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The CCC 

We help people.

The CCC was a public work relief program to help the unemployed and unmarried men from relief familiesas part of The New Deal.

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Nick Ring 1933-1942. the purpose is a relief program.

The CCC is a relief program. It helps the unemployed and unmarried men out of relief families. It was part of The New was originally for young men age 18-25. it eventually expandedfrom years  to 17-28.





At the end of the CCC was the end of The New Deal. The CCC stoped econmoc chaos.

1. Franklin D Roosevelt was the only child of very wealhy parents.

2. Franklin D Roosevelt was realated to president theodore Roosevekt they were 5 cousins.

3. Franklin D Roosevelt was related to his own wife.

4. Franklin D Roosevelt had a hard time adjusting to school.

5. Franklin D roosevelt was average academically, but very, very active socially.

6. Franklin D Roosevelt he entered politics as a Democrat.

7. Franklin D Roosevelt ran president in 1932.

8. Franklin D Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio.

9. Franklin D Roosevelt reasearchers wernt convinced that he was paralyzed by polio.

10.Franklin D Roosevelt's condition was polio.