldie DeGrossMary and Joseph DelaneyPhyllis DeLisiPhilip and Linda DeZelarKathleen DomeierMichael and Deborah DonnellyRita DoodyJan and Joel DornLori DouglasJerome and Joan DownesRobert and Judith DozeGeorge and Patricia DramdahlRoberta DriscollWilliam DuyCarolyn and Neil DulasPatricia DunleavyTimothy and Mary DyrhaugTim and Kristin DyrhaugDavid EarenghtMichael and Colleen EckmanDaniel and Michele EdwardsonDavid EggenEllen EichtenDavid and Mary EkMariann EricksonRoberta EricksonMargaret EssJames and Raeleen EsserTroy and Lori EwertJanet and Douglas FairbanksPatrick FarleyDennis and Dorothy FendtHubert FernandezAnthony FerrazzoRichard and Penny FickMartha Findlay ZellmerMarie FischerIvy FischerNora FitzsimmonsDebbie FlickWanda FosterJude and Jim FrankoJe FrankoTeresa FreemanConstance FreemanPatricia J. FreyFrancis FriedJudy FullerLawrence and Adina Gagner Family FundJennifer GardenJoseph and Carla GattoKathryn GerberBailey GermainHelen GertenMichael GfrererJane GfrererAnnella GibneyDavid and Sharon GielRodney Gieser and Dolores ZickRobert and Mary GlineburgWilliam GlowackiDebra Godtland-Bernin and Don BerninJanice GoldenGeorge Golden and Deanna LouieJohn GordonJohn GregorCharles and Barbara GrothJames GruenwaldDebra GunnersonJohn HallNancy J. HansenDavid and Kimberly HansonLinda HartyJerey HattonDennis HauberGerald and Joyce HaugeGeorge E. HawkinsThraicie HawknerMary HelbachMary HertausJodi and Kevin HickeyBarbara HigginsJerry HighJoan and Bob HillerLarry and Patricia HinkMaureen HirschDeloros D. HobroughRonald HomanWilliam and Penny HomeyerRichard HoschkaJason and Katherine HouleElizabeth HoyezGeorge and Mary HuberMary HughesVirginia HughesSusan HulbertGregory HyserCatherine JansenMary Ann JanskeJerome JasickiMichael JereczekPatricia A. JohnsonJuanita I. JohnsonThomas and Cynthia JonesJerome JuelichCharles Jungmann and Mary Jungmann FundDavid and Kathy JungquistLois JusterDavid and Janice KastelicGary KatzmarekJoseph and JoAnn KazekPatricia KeeneDavid KelleyJoan KellyLore KellyFrancis KennedyTimothy and Florence KenneyJerome L. KernSandra KieserLarry and Gretchen KimuraPeggy KingGeorge KinneyDeborah KleinLester and Janice KlosDavid and Kelly KnackLouis and Dionne KopkaLisa KorusRyan KraemerThomas and Jean KuehnJohn KuislePaul and Lisa KulhanekCharles KuyavaTimothy and Roxanne LackasDiane LanctotLawrence and Kathleen LangerJacqueline Lantry and Peter YelleJacob LantryKathy LantryMary LaPlantE. Douglas LarsonDennis and Anne LashFrancine Le PagePatricia LeeJacqueline and Chris LeeJanet LeedsJohn and Janice LeguilMike and Rose LethertJudy LibertusVirginia M. LiebigFay LindmeierMechthild LindsayBarbara LindstromGerald and Rose LinnihanAndy LiteckyBridget LongFrances Long and Kirk JereyMarilynn and James LovingLoel and Mary LowaryJeanne LoweFrancis LudwigLee and Jo LundbladMark and Michelle MadisonLee and Jean MarkellRuth MarkowitzJudith A. Markus GairJames and Mary Lee MarshallJohn and Nancy MartensMary Ellen MartinsonJoAnn MasonMargaret and Lawrence McCarthyJohn and Carla McClellanAnn McDonaldMaureen McDonough and Roger KapsnerCarol M. McGoughLawrence McGoughJennifer McGuiganThomas and Judy McGuiganCatherine McKnightMike McMenomyGreg McNeelySusan McShaneMichael and Laurie MenkeGerald and Beverly MertzGerald and Kathleen MeyerMarilyn MeyerBeverly MillerGail and Mike MilletteElizabeth MinogueJohn MintonJoan MironChristopher Moeller and Sarah MaasRuth MoldenhauerDavid and Colleen MolinePatricia MontainSandi MooneyJim and Jackie MorairtyLeland and Linda MoyerWilliam H. MuellerRichard and Annette MullenTheresa J. MusielewiczJanis NegrattiBen and Leah NelsonPatrick and Marianne NewellKen and Dewi NgRichard and Nancy NicholsonDeborah NickilaRandall and Mary NiemeyerEdmund and Betty NightingaleDavid and Judith NordanGlenn and Kitty NorstremBarbara J. NortonDolores NovotnyGeorge NystromJudith OberhauserRonald and Janet OdalenRosalia and Vernon OlsenJames Olsen and Carolyn GanzMichael OrtonIris and Henry OsekowskyRichard and Lori OsendorfAndrew and Ann PardoMelinda and Mike ParsonRobert and Dorothy PaulsonSteven PennigJanet PerkinsMarlyss PetersenRichard and Shannon PetersonSteve and Marijo PetersonMaureen Mitch Peterson and Gary PetersonOanh PhamMark and Margaret PospisilPatrick and Michelle QuinlanRebecca Rassier and Michael DahlRichard RedingGregory and Patricia ReeseReverend James E. ReidyGary and Pam ReiersonMark and Bonita RekuckiKaren ReuterSarah ReveringRichard and Dorothy Revord FamilyJohn RichardsonBerle RichmanSharon M RigdonAndrea RiversKatharine RobbRichard RolesFrances RooneyJohn and Sharon RoznickPatricia RudolphJerome RupkusKaye SabeanMelvin and Mary Ann SaignTimothy and Mary ScanlanJo Ann ScarrellaMargaret and Bradley SchaferJohn and Jane SchererDavid and Judy SchifskyMichael and Jane SchlangenSusan Schreifels

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THE JOURNEY28Douglas and Florence SchuellerAllan Schultz and Andrea LubovJoseph and Mary Ann SchwebelMichael and Jeannie ScottNancy L. ScovilMarjorie SehnertPeggy SellersJacklynn SelvigNorman SetnickerDaniel and Rita SevenichRobert and Marie ShieldsBrian and Kathleen ShortAlverda R. SimcoeRobert and MaryAnn SipekTerry and Valerie SkrypekJohn and Nancy SlothowerLee SmithSharon SolfestMary SpanglerPatricia SpeltzJaci and Dale StaigerKathryn and William SteigaufDonald and Mary Ann StevensVirginia StreseDavid SuttonKay Swanson and John SchoenDebbie and Tim SwansonLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiPatricia S. TeynorMay Kia ThaoThomas and Darlene TholeJames and Judith ThomasKaren ThomasJerey ThorupThomas ThulCarol TierneyMary and Jerry TillmanRebecca TimoJudith ToddCarol ToninatoMary TorborgAnn TschidaRobert TuckerCraig TupyGeorge TurnerMichael TwohyTheresa UkkelbergDennis UngerBetty VaderLeon and Mary Van HeelGlen and Diana Van WormerCarlyn VanderheydenJoe VangAshleigh and Daniel VarleySandra VaughtDr. and Mrs. Ed VaurioRobert Vince and Maureen VinceSteven and Susan VnoucekBonnie VrunoElaine VyskocilPatrick M. WalderaMable R. WalkowiakJohn and Donna WardJim WeidesMarlene WernerJack and Jane WhitefordFrank WindSusanne WintzDeborah WoodburnFrancyne YarussoMona M. ZarlingAmy and Dean ZeugDarlene ZurawskiCorporations3M Company4Giving FoundationAmazonsmile Foundation DonationAmeriprise Financial Employee Giving CampaignAndersen CorporationAonAT&TAT&T Employee GivingBarrett Family FoundationBethlehem Lutheran Church WomenBiogen Idec FoundationBlue Cross Blue Shield of MinnesotaBoston ScienticCarlson Capital ManagementCarvalCenturylink Employee GivingCHC: Creating Healthier CommunitiesChurch of Saint Genevieve CCWChurch of Saint Mark Council of Catholic WomenChurch of Saint TimothyChurch of Saint WenceslausCignaCoeyville Resources Rening & MarketingCondence Learning Center, Inc.Corinne Van Heel Endowment FundCoupa SoftwareDollar Bank FoundationEagles 3208Eagles 5th District MinnesotaFraternal Order of EaglesFraternal Order of Eagles #2258Fraternal Order of Eagles #4456Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2334Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 3282Good Leadership EnterprisesGood Shepherd Church and SchoolGoogleHardenbergh FoundationHealthpartnersHess Bakken Investments II, LLCHoly Childhood Women’s ClubHoly Cross CCW Rosary GuildHoly Trinity Council of Catholic WomenIllinois Tool Works FoundationImmaculate Conception CCWItalian Heritage Society, Inc.Knights of Columbus Father Carey Council #5569Lakeville Knights of Columbus Council #8367Lumen Christi Catholic CommunityMankato Eagles #269 and AuxiliaryMary Queen of PeaceMedtronicMedtronic Your Cause, LLCMeisinger Construction Company, IncMerchant ServicesMicrosoft FoundationMicrosoft Giving CampaignNetwork For GoodNew Brighton Aerie #3718Oak Grove Lutheran ChurchOtto C. Winzen Charitable FundOur Lady of the Lake ChurchOur Lady of the Prairie Church CCWOwatonna Aerie No 1791Pentair CompanyPhoenix Oil and Gas, Inc.Pledgeling FoundationPolish American ClubRBC FoundationRegina’s Fine CandiesRichard and Susan Dubay Giving FundRichard M. Schulze Family FoundationRosary and Altar Society of Saint Albert’s ChurchSaint Adalbert’s Rosary SocietySaint Alphonsus Council of Catholic WomenSaint Anne’s Council of Catholic WomenSaint Boniface Benevolent SocietySaint Boniface Church CCWSaint Casimir Altar & Rosary SocietySaint Casimir’s ChurchSaint Gabriel the Archangel CCWSaint James Evangelical Lutheran ChurchSaint Mary’s ChurchSaint Matthew’s Mens ClubSaint Odilia Council of Catholic WomenSaint Patrick’s Association, IncSaint Stephen’s Lutheran ChurchSaint Thomas Woman’s ClubSaint Timothy Council of Catholic WomenSalem Lutheran ChurchSchlumbergerSecular Franciscan Order - Saint AlphonsaSenior Resource SpecialistsShaw - Lundquist Associates, IncSlovak Men’s ClubTD AmeritradeThe Church of St. Clement Rosary GuildThe Langdon Inc.The Mike and Lillian Tita Revocable TrustThe Original Baseball Old Timer’s Hot Stove LeagueThomson ReutersThrivent Charitable Impact and InvestingTisBest PhilanthropyTschida Family FundTwin City Assembly #47 Order of the Golden CircleUnited Health GroupUnited Way Greater Twin CitiesUS Bank Employee Matching Gift ProgramVelair Property ManagementVeritasVerizonVFW Auxiliary to the Vasatka Goers WWII 6690Warner Bros. DiscoveryWells Fargo FoundationWomen’s Club of Saint HedwigZumbro Area Eagles #2228Gifts in KindKim CashDelonna DarsowLori DouglasMargaret EssMaureen HirschJanet LeedsRichard and Lori OsendorfJon and Jackie PedersenMaureen Mitch Peterson and Gary PetersonDebbie and Tim SwansonJim WeidesDeborah WoodburnLumen Christi Catholic CommunityRegina’s Fine CandiesSaint Timothy Council of Catholic WomenSaint Mary’s ChurchGive to the MaxGordon and Leslie AmundsonKatherine and Gary AndersenDeborah BleesGlen and Margaret BoothKathy and Gary BrownKim CashRenee DucharmeCarolyn and Neil DulasStuart EdealJamey FlanneryBrenda GundersonLauren HarmeyerThomas J. HeinlPatty and Max HergottMary HertausBeth and Kenneth HonkompJerey HusetCarol JacksonTadd KellySarah KoppBarb MahalBarbara MenkMichael and Laurie MenkeBeverly MillerJerome and Sharon MountElizabeth NoelGlenn and Kitty NorstremSusan PetersScott and Rebecca PetroBrian and Diana PierceLori RaduenzLisa RiehlAngela RondoMary RossTerrance RyanJoseph Spitzmueller and Nancy Callinan

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Our Lady of Peace29Mark and Maribeth SpreemanElaine TecklenburgRyan WilsonAndrea WintersAndrew WrightFrances ZambGrantsBirmingham-Dorsey Charitable TrustCarvalCasey Albert T. O’Neil FoundationCharity Inc.Darren and Terry JacksonElizabeth C. Quinlan FoundationFred C. and Katherine B. Andersen FoundationHardenbergh FoundationHeimerman Family Endowment FundJames Linsmayer FoundationJoseph C. and Lillian A Duke FoundationKopp Family FoundationPeter and Dorothy Lapp FoundationPoehler-Stremel Charitable TrustRay and Kay Eckstein Charitable TrustRay Edwards Memorial TrustRBC FoundationRichard M. Schulze FoundationRobert and Delores Buril FoundationThe Anna M. Heilmaier Charitable Foundation Highland Block Nurse ProgramSubir BanerjeeJoan CaueldElizabeth DeLayJane DowdConstance FalveyHilde FlynnMary GintherJim and Georgia GreeleyRobert and Janet HananSusan HarveyBetty KartakEsther KellogAnne KellyElizabeth KiernatMarilyn Birkel KocerMargot LairJillian LangeTheresa LittleMargaret LozenStella LundquistJoan MailanderAleda MathiowetzLynda and Wanda MathisonMagdalene MauJoseph and Jane MicallefKaren MiddletonRobert OlsenLidwyina OrbitaMarvin PertzikLawrance and Susanne SavettElba SchoeldDennis and Ellen Hart ShegosJohn and Gloria SkalbeckDebra SmithJoseph and Pam StanislavEdward StephensRichard SundbergRon and Marghe TabarWayne and Lola May ThompsonMargaret TockoAnna TschicaAlice VignaloIn Honor Of Jody Anderly Thomas and Mary Jo Malchow Riverain Condominium AssociationBrian Backer Gail and Mike MilletteBen Butler Greg McNeelyTom Cassidy Laurence R. KennedyFather Rinaldo Custodio Francis FriedMr. and Mrs. Bill DeSanto William and Ginny DeSantoGene and Peggy Drabek Arlene DrabekMarystone and Berquist Family Donald and Barbara MarystoneRichard Fischer’s children and grandchildren Anna Marie FischerBill Freeman James and Judith ThomasJoAnne Hense Peter Honsa Janie, Julie and Nikki Linda WilsonRoselyn Koenig Lisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiChris Kuyava and Jill Kuethe Charles KuyavaMarilyn Lantry Jacob Lantry Kathy LantryMelissa Loney Lamb Maclore ChristensenRick Long Good Leadership EnterprisesMary Ellen Martinson Debbie ReynoldsPat Martinucci Diane LanctotTina Mattia Barbara A. BuesgensMr. and Mrs. Bob Miller William and Ginny DeSantoOur Lady of Peace Sta Anonymous Joseph and Pamela StanislavAndrew and Helen Rains John and Nancy SlothowerRegions Hospital Palliative Care Team Jerey ThorupJoyce Reha Joan and Bob HillerKarl Remer Michael T. DanielsNancy Skuta Mary and Joseph DelaneySmith Family Members Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDDebbie Swanson Michael BenchetritHugh Sweeney Barbara A. BuesgensVolunteers at Our Lady of Peace Dennis HoelscherJean Hoelscher Walstad Dennis HoelscherPeter J. Weber Elizabeth WeberNicolas Wright Lee FullerYarusso, Lombardi and Lenzi Families Francyne YarussoBeth Weides Zenisek Katie Johnson In Memory Of Margaret “Peggy” AbbottMartha AdolphCatherine FiebigerBarbara HilligasMary Lu LubbeElizabeth RyanSuzanne ZellerPatricia “Patty” Sturdivant Abbott Don and Kathleen PrettymanDelores M. Absey John AbseyJames “Jim” Abts Debra and Peter LaneAlice Acheson Suzanne AmundsonGertrude Ackerson Michael and Karen AckersonWilliam E. “Bill” AdamJames and Carol Ann AdamGary Ankerfelt and Kathleen Frey-AnkerfeltBelden PlasticsRichard and Virginia BrandonTerry and Judith DowPatricia EcklEugene FreyRonald and Romayne HauthRobert and Maureen PreinerRehder & AssociatesMichael and Esther SemlakRichard and Jeanne SilvernagelSandra “Sandy” AdamsJohn Adams Jr.Gordon and Judith CookJames and Shirley CookEric and Carol PerssonLeon Leger Adcock, M.D. Marian AdcockDavid Adrian Jeanne MilosevichRebecca M. Agua Paul DemaraisJames “Jim” Ahern Charles and Barbara GrothDorothy Akin Charles and Barbara GrothSherry Mae Akins Kellie and Todd AkinsBob Alberti Charlotte Alberti Georgia Ales Gary and Gorganne ReiersonNicole “Nikki” Alexander Robert SampsonRichard “Dick” Allen Stephen Venable

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THE JOURNEY30Bernadine Altendahl Jane EvansWilliam Howard Alvord Carroll BarnesGeorge Amble Jerome L. KernArdys Anderson Michael and Valerie JohnsonDon Anderson Angela AndersonDonald William Anderson Joy HutchinsonEdward Anderson Michael and Valerie JohnsonLoren Anderson Jerry and Mary Ann Melvin Kimberly NobleMary S. Anderson Enid Broderick Theresa Erickson HempelShirley R. Anderson Bartholic Family FoundationTheresa Anderson Barbara HigginsDonald “Don” Andrle Patricia Andrle Alan and Margaret HalvorsenJan Ansorge Kenneth and Esther GorlinskyGregory Anton Jae and Todd SwensonKaren Apitz Arlen Apitz John Fahey and Susan Connell FaheyChristopher Donald Arens Alice FinkGenevieve AriasJerey ArellanoGregory and Cynthia BakerMichael and Nadine BergstromSylvia CarrilloDianne DiazHumberto and Susana FloresAlejandra LozoyaRoxanna LozoyaYolanda LozoyaMichael and Mae MazzaraYolanda PreciadoMary PriciadoThomas and Paula SanchezCiara SmithJohn and Marie ZellnerMarilynn A. Arnold Cindy and Joe Marso Pamela and John O’NeilLynne Arradondo Donald JacksonDennis “Denny” Arrigoni James KellerElyce Arvidson Kirsten and David ScottWayne Atkins Stephani Atkins Wayne and Stephani Atkins Charitable FundBarbara Axelson Lee Fuller Gretchen Babou Scott Babou Maximo and Jeanne Gonzalez Patricia RolewiczMargaret “Marge” Bach Roberta and Michael SmithSharon Backstrom Steven and Elizabeth DupayBarbara Bade Jerry and Cyndia ThimsenMike Bader Keith and Cindy SchweigerSamuel Barnes Linda MontpetitDaniel and Dolores Barrett Sigismund and Diane Dekany Teresa and Nathan StoltmanJoseph W. Barrett Margaret Barrett Nora IvoryDeloris Bathrick Robert and Diane KraftLaVern Bauer Alice FinkLeo Bauer Helengrace BauerBarbara Bauerfeld Sue Bauerfeld Marlene Dolney Edwin and Linda Pilgreen Rick and Jolee SiedschlagJohn Bauman Robert and Diane DufresneAudrey Bautch Andrea ChristiansonRose Bayuk Mark BayukBarry Beamon Barbara A. BuesgensBarry, Benita and Louis Beamon Barbara A. BuesgensLouis BeamonBarbara A. Buesgens Judith “Judy” Beauchamp Summer Beauchamp Virgil and Irene KlinkLaverne Beaudry Laverne Beaudry FamilyWarren Beck Carol BeckRandall and Violet Becker Denise BeckerNatalie Becklund AnonymousMarion Beczkalo Kevin and Mary Beczkalo Mark and Julie BeczkaloDudley Mary Bednar Sara BenolkinGerald “Jerry” Behrendt Diane and Randy BehrendtCharles Bell Diane AlitzPatricia Ann Bellamy General Dynamics Mission SystemsDaniel T. Bemlott Roger and Nancy GreenAlba Benda David and Judy BendaMichael Benner Nadia BennerJames Francis Benz Michael and Joanne BarrettJanice Berg Barbara SchmidtShirley Berg Neil and Elizabeth JeddelohNancy BergeronJanice AndersonSue ClancyLinda FarnellMichael and Mary HauptCheryl HoweJanet MathewsPam MillsDon MoeBrenda ShaughnessyVictoria SlagleMargaret Bergquist Donald and Barbara MarystoneCharles and Marie Bernard Egeberg Charitable FundDelores Bernards Robert BernardsVirginia “Ginni” BerninSharilyn ClaggettMary DrakeDebra Godtland-Bernin and Don BerninPeter and Rebekah HagstromKathryn JensenJohn and Diane KilianSharon SandiferKirk and Deborah SwensonJessica BernsMelissa AndersonWilliam and Adeline ArmstrongKaren BeckerBernice BernsLois BernsDennis HartmanLana HedlundPatrick HenryBruce and Fran Hill-RowenRichard HurdJohn and Laurie LacinaTina LahrMichelle LechnerKaren MitchellLinda PartridgeA. Ray and Susan PontinenJean SarazineJon and Cheryl TuckerCraig UrsethGladys Van QuekelbergHenry WagnerPatricia Welter Tyler Berqual Ronald and Catharine Berqual Karin StrubDavid Berres Lynn BerresEdward Thomas Berriman Rob and Phyllis Galarneault Mary Hughes Peter Kelly

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Our Lady of Peace31Arlene Bertrand Dennis J. FlahertyMariya Besedina Irene and Alex GrudskyLawrence Bestler Robert and Mary NobleCorrine BethkeDan and Sherri BallantineGreg and Sally BethkeMary Ellen MaloneMarlene MarshMark and Annemarie VaupelDorothy “Dotty” Bethke Linda GlassJames and Helen Bever Shirley Bever Rita JohnstonLarry Bewley Jill OvreDora “Jean” Bickett Lynn RadeckiSonny Biever Beverly and Cullen AlexandraGerald Bigaouette Beverlee SchultzLee Binger Margaret SandbergLaVerle and Randall Birkel Marilyn KocerLisle Bitney Susan BitneyMark Bittner Anonymous Diane KrugerSandra “Sandy” Bjerke Gary and Mary GareldJanet Marie Black Joseph BlackKaren BlahaAJ ManufacturingEric BlahaDavid EngelkingKathy GroveSharon and Phillip HansonRita Rae LarsonMary Beth SnyderDennis Blake David Blake and Lisa Boland Blake Michael and Karen BolandOctavia Blanks Lavoid RhodeLester BlaseVirginia Blase Barbara DicksonRichard Bloch, Sr. Maryann BlochDonald Blume Ella WilseyNancy BlumelJoseph BlumelFred and Laura KruegerNick and Annie PearsonJan Bly Karen BlyMarcia Boatwright Charles and Barbara GrothLynn Boesil Michael and Karen BolandWilliam Boggs Kay and Allen McAloney Terrence and Rita WerthPamela Boisvert Jodi and Kevin HickeyAlice Bohland Timothy and Rosemary RumseyIrem Bolukbasi Engin BolukbasiEvelyn “Evy” BoothCharles and Jacqueline BoothPatricia BoothDave and Linda BoraasFrank and Mary Ann SattervallMuriel YlvisakerJoseph E. Bordeaux John and Virginia BordeauxCatherine Borden Mark and Elizabeth HamelLinda BornerNathan and Janet BalzerGary and Jane BornerGordon and Julianne BornerLeonard BornerRichard and Lori BornerWallace BornerMitchell and Sarah CainKay CarmeanRichard and Nancy GozolaM. Linda HermansonRebecca JensenRichard C. RacineBenjamin and Kristine RatzlaJohn and Peggy Ann SampsonErnest and Claudette SergentGary and Lori SwansonRebecca Van LoonVermillion Elevator, IncLarry and Kathleen VoigtWashington-Ramsey County Farm BureauCharles and Jody WernerArmand “Nick” Borocki Joanne M. BorockiJoanne Marie BorockiJudith BrinkmanDeloros D. HobroughEleanor KegleyWilliam and Julie PerryImogene TreichelFlorence “Dolly” Borotz Kathleen Huls Rose WeltonJune Borotz Kathleen HulsDan and Cecelia Borowicz Roger and Margaret BorowiczTherese Borrell Alice FinkDavid Bottomly David SchindeldeckerDuane Bouley Barbara and Charles GauBoulos “Paul” Boulos Marie BoulosLucy Mae Bounds Mary Morris and Terry MorrisLee Bova Dennis J. FlahertyRobert “Bernie” Bowen Marcia L. BowenBoyd Bowman Karol A. BowmanEmily BraamSarah CarlsonKatelyn FilbrandtCarol LandryMichelle MatysikJoanne WhalenJane Braaten David BraatenGregory Bradshaw Mary Jo MeadowJane R. Brandt Nancy SampairMark Breitenfeldt Diane K. BerglundNicholas Bremer Gary and Mary Ann AndersonRaymond Bremer Tracy Buck Calvin and LaLonie PricePatricia “Pat” Bremner Susan and Jerry Bartho Margaret Bremner Robert and Marie ShieldsTimothy “Tim” Bremner Susan and Jerry Bartho Margaret Bremner Robert and Marie ShieldsJohn Brengman William and Corrine BrengmanMary A. Brennan Kathryn and Michael CampionRoger Brennan Terrence and Maureen DesmondHelmut Breuer Regina BreuerAdlai Andrew Brink Bill and Ardis Brink Lori BrinkBernard L. Brodkorb, Jr.Ellen DuncanAndrea JohnsonTim and Kelly JohnsonBruce WarkentienJoseph Brooks Francis LudwigDavid Brown Helen K. BrownJanet Brown Harold and Karen BrownRobert Brown Richard and Theresa BrownTeresa Browne James BrownePeter Brueggeman Alexandra BrueggemanLoren Brusehaver Tom and Jenny Essen

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THE JOURNEY32Marilyn F. Brust Pamela Brust Paula BrustMichael Brynteson Nancy Brynteson-Sermon and Duane SermonRonald Brzinski Arlene A. BrzinskiMarian Buchanan David and Barbara DuBordRonald Buckeye Jeanne Buckeye Lawrence and Kathleen LangerSusan BuddSue BignallMichael J. BuddJanet George and Cathy CalderReverend Deborah M. LawrenceGordon BuesgensBarbara A. BuesgensNancy Lee LaHaiseBurton and Reighe NagelLisa NagelJames Burbach Christine BurbachSteven BurchettLaura AchtorJames and Patricia KroughLoann MenzelJane NymanJoan SandersLouis H. Burg J. David and Kathleen VogelMary McHugo Burgess Rita McHugoRita Burgess Jane SoshnikRoy G. Burgess Rachel BurgessJohn Michael Burke Mary BurkeDr. Roger Burke Mary BurkeSharon Burke Gregory and Rose DrakePeggy Burks Courtney BurksMable Burnham Dale and Sheila VanderbiltSally Buron Michelle and Kevin BuronThomas “Thom” Burrell, III Diane PelinkaRichard Burtman Dave Burtman Ronald TipckeNorma Burton David and Janet BurtonCarole P. Busch Gerald and Margaret McGrath Mary J. Schaal Charles Busch Robert BuschRobert Buskirk Marlene BuskirkGarry BusseNancy J. BusseCoupa SoftwareJulie and Alex PolinskyRonald and Mary Kay SchneiderThomas Bye Anita SeviolaCharles Byrne Mary EilenPhilip and Mary Lou Byrne Katie and David ReederThomas Byrne Sr., Patrick and Tom Jr. Mary ByrneJanet Cage Susan and Kenneth MeyersDorothy Marie Cahill Mary HochStephanie Calguire Mary and David BurrillFaith “Faye” Campbell AnonymousMark Anthony Cardinal Terry HolmgrenAudrey Carlson Fern VescioBernie Carlson, Jr. Mark and Angela Carlson Sarah CarlsonDorothy Marian Carlson Jonathan CarlsonFloyd Carlson Tom and Jenny EssenRoger Carlson Emily RossPeter CarneyBarbara BehnkeBernadine CarneyKaren CarneyJohn and Jean ChapmanWillard and Marilyn JohnsonCarissa KaufmanElizabeth McLaneKaren NelsonJudith StadlerCarole ThompsonMark TingleyRuth VolkLeo Carpenter Diana SaverRobert CarpenterBetty CookKathleen GammonDouglas and Donna HoltLeslie HoltMichael MartagonEileen PatrinKevin RyanMerlin and Kathleen WilliamsNorene Carr Jennifer GardenThomas “Tom” Carroll Joanne C. Carroll Julie Carroll Laurence and Judith WrykAndrew “Andy” Carruth Arthur CarruthPatricia CarruthTara BergersonCharles and Sharon ClysdaleThe Third Thursday Bridge ClubPeggy DunhamAudrey M. EricksonHighland District CouncilHoward KangLarry and Tamara KuensterCynthia LannersNorma LannersKen LerachJerey MarzolfClarice and Michael NittiPaul NittiGail SchroerPamela Smith-TortumSheila SweeneyGerald “Jerry” CashillAhrendts-Couch Charitable Giving AccountCharles and Janice AndersonDennis and Jerrice BarrettTom and Liz BertellLinda BjornbergJoan BorowiecRuth BullockAnne CashillNorma J. CashillKent and Dee Ann CrossleyDonna DilleyLitton E. Field Jr.Warren and Leigh GerberJean HarteltPaul and Lois LarsenRichard and Mary LawrenceKimberle, Wade and Chloe LinderLoel and Mary LowaryPeter and Lynn MallingerGlenn and Barbara MartinJohn and Karen MeslowDavie and Beverly MooneyRobert and Michaelene SamecGary and Mary Ann SchokmillerHarry and Fran SchroederKathleen SextonJames “Jim” CassidyCharles and Sharon ClysdaleJude and Jim FrankoDean and Sheila GilkersonMarie HansonLaurence R. KennedySheila KennedyJudy KuszDave and Teresa LassegardAnne MaertzJames and Julie MeyerMichael and Mary Teresa MinkiewiczJuan and Kim PerezMichelle ReutherThomas and Lois SmithRobert and Kimberly StuartRobert Caylor Mary CaylorRosa ChambleeDenise ChambleePaul Clasen and Cynthia JonesMarc and Joan CoxVickie KarneyGene and Marcia KathAudrey OlsonKaren TarrantAndrew and Joan ChandlerWilliam and Theresa ChandlerJim and Mary KremerAnita and Duayne ProehlKarl Charipar Constance ChariparJames Chevalier Anne McKechnieDarren Chock Anonymous

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Our Lady of Peace33Barbara Christensen Gary ChristensenGene Christensen Josephine ChristensenMike Christensen AnonymousAnita Christianson Andrea ChristiansonMary Jane Clark Lisa DukartJoseph Claus Glen and Margaret Booth Michael SarafoleanJessica Clay Bill and Joan UrbanskiAdele Clemens David and Shirley CrawfordJoanne Clemens Edward and Dianne HughesRose Cliord Terra Alvarez Galen Auch Stephen DoucetteLou Cocchiarella Mary Jane HilsgenCharles Cochrane Alison CochraneGertrude “Gert” Cody Don and Kathleen PrettymanWilliam “Bill” Colonna Bruce and Kim Leitheiser Fern VescioDolores “Dee” Colucci Margaret Di IoiaEileen Comford Mary ComfordJohn Sullivan Comford Mary Comford Judith “Judy” Connelly Neil ConnellyMary Louise ConnellyAnonymousSteven BakerChristy BraunSteven BuanKathleen Connelly and Carolyn SampsonThomas ConnellyJohn and Cheryl FaundeenFriends and Colleagues at NWS NCRFCSteven and Kathleen GeisCharleen JordanJames and Teresa LodoenMary MaghrakKatherine McCloughanAllen and Lori MoenDouglas and Kathleen SchwartzElizabeth ShabakerSergei and Tami ShvetzoPatricia SpeltzThe MacArthur FoundationVersant Capital ManagementCarl and Mary Conney Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDCarl J. Conney Frank and Joann Conney Mary ConneyDennis “Denny” Connolly Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly StromJames Connolly Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly StromMarcus Connolly Steven Casalenda Donald Strom and Colleen Connolly StromPatrick Considine Coreen and John ThumEileen ConwayEric and Rochelle BjornsonJerey and Julie ConwayMichael and Linda ConwayPamela ConwayVincent and Patricia ConwayThomas and Colleen HarveyAlice HawkinsHugh and Joann HawkinsPatricia HelinArlene LeydenPhil ManzKaye MorisAnonymousRodney RomanchukGerald and Lolita SchaberPatricia SirianTriangle WarehouseCecelia and William WickerWilliam and Jill WoldPeggy Cook Christopher Cook Paul and Julie SullivanJeannette Corona Joanne LangsdorfRichard CossettaJohn and Virginia BordeauxRobert BuschMary CarusoJerome and Kathleen EsboldtDebbie FlickScott GodesTed and Linda HarleyMike and Dawn InserraHolly KutzerGregory and Mary LendwayRichard and Erla ManginiGreg and Kathy MooreOrell and Cynthia PieperRosemarie RoachJane RuddyAnita StocktonJim TaylorDorothy Costello Mary CostelloPatricia Costello Mary CostelloLoren Cota Loreen and Je MatzkaSister Mary Courteau Sister Catherine SchoeneckerLynda Cowan Nancy Karlebach and Family Jared Karlebach Jeanne LacourtMary Cowley Catherine CowleyThomas Crawford David and Shirley CrawfordPaul “Terry” Creagan Catherine McKnightAmy Crickmer Faye RoodTim Crosby Mary Kay CrosbyPatricia Crossett Timothy CrossettJohn Crowley Carol CrowleyCatherine “Cathy” Cullen William CullenEileen CullenKathleen CullenPatricia CullenHoward “Mickey” Cullen, Jr.Dick and Sally BillowsKathleen CullenPatricia CullenMichael and Maureen McDonaldKatherine “Kay” Cummings Eric and Annette Hjelter Matt and Nikki JohnsonGordon Cunningham Darryl CunninghamThomas “Tom” Curtis Patricia A. Curtis Patricia Peterson James and Anne WandmacherBarbara Cyr Paul CyrAdam Czech Stephen WenzelGloria CzerepakHersh and Lillian BermanRichard BuninBruce and Susan CerepakDuke and Amy CobornRon and Sonya CzerepakChrisa DziedzicDanielle DziedzicMarsha DziedzicWalter and Patricia DziedzicMary EricksonDennis and Dorothy FendtByron and Shirley FrankColleen FriedrichsJoseph and Mary GoldbergD. Michael and Sandra HamerskiMike HurleyAlan and Evelyn IngberLinda JensenDana and Susan JohnsonDallas and Jean JosephDonald and Diane KelleyJohn and Helen LiebMary MeisnerWarren and Christa MisiewiczThomas and Margie NeimanLee St ClairCathy and Bill StreitDeborah ZwickeyWally and Gloria Czerepak Anonymous Ron and Sonya Czerepak James and Barb GurovitschWalter “Wally” CzerepakHersh and Lillian BermanChrisa DziedzicDanielle DziedzicMarsha DziedzicMary EricksonDennis and Dorothy FendtD. Michael and Sandra HamerskiEvie, Al, Jill, Marc, Robyn and JeremeDallas and Jean JosephJohn and Helen Lieb

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THE JOURNEY34Mary MeisnerWarren and Christa MisiewiczPaul and Donna NedvedThomas and Margie NeimanLee St ClairCathy and Bill Streit Deborah ZwickeyLinda Daher Angela RondoAnita Suess DaHinten Thomas DahillCynthia “Cindy” Dahlin Beverly and Eugene BjerkebekKay Horvath Dalmo Teri HorvathJack and Mary Dalrymple John DalrympleEleanor Daly Patrick Daly and Candace McFadden Daly Mary HertausDouglas Dandurand Tammy HaneDarlene Daniels Michael T. DanielsJohn Danielson Jaci R. DanielsonAlfred Danks Mitchell and Karen JorgensenAudrey Danneker Millie MlinarevichLouis Dansky Frances DanskyDavid D. Daun Mary Daun-Lindberg Keri HagerDustin Daniel Davey Alice FinkAnnabelle Davidson Ronald and Judith DavidsonVance and Annabelle Davidson Ronald and Judith DavidsonFrances E. Davis Lester and Rosemary DavisRuth Davis Reginald DavisJudith “Judy” Dawes John DawesBetty Dawson Jonathan Ellis Mary and Billy McCartyDeborah Dawson Jonathan Ellis Mary and Billy McCartyRaymond “Charlie” DeBlieck Richard DeBlieckAlice L. Decker Ann HamiltonFlorence Deeb Mary Jo DeebRichard A. DeFoe Robert and Judith KleinmanHarold Degnan AnonymousRachel DeGross Thomas Degross and Family Brenda GillitzerDorothy DeHart Lauren and Elizabeth LarsenJoseph “Joe” Delaney Progressive Packaging Inc.Patrick Delaney Mary J. SchaalPaulino DeLao, Jr. Anatalia DeLaoRichard “Rick” Deloia Kay Swanson and John SchoenCarol Deluce Gary and Beatrice FerdelmanCindy Demarais Paul DemaraisWinifred Billock Demarais Paul DemaraisLinda DeMesey Maureen HaywardMichael Deminsky James DeminskyVicki Lynn DeSanto William and Ginny DeSantoLouis Deslauriers Lois GanglMarguerite Desotelle AnonymousJim, Rosie and Mike Devaney Gerard and Mary DevaneyJoe DeZelar Philip and Linda DeZelarVicki Dibble Mary WilderCharles Dickinson Annette DickinsonRay Diekrager Thomas and Mary Acheson Susan Diekrager Terence NiewolnyIona Dillenburg Joan KnisleyElgin Dirks Dennis J. FlahertyDavid Disch Mary Jane DischMary Jane Disch Shellie McKaneKathleen “Kay” Ditter Margaret SandbergReynold Dittrich Hendrie GrantMary Ann Djubek Dennis Djubek Kent Djubek and Karra Neseth-DjubekDelphine Dobratz Ted and Patti WesterdahlVernon “Doc” Docken Kenneth and Lora Mae NorstremConnie Domeier Fern VescioJohn C. Donahue Gary CostelloTed Dooley Kristi HolmquistMichael Dorschner Michael and Rory Dorschner Rory K. JonesJacob and Lucille Dosch Jerald DoschFather Mark Dosh Mrs. Robert A. HoganRonald “Ron” Doss Kathleen DossWilliam “Bill” Doughty Patricia A. PedersonKathleen Cahill Douglas Mary HochDeborah Dovenmuehler Patrick and Mary CallahanLois Downs Kimberly and Steven HorneFrank Doyle Joan DoyleAlbert Drabek Arlene DrabekDonald Drew Rebecca J. DrewJoseph Driscoll Kathleen Driscoll Hellen Jeanne DriscollDale Dufault Barbara DufaultMarilyn Abalan Duy William DuyDorothy H. Dunleavy2018 Vulcan KreweLukas and Suzanne AtwoodJanis BehrensMarlys Benshoof-Smith and Robert SmithMaureen CosgriPatricia DunleavyPaula Etten HitchcockRoxanne GareldMichael and Nancy GrayLaurel Halvorson BernardKatie and Dana HarmsMike and Carol LangerJulie LedvinaChristina MurphyPaul and Susan NelsonCherrie RubergJames RuedSenior Care Communities, Inc.Monica ShearonThomas and Lois SmithLois TaaeThomas and Joann UrbanskiElizabeth Dustman Janet Gurga Maura WilliamsDarleen Dyczkowski Patricia CaseyRussell Eastburn Lois Gangl

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Our Lady of Peace35David Eby Sara EbyMargaret Edgren Lawrence LoomisPatricia “Pat” Eger Paul and Allison Eger Wayne EgerEdward Ehlenz Molly Kelliher Colleen Mahady Amy OmodtLois Ehlenz Molly Kelliher Colleen MahadyWilliam “Bill” Ehlert Angeline Baker Julie LarsonWalt Ehli Andy and Kathi BussMary Ehrich Paula RaarupBarbara Eichhorst Ken Eichhorst Pat Eide Karin StrubGerald “Jerry” Elfering Chuck and Ruth SchwietzHarold Elmer Elias Tom and Jenny EssenMary Elias Biogen Idec Foundation Dennis and Brenda WieberPaula Elling Kevin C. ScottValborg Ellingson Elizabeth Krohn Katie and David Reeder Joseph and Therese SullivanRobert C. Ellis Gary and Gorganne ReiersonVirginia Elmer Keith KubyHerb Elmstrom Sandra S. ElmstromClarence Elsen Kathy and Robert GoodsellKaren Emery Walter ClareOscar Emilson Lorraine EmilsonBrian England Kenneth and Esther GorlinskyJerey “Je” M. EnglishThe Gunship Girls - Jenn Bloom, Ana Ehrler, Cherie Kochen, Kimberly Monk, Tracy OnuferLawrence Englund Elizabeth EnglundCelestina Erickson Cheryl Ajax Debra Maulik Mary RobinsonEdward “Ed” Erickson Jon and Gloria EricksonJacqueline Erickson Cynthia RodineKeith Erickson Cynthia Erickson Kristi EricksonNorman and Carolyn Espersen Cynthia SandkampSilvia Espinoza Arellano Dale and Janice PetersonRobert Henry Ess, Sr.AnonymousJason AskelinGeorge and Kathleen CollingThomas CollingJohn DalrympleBruce and Linda HibbardMarcia MattsonDave EttelAnna Marie EttelDale and JoAnn MaristuenMitch and Sarah MaristuenRealife Cooperative of West Saint PaulByron “Doc” FarleyBrian and Kara FarleyDaniel and Kathryn FarleyFarley Financial Partners, Inc.Greg FarleyMichael and Julie FarleyPatrick FarleyGenevieve “Jean” Farniok Alice FinkBrian Farrell Mary Lou NicosiaShelley Fedick Joe FedickStanley Fedorowski, III Patricia NalipinskiJanice Felitto Mary Ellen DeCuaTeresa Marie Fenn Jean OpatrnyDirk Fenna Ramona and Max Fenna Twin City Gear Co.Lorraine “Oma” FennerChildren’s MinnesotaMary ChristianJustine GriepRick and Claudia KieerAlicia MaslanskyMary MesserBrad RapaczLaura WarrickPamela WigtonEugene and Mary Ann Ferber Richard C. RacineMarlys “Micky” Ferguson Don and Kathleen PrettymanMargaret “Marge” Ferraro AnonymousKeith Fester Louise Fester Steve Fester William FesterRobert “Bob” Fiedler Carol FiedlerEleanor Fiegel Carol and Frank EvansFlorine and Orville Field Troy and Donna FieldBruce Zellmer Reuben Germain Martha Findlay ZellmerPaul Finer Brad and Holly FinerRobert FinneganMarilynn CierzanMichael and Lori DalglishElizabeth DruckerRebecca HruzaRandall JeansRobert and Judith KlepperichNancy and Larry KraningTim and Alanna MartinJohn and Cynthia O’HalloranDouglas and Joan RussellYvonne SnidarichMary Fischer Timothy FischerRichard A. Fischer Anna Marie FischerGerald “Jerry” Fisher Carol T. FisherMaryann Fisher John and Gloria SquiresPatrick James Fitzgerald Marnix and Mary GuillaumeNorma FitzsimonsKatie Crowell-SernaSteve and Mari DrakeJim FitzsimonsSarah SaundersMary Catherine Flaherty Virginia A. Doyle Keith and Cindy SchweigerTimothy “Tim” Flaherty Karin StrubDolores Flanagan Mike and Barbara Flanagan John and Melody Jacobson John and Jodell MasciopintoMolly Ann Flannagan Harry and Kathleen HohmanMary Lou Flannigan Tina LahrBarbara Flatgard Jerey EwerRussell Flatley Rose FlatleyCarole Murnane Fleming Thomas Chapple Gregory and Elizabeth ClosmoreGene Flick Lisa HansonWilliam “Bill” Flintrop Teresa FimonLinda Florey Lorraine SchmitzGretchen FlynnHoward and Jane BergstromVera DougherBeverly GafsiToby Dean Folwick Floyd and Erma Folwick

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THE JOURNEY36Dennis Foote Robert Pechmann and Deborah Kinsey-Pechmann Brian and Carrie SmithArthur Forbes Patricia J. FreyDorothy Forde Steven and Kathryn WaryanMichael Fortney Lenore VogtArlene Fosdick Roger FosdickIrene Foster Juris and Elizabeth PriedkalnsJay “Andy” Foster Karin StrubKent Foster Elizabeth FosterKristin Fox Julie RolesMichael Fraase Karen FraaseDorothy Frake Pamela SmithMary Franklin Nancy HedlundNellie Fredrickson Edward Jones Marilyn PiersdorfWilma Freidlund Susan KalmenKathleen “Kathy” FrenchAnonymousJoseph and Nancy BurkhardtJoan McCoyPeter SkarmanLorraine Frenning David and Barbara DuBordMary Friberg Charles and Barbara GrothCarol Mae Friedl Lawrence FriedlDonald Friedlander Don and Pam FriedlanderMary Friedlander Don and Pam FriedlanderLorraine Friese Mary and Cliord MeyerLinda Fritz Terrence and Rita WerthMartin and Edna Fritz Roger and Margaret BorowiczWalter “Bud” Fritz Mary SullivanFather Charles Froehle Jean Froehle Brenda and Keith LongmanJack D. Frye Lucinda Greenseth Linda VanstromGabor “Kurt” Furedi Katherine FurediEd Fusci Michelle and Kevin BuronJudith “Judy” Gaaskjolen Dana and Craig GuthKarlene Marie Gade Dave GadeLana Gaier Amber and Chad HeggestadLoretta Gallagher Chuck and Ruth SchwietzKevin Galvin Nora Galvin and Jeanine PearsonNora E. GalvinKathryn BuckleyRobert and Mary BursawLarry and Mary CulliganDavin EukenShelagh FullerGeorge and Molly HottingerJoseph and Kathleen JanssenHarvey and Suzanne KaplanSarah KirkwoodSue ParnellDouglas RanesJohn and Christine RechDavid and Kathleen SteesViola Galzki Cheryl and Michael PfeierJeanette Gamroth Joseph Galindo Gregory and Denise Gamroth Gerald and Barbara Marick Richard and Mary QualheimTony Gardner Claire Cook Louis GardnerJack Garrett Lisa SchmulewitzPatricia Gartland Margaret and Bradley SchaferRobert Gartner Barbara A. BuesgensPamela Gassert Debra and Donald WeberKathleen Ann GattoCole ChristiansonPaul ChristiansonAlice ColemanGail and James DickhausenCheryl DvorakMargaret EnloePaul and Catherine GattoTroy and Nancy GregoryAlan and Margaret HalvorsenKevin HansonGregory and Patricia HoagRonald and Wendy JensenSteve and Kimberly KahatLawrence and Kathleen LangerCarolyn LindenauAbbie McDermottGregory and Jody McElroyAndrew and Lisa MushettJennifer OwensSteven and Candace ParksMark and Dawn PearsonKatherine PennigSara PennigSteven PennigScott PeplinskiLaVonne SmithB. Robert and Judith SpenceKenneth and Brenda SpenceMarvin and Elaine TenhoBob and Paula WinsorLoretta GavinPauline AllenPaul and Nancy BarrettAnthony BibusVirginia BisanzDaniel and Colleen BishopRobert and Mary BohnMike BranchCaptain Ken’s FoodsRick and Janet CarlsonThomas and Kathleen ColaizyMichael and Anne CornieaRon and Sonya CzerepakWhitesh Tucson Girls - Becky, Julie, Ruth and SusanJohn and Anne GavinGavin FamilyRick and Diane GavinSusan GavinTimothy and Nancy GavinDonald and Patricia GerlachMichael GraPatricia HazelWilliam HeapJames and Kerry HeckenlaibleAnne, Katie, Kristie, Michele, Michelle and Susie JohnsonSuzanne KaiserJames KellyJennifer KellyMichael KellyDavid KuettelDana LevitanMary Jean LoomisLois LotzerHazelann LuchtDarcy MachJames MachBruce and Jean MaherJohn and Cynthia McCabeDavid and Kathleen McManusMichael and Lissa MillerBonita MorrisTimothy and Joy MurphySusan MurraySandra NesvigAngela NicholsCharles NicholsKaren PedersonWilliam and Eleanore PedersonJim and Marlys PedricRobert and Lorraine PellerCheryl PersellChuck and Lana PuerLinda SandeenNancy J. SchonsMark and Denise SchrantzRobert and Diane StupkaCarl SwansonJames and Judith ThomasRobert and Mary VanasekJon and Kathleen WalshWeber ShandwickJim and Janet YoswaMarguerite Geier Mary BenderBette Geiger Fern Vescio Dorothy Geis Thomas and Julie Miller Jan Pariana and Kim CorbeyRichard “Dick” George Janet George and Cathy Calder Reverend Deborah M. LawrenceAndrew John Gerbozy Darlene GerbozyShirley Germain Tina Heuer John and Marie LangeLeo Giesen Terry Giesen

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Our Lady of Peace37John “Jack” Gieske Donna GieskeChristopher Giesner David and Barbara OlsonEileen F Giles Linda PolskiKaren GillenAnonymousJulie ArendsRandy and Heather BacchusThomas and Kate CassidyKathleen CookJames Corbey and Lori Bjerke CorbeyShelley DailyMargaret FitzpatrickJudith FlahavanCheryl GermerHolly HillstromWayne and Nora HornicekJe and Nancy InghamKelnberger FamilyDenise and Thomas KloesThomas Lockett and Mary Jo Merrick-LockettDonald and Teresa MauerJohn and Nancy McCartyAndrea MunsonColleen NearyNoel Family FundJan Pariana and Kim CorbeyMark and Pam ParianaKaren and Farrell PotterJay RadkePatsy RandallSandra Selinski-WatsonLinda SmithGilyard and Geraldine VandeventerMichael and Margaret WelchPaul and Stephanie Gillis Family Patrick GillisChuck Gilman Robert and Diane DufresneMichael Giuliani Robert BuschGwen Givogre John GivogreMavis Gjerde Kari GjerdeJe Glasow Mary and Harry SkinnerJohn “Jack” Glass Linda GlassLyle Glass Linda GlassMonica Glass Terrill and Darlene LinderholmStephen Gleason Dennis and Mary TagueElizabeth “Betty” GleisnerWilliam and Valerie AufderheideBarbara CubusRobert and Suzanne DillonLinda FlickAgnes GleisnerKenneth and Donna GleisnerMary HirschAmy JohnsonDerek JohnsonDebra JovanovichDebra KammererJudith KleinLorna LappDaniel MathewsJanet OttoGregory and Cathy PalmerKevin Riordan and Martha JohnsonKeven and Laurie SchmitJoyce St. JohnAmy VotelPeter and Joy WollenzienAnn WyseBarbara Glenn John A. EricksonJohn Godava Frances A. JensenConstance “Connie” Goebel Chuck and Ruth SchwietzAlice Goetz Monica Daley Lucy RooneyJohn Golz Maurita Golz Sheila LuddenRita Joyce Good Timothy Gooden Edward and Jayne Lyons Christine Mattia Alan and Theresa ShepherdBernadette Michel Goodell Mary GoodellTimothy Gooden Julie and Steven SelanderJanet Gordhamer Shannon GordhamerJames “Jim” GorhamRobert and Betty AhlgrenDonald and Janet DokkenJanet I. DokkenCarolyn E. GorhamTom and Suzanne JeromeVincent Gorr Catherine Gorr Joanne Jadlowski Mary Beth SchwartzTerry Hare Gothmann Dave and Sue UhlerVirgil Gottwalt Mikki Gottwalt Thomas and Maria GottwaltTerese M. Gouette Bradish Lucille M GouetteAnn Goulette Jonathan and Jeannie GudenBarbara Graupe William A. GraupeJoseph “Joe” Graupe William A. GraupeStanley Gray John and Cheryl GrayMichael Gregerson Sandra K. HumeBonnie Bess Gremore Bob, Greg and James GremoreAlan GriepMyrtle KeenMarilynn and James LovingKathryn MiesenKerry WoernerDouglas H. Griep Thomas and Kristy GriepBoris Grinberg Galina KamenirGerald Groebner Alvina GroebnerLawrence Groebner Alvina GroebnerGeorge Groenke Groenke FamilyGary GroettumCharles and Catherine AnhutPatrick and Cyrilla BauerJoann BertiniPatti BollingerRobert and Judith BrezinskiPatricia BurgoyneMaureen CuddiganWilliam and Jo Ann FillerDaniel and Janice FoleyKathleen GroettumSusan HallerThomas and Nancy HalterMary Jane HarrisMaggie HawkinsMary HimrodEugene and Dorothy IllgBernie JoyceVicki LaBrosseThomas and Mary LundstenMaureen O’ConnorRonald Rudolph and Kathleen ScholzMichael and Barbara SpeedlingJohn and Monica StellaDavid and Jean TillmanMargaret “Maggie” Grohs Duane and Pamela Brehmer Roy J. GrohsRobert GronosMichael GreeneSusan GronosDick and Erin GrossMidwest One BankDonald PetersonVirginia PowerRonald and Joann YorkCyril and Helen Guden Jonathan and Jeannie GudenSylvie Guggenberger Kathy and Gary BrownMarsha GulsvigBrian GranquistMichael GulsvigScott GulsvigBruce and Dianne OsvoldCorinne ReinhardtTarget ConstructionTarget Properties Strategy and OperationsMichael Gulsvig Greg and Elizabeth Gulsvig Timothy and Dianne Madsen Christy Gustafson Don and Pam FriedlanderCliord “Cli” Gustafson, Jr. Don and Pam FriedlanderDolores Gustafson Don and Pam FriedlanderGeneva Guzijan Millie MlinarevichAgnes “Aggy” GuzikBernadette AmerongenJohn and Peggy BorchertPatricia CarlsonPatrick and Kathy CarlsonChildren’s Minnesota

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THE JOURNEY38Jeanne and Peter EngelSue GramithAndrew and Kathleen GuzikAndy Guzik and DeAnna LouxGerard GuzikAnn HathawayMark and Pam HoltzTimothy and Pamela KurtzLawrence and Cynthia MitschMarie NordbyRoseville Anderson-Nelson VFW Auxiliary #7555James and Kathleen RussellDuane and Nancy SanockiJohn and Agnes StevensCharles and Carole WallgrenYvonne WardMark and Christine WarnerLeo Haagenson Birgit HaagensonArdell Haas Irvin and Joan Holtz Keith and Cindy SchweigerGeorge Hach James and Linda LamontHarold Hafner Steven and Elizabeth DupayAlbert Hagstrom Nancy HagstromMichele Haigh Eric and Mary Beth JohnsonJohn Haldeman Alexia ChrisanElizabeth “Bette” Hale Elizabeth and Glen ReynoldsJamie Hale Nancy Correia Elizabeth and Glen ReynoldsDean Hall Mary HallSteven Hallgren John HallBetsey Halter Kathy and Steven OakleyAgnes Hamerlik Michelle ZetoRomain Hamernick Kevin and Rita HamernickJudith Hamilton AnonymousBarbara HanleyBrian and Melissa AlphinBarbara AngeloNanci BloomDale DohmsMichael and Beverly FangelMargaret GillespieHartley and Eunice JohnsonThomas and Diane PilneyJohnna RodgersAndre ThomeKaren Hannemann Kenneth Hannemann Douglas and Judith OslandJohn “Jack” Hannigan Ann StevensonElizabeth “Lisa” Hannon Ken and Carolyn RubleRichard Hanousek Nora FitzsimmonsJoan S. Hansen Roger L. Hansen Denise and Dan JohnsonLowell HansenMorris and Sandra AndersonGerald and Amy BacklundAnne BarrettDennis and Jerrice BarrettJoanne BoyerPatricia BrownKarin CebullaLaura DavidsonLee and Jeanine DavidsonCarole and Dell EvansFrederick and Marilyn HalversonCarol HansenNora IvoryBrian KraftAlan MadisonKevin and Molly MurphyThomas and Beverly OsieckiTimothy and Colleen PerfectKay PraxRose Marie PreimesbergerBonnie and Donald ReederHelen RushJames and Kathleen RussellJulie and Todd SampsonJoel SkogenRobert and Mary Jane SpartzSharon StahnkeAnthony and Diane SwensonJoanne WhalenThomas “Tom” HansenThomas and Mary GuionNancy J. HansenJohn and Kathleen KopkaPaul and Pat MartinucciMicrosoft FoundationMicrosoft Giving CampaignJames and Beverly RandallAndrea RiversMary and Steven StrafeldaDouglas Hanson Ann Hanson Sue Jensvold Geir and Janette Seger Robert Thavis and Juliann Geis Thavis Paul WiemerslageHarold “Hal” Hanson Krista ScaramuzzoKaren Hanson Kathleen CullenMargaret “Peg” Hanson Elaine SimeLiz Hardin-Strnad Robert Strnad Jr. Bradley Harper Jessica SmallMelvin Harrell Winola HarrellDon and Betty Harrer Margaret HarrerRon Harrington Martin HarringtonWilliam Harrington Bridget HarringtonLynn Hart Nannette BrowerMarguerite A. Harvieux Patricia RolewiczDianne Haselmann Eugene and Joyce HaselmannSharon Haselmann Eugene and Joyce HaselmannWilliam Hassinger, Jr. Patricia and David KincerDean B. Haugen Lee and Michelle ZetoLori Haugen Alan Vokaty Anna and EmmaWhitney Hauser Shannon Gilmore Shirley GilmoreDolores Haussner Susan ThomasGeorge Emmett HawkinsAlbert AndersonAnonymousBarbara BelinJenny BuhringToni DeRosier and Jerry HertelTed and Julie DysteJohn and Molly FinleyJames and Janice FloreySusan GoltzSteven and Annice GregersonSally HawkinsPeter HinschTimothy and Florence KenneyMary Ann LuckieSheila MahoneyJohn and Maryanne MahowaldThomas and Tamara MargaritJanice McCauleyJames and Nancy MulveyThomas QuinnJoanne SlavinSharon SolfestJane Hawkner Thraicie Hawkner Peg IhingerThomas Hayden Barb MahalMaryellin Hayes Michael J HayesEllen Hays Linda SteingrueblDolores Hazuka Edward and Dianne HughesJohn and Gretchen Healy Daniel HealyRobert Healy Ellen Quirk PahlRobert Hede Don and Pam FriedlanderLoretta Heinen Janice Heinen and Donald ChristensennNorma Heinen Ellen Frazer Cherie Johnson Otto and Dorothy LeitnerJean R. Heinsohn Elizabeth DruckerFrank and Marie Hejhal James and Sandra RueckerArnold Helgemoe Barbara Helgemoe Ruth Taylor

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Our Lady of Peace39Patricia Helmer Larry Renschler Walsburg and Michael Walsburg RenschlerCharlotte Hemmis Anonymous Lely BeitnerEileen Herbst Theresa KoehnElmer and Jane Herr Nicholas Herr Doug and Maria OverboMarguerite and Karl Herrmann Mary J. SchaalRosanne “Roseanne” Hertel Toni DeRosier and Jerry Hertel Carol and Donald KlukAngela Herzberg Deborah L. EvansRobert C. HerzogKevin and Donna DrummondPhilip and Jodie HastingsElizabeth HerzogLenore JesnessLeslie and Dawn MadsonMaguire AgencyBarbara PetersonPaul and Michelle RiedelKelly SauroJenny Skinner and Paul LangMatthew and Karen SundeenEva WeyandtDavid and Lisa WigginsMarcella Heuer Walton HeuerWalton Heuer Wayne and Kathryn Miller Family of Walton HeuerCatherine Hewitt Robert HewittDavid HeymansChris GellerDebra HeymansSusan LangLucy RooneyCarol Hickle Jeanne DriscollLeah Hillesheim Alvin and Margaret JohnsonDiann Hilsgen Laurie MondryRichard “Dick” Hiniker Mary Ellen DevinePhilip Hobrough Deloros D. HobroughWilliam Hoch Anonymous Mary HochJacqueline Hodges Paul Hodges and Jennifer Human Dennis and Priscilla Human Susan OrnelasCarol Hoelscher O’Keefe AnonymousLeo Hoeschen Peter and Arlene Frie Juanita HoeschenKathleen “Katie” Hofacker Karin StrubEdward A. Homan Anonymous Gary HomanKatherine Homan James and Maxine SchultzDiane Emily Hogan Kathleen TickleRobert A. Hogan Mrs. Robert A. HoganPeter Hoglund Kathryn A. HoglundKarl Hohn Geraldine HohnStanley Hohn Geraldine HohnRichard “Rick” Hokanson Mary CostelloAnn HollandAnonymousK.A. ArnoldiJohn and Margolaine BallisDaryl BeadleScott and Laura BehrJoseph and Elisabeth BuchmeierAnders and Christine ChristensenBernadette CouillardTerry and Katherine CummingsJoan DayGerald and Mary DevineCarol DeVoreMark and Bonnie DragichGreg and Kathy GontarekDr. Scott and Lisa Gontarek and Family Todd and Marlene GontarekLaurie HansenNoel and Nancy HaugeLee and Diane HeigesDynnell HeinSandra HodgePatrick and Joyce HurleyJerome and Carolyn JacobsKaren JohnsonRichard and Carol KrausCarol LindbergMary Ellen MaloneMary MertzEmily MurphyJerome and Kathleen MurphyJames and Beverly NeitzJake and Mary Jo NelsonCorrine O’SheaThomas PatrickMonica RoyChristopher and Jolene SatherJe SchlesingerWilliam and Pamela SchwartauFrank and Betsy SilvesterBenedict and Kathleen StrohKathleen TennessenDiane WeinkePat Whitcomb and Patty NapierBeverly WittgensteinKathleen ZawislakJames and Elizabeth ZdonMyron “Mike” HollandAnderson, Bottrell, Sanden & Thompson Law FirmDavid and Rita AydConnie BarryBell BankDaniel and Michelle BueideLisa Edison-SmithKaren FruciVicki HallBarbara HomanDale HollandGail HollandHelen HollandPeter and Patricia KoontzWilliam SchlossmanNicholas and Ene VogelMary Hollenbeck John and Deborah FoxLillian Holly William BlossomAnita Holt Elizabeth McLeodSusan Hoppe Kathleen DittelLouise HoranRobert and Mary AmeyG. ElliotLoretta FleischhackerRichard and Karen FryPaul and Judith FurrerSusan GabrielsonMichele HoranSusan KlimasMichelle MurphyThomas and Lois PalmerGlen and Barbara SackmannKristi SchanksDavid and Mary TrappLillian HorejsiKendra BaderMarilyn SchmidtSteve SchmidtCli and Bettye WareColleen and Alan WareEmily Horner Eagle MouldingsLouis J. and Irene M. Hornicek Wayne and Nora HornicekGail Horstman Robert and Diane DufresneEugene “Gene” Hosch Theresa KomomuaRonald “Bruce” Howes Joyce HowesMelanie Ann Huhn Joyce M. LandrevilleCeleste HumesJudy BuckleyKevin BuzickyJana ClevengerKevin CunninghamLinda DexterRandy and Paula DoroBarbara GurstelleGordon and Connie HillstadSusan HillstadMargaret HiltonJudy HovanesGregory and Kimberly HowardJulie KeeneyJames and Elizabeth MartinElizabeth Maxwell Jorde and Mike JordeRobin McDanielWilliam and Peggy McDowellKenneth and Julie NatheTimothy and Carla RyanThe GBS GroupJohn and Jill TrautzDavid WandmacherLyle Hunter Celine HunterDennis Hurley Denny and Catherine KilbaneStan Hurley Virginia A. Doyle

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THE JOURNEY40Douglas K. Huset Jerey HusetFrederick Husted Jodell BarryKathleen Mary Hutchinson Thereses Sweitzer Patricia WagnerElizabeth Anne Schaer Huth William HuthJeanne Hyvare James and Mary HyvareDennis Invie Bob and Denise KoKalesElizabeth Irvine Rita McHugoErnest “Ernie” Iverson Lila IversonJane Iverson AnonymousAlbert George Jacob Charles and Barbara GrothDr. Mark Jacobson Jeanie MorrisonJames “Jim” Janicula Alice FinkVeronica Janisch Clara NoeDelores Janke Nina M ManziJames “Jim” JansenLeonard BornerJames and Barbara BussenRyan CollierTim and Lisa DeVriesCarol DornGoogleMichael and Josephine HinzAlexandra JansenJoseph and Donna JansenTom and Pat LewisSuzanne MosleyPamela RogersJill RonningGregory SandkampJohn SandkampNancy Janssen Donn J. EidenRoland Jarvinen Ellie JarvinenLoretta Javra Walter Jost and Ellie BrennyBenjamin Jelinek George JelinekEdwin P. Jendro Nancy and Allen GramRobert “Bob” Jendro Elaine JendroJohn Jenkins Albert and Cynthia SchmittDorothy “Dorothyfest” Jensen Dan JensenPamela Jespersen Marcia SchmittAlice JohnsonBarbara Al NouriLinda JasperDennis and Mary MartinDaniel and Caroline MasonVirginia MuehlbachBob and Mary Johnson Kathleen and Dave BauerfeldCleorie Johnson Bernadette AmerongenDaniel John Johnson Raymond JohnsonDarlyne Johnson Don JohnsonDennis Johnson Elizabeth DruckerDoris Cecelia Johnson Barbara and Andrew HernandezDoris C. Johnson Debra JohnsonElmer E. Johnson Barbara A. BuesgensGeorge E. JohnsonMichael and Elizabeth AkersonBruce and Christine FrankCarole GaskellWarren and Susan GrundJohn and Kathleen HillMary JohnsonPatricia A. JohnsonNancy KraulikBurton and Georgiann OlsonCharlie RyanLiz RyanMarilyn RyanKathy ShanksEric and Sherry WoodsGerald Johnson Christopher and Amie DuFresneRobert “Bob” and Helen Johnson Thomas Gibbons and Marilyn Ruhberg Gibbons Mark and Maribeth SpreemanKathy Johnson Barbara and Andrew Hernandez Debra JohnsonMarge Johnson Michele MorrisonRichard W. Johnson Patricia JohnsonRussell Johnson Patricia A. JohnsonSandra “Sandy” Johnson Layne and Diane MadsenWayne Johnson Robert and Mary Jo JohnsonWilliam “Bill” Johnson William and Pamela McAuleyMarjorie “Marge” Johnston Kenneth and Gloria Hank Anita ValliereTheresa JoncasMary AndersonPatrice BaileySusan BitneyMary BradyBrent DerowitschAdele DiGiovannaDean DolanPaul and Georganne FarsethJohn and Janice FinneganJohn and Patricia GriesDavid and Helen HaasThomas HarrisJon and Terese HelbergJohn HofstedeJoan HunterFather Paul JaroszeskiMargaret JohnsonThomas JohnsonAl KapschRandy and Jacquelyn KawczynskiPatricia KlarkowskiPatrice KlayumJulia KyleBill McDonough and Brent DerowitschDavid ModeenMary MogrenJohn and Mary PallanchJosephine PetronElizabeth PolakowskiRichard Rice and Rosemarie WhiteheadEileen RobertsNicholas and Peggy RolfesGene and Marilyn ScapanskiSister Marie Herbert SeiterFlorence SheridanSpiritu GroupAmanda SutherlandPaul and Susan ThompsonVisitation Monastery of MinneapolisLeanne and Don WarnerJohanna WarlowskiMargaret WeglinskiRita WeglinskiConnie Wegner Karl WegnerMary WegnerMichael and Jean WrightEarl Jones Madonna Peterson-JonesMary Jones Rosalind ElmquistMark Allan JorgensenDona and Philip AndrewsErin AndrewsAnonymousAlvin BauerDavid and Rebecca BauerLinda and Mary CampbellTom and Shirl DalyLisa DukartCheryl FiedlerRod and Elizabeth HedbergCatherine HomerDana KadueRosemary and Dennis KingKathleen LeyMike and Nancy MorrisDave and JoAnn PeineStacy RubsamCarol SchmitzJohn St. MartinThomas and Teri St. MartinRoger and Linda StoelDan and Deb TraunRay WernerSam and Tori WernerPamela YounghansDonald Jorgenson Darlene JorgensonLeslie and Rita Joseph Sumathy and Manning Ambrose Christina and Gary HanauskaGloria Ann Joyce Kevin C. ScottGladys Louise Jurek Bollig Inc Dan JurekArthur “Art” Jytyla Amy Vassel

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Our Lady of Peace41John “Jake” Kaluza Anne and Rodney StowellKelly Kanar Diane FriskMarilyn Kane Mary Kane Robert B. Kane Karen RamboGenevive “Jean” Kaphing Jackie HiltunenPhyllis Kaproth Patricia and Richard SimmonsJean Karschnia Chuck and Maureen GreggMarguerite Kearn David and Barbara KearnMary Lou Keenan Karen Brotzler Arlene LeydenSusan Keeney Bruce I. KalmoeLeo Kegler Laura ChambersJoan Kelley Scott and Cristina ThomasFather John Kelley Donn J. EidenTimothy J. Kelley David KelleyApril Joyce Kelly John and Jolene Kelly Mickey Kelly Mike and Mary KellyFranklin “Frank” Kemp Jean KempJanet Kennen Dale J. WilsonJoseph Kenney Susan A KenneyEdward S. Kern Charles and Andrea FosterJohn Kerr Francis Decker and Joan Kerr-DeckerTom Kettleson Catherine M. RoachJudy Keyworth Charlene R. Sheahan Kimberly and Mark SheahanGeorgann Kilbane Denny and Catherine KilbaneMarie M. KilianLynda AllenRonald and Karen BasaraMel and Bernice BehnenRuby BrandDennis CaspersDuane and Ann CaspersMartin and Dianne CaspersPatty CaspersMary CooperScott and Deb CretzmeyerBrian and Lisa DahlquistEdward and Kathleen GarryJulie GrundmayerMary GuerreroDavid and Michelle GulstrandRick HammersJeanne HendricksAlan and Joan IkelerThe Tim James FamilyCeleste JoelJuanita I. JohnsonAlcuin and Mary Ann KilianAllen KilianBarbara KilianJohn and Diane KilianLana KilianMichael KilianRobert KilianKristi LarsonPhil and Sheryl MandigoThe Matko FamilyJeanette MillerCheryl NelsonJane NesbittJanet OstAnne Marie Plante and WarrenR & S Collision ServicesImelda SandLorraine SandRichard and JoyceSally SchlosserMarilyn SchwartzSS Ann & Wendelinus Catholic United Financial Council #46Alice TailleferAlan and Linda TholeMelissa TholeKathy TimmersKevin and Mary TollKenny Wachmann and Gina DwyerCarol WentzelJulian and Rochelle WickElaine WosmekJames Yule and Pam PlattSophie ZasteraRuth Killinger Brad and Holly FinerRichard “Dick” Kinderman Nora IvoryArlene King Mary BoldenowMary Patricia King Peggy King Philip and Ellen SandersLois Kinsey Julaine FuithJoseph Kittelson Ron and Lorrayne LenarzJean Kjera Diane AlitzAlexandra “Sandy” Klas” and Robert Klas Don and Kathleen PrettymanFrances Alexandra “Sandy” KlasM.J. BauerJanet FavoriteGeorgia Finnegan-SaulitisDon and Kathleen PrettymanDotty SchmidtDebbie SchouweilerBertha “Trudy” Klassen Darla MillerKaren Klebs Wayne and Diane DePoppe Chad Klebs Mary Nygaard Keith and Cynthia WelterMargaret “Greta” Klein Victor Klein Carolyn L. WallTheresa Kletschka Heather Gonzalez Preston Olson Roxanne ZdonRobert “Bob” Kleven Geraldine and Ron JohnsonBetty Klickbush Mary LindbeckJohn Klingberg Kathryn and James BurnsSuzanne Klobe Frank Homan and Rose Herring Lynette SteinbruckAntonietta “Toni” Kniebel Ameriprise Financial Ellen KniebelLois E. Knowles Mary HilgertRichard Kodelka Robert and Gail KodelkaCheryl Koehnen Albert and Cynthia SchmittAlbert Koenig Lisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiDavid Koenig Lisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiRuss and Catherine Kohner Mary WoodJoanne Kolbeck Deborah Beringer Richard Kolbeck Scott and Sharon KolbeckThomas John Kondziella Elaine K. MartyMary Jane Konecny Christopher and Lisa KonecnyLeonard M. Kopas Barbara KopasThomas Kopernik Kathleen and Blake MohrMargaret KoppenKaren and Gerald ArgoLaurie DetersAnita KennedyDennis and Wanda KiesowArdis KoppenDavid and Terese KoppenEldridge KoppenGeorge and Charlene KrugerLittle Acres TruckingLeland and Marilyn MeyerDan and Teresa MiklyaKathleen Monahan RialJoan PetersonBruce and Lorene PhelpsStephen and Margaret RonchettoSue StreeandColleen StreseMelvin Koppen Karen and Gerald ArgoThomas Koppen Karen and Gerald ArgoRae Lynn Kordiak TJK Plumbing IncCharles Korlath Philip and Deb KorlathMary Korman James Korman

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THE JOURNEY42Lorraine Korus Lisa KorusMartha Kostecky Camille CrandallWilliam Kostohryz Donald W. KostohryzDee Kotsmith Mark Kotsmith Michael and Kimberly Kotsmith United Health GroupTerrence Koves Mary Jane HilsgenRobert “David” Kraemer Neil Kraemer Robert and Frances KraemerSuzanne Kraemer Jean Kallevig Terri PooleJoAnne KrantzRichard BazilleEd and Jennifer CassidyMark and Beth CottonJames CurryPatricia DarlingJoan E. FriskeShirley GerlachMargaret HuntRichard and Caroline KaselJoseph and Carol LucioSusan LucioElizabeth McBrideMark and Geraldine PadellfordMaria Pastoor and John KleinJohn Spanjers and Michelle Trudeau-SpanjersDavid and Karen TrudeauMichael and Laurie TschidaWilbur Kreft Jenell KreugerJoan Catherine KreuzerAnonymousGerald and Mary BrownMichael and Kim DadyDiana FlissJohn and Mariko FriesTom FriesJohn KreuzerMary and Gary MarlowSusan MoeJohn RobertsGeorge Kronschnabel Bill and Janet KronschnabelPaul Kronschnabel Virginia A. Doyle David and Julie Morgan Richard TibesarLoretta Kruckman Elizabeth Gillis Dennis Stanley and Carol Marston StanleyEdith Krueger Deberah DuerkopTheodore “Ted” Kruger Ginny Aldrich Henry William Kuhns AnonymousLinda Kuhns AnonymousLeonard Kujawa Charles and Sharon KujawaLorraine KuklockMarsha AndersonTom and Jenny CampbellPauline KiegerJe and Patty KnapekDave and Jan MangunTerri TrainerCorilus and Rebecca WeberRichard Kuklock Tom and Jenny Campbell Lori DeNert Diane LucasNicholas Alexander Kulpa Jack and Peggy KulpaKatherine “Kitty” Kuluvar Daniel KuluvarElizabeth “Betty” Kunik Rick and Kelley DraegerGeorge and Betty Kunik Ellen Quirk PahlGeorge Kunik Rick and Kelley DraegerRobert “Bob” Kunik Rick and Kelley DraegerDonald Kuppe Merikay Wisely Michelle Karen La Casse Cheryl Skillings Gerald and Helen LaBelle Laurel BoergerHarold LaHaise Barbara A. Buesgens Susan Buesgens Nancy Lee LaHaiseStewart W. Laird Kathleen M. LairdAndrew “Andy” LaMott Sharon and Raoul DufresneCharlotte Lampe Charlene ThoemkeKay Land Laurie Deters Christopher and Margaret MonroePatricia “Pat” Landy Ginger RiserGenevieve Lane Mr. and Mrs. Michael HornquistBetsy Lang Craig and Kathy SteinmetzWoodrow W. and Clare T. Lang William LangMary Lang Linda SteingrueblPatrick Lang Laurie Deters Christopher and Margaret MonroeWilliam R. Langenberger Douglas WolfPatricia “Pat” Langevin Kenneth and Janet KneerMaryann LanglaisDorothy HammanMyron and Paula ManzukWells Fargo FoundationMary Butler Lanigan Deirdre Gollinger Barbara ManningJohn “Jack” Lanners F. Thomas and Carol LannersLeonette “Lee” Lanners F. Thomas and Carol LannersMark Larkin Larry and Gretchen KimuraCarolyn Henrietta Larrabee Theresa WatschkeKenneth Larson Pattie and Dean KraemerPatricia Larson Kevin LarsonTimothy “Tim” Laska Mark and Margaret PospisilAllen Lathrop Christine PalmLinda Latterell Richard and Lisa GibsonClara Lau Chris and Denise Farr Dolores and Everett OlsonTimothy Laughlin Terrence and Rita Miller John and Sandee PatesMaryAnn LaValle Christopher LaValleMarie and Louis LaVoie Margueritte MaloneyMichaela “Mickey” Lawson Deborah LeyhMickey Lawson Nancy BorgstromRoss Lawson Wendy and Robert HayesWilliam “Bill” Lawson Jan DonaisDennis “D.J.” Leary Anonymous Joanne Hense Family Gift Fund Linda WilsonKellie Leasure Tracy SwansonJohn David LeBrun Katharine RobbRoger Lee Shirley LeeCharles Allen Lehto Sister Carol McLaughlin Janice Leistikow Charles and Barbara GrothDennis James Leitner John GrohJohn “Jack” LeMay Sharon and Raoul DufresnePaul Lemley Sharon C. LemleyMary Kay LenarzCoworkers at First TranisGeorge and Anita FlorestMark ForsmanCarol GrabowDianne Kuiti

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Our Lady of Peace43Steve and Laurie LenarzDean and Joan LinnellSteve ReiserDavid and Deborah ThorpJoan TrowbridgeMatt Lentsch Carol LentschMary Leo Joseph N. LeoThomas “Tom” Leonard Daniel and Marylyn McCullochBeverly M. Lesch Mark and Jean Menard Jane StoelDonald “Don” Lewis Jean and Thomas McGoughMargaret Lewis Kathryn Wornson and Kendall MurrayJoseph Leyden Arlene LeydenSusan Fair “Susie” LieberAnonymousKari DavenportWilliam HolmLinda JacksonLincoln and Barbara LieberKim MacKenzieJanet LienLeon and Linda DonaghueMr. and Mrs. Dale E. EricksonBurton and Shirley GrannesJames and Carol LassLawrence and Kristi LeeRoger and Cathlyn NelsonPrudential Retired EmployeesLaVonne SpanierJudy WonsavageElizabeth “Beth” Lillevold Gary Lillevold Torrey LillevoldRichard Limback Anonymous Linda Limback James and Theresa VillarrealKaren Lind Dorothy and Harold BergeeJanice Lindau Richard and Jeanie Lundahl Francyne YarussoLaDine Lindberg Joyce McCabePat Lindemann Lawrence and Kathleen LangerRobert Lindmeier Fay LindmeierL. John Lindquist Weinert FamilyBetty J. Lionetti Ralph LionettiRoger Lipa Margaret H. LipaMike Livings Jennifer LivingsDennis Lloyd Mary Jo LloydThomas G. Lloyd Virginia A. DoyleShirley Lockwood Richard and Joan CouttsLinda Loerch Laurie and Steve GathjeMarian Logelin Robert J. LogelinLois LongenIra and Deb LongenTodd and Laura LongenEmmelie and Norman OlsonDaniel and Patricia TibesarLeila “Lee” Loren Lori OermannMarianne LoseAnonymousLinda AllenDorothy AndersonPaul and Nancy BuerkleScott and Kim DrzycimskiDan and Roxie FlahertyMick and Alyce FlahertyTimothy and Kathleen GeislerDenise HalversonMike and Sandra HarveyRita HendricksonAlan and Jeannie HilgemanJoan HoganRuth HuebnerSteven Hunter and Gail AntonsonKurt and Mary Rose ItenLinda JeromePam Johnson and Mark KochBill and Mary KibbyMark and Susan LaufersweilerJohn and Nancy LemmerJim and Mary LentschBruce and Diane McCulloughJe and Margi NewkirkHarold and Jailum PassowLaura PrieveThomas and Michelle SaukaVern and Sherry SchmitzBecky SchulteEd and Gail SmithGordy and Terri StockingerKevin and Julie SutterGary and Cindy VinsonJanice YocumTim and Pat ZiemsMary Losinski Emily Hildebrandt Richard LosinskiCarol Lorrine Lovhaug John and Virginia BordeauxWayne Lucking Charles and Barbara GrothRichard Ludwig Laurie LudwigWarren Lueder Nancy LuederMichael Joseph Luger Judy A. MontpetitMary Kay Lukoskie Dennis McDonoughVictor Lund Mary RossBetty Mussell Lundy James LundyVyan “Pete” Lutrell Joanne M. LuttrellWilliam “Billy” Lynch Mary G. Lynch Dave and Sue UhlerGerda Lyon Elizabeth AndersonRachel MacAuley Lydia RappaportEileen MacDonald Ruth and Steve QuisbergMary Mackenburg William and Donna MackenburgElizabeth “Bette” Madison Robert and Diane DufresneMary Magers Dennis MagersSusan Magnuson Katherine and Jon CranneyCharles Majeske Katherine RogersCharles and Florence Majeske Catherine GrimesGloria Makarenko George and Joy MorozElaine Malakowsky John I. MalakowskyRae Jean Malone Ryan and Liz MaloneKathryn Mangen Charlotte AlbertiLarry Manthe Joanne MantheJune Elizabeth MantheyJohn Michael MantheyThomas Scott MantheyRex and Patricia RipplePhilip Francis MantheyJohn Michael MantheyThomas Scott MantheyRex and Patricia RippleAlice Mantor Richard LernerMarlene Marble Jon E. Marble Randy and Joy NelsonMatthew Marcovecchio Alan MarcovecchioPatricia Margeson Lauri MivilleFlorence Martinson Mary Ellen MartinsonRonald Martinson Steven BergJames F. Marty Elaine K. MartyPaul Marystone Donald and Barbara MarystoneGreg Marzolf James and Michele KolarJanice Mashuga Joan ThompsonSandra “Sandy” MassothMartha Findlay ZellmerJames Massoth and FamilyJoAnna Massoth and Daniel Barnes

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THE JOURNEY44Theodore “Ted” Mateski Diane BorriesVer MathsonBen, Jordyn and EllaMaddie and StephenDoug, Julie and ZachClare MaturenSister Mary Fran AllenPaul and Mary AmosNancy BohanonDonald and Kelley CaseyCatherine DechRonald and Pamela EmptingJohn and Barbara Ann EricksonChris FagerlandNancy J. HansenMary Kelly and Tom ThoneGeorge KimballJustin LarsonJohn and Nancy McCartyElaine McGlinchTimothy and Linda PowersJohn and Julie RocheMaria RyanMonique SmitalaDaniel SpencerSusan and Thorlief StangebyeAnne SweeneyKent and Mary VerrillMark and Kim WaddellJames and Anne WandmacherJane WandmacherKatiee WandmacherStephanie and Steve WeilandAlbin Mayer Anthony and Nancy InserraMatthew McCall Barbara KnotzSusan McCall Loretta BiesDorothy McCarron Lois BernsBetty McCarthy Carol LentschCarolyn Sue McCarty John and Nancy McCartyEdwin McCarty Stephen McCartyWilliam and Patricia McClellan Chelsea TvedtMichael McClellan Audrey McClellan John and Carla McClellanJames McClurg Joan H. CookChristine McCrady Mary Ellen SmithAlice McDonald Michael and Maureen McDonaldPatricia Ann McDonellShirley DunnThomas and Barbara GeherenBette J. HomanDavid and Margaret McDonellDora MillerLilee PereraPierre and Judith RegnierJoan UtvikLoretto YaegerRichard “Dick” McDonoughTerry HolmgrenCraig LavoieMaureen McDonough and Roger KapsnerRichard McDonoughThomas McDonoughKathleen MoatPremier BankRonald and Rita SpiessSusan McDonough Therese CommerfordScott McDougall Linnea McDougallDr. Gerald “Jerry” and Marjorie McEllistrem John and Mary Lou VolkMarie T. McGee Michael McGeeMary McGinnMaggie BecklinCalvin and Alice BroughtonAlexis CampbellJohn and Marlys CampbellMonica and Jim CampbellJoseph CaseyMargaret CaseyMary CoughlinGeraldine FordAlec and Rosemary HolmanDennis and Polly KeglerMaureen LaFranceLynne LeafBob and Karen LebensRoberta McHaleMartha McIntyreLynne MoserKaren MuckalaRichard and Jane NielsenWilliam and Eleanore PedersonTracy SaarelaPatricia SullivanJudith ValeriusLaura McGough Kolar James and Michele KolarTim McGough James and Michele KolarKevin McGraw Roberta AndersonMary Irene McGraw Otto and Dorothy LeitnerLaura McGregor Barbara McGregorJudith and John McGuigan Jennifer McGuigan John and Mary McGuigan Rochelle MorzinskiKaren Lam McIntire Kari Bjorhus Margaret CorneilleJo Ann FlaniganLynnette McIntireStephen and Jean O’NealJohn McLaughlin Robert Lasser and Barbara McLaughlin LasserJohn and Katie McLaughlin Patricia A. SalayDorothy McMahon Francis D. McMahonMarian McMullen Je and Toinette Adrian Maureen and Greg AdrianThomas McMullen Paul and Julie SullivanJoan McShaneShirley DickinsonPhyllis LangeldHelen McShaneSusan McShaneCorrine “Connie” Mealey Dean MealeyMyron Meath Charles and Barbara GrothLora MedellinJohn and Virginia BordeauxBarbara ValencourTheresa “Terry” MeehanMary Ann AdrianThomas and Mary BrownDavid and Cheri ChadimaRalph and Mary Pat DaviniThomas and Barbara GeherenSteven and Cynthia GrindyLesa Hobright-TurnerTheodore and Elizabeth JessenWilliam and Kathleen LaLondeCorrine McCarthyStan and Sharon SobocinskiJudith ToddBernard Mehr Judy and Lawrence Duppong Marlene MehrEnedina Mejia Steve and Rose HussFrances and Eileen Melloy Thomas and Cynthia JonesDarlene Melquist Steve and Colleen StelmachRobert Melton Juanita MeltonGianna Merryeld Karen BlyAllen and LaVerne Mevissen Scott and Cynthia MevissenAugust “Bud” Meyer Joan Love Cieminski James and Mary Kay LoveTerrence “Terry” Meyer Diane K. BerglundDeborah and Richard Meyers Carole M. MayersJoan A. MichaudAnonymousArlin AxellConstance BudzienRoss and Donna CardozoJoan MichaudGary and Carol MuellerDennis and Monica ShevikDenise SimonFather Eugene Michel Elizabeth GibbonsJudith “Judy” Mikloczak Kathy JonesLeonard J. Mikulay James and Judy MisencikCarol Miller Joseph MillerJoyce Miller Judith KsepkaMary Miller Joan Stout

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Our Lady of Peace45Roger Dean Miller Diane MillerSandra Milliren Wendy Bukoskey Colette BultinckVernon Mirsch Julie and Thomas MurphyElizabeth “Betty” Mischke Mark and Linda MischkeFred Mischuk AnonymousCharles “Chuck” Mitch Robert Busch Douglas and Genevieve WillsGeorgianna “Georgie” Modeen Barbara Stowell Judy VanDemmeltraadtMargaret Moeller John MoellerPaul Mohr Preston MohrCharles “Chuck” Moinichen Sandra MoinichenElaine Mollner Michele PetersonHeather Moloney Freeman Mary ApuliJoel Allyn Montpetit Robert BuschJune Moore Daniel and Marylyn McCullochTom Moore Regina BreuerGrant Moosbrugger Elaine Benson-MoosbruggerDaniel Morales Aida MoralesMarlene “Molly” Moran James and Judith ThomasVince Morin Therese Commerford Dennis McDonoughMargaret “Marge” Moroney AnonymousHugh and Delores Morrissy Michael and Karen BolandJulia Mosman Wallace MosmanBlia Vang and Pang Ching Moua AnonymousBlia Vang Moua AnonymousFather Harold Mountain Reverend Edward C. MountainElaine Mroszak Mary MroszakWalter and Laura Mueller Dominic and Barbara ZweberJohn Muellner Robin SchroederEleanor MullenixPatty AllmonSteven and Jodi DavisEdward and Dianne HughesNicholas and Sherri JaegerKathy JestusRita KuisleFlorence MarkertDarlene MattsonDeneice MullenixRay and Jackie MullenixRenae MullenixSteven and Patsy MullenixAngeline ReiterKarla ReiterRichard and Laurie ReiterMary RemmersJane SaarelaPaul StelterMary VetscherMary Mullowney Gerald and Yvonne FossNorman “Norm” Mundahl Judy D. TousignantMichael Murnane James and Michele Kolar Margaret Mary MurnanePatrick Murnane James and Michele Kolar Margaret Mary MurnaneRobert W. MurnaneDawn HawnJames and Michele KolarMargaret Mary MurnaneMonica PostlewaiteByron P. Murphy John MurphyCynthia Jean Murphy Kathleen Melser Shawn Murphy Marla Murphy-Guddal James and Patricia WoodwardChristine “Chris” Murray Paul and Julie SullivanMichael Murray Mark and Elizabeth HamelAudrey Musta Margaret WalshBeverly Myhr Diane K. BerglundLorraine Cecelia Nadler Mary and Anthony CostaMax Naglosky Barb NagloskyJames “Jim” Nalipinski Patricia NalipinskiJane Nash Earl Nash Lisa and Patrick SchatzMother and Grandmother of Scott, Virginia and Gia Natko Beverly Tonn Judy D. TousignantJean Nawrocki Robert Dietrick Douglas and Janie Huord Maureen O’BrienRoger NeedelsPaula BurnsBarbara FitzpatrickKathy FrauenholtzThomas and Kristy GriepGeorge HunkinsPeter and Patricia KoontzCarol NeedelsMarcia SympsonJessica Neely Priscilla and Thomas GadowDorothy Nehring Joseph Nehring and Kelly AllenGeorge E. Nelsen Chuck and Ruth SchwietzSusan Nelsen Neil and Anna HeidenChuck Nelson Terrill and Darlene LinderholmDennis Nelson Robert and Leslie MohsDuane Nelson Kevin and Deborah GephartJanet Bea Nelson John and Rachel HalvorsonJoyce Nelson Carol and Frank EvansJoyce G. Nelson Steven and Vicki JohnsonLinda Nesset Mary HornerJohn “Jack” C. Newman, Sr. Sandra MoinichenDelores Newton Joanne K. MichelsHung Nguyen Barbara A. Buesgens Margaret “Scottie” NIchols Thomas and Patricia HooleyCarl M. Nicosia Garry NicosiaCynthia Nicosia-Eskandary Donna WasielewskiAl Nobello Tessie AsuncionMary Jane Noble Thomas and Mary Jo LykeLeland “Lee” Nokes Jennifer LammertMary L. Nolan Alice FinkJerome “Jerry” Noldin John and Teresa KuehneHeidi Nordin Ron NordinDarrell Norell Franz and Carol MetzgerJames Nutzmann Marsha Neitz-JonesDonald G. Nyhus Mary Ann KaufholdLinda Oberg Tiea and Thomas CranePeter O’Brien Gerard and Mary Devaney

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THE JOURNEY46Donna O’Connor Kathy and Daniel TaylorJohn O’Donnell Pierre and Judith RegnierNancy Oehlers Donald JohnsonPaul Ofstedahl Ruth Jovaag-Ofstedal and Jon Jovaag Joseph OfstedalDennis O’Keefe Julaine FuithCarol OlchefskeLaurie DetersChristopher and Margaret MonroeRonald and Mary Kay SchneiderJean Oleheiser Charles Oleheiser Beth and Edward PicardSteven “Steve” Olinger Janice Bolin Tara and Scott GeislerCheri Olsen Nora Galvin and Jeanine Pearson Jeanine PearsonElayne E. Olsen Mary O’Donnell Gary Neal Olsen Katherine OlsenLouise Olsen David OlsenMarlene Olsen Judy LanderVaedynn Olsen Colleen OlsenDr. Bob Olson Margie OlsonDelores “Dolly” Olson Mary TymoshukErick Dean Olson Margie OlsonJames C. Olson AnonymousJe Olson Margie OlsonKenneth Olson, Jr. Carol OlsonLawrence “Larry” Olson Geraldine A. OlsonMary Louise Olson Anne WettelandRobert “Bob” Olson Kathleen Olson Vanessa OlsonRobert “Bob” O’Neil Sandra GaneyCarol Opatrny Jean OpatrnyEdouarda “Edie” Opatrny St. Anthony-Maria Hilf Council #33Janet Orrison Floyd and Karen Burghard Gary and Sharon Carlson Cli and Linda MaisonBarbara “Barb” Osadchuk Rosalind ElmquistViola and Earl Osgood Margaret MurphyMargaret “Peg” O’ShaughnessyMarian CioeStephen and Eileen EllenbeckerMary EricksonAlice GrippeLynelle Osterbauer Gregory OsterbauerNancy Osterling Mary Lou QuayleFrancisco “Frank” Otero Elinor HsuAugust J. “Augie” Otto, Jr. Margaret and Lawrence McCarthyWilliam Otto Jeanine Otto Joe and Dory OttoBarbara Overlien Sharon OverlienPauline Pagel Dorothy ScottHelen Palacio Peter Palacio Darren Radcli and Elizabeth BrzinskiL.A. Palas Lisa Palas GrahamJames Palecek Arthur J. ThellJosephine “Jo” Palmer Marlene LeeJudy and Salvatore Paone Mark Brooks and Deborah PaoneDelores Pariana Julie Arends Denise and Thomas KloesDarlene Parish Wally M. ParishGuillermina Z. Parker Henry DoughertyRichard Parkos Ronald and Julie ParkosVerne Parrish Janet and Douglas FairbanksJames PaulPeggy HighbaughDavid and Teresa PaulMark and Margaret PospisilSandra SuttonKaren Paulson Rivet Robert and Dorothy PaulsonCurtiss Pauly Susan GayJerry Pavel Janet Dombrow Rita PavelJohn “Jack” Pavel Janet Dombrow Rita PavelBetty Pavlak Jill PavlakBill Pearson Nora IvoryLeland “Lee” PearsonBarbara BergstromRodney and Eloise LoeerDoris PearsonHalftan “Pete” Pederson Patricia A. PedersonMary Elasarian Pederson Rosemary Charters Anna ElasarianAlice Peitso Nancy Borgstrom Barbara RuhlDale R. Pelletier Deane and Sharron VailBarry Peltier Steve and Colleen StelmachLois Mae Pelzer Carolyn E. GorhamMischa Penn Paul HomanTerrence “Terry” Pennig Sara Pennig Steven PennigKaren Perpich Laurie MondryAlice Perrone Mark PerroneMarcia Lynn Peter Margaret BarrettJacqueline “Jackie” Petermeier Ann PetermeierJoan PetersenChris KramerDavid NicholsMary Ellen PetersenClaudia WondraArthur “Al” Peterson Tierney Fox Melinda and Mike ParsonBeverly PetersonLaura and Paul DeLaForestJohn and Nancy GraceShawn HartleRobert and Colleen ZacherBeverly Peterson Donald and Lynn NicolayDale and Elizabeth Peterson Jean and Mark LavalierDaniel T. Peterson Carol PetersonJudy Peterson Robert and Lois CarlsonLynn Peterson Brett PetersonMary Ellen Peterson Rosemary ChartersMary Petrie Eugene Hutchinson Belair Family

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Our Lady of Peace47Geraldine M. “Gerry” Phillippi Rochelle Morzinski Gerlinde and Hermann SteinbergDonald Piccard Chris AngierGary Pierson Jackie HiltunenDennis Pillen Sharon PillenLou Plant Thomas and Mary AchesonPatricia Ploof Anonymous Patricia Lafontaine Dorrie PloofLeann Polski Gregory PolskiJoanne PoltaP atricia Casey June Pose Jerey and Julianne PoseBaby Pospisil Mark and Margaret PospisilAugust “Gus” Post Donna F. HauckCurtis Potter Fern VescioSharon Potter The James Hayne Family John and Mary Hershman Theresa TraversAnne Potvin Leonard and Christine KnotzFather Francis Pouliot Mary HarensJoan Prazak David and Shirley Crawford Michael and Sheila PrazakMaria Preciado Gregory and Cynthia BakerMary Clare Prestrud Peter PrestrudErnest G. Prince, Sr. “Pop” Carol Fiedler Kathryn PrinceCharles “Chuck” Proshek Barbara A. Buesgens Kenneth and Lora Mae NorstremBernell “Bernie” and Patricia “Penny” Proulx Timothy and Tammy ProulxThomas “Tom” Pruyn Geri and Richard Dahlberg Kathleen and Richard WhiteOlga Przybilla Kimberly NobleAudrey Puchtel Mark and Catherine Kenney John and Tracy Puchtel Saint Charles Borromeo SchoolCatherine Purcell Mary Lou AlfvebyWendell Quale Sharon QualeCharlene M. Quesnell Viking Drill & Tool, IncSheila Quinlan EganEmery and Shirley CihakRichard EganRobert EganTom and Janice KrobothThe LaBat Family - Krin, Nicole, Sean, and Mary LaBatLorraine Quinn Janet and Douglas FairbanksJohn Rackers Carole M. MayersBarbara Rademacher Richard and Jeanie LundahlDoug Radmer Richard and Gail MartinKatherine RaertyAndy’s BNO BrothersAnonymousDon and Sharon BoehlkeJane BowersJanet BrandenburgerSandra ChristensonMerriam CloughPatrick and Mary CloughThomas Clough and Mary Macior-CloughJulie CookIan and Megan DavisMaureen DriscollBernard and Kathryn ElhardMcNeill FamilyKenneth and Beth FerrisElaine FontaineBrian FranceyMichelle FrenzelGary and Jeanne FroemmingWalter and Marlene GoethelGeorge and Judith HamiltonPatricia HasseJohn and Marcia HockertPatrick and Jackieann JacksonLeslie JundtDan and Jodi KaneraJean LamersGlenn MartinJudith McCauleyFrances McDermottMN Wings North MetroRobert Powell Family, Jane and Greg, Peggy and Rob, Scott and AmberRoger RaertySherry RaertyMargaret SandbergColleen SchmelingJoe TollefsonAimee ToppTamara WenningLawrence and Patricia WoodStanley and Joanne YamkaRobert ZelaskoMarie D. Raiola Gerald and Darlene OlsonDiane Ramsey Larry RamseyNancy Randleman AnonymousGrant Rasmussen Judy and Steve LanducciLonnie Tryon Ratzla John and Virginia BordeauxJosephine Raway Donna and David Borchert Kathleen and Kevin DeGondaSharon Ray Charles and Carole WallgrenBruce Redgate Bonita FergusonOscar “Butch” ReedS heila ReedGlen Reese Judy BurnsDon and Jean Regan Premier BankGrandparents of Joyce Reha and Family Joyce and John RehaVernon Reichow Vicky ReichowGary ReiersonMichael and Christine AdamsAnonymousJames CarlsonBrad and Sandra DrakeGerald and Agnes EricksenAnn Reierson HallMichael J HayesDonald HomanLorraine KohlerSteve and Cara KoskiLaurie LaporeLois MohebanRuth MoldenhauerJerry and Jane NoycePaul and Carol PortzGorganne ReiersonDon and Betsy SatherMike SeavallRobert and Andrea SledzChristopher SonnesynMichael TenneyMary WalshCatherine ZuccoAnn Reilly Mary and David Alexander Gregory MulallyEdward Reimer Katherine RogersSandra Ann Reylea Ed AndersonMarylu Remjeske Cory Remjeske and Amanda PedersonDennis Remme Mary Bedsted Jim Olson Paul OlsonGeorge Lawrence Rettner David and Gayle RettnerStephen and LaVina Reuter Karen ReuterConsuelo “Joan” Richardson Joseph RichardsonNancy Richardson Kathy and David FennerPhyllis Richman Susan O’Donnell Berle RichmanDarlene Riehm Harold and Margaret Riehm Julia Toner James D. Ringquist Andrina Ringquist

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THE JOURNEY48Steve Riskevich Diane Riskevich Joe RiskevichLoren Ritter Lois GanglMarc Rivard Kathryn KarelArvilla “Billie” Rivers Terence and Gail St. MartinCatherine “Kate” Rivers Richard J. ZitonDeNiece Roach Catherine M. RoachKevin Thomas Roach Gerald and Yvonne Foss Bill UelmenPatricia “Patty” RoachMargaret KuzniaJoan McCoyRoberta McHaleKevin and Sandra O’BrienMark and Margaret PospisilCynthia PrinceAmy SmithLinda SquirePaul and Sarah TrotterAshleigh and Daniel VarleyJoy Robbins Rochelle MorzinskiJoseph “Joe” Roberts Julie Roberts Gerald and Beverly SwansonKathy Roberts Virginia M. LiebigDavid Robinson Peter and Mary Beth RonzaRichard Robinson Margarita RobinsonFrank Roessler June M. RoesslerJames Rogers Margaret Mary MurnaneJeanne RogersPatricia A. AlessoRoger and Dorothy AndersonAnonymousBenny and Joanne BensonCamille CrandallSara EvansIngrid ForsbergAlvin and Donna HagemeierDennis and Joanne HedJacquelynne LotsbergMary McGrathRolf and Karen MiddletonC. Linda SilukElaine TuhyBarbara WollanLenore Rogers Steven J. RogersDale Rose Susan HawkerDean Ross Mary RossSamuel and Leona Ross Nina RossYvonne Ross Jacqueline and Scott RossRaynard Rother Kevin and Deborah GephartMelvin “Mel” Rothstein Elizabeth RothsteinPhyllis Rouillard Lorraine Stark Paulette Stark Helen Rowan Tom Rowan and Maria Jose MartinShirley Rowley Charles and Barbara GrothMildred Roznick John and Sharon RoznickDonald “Don” Rubin David SchindeldeckerCarla Rucker Ken RuckerLeslie Rudh Glenn GaliBetty Rudolph Daniel and Pamela SundsmoJames “Jim” Rudolph Thomas and Christine WalshPatricia “Pat” RudolphErik AschenbeckKristy BoikeRise Up, Little BluebirdsRonald Rudolph and Kathleen ScholzJohn and Jane SchererMichael and Susanne SchererRoger and Irma SchererDarrel Rufer Jerome L. KernLinda Rae RuneborgDenise OlsonRon RuneborgCharlotte ZumbuschLawrence “Doc” Russ Cynthia and Stephen SmarjesseDolores RussellAnonymousRick and Barb DornRonald and Jill GrandBonnie GraupnerRobert and Katherine HamannMark and Connie HansenJodi LarsonJ.W. and L.M. LomaJames and Gail O’RourkeRobert and Julie PinkRobert and Maureen PreinerAarne and Leeanne RairamoJerey and Jane SpindlerRobert and Shelley ZinsGeraldine “Geri” Ryan Thomas RyanMichael Lawrence Ryan Mary Ellen MaloneMichael Guy Sabes Jacqueline RyanJohn Sablah Nora IvoryGordon “Gordy” Sadek Bette NelsonMary Louise Sailer LuVerne Haberkorn Lorraine Stark Paulette StarkAdolf Dolek Saja Thomas and Maria GottwaltFrancisco Xavier Salas Mary Lou S. Salas-JesnessKay SalwasserBarb GomezSusan and Arthur NassePatricia SirianKevin and Jody UlrichMary Salwasser Diane K. BerglundAnn Sander Sheila MoussetteJean Sanford Richard SanfordDiana Schmitt Sawdey Lorna WilliamsStephen Sawyer Judy and John RysJoan Scanlan Timothy and Mary ScanlanJohn Scarrella Jo Ann ScarrellaAgnes Schaeppi Deborah L. EvansDeloris Schaer Georgia LoeweMarie Scharber Father Michael SlusserKelly Schelin Robin HaenzeThomas Schendel Nora FitzsimmonsJanine Scherer Charles and Barbara GrothSteve Scherman Elizabeth BrelsfordLeslie “Bud” Scheuble Kenneth and Janet KneerHelen Schlichter Diane and Ira RoStanley Schmeckpeper Linden Pederson Nora Tierney and Dennis SchmeckpeperAnton “Tony” Schmidt Sarah Kopp Dotty SchmidtMary Schmidt Carla Fechner Constance Lutz John SchmidtJanet “Jan” Schmitt AnonymousBeverly J. Schmitz Susan KainzDiane Mary Schneider David SchneiderJacob Schneider David SchneiderVeronica Schober Teresa and Steve Hawkins Margaret Schoen Mary Jo Schoen

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Our Lady of Peace49William “Bill” SchoeneckerRobert and Sarah GoodellKyle and Louise NilsenSteven ScholzAnonymousErik AschenbeckJohn and Jane SchererMichael and Susanne SchererRoger and Irma SchererFred Schreiber Kathy and Wade SchowalterRichard J. Schreier, Sr. Patricia SchreierDonald Schroeder Albert SchroederJanice Schroeder Viola Fahrendor Linda JambikJames Robert Schug Carroll and Michele VanceJanice C. Schultz Paulette CarlettaLynn Schulz Joseph and Charlene SchweitzerJean Schulzetenberg Diane PierceJoan Schuster Jackie HiltunenJoseph Schuster Lucille M GouetteJoseph “Joe” Schwaab Fern VescioRobert Schwartz Elizabeth WestJohn SchwartzbauerAnonymousDavid and Denise BreueggemannCapital One Retail RiskRichard and Cynthia CasalendaThomas and Margaret CouillardPaul and Anna DeareyCharles and Diane DenetGeraldine A. JarosTheodore and Elizabeth JessenRobert KenneyBridgette KirschenmannSusan LutzTimothy McKasyJames McMahonCharles NicholsCarl NybergRichard and Julie SalmenMark and Denise SchrantzPatricia SchrantzKathleen SchwartzbauerRobert TautgesLinda TranVeritasMike and Joan VieveringJohn Walters and Mary Lou HaiderJohn and Bobbie WesolowskiDan WeyandtJames and Ruth WittekRobert Schwarz Delores PattersonLucinda “Cindy” Sebeck Melissa and Chris NordinEleanor Seelen Patricia PoeschelJanelle Selid Marion SelidAlice Seline Kathryn SelineRobert Sellers Carmine OlsonMary Sether AnonymousLarry Seymour Susan R. SeymourKathleen Quirk Shannon Ellen Quirk Pahl Robert QuirkMary Beth Shannon Roger and Sarah Jensen Howard O’Connell Dave and Julie SellergrenRobert Shay David and Deborah SpiessMichael Shekhner Inga OelschlagerMichael and Tatyana Shekhner Inga OelschlagerTeresa Shelton Gilbert and Janet Mros Tamara SimonBarbara Jean Shipp Cynthia and Thomas ScottMichael Shubat Cathy Friske Joan E. FriskeGilbert Siedow Marvin and Margaret SiedowMarlys Sierakowski Marion MagnusonHarvey Simer Nora Galvin and Jeanine PearsonFern Simonson Nora IvoryGordon “Gordy” Sironen Monica LegerJann M. Sitarz Janet PersellCarolyn Skala Joan McCoy Bridget Mirkovich Judy and John Rys Carol SkalaDavid Skeie Kathleen LaughlinBernard and Solvei Slick Charles Harriman and Karla Slick HarrimanRobert “Bobby” Smedstad Renee Finer Richard and Beverly RooneyCarol Smith Gayle Smith Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDGeorge and Velma Smith Greg SmithIra “Jim” Smith Jacqueline and Chris Lee Cassandra SmithJames Reid Smith LeWayne LenoJames “Jim” Smith Gayle Smith Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDMark Smith Greg SmithRichard “Dick” Smith Gayle Smith Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDSandra Pearl Smith Sandra MoinichenWilliam Smith Gayle Smith Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhDJanice “Jan” Snyder Michael and Judith KerrMichaeline “Micki” Snyder John SnyderRichard C. Snyder Brian and Carla SillanpaaCletus Snyker Joanne KingJosephine Sochko Paul and Jamie SchloughMarguerite Solfest Ron and Patricia Solfest Karen WatsonGerald “Jerry” Francis Sonnek Charles and Barbara GrothPatricia “Pat” Sorensen Carol LauStanley “Stan” Spar Steve and Colleen Stelmach Victor “Vic” Spaulding Douglas WolfSal Spicola Jack SwansonFaye Sprecker Fern VescioJanice “Jan” Sroga Stanley J. SrogaSteven Stacey Rodney Gieser and Dolores ZickViola and Edward Stachelski Patricia StachelskiCarla Staord Eugene McMahonAlana Stahley Margaret Di IoiaMary Stanley Joy CedarleafJames Staples AnonymousHarvey Stark Suzette Robinson Philip SwensonPatricia “Patty” Stark Roxanne Krause Suzette RobinsonRandall Robert Stark Linda Stark

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THE JOURNEY50Roger Stau Anita and Timothy BuelJanice “Jan” SteinbrennerPeggy AckerLarry and Kathy DeWanzThomas and Ann DickmeyerLeo and Marcelline KeglerMarcelline KeglerThomas KeglerDonna KinneyMatthew and Jessica KreyJoan LannonScott and Rebecca LeeMichaela and Leonard LeitnerPamela MillerElizabeth and Timothy NowakSusan NowakJohn and Beatrice O’NeillCarol PalacioCarol RuppStanley and Joanne YamkaGregory Steiner Kyle SteinerSteve SteingrueblThomas FleischhackerMeghan KellerKyle and Louise NilsenAnne RedfernLinda SteingrueblHelen M. Stephens Terrence and Rita MillerClaude and Laura Stephenson Patricia J. FreyThomas Steveken Margaret Mary MurnanePatrick Stevens Janis HunterJune Stoesz Daniel and Marylyn McCullochAngeline “Angie” Stone Thomas StoneCarol Stower Diane K. BerglundKenneth Streese Mark and Kim Strese Thomas Strese Virginia StreseGerald H. Strom David and Barbara DuBordDavid William Strootman Carol KalanHerbert Strozinsky Patricia J. StrozinskyPaul Strub Mary RyanGloria “Tots” Struntz George and Joyce ToniaBubba the Therapy FrenchieMary BachowskiPam BachowskiJulia HandlemanHeidi KlimaCheryl SummersTreehouse Crafts, LLCPaul WalkerBernard Sturgeleski Carol SturgeleskiFlorian and Dorothy Suchy Mary TonerRita Noella SuessAnonymousRobert and Nancy CoatesThomas DahillDay Surgery Center - Cathy, Melissa,Krista, Denice, Jenny, Karen O., Amie C., Carrie, Rachel, Sara F., Natalie, Fatou, Paula, Elaine, Jen, Cheri, Amy B., Teresa, Julie, Mary, Andrea, Alece, Meghan, Hanna, NikkiElizabeth De LayMary DelaneyJanet DeutschThomas and Linda FerberJohn and Charlene GralishElif McCainJohn and Cynthia O’HalloranPatricia O’LearySusan ReichowMary RossiniJanice ShardlowKaren SundbergAmerican Legion Auxiliary Unit 85Darlene AmundsenDorothy AndersenBruce and Margaret BatesPhyllis BentleyNadine BroholmLinda CarlsonThomas and Kate CassidyRoger and Rosemary DickhausenAnita DuelDennis EngebretsonMichelle EngelmeierAnn EttelThomas and Jean FabelMichael and Katherine FlemingElsie FohrenkammSusan FriborgMyron and Charlotte GrafstromDave and Joyce GrannisMatt and Carmen HanleyJodi HelgesonKenneth and Coralee HobbinsCurtis and Jo Ann HogensonWayne and Nora HornicekJune HusomPhillip JohnsonRuth JohnsonJoseph and Jacqueline KellyMolly KitchenDave and Sue KlevanJohn and Linda LiljaCecelia MacDonaldChuck MeyersGary MeyersDonna NelsonJoyce NelsonJohn and Karen OsenRandall and Mary Jo PattonAnn PetersonDennis PetersonLucy and Timothy PlunkettJudie PrayfrockElizabeth RykkenJerey SchmidtJohn and Gloria SkalbeckMatt Rineck and Stacey SollingerSophia CircleDavid and Alice StarkJennifer and Je StrackDuane and Patricia SundbergRichard SundbergDawn TalbertWayne and Dorothy ThalhuberCurtis TracyColleen TysonRobert Vince and Maureen VinceSusan VinceKathleen WallerickDoug and Peg WangensteenDr. Lawrence A. WilsonRenee ZierhutSteven and Cynthia ZinnelJean Supan Karen GemzaFrederick L. SuperDavid and Louise BurnsDoug BurnsPaul BurnsGary and Cynthia BurnsTherese DevaneyJohn and Mariam DuDavid and Miriam EricksonKlyde and Carol GritzTom and Kate HerlitzkeJason HueneckeBarbara KelchPaul and Tracie KillionChris and Britt MooreJames and Shirley PiekarskiRealife Cooperative of West Saint PaulPatti St. GermainMyrna E. SuperRichard and Judy ThomallaYvonne ValentoMax and Eileen WakeeldBill and Mary Jane WinterGlennis Svendsen John and Kathleen Kopka Terence and Gail St. MartinJan Sweere Rick and Diane GavinKathleen Sweetman Connie and Skeeter GindorSheila Swenson Marion MagnusonShirley Swenson Deborah and Jerome FangelPeter Symitzek Frieda SoderbergKay Syverson College Highland Home Owners Association Deb Hapka Christina MarxIrene Taddiken Janis HunterOrville Tague Jacqueline Tague Ronald and Lori WolkerstorferBarbara Tarara Elizabeth and William WareldSandra “Sandy” TaylorStephanie AdamsLarry and Karen BergRoger and Anne BuchholzMark and Juli CotaLinda K. CrosbyJanet DeVaultBetty KartakDavid and Shelly KartakTerry and Judy MeathDonald and Susan MockenhauptSandra SkachLaurie TaylorMarilyn ThuringerMarie TinnesElizabeth TonneWilliam and Sally UmphressMark and Heidi WingerdJoan Teel Christine TeelAl Tennessen James and Michele KolarRosemary Tepe Janice Mader David and Mary Jo Tepe

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Our Lady of Peace51Iva Jane TereauElizabeth BartonMichael Hayes and Jean Snyder HayesJeanette JacobyJudith KischElaine PesekJackie SterlingBarbara SwendimanChue Thao May Kia ThaoAlice Frances ThavisGregg and Joanie AndersenAnonymousDeMar and Melody BorthLawrence and Julie BurgartDick and Susan CashmanJerome and Beth Marie GeisJoan Geis and Steven MeyerSteven and Kathleen GeisShannon GlynnDale Gould and Colleen McCarty-GouldJohn and Teresa GuthmannBarbara JacobsPeter LindquistThomas and Julie MillerMichael and Lisa NekichDouglas Peterson and Terese Fink PetersonHelen PetersonRobert and Grace RaymondSusan and Gary RobertsJudith SageserMark and Teresa ScheidelMarc and Suzanne SimpsonNorbert and Lynette SmithRobert Thavis and Juliann Geis ThavisTerry ThulMichael and Barbara WhittingtonEd and Mary Pat ZabinskiRichard Thavis Peter LindquistJulie ThayerTimothy and Janice CrowleyPhillip and Jodi JensenSteve and Linda KelmCharles KrychJames and Linda LamontEllen OakesTimothy and Marjorie RichardsonDavid and Heidi WeilerMary Therese Kelly Theuer Sheila and David LongJanet Thomas John and Sue RickCraig T. Thompson Diane McBride-ThompsonMary Thompson Rob ThompsonJames ThuryRobin BurichLaura LinzmeyerLarry and Linda RobertsonLori TateDavid and Meredith TharaldsonWilliam and Diane ValtinsonBradley Tiany Harold and Karen TianyHerbert and Florence Timm Kenneth and Barbara TimmSusan “Sam” Tinjum Jerey TeschSo Lian TioAdvanced Retirement ResourcesDavid and Susan AndersonAnonymousJohn and Elizabeth CarlineEugene GalatowitschSharon LeeJoseph and Betty LegattAmber NelsonMargo OldhamKaren OvadiaVirgil and Joan SandkampDouglas and Kathleen SchwartzWilianto WidjajaDonald T. Tix Thomas and Judith TixGerald “Jerry” Tocko Margaret A. Tocko Mary Jane TockoKevan Tollefson Richard TollefsonJulia “Julie” TonerAlightKaren AndersonAmy AustinHarald and Mary BorrmannKathryn BrostromGary and Lisa EngenPatricia GavilanRonald and Mary GilesBernice HenschellGregory and Lisa HubingerJerome L. KernAnn KjorstadDaniel and Molly MartinRonald and Kathleen McBroomJustin and Elizabeth McDevittMichael and Sharon MiriovskyCamelle ParkerSteven and Susan PaterGary and Rosalyn PautzkeMary PayneHarold and Margaret RiehmMark and Janet RingsredMaureen SingletonDonald and Ida Marie SnortelandStan and Sharon SobocinskiJean StaiMary and Steven StrafeldaRichard and Gloria SwensonDianne ThoeleJudith ToddSusan E. TonerMichael and Kathryn WilcoxPatrick Toner Ronald and Kathleen McBroom Harold and Margaret Riehm Julia TonerKenneth Tonn Michael Tonn Wayne and Joyce TonnRichard “Dick” Topritzhofer Francyne YarussoJohn “Jean” Torborg Jeanine and David BonnLouise Torok Stephanie WilharberGrampa Gene Tousignant Judy D. Tousignant Todd and Michele TousignantBernice Toussaint John ToussaintNorman and Alta Trapp Tom and Marlene TrappMargaret “Peggy” Trast Amy Pelant Cathy Trast Darren TrastDolores M. “Dee” Traxler Mike and Kathy Harrington Bob and Sara Murray Jack and Pat StichaOdell Trcka Deanna DonnellyBill and Terry Treacy AnonymousDick Trudell Mary TrudellDavid Tryon John and Virginia BordeauxLonnie Tryon Ratzla John and Virginia BordeauxRichard Tschida Michael CasalendaJudi Tsudo Janet LeedsDelores Tuckner Ronald and Clare BroosSharon Tulgren Brenda Buckles Genevieve McAlpine James TulgrenRonald “Ron” Tupy Craig TupyPat Turgeon Lois J. TurgeonWilliam Turgeon Margaret Di Ioia Lois J. TurgeonA. Thomas “Tom” Ulness Geraldine A. Ulness Mary WomeldorfShirlee J. Urness Patricia NalipinskiBetty and Vince Vaccaro Phil and Nancy VaccaroKathleen Vadnais Gary and Jackie BrueggemannMargaret “Marge” Vajda Robert Brown and Dana Weise-BrownRosyne Valley Jim and Dernie Fogelberg Leonard Valley Stephen WenzelKaren Ann Van Alstine Dawn Van AlstineJames “Jim” Van Horn Dale and Mary Lee PetersonDorothy and Ellbert Van Ornum Barry and Sheila Van OrnumJerey Van Tassel Kathie WunderlichWayne Vaneps Jerry and Margaret DeYoungLorraine Varness Diane BorriesMuriel K. Vaughan Anonymous Linda ZeladaJanet Marie Vavra Eugene Vavra

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THE JOURNEY52Gregory Vener Daniel VenerJim Vergrugge Steve and Darcy RoesslerRichard Anthony Vetter Rodney and Sandra RiehlMichele Vierling Marlin LawrenceMichael Vig Alicia Vig and Matthew PlanChristine A. Viken Kenneth VikenDavid Vikre Michelle VikreGerald Vimr Carole M. MayersRosalie VoPava Suzanne Strand Mary and Marty VoPavaRobert Vorjolo Kenneth SengitaMichael Vruno Debbie Flick John and Bonnie Treacy Bonnie VrunoCharles Wagenknecht Bartley and Joanne ZehnderEthel Wagner David and Barbara DuBordRuth Wagner Mary Kay CrosbyWallace “Wally” and Donna Wakeeld Bonnie WakeeldBeverly Jo “Bev” Wakeman LuVerne SchmittDonald Waldbillig Patricia WaldbilligStanley and Caroline Walkosz Tom and Marlene TrappCatherine “Kay” Wallerus Barbara Carlson Family of Kay Wallerus Martin and Mary Keenan Annie WestlundRichard Walters AnonymousDiana Walth Anonymous Donna and Mike Galvin Karen RolloMichael Waltz Iris Katzke Desiree KingHortense Walz Lois and Hank BeckermannHenry “Hank” Wander Cheryl SeifertGary Wannebo Joyce JohnsonLawrence and Dorothy Ward Nancy GeorgiMary Jane Waterstone Doug Agnew Kristy WaterstoneJohn Watson Kathleen A. WatsonMary Frances WeberMehroo CooperBonnie NagelJosephine PetronTodd RichterVivan Week Carolyn MalkowJohn “Steve” Weeks Karen WeeksJim Wegley and Catherine Wegley Sarah FryeFrank and Helen Weides Mark and Margaret Pospisil Patricia RothHelen Budde WeidesSarah AndersonRose Mary ByrneMary EilenBruce and Christine FrankJoyce HowesBrigid LockhartJoan McCoyChristopher and Kendra PospisilMark and Margaret PospisilSarah PospisilWilliam PrinceBridget RichardsonKaye RichardsonCarol SkalaAmy SmithDebbie and Tim SwansonJulie ThompsonStephen and Elizabeth ZenisekLois WeidnerJoyce BergLeslie BonshirePaul and Lynda CarrRonald ChaseSusan DePauwEllen ErkelTimothy HoerKenneth and Jean HornerKandra HuberDiane HutchinsonTheresa JohnsonTheresa KalataRichard and Kathy KeelerVicki KellnerShirley KienholzCarol KuelRonald and Karen MaceBeth MattsonMichael and Tammy McMahonJoe MedvecSarah MendenhallJulie MillerBrad and Ann MorrisKimnloan NguyenKimberly PeperaBrian and Elizabeth RadkeMark RavndalenAmy RevierErna ScherpingKatie ScherpingMarion SelidAlan and Jean SmoleyDale and Janet SognJohn and Liz SorensenJudith StassenGlen and Sandy SundeJoe ThompsonTravel Easy Tours, LLCLinda Van BlarcomHannah Van ThommeSandra WeaverPamela WhitmoreJohn “Jack” Weimer Audrey ClasemannHilbert “Herb” Weiner Jane WeinerAdrian and Germain Weis Frank and Jill WeisEunice Weisensel Peter WeisenselMark WellerAmelia BeachNancy CarlsonDeborah LindrothDeanne NelsonKimberly ValerioLori and Steve VandeWieleGail WillenbringJames Wells Martha WellsHerbert A. Werner James and Arlene WernerAngeline Werth Terrence and Rita WerthClarence and Fern Wesslen Jonathan and Jeannie GudenShirley Westman Robert and Lois TschidaChester Whaley Janet and Keith Thomas Carol WhaleyAnita WhiteLorraine BakkeKelly and Deborah BeckerVivian FotterDana and Ronald GinnMary JaegerLorin and Karen MaenkeMaryann PerlebergShirley ShawJeanne SmithBonnie White Cheryll RousseauHenry “Hank” WilhelmGerald and Vicky GriesWallace and Julie GronholmCharles and Michelle SimmonsThomas and Michele VyvyanMarie Willenbring Harvey and Meg BlonigenShirley Willenbring Harvey and Meg BlonigenLinda Kay Williams Warren KingLisa Williams Felicia and Demetrius GarrettMargie Williams Robert WilliamsPatricia “Pat” Williams Mary Jo Johnson Kenneth and Janet KneerDonald R. Wilsey, Jr. Ella WilseyAlexander Wilson Patricia WilsonLucky, Don and Ronald Fancy WinslowMarjory Winterer Claudia Wagner

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Our Lady of Peace53Jerome “Jerry” Winters Avona WintersRobert George Wirth Margaret and James Wirth JohnsonWilliam Wisen Robert and Crystal WisenLeonard Wistrcill LeDonna WistrcillKenneth O. “Ken” Witte Arthur J. ThellEd Wittman Daniel and Pamela SundsmoRoger Woessner Lauren and Elizabeth LarsenBarbara Wood Michael and Pamela WoodJoseph Woog Alice WoogNick Wormley Mary Jane HilsgenRaymond Wozniak Joseph and Mary Ann SchwebelRita Ann Wratkowski Joseph PressellerNancy Yancovec Michaela and Leonard LeitnerLisa Ann Hense Yarbro Tom and Shari HenseFrank Yarusso, John Lenzi and Joseph Lombardi Francyne YarussoJohn “Jack” Yarusso James and Jean WeissYarusso, Lombardi and Lenzi Families Francyne YarussoLynda Youngvorst George and Lori YoungvorstBarbara Zabel Terry HolmgrenEleanor Zabito Mary Ann KotheRoger Zack Margaret KuzniaMary Zampogna Harriette MillerSandra “Sandi” ZarembinskiReverend and Mrs. Paul R. AxnessWilliam and Jo Ellen AxnessJames and Pamela BarklindJoseph FoxElizabeth HansenDr. and Mrs. H. Edward MishmashMatthew and Melinda RellerRay Zawada Agnes ZawadaCarl Zenker Paula ZenkerEdward F. Zeug Elizabeth and Timothy NowakLuverne G. Zieman Gene ZiemanJerry Zimmer Mary Jane HilsgenGeorge Zirnhelt James and Michele KolarMark Zuber Roni Zuber Francyne Yarusso Our Lady of Peace Care Fund ($2,500+)Ron and Sonya CzerepakDebbie FlickAndrew and Kathleen GuzikFrancis KennedyJohn and Bonnie TreacyClaudia WagnerOtto Bremer Trust Matching GiftRuth CarriereJeanette ChwialkowskiRonald CoenenRobert and Mary CrnobrnaSuzanne and Kevin FarleyJerome and Beth Marie GeisCatherine GorrPaul HomanDale HollandImmaculate Conception CCWKathleen JacobsMary and William KeeferJames and Loretta KellyJosephine KuszPatricia LafontaineFay LindmeierEdward and Jayne LyonsSusan McConvilleRichard and Annette MullenKaren NelsonDoug and Maria OverboPohlad Family FundKaren ReuterJohn SchmidtMarion SelidMary Lee SeversonGayle SmithCarolyn L. WallThomas and Christine WalshPat Whitcomb and Patty NapierRing in the New Year Appeal (2022)Samantha AlanderNikki AlsupMyron AmundsonChristopher and Norine AndersonJulie ArendsMarvin ArvidsonScott BabouMichael and Mary Jo BaglioSteven BakerKathleen and Dave BauerfeldCecelia BeecherThomas BegeBarbara BelinMichael BenchetritHarvey and Meg BlonigenMichael and Karen BolandJanice BolinGlen and Margaret BoothHarold and Karen BrownArlene A. BrzinskiChristine BurbachLouis and Maureen BushardJulie and Benjamin ButlerKay CarmeanKaren CarneyMary CaylorMichael and Victoria CobianTherese CommerfordDonald and Heather ComptonJeanne and David CornishNancy CorreiaLinda K. CrosbyKathleen CullenKari DavenportRalph and Mary Pat DaviniReginald DavisPat DenmanDon and Barb DenmanThomas DenmanGerard and Mary DevaneyJulie DillonBarbara DufaultChristopher and Amie DuFresneJon and Gloria EricksonJane EvansPatrick and Joan FarleyGreg FarleyTimothy and Jennifer FarleyKevin and Suzanne FarleyMichael and Julie FarleyBrian and Kara FarleyDaniel and Katy FarleyLaurie FelderTimothy FischerCarol T. FisherJeanne FrankJude and Jim FrankoPeter and Arlene FrieFrancis FriedElizabeth GillisRobert GodavaCatherine GorrAngela GraefenhainHendrie GrantJohn and Kirsti GroessVirginia HarkinsMargaret HarrerNancy and Bob HartzlerCatherine HealyWayne and Marjorie HergottDebra HeymansPeggy HighbaughSusan HofstadMrs. Robert A. HoganKristi HolmquistWilliam HuthCaroline and Mark JohnsonAlvin and Margaret JohnsonKathy JonesBetty KarschniaDennis and Polly KeglerMargaret KelschPauline KiegerJohn KnapekRobert and Gail KodelkaEleanor KohnerDonald W. KostohryzRyan KraemerTimothy and Jane KretzmannJack and Peggy KulpaJayne LallierCharlene L’AllierWilliam LangLeonette M. and Fred T. Lanners FoundationJean and Mark LavalierChristopher LaValleJacqueline and Chris LeeFay LindmeierDoris LothropBarb MahalPatricia MaiettaMarie MannMyron and Paula ManzukGretchen and David MarshallRichard and Gail MartinJohn and Mary McGuiganKristin McHargLawrence and Marlene MeehanAdeline MeyersJoseph MillerAnne and Wayne MoranSusan MoroJohn and Sue MorrisonRobert and Karen MosingJulie and Thomas MurphyScott and Joy NelsonKaren NelsonGeorgia O’BrienJoseph OfstedalDavid OlsenDennis OlsonJoe and Dory Otto

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THE JOURNEY54Peter PalacioGary and Rosalyn PautzkeJon and Jackie PedersenDiane PelinkaGregory and Ellen PelletierAnn PetermeierC. Gregory and Jean PetersonDiane PierceFrank T. PilneyJulie and Alex PolinskyMark and Margaret PospisilJuris and Elizabeth PriedkalnsGreg and Pat PromVicky ReichowElizabeth and Glen ReynoldsMonica RoyKen RuckerJames and Sandra RueckerJerome RupkusMargaret SandbergMichael SarafoleanTimothy and Mary ScanlanKrista ScaramuzzoGary and Mary Ann SchokmillerChuck and Ruth SchwietzCheryl SeifertKathryn SelineCharlene R. SheahanJohn and Patricia ShrakeLois I. SicoraAmy SmithFrieda SoderbergSharon SolfestThomas StoneDolores StrandSandra SuttonLaura SwansonLisa Sweeney and Scott KorzenowskiKaren ThomasCoreen and John ThumHarold and Karen TianyMary Jane TockoTheresa UkkelbergDawn Van AlstineMary and Marty VoPavaDebra and Donald WeberRita WeglinskiStephen WenzelThomas and Kathleen WestTed and Patti WesterdahlBarbara WilliamsMerikay WiselyKerry WoernerJoseph and Marcia WolkerstorferMary WoodFrancyne YarussoGeorge and Susan YoshidaKathleen ZiemanDeborah ZwickeyRose Hawthorne Endowment FundAlva and Elisabeth EmersonSpring AppealChris ClaudeElizabeth De LayDebra GrayJames and Loretta KellyRichard and Patricia KrinkeDonald MolenaarGregory MulallyKathleen OlsonJan Pariana and Kim CorbeyWally M. ParishMathias SchroederThomas StreseWeddingsRon Rudolph and Kathleen Scholz Kenneth and Janet Kneer John and Jane SchererOur cover photosThrough the years, the “look” of our Home has changed radically, but our passion for end-of-life care and dedication to that mission never will. In the 1940’s, Dominican Hawthorne nuns cared for the patients of Our Lady of Good Counsel in large, open wards. Today, thanks to incredible donors who supported our capital campaign, Registered Nurses, like Jessi R. and Jennifer J., are able to care for patients and families at Our Lady of Peace in fully private suitesSAVE THE DATE! Friends of Our Lady Luncheon Thursday, May 18, 2023James B. Woulfe Alumni HallUniversity of St. Thomas Details to follow. Please visit our website for more information:

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Our Lady of Peace55Their legacy.Every person leaves their mark, a legacy that lives on long after moving from this world. Our Lady of Peace’s In-Home Hospice, Home Health Care, and Residential Hospice services provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you need to ensure your loved one can live well...always. HOSPICE & HOME HEALTH CARELEARN MORE ATHospiceMN.com2076 ST. ANTHONY AVENUE — SAINT PAUL, MN 55104 // 651.789.5030 // OURLADYOFPEACEMN.ORGYour peace of mind.Our empathy.IN-HO M E HOSPIC EEnd-of-life carewherever home may be.H O ME HEA LT H CAREPost-op, wound, andpalliative care at home.RESIDENTIAL H OSPICEHospice care in our21-bed residence in St. Paul.QuickScan

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THE JOURNEY562076 St. Anthony AvenueSt. Paul, MN 55104www.ourladyofpeacemn.orgLooking for ways to support Our Lady of Peace?Become a monthly donorPut Our Lady of Peace in your willGive a general donation to support care at no cost in our homeTo learn more about how you can support Our Lady and for updates on upcoming events, please visit