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Writer: Alex Janetzke

Artist: Kristiane Stubbs

Designer: Gabby Torres

Project Manager: Catherine Parsekian





There once was a girl named Dorothy. She had decided to go on an adventure with her three friends Andy, the doll, Robot, and Lion.

Suddenly she realized that she did not know where they were. They were lost!

Andy told Dorothy to use her brain and try to remember where she lived. Robot told her to follow her heart and use it to take them home. Finally, Lion said to be brave.

All of a sudden Dorothy ran into Ms. Glinda, her teacher. Ms. Glinda said, “Hello Dorothy! What are you doing all on your own?”

“I was going on an adventure with my three friends, but we got lost!” Dorothy replied.

Dorothy sniffled, beginning to cry, “Don’t worry,” said Ms. Glinda. “Try to remember what street you live on.”

“Oh, my mom made me memorize that. My address is 1939 Twister Lane,” Dorothy said proudly.

“See,” Ms. Glinda said, “You knew how to get home all on your own!”

“Oh Dorothy!” cried her mother. “I am so glad you are safe! Thank you so much for bringing her back Ms. Glinda!”

“It was no problem,” Ms. Glinda replied. “She knew the way all on her own.”

Miss Glinda took Dorothy and her friends home.

As Dorothy went inside, she waved to Ms. Glinda shouting “Thank you!” Then she looked at her three friends and said, “It feels so good to be home. There is no place like home.” 

The End