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The Fife Fermenter

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Primary Logo Our Communities from Soil to Slice Field Market Our farmers growing nutrient dense organic grains Our mill at Bowhouse serving the local community and a network of bakers further afield Membership 350 community benefit society member shareholders plus subscriber supporters volunteers contributing to seed selection and community baking Our Assets Founder Varieties Transparent Resilient Food Networks LOGOTYPE TLAND BREAD Where possible always use the logo with the logotype and strapline Home grown bread for a healthy future Our Aims A community bakery hub in every neighbourhood STRAPLINE bringing nutritious well fermented real bread within X reach of everyone X Action research to select measure and propagate diverse grains grown using organic regenerative methods SCOTLAND TLAND BREAD Shift the burden of diet related ill health while mitigating THE BREAD SCOTLAND climate breakdown and nature loss SCOTLAND THE BREAD Deploy innovative low energy technology to mill THE BREAD Home grown bread for a healthy future flour and grow local markets for better bread More jobs per loaf training in skills for a just GRAIN HUB X The dotted lineindicatesClear Space This area must be kept free of other elements The minimum required Clear Space is defined by the measurement equal to the height and width of the sun in the logomark transition and meaningful work TLAND A pilot project for a BREAD LOGO IDENTITY COLOUR SPECIFICATIONS FONTS USED IN LOGOTYPE JUST TRANSITION Museo Sans 100 The Fife Fermenter e Home grown bread for a healthy future Timelines Process Innovation Flour to the People Low energy cyclone Rapid Covid19 mills acquisition response with and grain handling InnovateUK enhancements support takes Number Nourished nutritious flour nutrient metrics and skills to work with Edinburgh communities living University with deprivation 2028 Fife Fermenter Building works begin to create grain lab and learning centre at Stenton Farm St Monans Fife Development of zero carbon grain handling hub Fife Fermenter Opening of Community Bakery bread lab and kitchen 20 jobs created Fife Fermenter Flour to the People Completion of Continued studio spaces and expansion Training meeting facilities of community Launch of outreach bakers ripples out programmes public to address food catering initiatives poverty and health and events Fife Fermenter creates 40 jobs Join us on the journey from proof of concept to a good grain nation vibrant local grain bread networks resilient communities and healing landscapes sc w otl a n d b r e a d o Organic Organic certification of grain production on Balcaskie Estate and flour milling at Bowhouse Fife 2022 1234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ e th Seed Diversity Genetically diverse wheat and rye trials with significant partner support from Balcaskie Estate e ww co m Transparent We challenge the perverse incentives of commodity markets with open evidence and new metrics for farm support and fair pricing Regional Food Systems and local grain networks the long term Resilient guarantee of food security and ecological public health 2023 People s Bread Evidence based standards and solidarity initiatives make People s Bread accessible Fife Fermenter fundraising campaign launched SCOTLAND THE BREAD Home grown bread for a healthy future 2015 Community Benefit Society Crowdfunding community share issue partnerships inspired by years of prior work by our founder LOGOMARK Pantone 124U C0 M28 Y100 K6 EEB111 rg owhouse b e fif www Milling IP 45 years experience of artisan baking teaching campaigning Village Bakery Melmerby Bread Matters Diverse evolutionary grain resource for production research and market development Low energy Zentrofan cyclone mills producing high nutrient flour Bread for Good certification protocol and People s Bread initiative Scotland The Bread is a collaborative project to grow better grain and bake better bread with the common purposes of nourishment sustainability and food sovereignty LOGO SPECIFICATIONS Pantone Black U C0 M13 Y49 K98 261C02 Museo Sans 900 SCOTLAND THE BREAD Home grown bread for a healthy future 1 1234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ a welcoming hearth meet talk taste learn 2 There is no contradiction between high quality food production and producing it in a way that delivers for climate and nature Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Islands 8 November 2022 Statement on future agriculture support food security Stacked Logo Minimum Logo Height 42mm 42mm is the safest minimum size community bakery SCOTLAND BREAD 3THE zero carbon grain hub mill Home grown bread for a healthy future bread lab for applied research diverse local grains Landscape Logo Minimum Logo Height 20mm 20mm is the safest minimum size healthy bread for all 4 5 SCOTLAND THE BREAD studios seeing grains differently Bread for Good Community Benefit Society St Monans Anstruther Fife KY10 2DF www scotlandthebread org

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Dry clean store grain using renewable energy Mill flour supply to bakery shop despatch wholesale Grain Lab Globally connected to applied research Photon analyser calibrating an unbroken chain of health from soil to slice Open science top researchers at the service of community health Seed store an open resource for nutrient dense grain sharing d bread ww l Lab w USA ww korne us us dk tsh 4 w Ko r e t s H n Di s c o v e r Meeting Place Welcoming spaces for gathering at the hearth to learn taste talk be inspired disrupt r k 1 wsu edu ab John Ruskin Zero Carbon Grain Hub The Brea When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece 3 Grain labs in our network D en ma Studios Communicating meanings about food and nature when words alone don t suffice Seeing grains differently Adding values to the dialogue between productivity and wellbeing Storytelling visual art digital XR music dance ish ur No Canteen Welcome meals using local grains and the bounty of Fife fields Training for public cooks Scottish Government s Vision for Agriculture March 2022 What we will do Hearth M a ke 1 High quality nutritious food locally and sustainably produced is key to our wellbeing in economic environmental social and health terms 1 5 Community Bakery Ferment bake and despatch teach learn innovate with local flour R D Agronomy and data science to inform the Number Nourished metric people jobs species of farm output Action on Scottish grain security via The People s Bread standard Outreach Creating additional field tofork supply chains connecting to diet related health initiatives building community resilience through Soil to Slice engagement Scale out Using our evidence and applying our research to initiate additional farm based models throughout Scotland more land growing genetically diverse grain organically SME Innovation Developing new sustainable nutrient dense food products based on our grains supporting less and better production and availability for a just and equitable transition 2

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