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 The Bantu


Daily life for the Bantu was smelting iron, and working with sophisticated tools. Unlike the hunter-gatherers, the Bantu tribe knew how to do all of these things. 

Daily Life for The Bantu

This picture is important because the Bantu are working on their tools and they are fixing them or making them. 

The Bantu's Cultural Beliefs  

1) The Bantu believe in survival after death, and that the dead can interfere into any extent of the living. 

2) They also believe that when someone is sick, it is because some ghost of an ancestor has sent the sickness 


This image is important because they are the artifcats of the Bantu tribe, there are tools made of iron and there are pots made from clay.

European Colonization Over Congo

Leopold monopolized Congo, using the Congolese to bring rubber from the forests. During the Berlin Conference, he told other European countries that he wouldn't use slavery to do so, but lied. Leopold forced the Congolese to work for him, otherwise he would have brutally mutilated them (Cutting their hands off, killing their families, killing them, whipping, and sometimes even whipping them to death. 


European Colonization Over Congo

Leopold also abused the Congolese when they didn't bring back enough rubber. He would cut their hands off. Sometimes, the soilders would have to kill the Congolese, and then cut their hands off to prove that they killed that many people. 

king leopold's rule

European Conquer Over Congo

I think that Leopold shouldn't have lied to the other European countries. I also think that Leopold should have been fair to the Congolese because he wasn't. One thing other European countries should have done when they found out that Leopold was using slavery with the Congolese was help the people of Congo because not only was Leopold using slavery to get rubber, he was also using slavery to kill elephants and bring in ivory. 


I think that Leopold should have given some of the money earned from the ivory and rubber trade as a payment to the Congolese, but instead he kept it for himself. E.D Morel was a big part of an example that I would like to say everyone should have looked up to; he stood up to Leopold and he also thought about the Congolese. 



What should be done

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