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Inspirational postcard type "booklet" to inspire humans to live life happier!

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About Nala
Nala was rescued from a high-kill shelter by an organiza-
tion called Operation Pets Alive in Texas.
She was then transported to New Hampshire, where we
found her at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.
We were not even shoppingfor a dog. We had just lost our nine-year-old
Great Dane, Kira, to bone cancer, and we were devastated. We were there be-
cause my husband and I had this great idea to gather Kiras things, which were
painful reminders, and donate them to the animal shelter.
Of course, when we got to the shelter, I wanted puppy hugs, so I went out back,
where all the dogs were kept. Nala immediately caught my eye with her cute
little head tilt. Needless to say, we came home with our original donations—and
Nala! I always joke that Nala is my therapy dog, as she played a huge part in
the healing process with our Kiras passing.
Nala inspires me every day to be a better person, to take joy in the small things,
and to take pleasure in every moment.
We want to share the pure joy of The Dalai Nala and her wisdom with the
world! She always brings light and shines so bright! You cant help but smile
when you see her.
The Dalai Nala also has an online store that you can find on her website at A portion of the proceeds will go to the Animal Rescue
League of New Hampshire...the other
portion goes to helping us keep The
Dalai Nalawebsite active.
We hope you enjoy our little book and
saunter away with a smile!
Thank you so much for your support.
We truly appreciate it.
Laurie Gouley
Owner and Creator of The Dalai
Copyright © 2017 by Laurie A. Gouley,
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced for
any use whatsoever without the express written
permission of the author.
First printing: 2017
Editor: Renee Nicholls *
To my lovely family and friends. May you learn something from The Dalai
Nala and live full and happy lives!
I especially want to thank my husband,
Duane, the love of my life.
Thank you! Without your support and
patience, I would have never been able
to achieve this beautiful life we have.
Also, I would like to thank my youngest
son, Casey; our Great Dane, Tank; and
my brothers dog, Wiley; for being a
part of our book!
Message From The Dalai Nala
! Enjoyment
! Love
! Tranquility
! Friendship
! Contentment
! Hugs
! Peace
! Relaxation
! Happiness
! Let Go
! Beauty
! Forgiveness
! Exercise
! Give-and-Take
! Uniqueness
! Companionship
! Serenity
! Promise
! Live
! Ego
! Allergic
! Smile
! Saving A Life
A Few Final Words
About The Author
A Message from The Dalai Nala
My name is Nala—or as my humans call me, The Dalai Nala.
They think they are so witty for coming up with that name.
I would like to take this moment to welcome you into the
journey of transformationthat you are about to embark on
with me.
The Dalai Nala is an inspirational book about the lessons that I am trying to
teach my humans. My goal is to give folks a different perspective and outlook on
their day-to-day living.
I would like to paraphrase Charles R. Swindoll: Life is 10% what happens to
you and 90% how you react to it. This statement could not be any truer.
Most humans really struggle with living life happily. They live life so seriously,
and sometimes their priorities get jumbled up. They hold onto so many toxic
emotions. No matter how much you humans stress about things, it will not
change the outcome!
Holding onto these toxic emotions can make you very sick both physically and
mentally. According to The American Institute of Stress1 40 percent of stressed
out humans overeat, 44 percent lose sleep every night, and stress is the basic
cause of 60 percent of all human illness and disease!
My goal is to show you humans that life should be enjoyed. Even more im-
portant, it should be taken a moment at a time. Sure, you have to make plans
for the future. But do not be so hung up on your planning that you miss what is
going on right now, right in front of you.
Your tiny bald puppies, furry babies, and YOU need to be here in the present
at least most of the time.
Enjoy. Relax. Love. Breathe deeply. Seek peace. Find happiness. Live in the here
and now. Practice self-love.
All these emotions and gestures are what I want my humans to focus on. It
makes this ride that we call life an amazing adventure— especially when you do
it positively!
I am delighted you want to take this journey with me!
The Dalai Nala * BARK! *
We all want to be happy. No one wants to be miserable.
Research from Michigan State University! shows that if you smile as a result of
cultivating positive thoughts, you can significantly and immediately improve
your mood.
A University of Bristol2 study confirmed that exercise is another way to truly
improve your mood. Folks who exercised were more productive, and it in-
creased their ability to manage workday stress.
Happiness is contagious! Researchers at the University of California, San Die-
go3, discovered that folks who are surrounded by cheerful people are more likely
to become happy themselves. So, simply put, surround yourself with Positive
Pollys and ditch the Negative Nellies.
A positive attitude is actually quite easy to achieve. You just need to be aware of
your thoughts, actions, and your reactions to the things that happen to you in
your life. Then always choose to focus on the good versus the bad. The aware-
ness must be the first step, but then some choice must be made.
My goal for this book is to brighten any darkness you may be experiencing with
the light and wisdom of The Dalai Nala. If I can help just one person, all of my
efforts will be well worth it.
Nala and I hope that the
following pages of The
Dalai Nala quotes will
make you smile and in-
spire you to look at things
in a new light and to apply
those inspirational and
positive ideas to your life.
Wake up and live life
1 ou-mean-it/
A Few Final Words
As the quotes in this book have shown, we can learn important life lessons
through our dogs.
Dogs live life in the moment, and they are always glad to see you no matter how
bad your day has been or how terrible you feel. If you have gained some weight,
if you have mascara running down your face, or if your hair is a tangled beehive,
it just doesnt matter. They love you unconditionally.
Remember, everyone smiles in the same language; so give someone a smile to-
day. Sometimes a smile can make all the difference in someone elses world
and in your own, too.
About the Author
Laurie A Gouley became a Certified Personal Trainer
and Health Coach in 2010 through ISSA.
Her certifications include BOSU, Flexibility for Perfor-
mance, EZCOACH Fitness Prescription, and Exercise Rx
for Psychological Health, Nutrition for Menopause &
Beyond, CPR, and First Aid.
Laurie owns her own company called, Social Butterfly-
Social Media Designer and plays a vital role in the social media creation for
Integrity Health Coaching Centers located in New Hampshire.
Having overcome her own health crisis back in 2008, she is now a strong advo-
cate for health and nutrition. Her professional interests focus on weight loss,
core strengthening, postural correction, stretching, nutrition, and a positive
mind-and-body connection.
Laurie was recognized on the website and won a contest for
Fit Over Fortytransformations.
She is the mother of three grown boys, is happily married, and resides in Mil-
ford, New Hampshire, with her husband, three dogs, and a cat. Her hobbies in-
clude playing online games with her three boys and her husband, Duane.
Photography has always been a passion, and she dabbles in it for fun.
Her newest venture is the creation of The Dalai Nala.
Lauries very good friend, Steve Gamlin, The Motivational Fire Wood Guy, has
been encouraging her to pursue this venture for months! She FINALLY listened.
Thanks Steve! :)
Social Butterfly logo inspired by and in memory of
Marie HildaDesilets
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