teachers’ club
Revolutionize your teaching.
Engage and challenge your students.
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What’s Included
2 Monthly Print-and-Go Lesson Plan Bundles
(aligned with the Common Core State
Standards for ELA) arrive in your library on the
first of each month! One bundle is aligned with
the 5th-6th grade standards and the other is
aligned with the 7th-8th grade standards.
Choose from two bonus resources each month:
think resources such as task cards, reading
response choice boards, writing activities for
any novel, informational text graphic organizers,
complete short story units, analyzing poetry
stations, and many more!
Teacher Training Videos: enjoy PD from
the comfort of your home with
actionable strategies and content you
can easily weave into your current ELA
program. To name a few ... Enhancing
Your Writing Instruction: A Three-Part
Video Series Training, Working with
Informational Texts, Precise Language
Training, and more being added every
Support from the EB Teachers’ Club
Facebook Group: ask questions and get
support as you plan your ELA curriculum.
Caitlin and Jessica serve as virtual ELA
coaches to help support you with your
curriculum and answer any questions.
Plus, they often share additional content
and fun surprises to spark that joy in
. . . your one-stop-shop to revolutionize your planning and teaching. Each month
you receive access to highly engaging, rigorous, and hands-on lessons that are
completely aligned with the Common Core State Standards for ELA. Your students
will practically be jumping out of their seats to see what they'll be learning next!
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Bonus Content: includes resources like Grammar Sorts and
Activities, Classroom Posters, Lesson Plan Templates, a
Complete Mini Writing Unit, and much more!
Members Only Discount: EB Teachers’ Club members have
access to 30% off hundreds of ELA resources in our special EB
Teachers’ Shop. (Think Bell Ringers, Short Story Units, One-
Pager Choice Boards, etc.)
A complete “How to Teach Narrative Writing” 3-Week Online
Professional Development Course: this online course takes you
step-by-step through how to introduce and teach the
narrative writing process in your classroom. We’ve included
handouts, activities, and all kinds of resources, so you can
effectively teach this challenging writing type.
A Peek Inside A Lesson Plan Bundle . . .
– 6
Students begin the lesson by participating in
an investigation trail activity. It gets students up and moving
as they work to determine the main idea of thirteen different
sentences. This practice with basic sentences is a scaffolding
activity as students will determine the main idea of
informational text paragraphs and, eventually, longer
passages throughout the unit.
Next, students work with a small group and participate in a
scavenger hunt around the classroom. The goal is to find five
different clue cards hidden somewhere in the room that
correspond to the short informational text passages students
have. All the questions on the clue cards require students to
determine the main or central idea of the passage as well as
identify details from the text that support the main idea.
Finally, students participate in an escape room to complete
different tasks centered around an informational text article.
Ultimately, students will compose a Response to
Informational Text Essay where they will determine the
central idea and analyze its development over the course of
the text.
– 8
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Payment Options
Individual Teacher
2 Monthly Lesson Plan
2 Bonus Resources Each
Quarterly Teacher
Training Videos
Support in the EB
Teachers’ Club
Facebook Group
Bonus Content, including
3 past bundles FREE!
Members’-Only Discount
Complete “How to
Teach Narrative Writing”
Online Course
per individual license
per year
School or District
per individual license, per year
(must purchase 5 or more)
an online membership for middle school English Language Arts teachers
2 Monthly Lesson Plan
2 Bonus Resources Each
Quarterly Teacher
Training Videos
Support in the EB
Teachers’ Club
Facebook Group
Bonus Content, including
3 past bundles FREE!
Members’-Only Discount
Complete “How to
Teach Narrative Writing”
Online Course
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The Curriculum Creators
Caitlin Mitchell and Jessica Cannata created the EB
Teachers’ Club with the ultimate goal and vision of
providing a one-stop-shop for middle school ELA
teachers to access engaging, rigorous, and hands-on
lessons, so teachers can put an end to weekends and
nights spent lesson planning and focus on what they
do best: teaching!
Because of their passion for creating engaging and
rigorous lessons and their dedication to sharing them
with teachers around the world, thousands of students
have fun mastering complex standards, unaware of
how rigorous the lessons really are!
Fall in love with The EB Teachers’ Club
Everything I need is right here: lessons, PD, organizational tools with
my own "Library," and support with immediate feedback. I feel I
finally have found a "one-stop shop.”
(The resources are amazing! We did the brainstorm today for the
Halloween Descriptive Writing and my students were practically
jumping out of their seats! They can't wait to start tomorrow!!!)
- Leslie Snyder, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, 26 years teaching
"This is my 8th year teaching language arts. So far this year,
everything I've taught has been from the Club, and it has
been one of the smoothest starts to the year I've ever had.
My students are learning and being challenged while having fun.
They love the variety of activities and beautifully designed
handouts. I love how easy everything is to implement.
Whether it's to be your sole curriculum or to supplement what
you're already doing, joining the EB Teacher's Club is the choice to
make to help you have a successful year. I haven't regretted
joining for even a second."
- Kate Waggoner, 6th-8th Grade ELA Teacher