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The APPRECIATION is a custom made book designed to celebrate the life of a dear loved one who has passed away. This book has been created to celebrate GRIEVING LOVE. Hearts are breaking, tears are being shed and words fail most of us when someone we love has passed away, but it is the words that can bring the most comfort for the loved ones left behind. Saying goodbye is not the hardest part of losing someone, rather it's learning to live without them when they are gone that is harder. What’s left is a void and an emptiness of the heart which somehow needs to be filled. Part of filling that void is to celebrate the life of the loved one who has passed. The book tells the story of who they were and how much they were loved. It is created a little time after the formal ceremonies have been conducted and can have a number of contributors such as family & close friends. The book is typically made of 3 sections. The first section is their life in photographs, the next is songs and poems that portray their character and values and the last section is for hand written letters from selected family and friends that tell of the heritage they have left behind. The APPRECIATION is a beautiful quality book measuring 300mm x 300mm (12” x 12”) in size using 110gsm photo quality paper.

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