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Inside the January issue we talk about the hottest events this month. Chicago Restaurant week is coming up so you'll want to develop a game plan before you eat your heart out and Saved by the Max is back for a final semester. Plus, take a look at what I did over the Holiday season. More is inside!

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Hello everyone and welcome to a new and fabulous year! I hope you all had a great Holiday season with
friends and loved ones. My Holiday involved lots of quality family time and getting plenty of sleep. The
sleep was very much appreciated.
My sister Brittany who lives in DC stayed for two weeks. so I tried my very best to not jam pack her visit
with all of my recommended activities. The highlight during her stay was seeing the hit Broadway
musical Hamilton. We were very fortunate to get tickets plus we had the suite package which made the
experience extra nice. The play was easily one of the best plays I had ever seen. It’s been a while since
I’ve seen a play that left such a mark on me and I wish I could see Hamilton over and over again. Highly
recommend you try to see the play so check out Stubhub to see when tickets may become available.
After the play we had dinner at Italian restaurant Tesori Trattoria. Tesori is inside the Chicago
Symphony Orchestra building and the restaurant has stunning glass windows. You'll get a fabulous city
view while dining here. Everything was incredibly delicious. However, standouts for me were the pork
belly and chicken meatballs and the ravioli. Pretty sure I devoured both dishes rather quickly. For
dessert don’t forget to order the poached apples. You will not regret this decision.
As you know, my sister and consider ourselves tea connoisseurs so my sister’s visit wouldn’t be
complete if we didn’t do our annual tradition of afternoon tea. We decided to return to The Langham
which I believe is the best afternoon tea spot in all of Chicago. I’ve been to just about all afternoon teas
and the experience at The Langham is truly one of a kind. If you want an authentic and top notch
afternoon tea experience look no further than The Langham.
If one of your new year resolutions was to give back, then you are in luck. On the blog, I share some
great volunteer opportunities in the Chicagoland area. I do majority of my volunteering in the suburbs,
but since this is a Chicago based blog I wanted to share some organizations that I think are worth
checking out.
Without further ado, I want to make sure we kick off your New Year to a great start so here’s what’s
coming up in January.
General Housekeeping
Remember how excited I was to launch The Chicagolite app? Well, unfortunately some good things must
come to an end. At the start of the year The Chicagolite app was no longer available in the app store.
For the past few months it’s been a lot of back and forth with developers. The company I used is
suddenly out of business. All apps they created were pulled from the app store. This meant it was
crunch time to find new developers.
After weighing the cost, I decided that it was financially sound to no longer invest in an app. It was so
cool and this was such a difficult decision but at this time I have to make financial decisions that not
only benefit myself but my audience as well.
I think as entrepreneurs we get caught up in having all of the bells and whistles but as I take a look back
at my platform I realized that not all bells and whistles are necessary. I want to be as transparent as
possible because in running this site there are lots of daily decisions I have to make and shutting down
the app was one of them.
In the future I would love to revisit the idea of having an app and develop a proper strategy for why it
makes sense. But for now, we’re going to stick to the basics.
I hope you guys understand my decision. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the removal
of the app.
Feel free to delete the app from your phone. I will no longer be updating it.
Chicago Restaurant Week Starting January 27th through
February 9th Chicago foodies can indulge in the citys best
culinary hot spots during Chicago Restaurant Week. The 2
weeks long festivities allows diners the rare opportunity to
experience Chicago’s best restaurants at a discounted rate.
Throughout the week prix fixe dinner, lunch and now brunch
will be available throughout the city. I suggest planning ahead
all month long because there are over 350 restaurants that
you’ll want to check out. Go to for more
First Bites Bash If you wish to sample some of the
restaurants before Chicago Restaurant Week begins then
you’ll want to check out First Bites Bash. This is the foodie
event to be at. You’ll definitely leave stuffed so come with an
insatiable appetite. The event kicks off January 26th and will
be held at the AON Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier. Early bird
tickets are already sold out so get your tickets HERE ASAP.
Chinese New Year Celebration at the Art Institute
Celebrate the Year of the Rooster inside the Modern Wing at
the Art Institute of Chicago. Visitors will celebrate the
Chinese New Year with an afternoon of traditional music,
dancing, art demonstrations and a special performance by the
National Peking Opera Company. This event is free with
museum admission. Find out more HERE.
Afternoon Tea at The Langham Coming soon The
Langham Chicago will be introducing two exclusive
afternoon tea experiences. For those of you who like a little
fantasy and wonder then you'll enjoy the Alice in Wonderland
themed tea. And if you want to celebrate the Chinese New
Year there will be a special afternoon tea just in time for the
Holiday. Follow The Langham' Chicago's social accounts to
find out the release date of the teas.
Coming soon to the blog I’ll share reflections from my 2 years of blogging. Can you believe
The Chicagolite is already 2 years old?
Plus, I have a few exciting activities planned including a visit to the Scratch Goods Mask
Bar and a dip in the freezing cold at Chicago Cryospa. I know you probably think I’m crazy
by freezing myself in the dead of winter, but remember I do everything for you guys. Stay
tuned to hear all about my freezing experience.
I also have an exciting announcement coming up and I can’t wait to share with you guys.
Hint, I’m working with a really cool brand and you’ll want to stay tuned for what we are
working on together.
Hope you have an excellent first month of the year. Let's get out there and make 2017 the
best year yet.
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