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The Christmas Disaster

There was cold, sleek snow shimmering slowly down everywhere. It was the early 1800’s and only two days till Christmas. Families huddling together trying to fight of the cold next to the fire. The Marlee's, on the other hand, were running low on food and needed some fast.

The Marlees consisted of David and Jill, and their children Bill and Phil. They were a poor family and couldn’t afford much food that winter.

David and Jill went house to house asking for food. 

“Can we please have some food. We are running very low.” asked  David.

“Sorry, we don’t have any to spare.” the Nibletins explained. 

Hearing this news David prepared to go hunting to find some food in the forest.

David prepared his sled dogs, grabbed his coat and coonskin cap, and snatched his musket.

“Stay safe and always be careful.” exclaimed Jill.

“I will find food and bring our family a Merry Christmas dinner.” responded David.

David was off to find food before the blizzard came in. Scared, he traveled far and wide , but the animals were hiding and nowhere to be seen. About to turn back, David caught a glimpse of something black rummaging in the bush.

In the bush there were two gigantic turkeys! Silently, David pulled his out musket from his sled and carefully loaded it. He lined up his shot and, KABOOM. There was a sudden cloud of feathers and the first turkey fell to the ground. David quickly reloaded, but the turkey was flying away.  Leading the turkey he sniped the turkey in the air PUFF went the other turkey and it slowly fell back  to the ground.

David ran over and tied the turkeys to his sled. David then spotted a river, roaring and freezing cold, where the salmon were swimming back to their spawn point. Luckily, David brought some string and a hook. He fished for nearly two hours. He had two fish for each of his sled dogs and three for himself.

The sun was setting and David needed to get home fast. The sky was turning grey and the air was bitter cold. Snow started to swirl around him and the wind roared ferociously.

As David was speeding home, he lost sight of the trail and started to go off-road. 

“STOP!” yelled David to his sled dogs, but they couldn't even hear him through the blizzard. 

WHOOSH! David and his sled team fell off of a cliff!

David woke up, hazed and nauseous. He couldn’t find his dogs and there was no leftover supplies. He had fell unconscious over the night and was lucky to have survived.

David realized he would never make it home on his own, so he prayed to God for help.

“Father in heaven, please lead me home so I can see my family just one more time. Help my family to make it through the winter if I am unable to return.”

Then, a thundering voice answered from the heavens, “Have faith in me and follow this mighty reindeer.” 

Out of nowhere a huge reindeer jumped from out of the snow covered brush. David knew this was the mighty reindeer that God had sent for him to follow.

For miles, David trekked through the snow having faith in God and kept the determination to see his family once again. The blizzard caused tall trees to crash down and lakes to freeze over. The day passed and the night was coming near. Again the air became bitter cold and the wind started to whirl, but in the distance David saw a bright, glowing fire.

David sprinted, fore he knew it was his home. He burst open the door and surely enough there was his family. They all came together and hugged each other. 

David couldn't help himself, but to say, “I love you all.” to his family.

Then the Nibletins pulled out a huge roasted turkey, glistening in the firelight, they set it on the table and wished them a Merry Christmas. The Marlee's were so grateful and they thanked the Nibletins for their service.

Finally, the Marlee's could eat and they continued to be grateful and talked with each other in peace.