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This is a heartwarming story about a lonely girl who finds friendship in an unexpected place

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The Girl and the Ant

Written by Carol Lord

There once was a lovely girl.  She was cheerful, but a bit shy.  She didn't make friends easily.

At the same time, there was a lovely ant that lived near the girl's house.  She was lonely, too.

One day, the little girl and the little ant met.

After a little chat, the girl admitted to the ant that she was lonely.

The ant said, "Oh I am lonely too.  Will you be my friend?"

They were very different, but also very much alike.  They felt lucky to have found each other.

The girl replied, "Can a little ant and a little girl be friends?"

The ant said, "We live close by and we are both lonely.  Let's be friends.  How about it?"

 The little girl was so impressed by the ant's open and accepting nature, that she said, "I would be delighted to be your friend!"

 And so it went.  The girl and the ant met everyday.  They enjoyed sitting in the sun and chatting.

 True friendship is

the best gift you can

give someone!

The End