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Everybody Deserves a Chance damage Even unborn children can be What are the things people want most harmed by the results of addiction The out of life A career a family health wholeness dignity these are things any stigma of substance abuse and the behaviors that arise person desires for a from it prevent many quality life Now think of As human beings our from seeking help It one s family neighbors greatness lies not so causes shame low co workers and much in being able to self worth and fear friends Everyone remake the world as knows personal examin being able to As a disease addicples of how diseases remake ourselves tion s power is undenilike cancer heart able But there is hope disease arthritis diabeMahatma Gandhi tes and Alzheimer s Addiction does not have disease can devastate to win The disease s families and even compower can be overmunities come Leading edge treatment and Addiction is another disease that disease management skills give hope touches everyone No family street anew There are organizations dedicated school business or town is immune to helping persons with addictions recover and regain a higher quality of life from the destructive power of addiction Untreated addiction destroys individu Through the compassionate efforts of skilled doctors care staff therapists als It brings trauma to loved ones and a host of others hope is not only Addiction respects no distinction of age gender demographic or character Chil offered but realized for people with dren raised in the home of a substance addictions and those who care about them abuser face immediate and long term

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And Sacred Heart Makes It Happen In Michigan one of the leading treatment organizations is Sacred Heart It is a refuge for those battling addiction diseases Since 1967 Sacred Heart has served thousands of individuals and their families providing compassionate medical mental health social and restorative services for the whole person This non denominational organization provided treatment to over 5 000 individuals in FY 2021 2022 through residential and outpatient programs in twelve Michigan locations Sacred Heart provides the chance everybody deserves Our continuum of care makes recovery possible and lasting Services include withdrawal management detoxification residential inpatient women s specialty outpatient medication assisted treatment prevention and recovery services for adults teens and children impacted by addiction This array of services provide evidence based models to help overcome addiction Because Sacred Heart is a nonprofit organization with a charitable mission services are also available for clients challenged by their ability to pay for services No one is turned away based on ability to pay With the support of generous donors and dozens of community based partners mission is front In Michigan the most commonly abused substances are alcohol tobacco cannabis heroin cocaine prescription drugs fentanyl and other synthetic opioids and center Going above and beyond is who we are at Sacred Heart Why Because we provide the chance that everybody deserves Sacred Heart is there to make those chances happen today and every day What Is Addiction The American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM provides this definition Addiction is a treatable chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits genetics the environment and an individual s life experiences People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences Prevention efforts and treatment approaches for addiction are generally as successful as those for other chronic diseases

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Families and Neighbors in Crisis 59 newborns diagnosed every day Addiction is not new but the sheer scale of the addiction crisis is unprecedented Abuses of substances like alcohol tobacco and cannabis are widespread but those have been joined by cocaine heroin prescription drugs illegal amphetamines and other substances is what Americans widely regard as an epidemic In the United States substance abuse takes over half a trillion dollars out of the economy each year according to the U S Surgeon General In Michigan the toll it takes on individuals and families is devastating These are our families and neighbors who are faced with heart breaking situations with examples like these A teen daughter s grades social life and health suffer from a growing dependence on synthetic opioids A single mother with three young children at home loses her job because her alcohol abuse makes her a frequent no show In the United States every 24 minutes a baby is born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome Because of their mother s substance abuse these babies are born addicted A professional woman who was treated for a serious injury continues and increases her opioid use well after her official treatment ends further deteriorating her health and relationships A mother gives birth to a baby who is born addicted to opioids due to the mother s opioid abuse during pregnancy In college a son begins using heroin through needle injection and in the process contracts HIV AIDS In a suburban home both parents have untreated addictions and their erratic and destructive behavior results in their young children being removed from the home and placed in foster care

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Recovery is not new either but today there are many proven treatment options that have emerged Research has established that addiction is a chronic brain disease and that like many chronic diseases can be managed by appropriate care Appropriate care is identifying and providing the right care for each individual at the right time and in the right setting It happens in a way that individuals feel safe respected and wanted This care extends to a person s whole life and provides services that have a continuum of care for each situation This is who we are at Sacred Heart Because everybody deserves a chance Addiction Affects Everyone in Michigan According to the most recently available information Michigan is under siege by addictions These addictions destroy individuals and families significantly increase health care costs wreck careers and a host of other preventable social problems Consider these facts compiled by the SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse 3K 17K 601 18x 142 8M Deaths from Drug Overdoses Michigan residents live with HIV in 2020 Prevalence and HIV Diagnoses Attributed to Injection Drug Use Women are more likely to contract HIV AIDS through drug injections Rate Increase in Opioid Overdose Deaths since 1999 Prescriptions for Opioids in 2021 That s more drug overdose deaths than ever last year A 9 3 increase in overdose deaths from 2020 Michigan babies were born with NAS Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Neo natal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome That s 6 out of 1 000 Michigan births in 2021 From 1999 2021 deaths from opioid overdoses increased from 118 deaths to 2 809 deaths filled in 2020 8 4M filled in 2018

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Sacred Heart s Impact It is a huge step to admit to one s self that there is an addiction problem There are complicating factors What will people think Am I a failure What about my children Is there hope Taking that step requires a combination of courage and desperation Because the stakes are high it is imperative that the step is toward real help Sacred Heart is ready to help that first step become a pathway to recovery Sacred Heart is a Michigan leader in providing behavioral health recovery support and wellness services In addition to detoxification residential specialized women s services independent living outpatient services and recovery housing Sacred Heart provides HIV AIDS services prevention education testing counseling and case management Because treatment is about the whole person Sacred Heart staff consider the combination of physical mental emotional social and spiritual aspects of a person That is core to our Philosophy of Care At Sacred Heart clients are served by a staff of compassionate professionals many of whom are in recovery themselves They have been there They know what it is like 9K Admissions FY 21 22 Data 53 5K Pregnant women Individuals Received Treatment Residential Admissions 134 300 Employees 82 164 Individuals Received HIV AIDS Care Support Services Individuals in the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS HOPWA Program Individuals were tested for HIV

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And there s much more One can begin to understand the comprehensive response Sacred Heart offers to those who deserve a chance to overcome this progressive chronic disease Treatment includes not only the addicted individual but those with whom he or she interacts particularly friends and family Addictions are treatable Through professional therapy education and support individ Admissions by County FY 21 22 0 1 99 100 500 501 999 1000 12 Out of State ually tailored to the needs of each client and his or her family recovery happens Continued care provides an accountable treatment plan that each person can employ to continue successful recovery Treatment works Sacred Heart makes it happen That is great news for people suffering from addiction and for their families their friends and neighbors and every Michigan community

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Sacred Heart s History In 1967 Sacred Heart was founded as a not for profit organization in Detroit Michigan serving men with alcohol addiction Within a decade the program expanded to include women and those with drug addictions by adding a site in Richmond Michigan As Sacred Heart grew to serve more people its services also grew to include outpatient programs In the early 2000 s Sacred Heart acquired Clearview a specialty women and children s residential services Within the last decade additional locations opened with a variety of services available Under the current leadership Sacred Heart partnered with a Federally Qualified Health Center to provide a medication assisted program in Macomb County which also provides access to primary care health services People residing in jails in southeast Michigan now have access to Sacred Heart s medication assisted treatment services Sacred Heart started Opioid Health Home services at our Flint and Richmond locations Sacred Heart opened an Opioid Treatment Program in St Ignace This location is a comprehensive outpatient program focusing on medication assisted treatment Sacred Heart is the first and only certified opioid treatment program to ever exist in the Upper Peninsula As its history demonstrates this mission focused organization will continue to identify new opportunities to help our neighbors in crisis Admission by Programs FY 21 22 Data

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Today Sacred Heart offers an extensive network of specialized services ranging from detoxification to peer support residential to outpatient including medication assisted and drug free therapies and HIV AIDS care management services housing and other recovery support services We provide services at 12 locations throughout Michigan 49 Detoxification Beds 221 Residential Varies on of children 9 Outpatient Locations 3 Residential Facilities 51 Supportive Housing Capacity

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Donor Impact When a loved one friend or neighbor receives treatment for addiction it is a time of hope When someone finishes treatment and is doing well in recovery it is time to celebrate Their journey is not complete but the pathway is clear They know they are not alone They are empowered with specific skills to continue steps in the right direction Charitable giving makes a difference It provides a financial bridge between available funds for what is needed and the delivery of services As a nonprofit organization Sacred Heart devotes as much of its financial resources as possible for services Charitable giving bridges the gap to assure that no one is denied services due to lack of funds Over 350 services were provided through treatment scholarships to individuals who were unable to pay for treatment Because Sacred Heart will work with people in these situations financial means were not a barrier to getting treatment In some cases people were given assistance with their co pays because the out of pocket cash was more than they could pay 129 children entered treatment with their parent last year These children need things every child needs such as toys books games learning materials backpacks snow boots coats and an assortment of other items Insurance and government funders continue to ratchet down available funds to organizations such as Sacred Heart One consequence is that a client may come to the limit of coverage before he or she is ready to make the next step in recovery This results in unreimbursed length of stay Because of contributions Sacred Heart is able to extend the length of stay beyond reimbursable limits This is done because it is in the client s best interests 52 HIV AIDS Care clients received support services food pantry including essential non food items client educational support group sessions client emergency fund and community HIV prevention education 66 clients were tested for HIV 16 Scholarships Awarded to Individuals 41 Financial Aid HIV AIDS Care Recipients FY 21 22 Data 350 Services Awarded 125 with School Supplies Provided to Children 64 HIV testing and counseling sessions Provided to Individuals Backpacks 52 Personal Care Pantry HIV AIDS Care Recipients

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23 Each year generous donors and volunteers make a difference in what we do These are only a couple examples of Sacred Heart staff donate a portion of their pay back into the Sacred Heart client treatment scholarship fund Grants and generous donors made donations in the amount of 260 088 to help support Sacred Heart s charitable mission Going the extra mile Sacred Heart employees gave 9 339 through payroll deduction 129 Children Entered Treatment with Their Mothers FY 21 22 Data

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An Invitation to Make a Difference In Michigan we are made up of family Sacred Heart is a provider of proven friends and neighbors The well being solutions Its charitable mission is a of an individual also impacts the compassionate response to people suffering from addicwell being of his or her family and community tions Why When diseases like Because everybody addiction threaten We invite you to deserves a chance and people support solutions consider joining other Sacred Heart makes it generous donors who that work Everyone happen with your help make a difference benefits Thank you for your caring expressed through giving Surryah s Story Little Surryah is three years old Her hair braided her expression pleasant she is spending quality one on one time with her mother They are painting crafts For the first time ever Surryah has four siblings Her mother is at Sacred Heart for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction Her mother would only enter treatment with the assurance that Surryah and her siblings go with her because there was nowhere else to go At Sacred Heart s Clearview Specialty Program Surryah s mother received the help she needed to overcome addiction At the same time Surryah is being cared for and is safe and secure She is learning her colors the alphabet painting and other things three year olds should do Mom is at ease affirming when they talk Surryah smiles This is hope in progress Sacred Heart is there because Surryah and her mother deserved a chance

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Because Everybody Deserves a Chance Sacred Heart Charitable Commitment Ratio 87 65 66 7 Recommended Benchmark This figures out how much of a charity s total expense went directly to the charitable purpose as opposed to management certain overhead expenses and fundraising BBB Wise Giving Alliance Charity Navigator Personal Care Pantry William is an a HIV positive man and a brittle diabetic He has been disabled for 10 years The income he receives is limited and only covers the cost of his housing and utilities He receives government food assistance however he is not able to use this assistance to purchase personal care items If it was not for the generosity of Sacred Heart and its donors providing a personal care pantry he would not be able to obtain the basic personal care items He says this is an essential support service and he is grateful it is available to him The Children s Wall In a children s activity room at Sacred Heart walls are decorated with the hand painted names of children who had been there Taylor Leia David Kanye They were there because their parent was receiving treatment for addiction Robert K ris Maria At the same time when services were being provided for the parent the kids received structured time that was age appropriate safe and loving Dejuan Chloe Jacob Stephen Ricky Becky Jada Hope was being recovered with their parents and their children They could simply be who they are children Sacred Heart is there because children deserve a chance

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STORIES OF IMPACT COMPASSION Everybody deserves a chance