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The Bird With The Broken Wing


Sara Masoudi

Federico Di Battista


 once day there were two friends, the first man was kind and the other unkind and selfish.


the next day, they were walking in the park, then they saw a bird with a brokeng wing. the kind man want to help the bird and fix his wing, but his friend told him  "you can not fix his wing"



the kind man did not lisent to his friend. he took this bird to his home and fix his wing, and the bird become healed.


next day the kind man carried the bird out side to let him fly away. then amazing thing happen, the bird said "you save my life and i want to thank you by giving you a very special cucumber seed. Put it in the ground and water it. the seed will grow some wonderful cucumber"

the kind man did as the bird said.


 in few days he picked the cucumbers, when he cut it, he found another surprise inside. he found silver and gold coins. then the kind man become very rich.



when his friend heard about the money he become very jealous, and he want to be rich, too so he went to the park looking for a bird, when he found the oportunity, he shot the bird, and the bird fell down to the grown with a brokeng wing.


 "I will help you, but when you are well, you must give me a wonderful seed" 


 the bird gave tho him a seed. then he went to his home and he put the seed in the ground and watered it


 the tree began to grow and grow and grow to the sky


then the man start to climb the tree to reach the top and take his gold, but he fell down and he brake his back.