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Richard, a former secret agent for the KGB, became obsolete and feeble. Haunted by memories from his past, he begins to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounded him. As a result, Richard is murdered by his loyal comrades. Sonya Valentina, his faithful Latin mistress, is now lost without the love of Richard and the privilege that his extravagant lifestyle allowed her. Fearful that she is next on a hit list, creates a fortress to retreat while plotting to avenge Richards's death. She fashions her plan from the world, accustomed, as a dominant for wealthy men; and creates the B.K, massage parlor which is a BDSM front for Sonya's all-women mercenaries. The opening scene of her ‘taste for vengeance’ screenplay, begins by procuring her chosen home girls from the past; all with tick, tick, boom, personalities. Sonya initiates the ladies into her members-only, feud club, and then prepares them for their missions. Men think they are divine but cloaked behind a pretty face are female paid assassins. Sonya, in possession of Richards's diary, is desperate to find clues that will lead her to his killers. The hardback of Richards's past, reveals a world of classified intelligence operations, the names of dignitaries involved in sex scandals and blackmail. The perpetrators want to retrieve the book. Sonya wanted payback... Revenge! By Bernadette Cooper. Available 2018

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