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Chapter 1 – Council of Dragons

-Year 200 of the dragon war-

“Do you not see this is the only way” growled Adraxis, leader of the dragon council, in irritation.

The five members of the dragon council were large beasts, each nearing one hundred yards long. They sat on their haunches around a conjured smokeless fire, their words accompanied by the many echoes of dripping water.

“I refuse to allow our race to be degraded in such a way” bellowed Esrax, eyes glowing red, dispelling the shadows cast by the bone ridges that covered his face. “I call a vote” responded Adraxis, calmly not reacting to Esrax’s aggressive behaviour.


“non quidem” he responded in the traditional Latin used for formal votes, it translated roughly as certainly not.


“numquam” (never)


“recte dicis” (you say rightly)


“numquam” (never)

“two votes to three, motion denied” Sighed Adraxis and bowed his head signing the end of the dragon’s council.

Despite his calm pasona Adraxis was internally seething, how could his fellow dragons be so blind, the humans were getting stronger and soon it would be a matter of survival.


-Year 500 of the dragon war-

The three remain dragon council members held council in the same cave, water no longer dripped from the ceiling as the land above was dead and barren, scorched by the fires of dragons and killed by the magic of men.

“I Adraxis call a vote to do what is necessary to save our race”, the weariness in Adraxi’s voice was unmistakeable. This last effort would kill them but maybe it would save their race, it was their only hope.


“no”, the dragons were to weary to use the traditional Latin responses.



“And I vote yes, two votes to one, motion approved”,

“bring forth the egg” Adraxis commanded,

Two dragons about half the size of the dragon council members brought fourth a black egg measuring almost a meter tall. Once they had placed the egg the two smaller dragons scuttled back into the shadows.

“ Let us commence” called Adraxis.

The dragons focused calling their magic and directing it toward the egg, their words echoing around the chamber. Slowly the egg began to glow, getting brighter and brighter. At last in one last blinding flash it vanished.

The three dragon council members slumped to the ground, three dragons had not been enough to sustain the magic and so it had cost them their lives but their dying act had succeeded.

Chapter 2 -  white stone city

-Year 510 of the dragon war-

Cling Clang, Cling Clang.

“Class settle down” yelled the teacher Miss Arcen.

 David disliked Miss Arcen for exactly this reason, she was always yelling. Once the class had settled down the teacher continued.

“Today you are going to be tested for magical talent, those that show potential shall attend the magical academy”

David slumped in his seat, while the rest of the class broke into excited whispers. He had been dreading this day. His father was the arch magus, leader of the mages and his mother ,a member of the queens circle, the best female mages in the city selected by the queen to assist in casting the defensive magic that protected their city from the dragons.

As a result he had already been exhaustively tested by both parents, he had no talent. It was almost unheard of for someone with two powerful parents to have little talent to have not talent had been thought impossible.  

“Now I want you all to line up outside where the Grand magus, head master of the mage academy will test you.”

The other children in his class all sprinted for the door while David reluctantly walked at the back. Once outside David joined the end of the line keeping his chin on his chest. Once they lined up upon the footpath outside the school gates, the teacher proceeded to ask math questions keeping the excitable students occupied. Eventually a tall man dressed in brown robes appeared at the end of the street, hurriedly making his way toward them. The man looked to be in his early forties however predicting a mages age was incredibly difficult, their life span depended on their power. When he reached the line he swept intelligent crystal blue eyes across their young eager faces, lingering slightly on David.

“Hello young students, I’m hear to see if any of you have some magical talent. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, there are many other important jobs aside from being a mage.”

 The Grand magus spoke calmly and gently to the young boys and girls. David couldn’t help but think the man sounded rather stupid, his voice was akin to when a mother tells her toddler to apologise to the other toddler while in reality is she who is apologising to the other mother.

His parents being fairly highly ranked in the mage community, David had been taught a testing spell contrived to determine if he had the talent. He was therefore surprised when the mage withdrew a apple sized blue orb from within the confines of his robe.

“now when I stand in front of you I want you to reach out and place your hand of the globe, If it glows you have the talent if not then you don’t” The man spoke briskly and the words were well rehearsed, clearly he had said these very words a great many times.

The Grand magus proceeded to let each student touch the orb, each boy or girls face deflated each time the orb failed to react. About halfway down the line the orb emitted a faint glow while the pigment within swirled with a lighter blue.

“We have ourselves a young mage” Called out the magus, eliciting excited muttering from the gathered students.

“What’s you name young mage?” The boy puffed up at being called a mage, straightening up to a imposing four and a half feet.

“James Sir” said the boy with surprising confidence.

“Well young James do you want to come and become a magus at the academy?”

The young boy vigorously nodded.

“Be at the academy gates by the eighth bell tomorrow morning and don’t be late!”

With that the Grand magus continued on down the line getting a consistent lack of response. Finally he reached David, whose dread had built to point where he was almost frozen with it.

“Well young man, aren’t you going to put your hand on the globe?”

David glanced up at the towering figure through his fringe. Mustering he courage he broke his self inflicted paralysis to mutter in the general direction of the man.

“I don’t have the talent Sir”

“How would you know that?” the Grand magus sounded intrigued.

“I can’t do the testing spell” his voice louder as the sensitive topic was breached.

“Well no harm in just putting your hand on the orb although if you can’t do the testing spell it unlikely you have the talent” the last part was much quieter as if the man was talking to himself.

 With a shrug David placed his hand on the orb, at first nothing happened as expected. Then the orb began to glow a faint white while threads of white swirled in with the blue.

“Well looks”

The magus was cut off as the orb turned iridescent white illuminating the entire road like a miniature sun. As David pulled his hand away to cover his hurting eyes the light abruptly started dimming till finally the orb returned to its solid dark blue colour.

The Dragon's Wizard