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this story was originally created by my friend but i wanted to turn it into a book

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Spooky stories

By Jessayra Lara

The Haunting

By Jessayra Lara

There once was a girl named Kate. Kate also  had a brother named Justin. Kate and Justin were both great brother and sister because they always shared and never got into arguments. One day they were both playing until there mom called them as they went down stairs they saw a cupboard open and they both got pulled inside then they saw their mom. 

She told them to be quiet and then she said she heard it to. Then out of the blue they heard a voice, but it was like a whisper and it sounded kind of ghosty. After a couple of minutes the whisper turned into a shout and the thing that shouted was shouting KAAAAAAATE, JUUUUUUUSTIN GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!!

Kate Justin and their mom were all very scared so they counted to three and then they jumped out of the cupboard and ran out of the house unseen by the mysterious creature. At least they thought they were unseen because when Kate was half way out they all saw the mysterious creature and then they saw that the creature was a ghost. 

They all ran out and never went back to the house again. But the ghost was still haunting them and it’s name was the haunting. Kate asked why was the ghost haunting them and the ghost said because she wanted a life but now she is a corpse. The family stayed still until the ghost screamed and tried to get them. Kate, Justin, and their mom all screamed and their mom called the ghost detectors but they were no help what so ever and the ghost made her strike and killed every single one of them and when she was done she laughed and disappeared and waited for the next family to move in the house. One day there was a little boy named Jack. Jack had a good life and it was never scary until he moved with his parents to an old house and that house was the same house Kate and her mom and brother lived in.

When they finished getting settled it was already dark, so they decided to go to bed while Jack was asleep he heard a noise, but this noise was not just any noise it was like a young woman screaming so Jack thought it was probably his mom so he shouted her name but there was no reply. So Jack went to look and when he went to the kitchen he saw his mother, but his mother was dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Little Jack screamed of terror and went to look for his dad but when he found him he was also dead. Except there was someone with him and it was a girl. The girl screamed and was about to run to Jack to kill him but Jack got away just in time. The girl let out another scream and ran towards Jack again but she still missed after a while she gave up and disappeared into thin air. At least that is what Jack thought because while he was crying for his dad and mom the ghost came back and before Jack could run she stabbed him leaving him dead in a puddle of blood. When she killed him she let out a ghostly laugh and disappeared into thin air and she waited for the next family to move in the same house.