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The Female Mercenaries... The finale is nearly complete with performances by a pompadour Preacher, Lesbians, and, secret love letters. Until the cat women, wannabes, adventure, is almost compromised by the body of a dead man, a knife-wielding blond, and an Afro wig. Sexual themes continue as the girls lure unsuspecting fly's (pun intended) into their web to extract Information. Agent Wing is the shining star that interconnects technology like a science fiction sitcom, but it is Alice's sexual Propofol that gives a new meaning to Octopussy. Guedez, the accounting assistant, forced into a life of crime, would prefer her time spent as a Rapper, then Karate chopping a Mother sucker, but dedication and the uniting of the sisterhood is at the forefront of the collective goal. Owing her livelihood to Sonya, the Latin Supersleuth "V," who is continuously reflecting back to lessons from her past life and her lover, Richard. Using the survival tactics learned to guide her female mercenaries to a conclusion worth sticking around for the reveal. The cliffhanger is, there are more episodes to come....By Bernadette Cooper... Available 2018

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