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The 20.21 AOF MegaFest Festival Edition

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THANK To Our MegaFest Family I would like to take this moment in time to speak about the remark flexibility and optimism innate to all creative people People suc who are members of the 2021 AOF MegaFest Family Each of us having been through a year of never before known life styles reinventing of priorities and a deep and resolute nature None of you have chosen to put your dreams or creativity on hold Facilitating your dreams is what the AOF MegaFest has always b I would like to acknowledge each of you for your courage to sho who are here with us today Kudos for your unwavering positive attitude and thankfulness for outside influences that often impact the journey Stay healthy stay safe and stay creative In appreciation of you all

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K YOU kable resiliencey ch as you Filmmakers writers producers directors actors e experiences which have required the adaptation of life d been about oot for the stars and extend our appreciation to each of you your ongoing encouragement of our efforts to adapt to Theresa Coscarelli Weston Festival Director MegaFest Festivals

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Shyi Cray BEHINDth

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ina yton heSCENES

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S By Del Weston hyina Crayton is a Utah native and her writing journey began by journaling at the age of thirteen due to going through anger management After a month she found that writing is truly therapeutic and she wrote about the good bad and extraordinary things going on in her life as a teenager and young adult The older Shyina became and the more she read urban fiction and wrote she fell in love with creating her own stories and worlds She became committed to learning how to write creatively professionally She bought books to self educate herself on how to write and format screenplays in 2010 Shyina always wanted to become a writer of some sort The more urban fiction books she read such as The Essence Bestseller Kiki Swinson Wifey series Shameless Hoodwives series by Meesha Mink De Nesha Diamond and last but never the least The Cartel series by Ashley JaQuavis They all inspired her to become a screenwriter and be true to what she writes Shyina finally decided to switch careers go back to school and learn more about screenwriting and film production in 2012 Shyina put faith in herself to started professionally blogging in April of 2014 about all things fashion for nowhipcreamplease com and then she was offered to write album reviews for A Girl and Her Hip Hop website In September of 2016 she wrote her article for an international magazine The Naked Truth In May of 2017 she wrote and produced a music video After graduating in 2018 from Full Sail University Shyina entered her first screenwriting contest and was nominated for three international awards and won one award Shyina continues to write and create stories daily to keep her skill sharp To date she has been nominated and won multiple screenwriting awards During the 2020 shutdown Shyina created and selfpublished a self help journal titled Reaching Golden Heights In 2021 Shyina wrote two feature films collaborating with another film production company and one of the films is in production Many people love being in front of the camera but Shyina believes the true magic goes on behind the camera Going to film school broadened her horizons regarding what goes on behind the scenes and it revealed the grit it takes to be a filmmaker and screenwriter Many people love being in front of the camera but Shyina believes the true magic goes on behind the camera

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Question Answer Tell us about your work and your current project s I am working on a horror film titled Algea which is my first time writing horror I usually avoid writing horror but the concept was so good I could not resist writing the film and being part of such a great project I also have another feature film titled The Book of Danger based on a true story and I was honored to write the story I like to work on projects that have meaning and leaves the audience with an inspirational message When did you decide on your chosen Profession and Why I believe the profession chose me and meant for me to be a creative writer because that s what the universe designed me Where did you get your experience I self educated myself for several years and then I went to The Art Institute of Salt Lake City and then Full Sail University to master my creative writing craft Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter My biggest inspiration is knowing everything is possible when you stay focused and know people only see five percent out of one hundred percent of what professionals do to be called a professional I am happy and thankful to say my whole family has supported me as a writer What do you want your work to say about you I want my work to say that I am realistic and empowering Tell us about your best experience in life career 2021 has been my best experience as a writer and producer for Algea What s Next for you I am going to continue writing and producing films and music videos What s it like to be in your shoes Awkward funny motivational and extremely busy Any words of advice If the lane isn t there you have to make your own

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anasta gukovs The World Champion Takin

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asia skaya ng on Hollywood

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When I speak to her I realize I m speaking to the future and that colors everything for me T Introduction by Del Weston his young girl is the future I met her three years ago When I speak to her I realize I m speaking to the future and that colors everything for me Is the future smart Yes Is the future fast Yes Does the future speak multiple languages Yes Can the future look right through you without blinking because it already knows about you Yes That s what it was like meeting this amazing young powerhouse of a human being So a lot of what you ll see in this story is of a very young girl who seems to have hit the lottery if the love of her family friends and the public is any gauge I was at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for one of Dr Robot Goldman s parties The first thing I noticed about her was her fiery pink hair and the braces on her teeth Obviously someone had told her I might be able to help with her passion for acting Within minutes we d agreed that she should return from Cypress all the way back to America to help host the upcoming AOF Megafest The rest is history wrapped in the future and the future is named Anastasia Gukovskaya On the following pages you ll see the progression of a young martial artist from a child to an amazing young woman This is a living document that will chronicle her life her successes and her rise When my first child was born I threw a large reception for her I invited all of my friends Those who attended stayed with me those who did not were removed from my contacts permanently While at the party one of the guests of a guest asked me if all of this wasn t just a bit ostentatious First of all he was eating a jumbo shrimp from a plate that I paid for along with a nice gazpacho and toast points with creme fraiche when he asked and that bothered me It took me a moment to respond and when I did I told him that the party was meant for my daughter to get to know the people to whom she would be responsible as she grew into an amazing person He didn t get it What he did get was another shrimp and hte friend who brought him and a one way ride off my list So it s your turn Anastasia Gukovskaya I am at your party I am just like all the people who will come to know you come to love you and come to support you We will hurt when you hurt and smile when you smile You my friend are responsible to live an amazing life Thus proving to all who believed in you that they were right to do so We all have a great stake in your success You know what you have to do

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Q A In Her Tell us about your work and your current Tell us about your best experiences in life and your project s career I m starting my junior year at Girne American My best sports experience was when I became World Champion at 10 years University In July I old The best life will be taking courses experience was when I for a month 1 year first came to the USA after I will get my I went to a Martial bachelors degree Arts event and the Everyday I m training second time at the AOF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Megafest Film Festival Martial Arts and it was magnificent going to the gym And I m starting Tell us about your my internship best experiences in for my specialty life and your career International My best sports Business experience was when Management I became World Champion at 10 years When did you old The best life decide your chosen experience was when I profession and why first came to the USA Since I was 6 years I went to a Martial old I ve been training Arts event and the second time at the AOF Martial Arts daily Megafest Film Festival and for many hours it was magnificent Sports make me stronger and more Any words of advice interesting in life I My advice is to always learned to overcome be yourself never give difficulties and achieve goals that were set up And never stop working for the things and goals you Where did you get your experience want to achieve I got my experience from daily training Working on a maximum level I train only with guys and grown up men and for them it is hard to roll with me because I m beating them There are no girls but rolling with stronger people makes me stronger Whats next for you After finishing college I want to move to the United States to pursue my career I want to become a famous Hollywood actress and win an Oscar I want to be an inspiration for other people

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r Own Words I was born in Moscow Moscow on 1st of May 2003 I was living for 6 years in Moscow after that I moved to North Cyprus with my family I started elementary school in one of the Turkish public schools I didn t struggle with the Turkish language it was easy for me to learn In school I was bullied by boys because I was different from everybody else I stood up for myself and for people who were bullied My family decided for me to start sports fighting sports I did taekwondo for 5 years and achieved success I became a World Champion in 2013 and EuroAsian in 2012 I won a 100 scholarship in Girne American College In the GAC elementary I learned English and competed for my school in many competitions in North Cyprus and Turkey I loved this school it taught me a lot of things that I m thankful for I got an invitation from Spanish Martial Arts Association to train and compete on their behalf I lived in Madrid Spain and went to a Catholic School In my class many students were mean to me and bullied me so I had to stand up for myself Some teachers were afraid of these teens and couldn t do anything All directory were nuns and two times they didn t let me attend the classes and made me sit in a small room waiting for break time I hated that school and didn t want to go there anymore and after 6 months I changed my school Retiro school was very friendly to me and I made lots of friends that I still communicate with I took 2nd place at the Cup of Spain Martial Arts Championship I started to practice judo and I really enjoyed it Also I competed in judo Even though I had been training for only three months I took 1st place in the Madrid Competition between judo schools When I came back to North Cyprus I started work as a model but in North Cyprus there s no opportunities in any industry I was homeschooled and finished both of my middle GAC and highschool I finished Girne American College as a High Honour Student and got GAC Middle School Average 2nd place with GPA 9 57 out of 10 0 My first time when I came to the United States was amazing I was invited by Grand Master Robert M Goldman to a Martial Arts event that was held in December at World s Biggest Congress of Anti Aging and Health in Las Vegas My second visit to the USA was in June 2019 to the AOF Megafest Festival where I was giving awards to the winners I m very thankful to GM Robert and Del Weston for the help and everything they are doing for me I m proud to be their friend At this moment I m studying in Girne American University junior year I will be taking courses in July and next year I will finish the 4 year Bachelor program After finishing college I want to move to the United States to pursue my career I want to live there because America is the best country in the world for me And there are many opportunities for me

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Jan Kubenka by Del Weston We had one of the most unconventional meetings I ve ever had if you don t count the time that I was taken to a top secret facility in San Diego and shown some things I d never wanted to see but that s a different story This meeting took place in the summer of 2018 inside the Rio Hotel at 2 22am I was so tied s beaten down and so confused over some of those weight of the world on my shoulders decisions that you never wanted to make Jan was all smiles Must have been how I looked to everyone a few hours before while on stage handing out awards to so many incredible and deserving artists I m not going to lie I don t even remember half of what was said at the meeting I just knew that by the end of it both Jan and I had agreed that we would produce a film together starring him Now I have to change the story slightly here but that is only to remain discrete Suffice to say that I remember an incredible sense of calm and respect when we were done I saw the pure anguish and mixed excitement on Jan s face I was happy for him because he looked at me the same way I must have looked after hitting a Jackpot Handpay with only three dollars in my pocket to pay with And yes that is a true story Happened in Reno Nevada in 1993 after another chance meeting in a casino So fast forward three years one pandemic and a lot of BS later and Jan and I are about to join director D A Jacson action powerhouses Ian Lauer Robert Dill and a few other AOFers like Erin Miracle in the production of CLUTCH I m very happy to be telling this story now because neither one of us quit on our dreams That s a big part of walking around as if everything depends on you because usually it does if it s important and this is Before rehearsals begin I wanted you all to meet Jan and to see what a real man who has suffered the weight of his own choices and lived to tell about it Without further delay I give you

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In His Own Words When I was approached by Del Weston to be a part of AOF magazine I was in shock I had to sink Into it for a day or two It is a huge honor for me to appear on AOF magazine pages to tell my story especially since I m an actor filmmaker in diapers who is trying to achieve his crazy big goal If you don t dream you die And since I would like to be here with you guys for quite a while I ll keep dreaming dreaming quite big Sports always played a major role in my life Name a sport and I ve probably done it I owe it to my parents who were extremely supportive of me showing me different areas of sports Arts music we traveled quite a lot as well Unfortunately the two sports I had chosen my parents weren t too fond of because from their point of view it was quite dangerous I love the rush and adrenaline sports brought me I have been a competitive snow skiing racer since I was about 5 or 6 years old My favorite disciple was of course the craziest one downhill skiing My mom didn t have the nerve to watch me racing She was too scared that I would crash and kill myself one day Of course I had many crashes it s part of being a skier They say if you don t fall you re not racing up to your full potential I think it is also very true in any area of life If you are too comfortable not pushing your limits you won t reach the stars Guess that s why I subconsciously choose this sport and the one I ll mention a bit later Being a little boy I had no confidence I was always the smallest kid being bullied and scared of everything But somehow these sports boosted my ego and shaped me to the person I am today My parents were relieved when I stopped competing in skiing I was about 17 at that time But I had another surprise waiting for them Right before I turned 16 I decided to take karate lessons and when I was 17 years old I had my first fighting competition Since then I have participated in many tournaments but my mom hasn t seen any Again she was too afraid of my getting hurt She really didn t approve of my participation in karate until later when she saw me teaching in Miami She was amazed that I was teaching them not only how to kick and punch but also the philosophy life skills helping them to keep up their good school grades not knowing much about martial arts she thought it was just a violent sport or thing to do I was born in Czechoslovakia which was unfortunately at the time still a communist country When the communist regime finally failed and the borders opened I went wild I wanted to see the whole world I was 20 years old when I decided to visit the USA for the first time alone I had less than 100 in my pocket The plan was to stay for three months but it turned out to be four years before I returned to visit my parents in the Czech Republic Since then my life has been in Miami I was living my dream found a Miami girl and very soon became a head instructor of a large martial arts school with 550 members at the time in Miami which was part of one of the largest martial arts organizations in the United States the American Taekwondo Association ATA I learned so much there it was an amazing learning experience I had been instructing not only Taekwondo to all generations but also Krav Maga TaeBo Full Contact fighting tactical handgun shooting groups of police forces and US Army personnel had private lessons with me for many years After 12 years of being an instructor I decided to change the path of my career My line of work is completely different now but it is okay I have more time for myself focusing on my martial arts training stretching weightlifting gymnastics and especially focusing on something I always dreamt of action films with martial arts aspects Making it as an actor to at least one action feature film was always my dream Speaking the truth I knew nothing about this industry no resources even time I got sidetracked for a bit But that s ok I m back on the road now pursuing my dream So let s hope for the best Making it as an actor in at least one action feature film was always my dream

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Q Tell us about your work and current projects I m thrilled because I just finished rewriting a feature action movie script I ve been working on for a while I m getting a review on it as we speak and I m anxious about getting the notes back This script martial arts movie is about life overcoming obstacles living in martial arts spirit code it is packed with action and with a very positive message I really think this is a movie that deserves to be made When did you decide on your chosen profession and why When I was 15 years old and saw Jean Claude Van Damme s in his very first movie right there I knew what I wanted to do with my life and profession I wanted to be just like him be in action movies What a stupid unreachable idea for a kid from a communist country right That s why I kept this thought for many years just for myself I trained hard and joined every fighting competition available hoping that if I won someone would put me into movies That was a dumb idea as well right laughing Anyway at least my efforts helped me to become Karate Champion of the Czech Republic in fighting kumite and later on I also became 7x USA National Champion in Fighting and Forms in Taekwondo Where did you get your experience Starting with a movie trailer just to tell a story showing martial arts skills and promoting future feature action films Then being cast as an actor choreographer and stund coordinator as well as performer in a Miami music video Creating my own short movie To my surprise all of the above were awarded at various film festivals Making action movies and acting has become my great hobby I really don t stress out about it when getting some rejections I just keep working towards my goals and hopefully one day I will get from someone a big YES Actually it did happen already when I was cast for a movie which is part of AOF production Trying to become part of the movie industry isn t easy but I loved the whole process Going back to my fighting days when I stopped competing I needed a new goal to train hard and strive for and action movies were a perfect fit Ideas for fight scenes and choreography I get from my fights from watching other fighters and also from countless amount of demonstrations I performed and created Being in front of camera always felt very natural for me First time on a set director and cameraman was quite surprised when I told them that that was my very first appearance in front of a camera I love the movie making process It pushed me to do things I never thought I was capable of doing I started to write scripts also directed acted choreographed did stunts edited a short movie which to my surprise I end up getting film festival awards for it in Las Vegas at AOF New York Urban Action Showcase and X World in Rome Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter Living my life has been the biggest inspiration Every place and every person you cross paths with bring you something that you can be inspired by AOF made a huge impact on me Just to be present at the festival meeting amazingly talented people the energy around them it was incredible That inspired me so much and somehow opened up channels in me that I never knew existed I attended different AOF seminars and absorbed all the info like a sponge and tried to put the knowledge I learned into practice I fell in love with script writing I don t consider myself to be a writer but I found out that this creative process of writing is very fulfilling When I write something and go back to it several days later I m really amazed at what I was able to create I m not saying it was an awesome script but I mean a guy like me for whom it was mission impossible to write an essay at school and now I have completed a script of a hundred plus pages it was a huge step for me What I m just trying to say that overcoming obstacles has become fun and a great learning process throughout my whole life I guess there is a time for everything you don t need to rush anything Creativity sometimes comes at a time when you least expect it you don t need to rush anything A

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My dear friends Danny Mantilla Alessandra Guarino Amy McCorkle Anabell Munro and Del Weston to name a few each of them inspired me in their own different ways and areas of the filmmaking process and I m extremely grateful to them Thank you My supporters are for sure my parents and also my best friend she is just an amazing human being who supports me on any level in whatever I do Tell us about your best experience in life and career The best reward for an instructor or coach is when the student becomes better than you or your teaching makes them a better person Then you know you did a great job That s the true purpose of an instructor and educator to pave the road for the students as far as you can and then let them fly on their own I can proudly say I have many students like that Becoming Karate Champion of the Czech Republic and later Taekwondo Champion of the United States was greatly overwhelming I experienced the same feeling while being awarded with Breakout Action Star award at AOF MegaFest It was unbelievable and a very emotional moment for me especially since so many action stars actors who I look up to were present That was just very rewarding and for me an unforgettable moment in my career What s next for you If everything goes as planned I m going to be part of a very talented cast of an action feature movie Clutch which is another film coming out of AOF production I m very honored and excited to be in this amazing project Any words of advice God has a plan for each and every one of us Everything has its own time your strength and work twice as hard on your weakness Believe in yourself your dreams goals and the Universe will eventually open the road for you It might not be the straightforward highway but it will lead you there as long as you put your efforts and hard work into it It was unbeli moment for me e stars actors w That was unforgettab Jan Kubenka on being awa

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ievable and a very emotional especially since so many action who I look up to were present very rewarding and an ble moment in my career arded the Breakout Action Star at AOF Megafest

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TONYA TODD Tonya Todd is an American author actress and activist based in Las Vegas Nevada Born in Pennsylvania she plunged into the Entertainment Capital of the World to immerse herself in bright lights big city and bold dreams Tell us about your work and your current projects My schedule keeps me busy As Education Chair for Henderson Writers Group I invite monthly speakers to instruct the group We host the annual Las Vegas Writers Conference and without a Conference Coordinator this year I m responsible for booking the faculty I also host Dime Grinds each month which showcases three authors in a meet and greet format I ve recently joined the And I Thought ladies as a regular cohost for their podcasts Women s Cave and Ladies Tales Before lockdown I co chaired critique meetings at hte LGBTQ center but my plate has been too full to resume those duties online Over the summer I began producing audio screenplays to help writers improve and garner interest in their prospective television series I also volunteer as s submission reader for Black Mountain Institute s Witness magazine I m currently booked for three acting projects Wild WIthin is a short film about adventure survival and love Project Lonestar is a feature set in the future And I m very excited about being cast as my absolute favorite character for a fan series called DC by Night I was born ready to crack the whip as Catwoman Between all of that I write My weekly blog 52 Love offers love lessons for committed couples regardless of gender or affection preference I m adapting my second feature length screenplay Mourning Sacrifice from one of my short stories And I m deep in my querying trenches trying to find a literary agent for my manuscript In case anyone of interest is reading Dark Beacon is for the wives who put their dreams on hold to raise their families and all the Black girls who didn t believe they could bewitch Mr Darcys And my Mr Darcy had more than his fair share of Wickham in him When did you decide on your chosen profession and why My careers chose me My stories would come in dreams and haunt me until I wrote them Acting manifested from some of those stories In this case life imitated art Producing started with a favor that bloomed into a business And the more I work in each area the more equipped I am to tell and share beautiful stories Where did you get your experience School Books Conferences Workshops I m always learning Whether studying class material participating in critique groups presenting for writing retreats or simply through hands on experience with my craft I m constantly adding to my acting and writing toolkits

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e t h a t y o the evidenc u r o f f e r ttered a m ts N om a e t t u o y r p r ath e e r a c r

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Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter No question my biggest supporter is my mother She believes in me more than I believe in myself I draw inspiration from many places Books Music Movies My family The success of struggling artists before me Sometimes my fans inspire me when I hit a rough patch Those fans have made the difference between continuing on this long lonely journey and giving up on my dreams And I already told you what happens when I ignore my dreams What do you want your work to say about you I think at our core everyone wants to feel like we matter that our life or our work means something I d like for my writing to indulge unspoken desires to tantalize readers and make them feel seen When acting I d like to transport the audience from their lives and into someone else s story for a bit And I d be remiss if I didn t mention representation here Growing up I didn t see stories about people who looked like me which created a sense of otherness I still haven t conquered I d love to sprinkle enough variety into the arts that no one feels excluded that someone can always see themselves in the stories Tell us about you best experience in life or in your career I m too private to share my greatest experience in life For my careers it s helping people achieve their dreams There s something so gratifying about seeing someone you helped at an early stage improve and thrive in theri medium And many times the only thing you did was connect them to someone better equipped to help them than you are No matter your career path you are here to help people with their journeys It s the evidence that your efforts mattered When you make a difference in someone s life it may not be your victory but you ve earned the right to celebrate their success And that kind of thing inspires you to keep at it Elevate yourself Lift others Eventually someone will be there to lift you Whats next for you Between filming and co hosting I ll finish booking instructors for the Las Vegas Writers Conference After I finish my current screenplay I have a short silent film in mind My readers have requested my blog in book form I m working on a nonfiction proposal for that And for NaNoWrimo my goal is 50 000 words towards another novel What s it like to be in your shoes Breathless Blessed Any words of advice Learn your craft Find your tribe Support other artists If you respect your art you ll actively work toward improvement This journey is as arduous as it is rewarding Find the people who share your passions and struggles so you can help each other through them h yo ua re h e er h to elp people wit h t h e i r j o It ys ne ur

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Elias Acosta Elias Acosta is a director writer and cinematographer who works in the US and the Latin American Market Born and raised in the Dominican Republic Acosta has become a top of the range national industry household name who has found early success as a production consultant for Century III Universal studios as well as a VFX producer for high end commercials with McDonald s Presidente Beers Miller Coca Cola and more Acosta s most popular and recent films include the faith based thriller Refuge from the Storm starring Michael Madsen and Kristen Quintrall as well as the popular International Franchise Sanky Panky 4 which he also wrote and which is set to shoot in Kenya and the Dominican Republic in the late summer of 2021 His most current and technically most cutting edge project is being produced this spring by a visual effects team including the industry legend Bruce Logan Tron Starwars IV 2001 Space Oddissey based in the Dominican Republic Chile and the US called Tracing Force a dystopian thriller starring Aulio Ivan Cortiz Anabelle D Munro Del Weston Using mixed reality depending heavily on virtual sets Tracing Force is Elias Acosta s love explanation to technology and science in film and explores concepts such as Trans Humans flying cars floating cities and other machines vehicles and places with up to 500 000 moving pieces

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Where did you get your experience Elias went to film school in America and established his own production company in the US where he began to bring people together to raise financing for various productions Century III Universal studios then hired him in the USA to become a production consultant A few years later Elias went back to the Dominican Republic and started Nexus Films a significant production company for high end Television Commercials Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter Elia s biggest inspiration was his father Acosta loved to watch his father who was a preacher and took him to watch films in little towns and around the island There Elias most enjoyed witnessing people getting inspired by film He was amazed that it only took a 16 mm projector and a small generator to take the messages of Jesus and the Bible all over the village Both he and his father understood what a powerful storytelling tool film was for people to find change and transform their lives The main inspiration for all of Elia s work is God and all the gifts derived from this deep and loving connection Kindness the interest in technology development growth and the Human Mind s infinite potential are all parts of the blessings What do you want your work to say about you Elias wants his work to subtly carry God s message of love and kindness and of how to overcome the struggle of being Human His stories are often dark and revolve around a crisis which can either make or break a Human s journey but can also represent the perfect moment for finding the inner light that we all carry inside us Tell us about your best experience in life or incareer Elias credits his family with being the best experience in life and career who accompanies him through the highs and lows and never cease to amaze him with their love and support What s it like to be in your shoes Elias s life is currently busy and also stressful mainly because he needs to spend so much time with producers in so many different countries during unforgiving times of the day and night Besides that Acosta s creative life is exciting and fascinating because he constantly experiments with new technological gadgets apps Because of that he is a fabulous person to talk to if you want to know what kind of technological breakthroughs we had this week The concept of Trans Humans Flying cars and floating cities is something that he knows is already there it s just not widely known yet Any words of advice The soul of the artist needs to be true to his own heart You have to responsible alert observant of the current changes of time and the effect on Human ability to function on a daily basis Create your own don t settle for everyone else s opinion and put everything into a spiritual perspective Be true to yourself listen to your heart keep your mind open to change stay humble and always always be open to learning something new every day

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O Using mixed reality depending heavily on virtual sets Tracing Force is Elias Acosta s love explanation to technology and science in film

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ON SET Tracing Force a dystopian thriller starring Aulio Ivan Cortiz Anabelle D Munro Del Weston

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CHOICE CHOICE SKINNER SKINNER Do you have a photo like this of yourself Of course you don t You know why you don t have a photo like this of yourself Because you aren t Choice Skinner As I said on the previous pages he s going somewhere where no man has gone before Even Sinatra didnt have photos like this I mean yeah sure he had great images but not like this There is a new renaissance comic and it is nothing like the movement of the 1970s where Black was Beautiful and everyone was Soul Brother No 1 with a Bullet It s different now Rather than be one off the scumbags looking to profit off of someone else s misery Skinner is profiting off his own hard work I first became aware of choice around 2016 when a mutual friend put us in contact thinking we might make a good connection He was right I ve been blessed to know this talented young man for a few years now I m here to tell you they don t make them like him anymore In a time when Social Media sends people either into a place of pure cowardice where they agree with whatever nonsense someone is trying to hit them with or the second camp where people maintain their integrity beliefs faith and common sense Choice is in the latter group The man was raised right and I like that about him He s gracious and more importantly grateful and he lets you know it During our first face to face meeting I felt a little bit as if I was meeting myself We both have martial arts backgrounds we both write direct and produce films and we both understand the value of hard work and careful planning It was a real pleasure to be able to nominate and ultimately award his work I know that I ll have that honor again soon By Del Weston

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C hoice Skinner was born and raised in Brooklyn New York He trained for over four years of diligent study at Bobbie Chance s Expressions Unlimited acting studio which prepared Choice for appearances on television shows like The District How I Met Your Mother also in films titled Killjoy 2 Deliverance From Evil Black Magic and the horror comedy film Cryptz in which he starred as lead A sample of his additional acting work includes an episode of The Shield the prestigious television show Lost in which he performed a stunt the film Transylmainia and most recent Free Samples starring Jessie Einsen berg and Jason Ritter With the birth of his film company Darkan Entertainment Choice s influence as a film director can be seen in the award winning dramatic short film Brotherly Love and webisode The One Percent He also won award winning actress Octavia Spencer s Facebook Short Film Competition with the short A Second Thought Hid production partnership with Vincenzo Productions owned and operated by writer producer Tony Germinario birthed the opportunity for him to direct his first full length film Wingman Inc Recently Choice starred in an episode of the CW s television show All American He is currently in post production putting the final touches on his second feature film a Christian drama entitles Keep the Faith and is post production of his third feature film a romantic dramedy A New Life He also won award winning actress Octavia Spencer s Facebook Short Film Competition with the short A Second Thought

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I gained a lot of experience just by doing the work

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Tell us about your film I m currently in post production on two feature films one is called Keep the Faith a powerful Christian drama that deals with gang violence Christianity and the Rapture The other film is titled A New Life Its a Romantic Dramedy about a young single father whose daughter enters him back into the dating scene Both films should be completed later this year and ready to stream depending whichever distribution platforms I am able to secure When did you decide to direct I decided to direct back in 2011 The first thing I ever directed was a Doritos Superbowl Competition commercial After that I directed my first award winning short Brotherly Love which had a tremendous festival run and was shown in national syndication and on cable I was coaching actors through my acting class the Breakin Through Acting Workshop at that time so to gain more experience I offered up my services as director to any of the students in the class who had a short film or web series in development Several of the young ladies had been working on developing a web series The One Percent I directed a full season of that for them Mind you this was when webseries weren t even that popular It went on to win several awards After that I went on to direct my first feature film An indie romantic comedy titled Wingman Inc which got distributed through Grindstone Lionsgate I spent as much time as possible in video village the place on set where the director and production watch the monitor during filming when I wasn t in front of the camera I read some books I had some amazing mentors David and Scott Hillenbrand who help me to understand directing and I would go online to YouTube University and watch videos when I needed fast information I gained a lot of experience just by doing the work Applied knowledge is the BEST knowledge I ve directed over 10 works and 3 feature films in my time as a director Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been my biggest inspiration I work in my life as a Christian man to follow after him I work to have strong increased faith every day In entertainment my biggest inspirations have been Bruce Lee and Prince Both men were exceptionally talented at what they were able to do and accomplish during their time on earth They gave their all My biggest supporters in life are my mom Beverly Skinner Daffancy McGaray Clark Joan Moten Farley Jackson Ramsay Phillips my manager Shar Ross Chase Baker James M Black and most recently Janessa A Morgan These people show me the love and support that s needed for any artist to be great in the entertainment industry I want my work to show that I understand the human experience and I want people to walk away with an emotional reaction based in truth and feeling Where did you get your experience as a director and filmmaker I never attended film school or college for directing As an actor I spent a lot of time on set paying attention to the goings on of the set as far as what job the directors had and what they were doing What do you want your work to say about you I have always been a filmmaker that strives hard and suffers to change the narrative of how the Black American community is seen I work hard to make content and films that have redemptive themes and show Black people and the community in a positive light I want my work to show that I understand the human experience and I want people to walk away with an emotional reaction based in truth and feeling

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Tell us about your best film experience I would have to say my best film experience was this past year 2020 I worked on two films during lockdown I was on two sets during different days of the week at various times To be honest anytime I m on set as an actor director or fight choreographer is my bst film experience It doesn t hurt getting to work with people or actors that I admire too Any words of advice No matter what has happened to you in life know that you made it this far because God has a plan for you Wake up every day and keep going Don t stop Do not limit yourself due to fear or doubt and remove the word trying from your vocabulary Recognize your greatness and take time to enjoy your journey It s the moments that matter most

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What s next for you After the completion of Keep the Faith I intend on concentrating a bit more on acting I have several films in development with my production partner Tony Germinario that we will direct together We have a scifi film called Alexus and an Urban horror film titled The Legend of Ciscero I have an action drama remake of a famous film that I m producing with Mychal Thompson and another sci fi drama that I co wrote with Alex Miller as a co production and starring vehicle for actor Stephanie Charles Hopefully we will get funding for all or one of these projects and go into production sometime this year A first look deal from Netflix Apple or Amazon would be nice As you can see I have a lot of irons in the fire One day I ll get around to reunite with James M Black and made that Samurai epic I m interested in doing Many people aren t willing to sacrifice the way I do Sacrifice integrity and commitment is what my driving force is made up of What s it like to be in your shoes I work VERY hard but I believe that if you feel as if you are work hard WORK HARDER I m an extremist I go from 0 100 very quickly Once I attach myself to something I m committed to it It s tough to express what it s like being me When people say I m trying to be like you Choice I tell them to be better than me That way I m encouraging them to take themselves to the extreme I m all about raising the bar and I believe in doing all things with a high caliber and excellence

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D A Jackson Q A D A Jackson began his film career in 1998 as a stuntman Due to his extensive training in martial arts 30 years weapons and acrobatics he excelled in action choreography and was recruited to perform in numerous independent film projects As a result by the year 2000 he had began acting in independent productions In 2006 D A garnered critical acclaim and multiple film festival awards as both an actor and Director for his film Prodigal It was that year that he also won the Breakout Action Star of the Year award at the Action On Film International Film Festival Since then D A has continued to successfully work in front of and behind the camera collecting a host of awards and more recently procuring a Legendary Stunt man Award in Las Vegas Tell us about your work and your current project s Well I ve been directing film and television since the early 2000 s But the majority of my work has been in the action genre Since I was a kid I ve always enjoyed the visceral rush of following the hero s journey There s something about seeing a person overcome their limitations that connects with the essence of the human experience I guess that s what initially led me into this creative field not only do you get to express these amazing stories to the world but you also get to practice overcoming the limitations of each production in real time As a person who s practiced martial arts for the majority of their life the concept of seeing each obstacle as training has always been a welcoming embrace As far as project go currently I m involved in several projects around the globe but the two that I m most excited for right now are Clutch a gritty Russian gangster film in the vein of History of Violence and Good Bi a horror thriller Both projects present an opportunity to stretch the boundaries of my comfort zones and experiment in genres that are new to me but still have echoes of action filmmaking When did you decide on your chosen profession and why I don t so much feel like I actually chose to be a filmmaker To be honest it feels more like an extension of a calling to tell stories It began with creating and illustrating comics then progressed to fiction writing and blossomed into using any available creative medium to share allegories

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I entered the industry first as a professional stunt man Serendipitously I was approached by a producer after they saw me on a DP s demo reel and I was asked to play lead in a project they were assembling Eventually each door presented new opportunities and before I knew it I was directing At this point in my career I feel extremely blessed to have been received well in front of and behind the camera for many years Wherein I still enjoy the acting and stunts side of things I find immense fulfillment in the writing and directing One of the things I ve enjoyed the most about working in this industry is the wide variety of creative professions that all come together to produce a singular vision It s hard to get bored and in turn very easy to find some faucet of the process that will scratch your creative itch Where did you get your experience My experience as a filmmaker was accumulated the old fashioned way through years of trial and error And on occasion a helping hand or useful advice from friends in the industry I feel that you learn so much when you have those trial by fire experiences that force you to learn and adapt Since I went to college for something other than filmmaking I chose to treat my first three features as film school In the first one I chose to experiment with how to construct a story for the screen and how to edit effectively The second was an exercise in efficiency I placed strict constraints on the time allotted to preproduction principle and post And for the third film I explored themes and archetypes as well as more elaborate action scenes All in all I learned an incredible amount of information and was blessed to actually make more money than I spent Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter My biggest inspiration as cliche as it may sound is God The use of my creative talents have always felt like an extension of my faith and a mission of sorts That and some of the greatest dramas action stories and redemption arcs can be found in the bible Not only do the stories have a lot to teach but when you think of it biblicalstyled messianic stories are the framework of many of our favorite films like the Matrix Terminator Superman etc I ve been honored during my career to have a number of good friends inside and out of the industry that have continually supported me My family and parents have also been an amazing inspiration and support to my work and I love them all dearly But I d say the person that s been my biggest supporter has been my wife She s awesome and a real trooper

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She also tends to work as production designer on my films so we get to vibe creatively on each project I feel somewhat spoiled getting to spend so much time with the one I love Because of that every project truly feels like a gift from God What do you want your work to say about you I d like my work to speak so strongly to my audience that they re able to forget about me and just enjoy the experience I d like for the messages and themes to resonate so strongly that the concepts are embedded in their hearts I know those are lofty goals but as a storyteller I consider ultimate success to be when your audience becomes immersed in the world you ve painted for them What s Next for you Next Well once I finish up Goodbi and Clutch I m hoping to finally get a chance to complete a film I ve had in development for the past three years it s called When Dragons Awake It ll be a return to my action roots and hopefully an amazing ride The project has been fortunate enough to draw the inclusion of a few Hong Kong martial arts film legends so I ve been looking forward to working with them What s it like to be in your shoes In a word fun It s an amazing life filled with opportunities to help others and be a blessing What else could you ask for I believe that we re here to lift others up and ideally point them in the right direction When we do that we re able to connect to something greater than ourselves My path has led me to pursue that initiative in all that I do It s an amazing life filled with opportunities to help others and be a blessing What else could you ask for Tell us about your best experience in life or in your career I ve had so many positive experiences that it s really hard to pick out a best Also I feel that even the challenges I ve faced have yielded harvest in my life so there s been a gradual increase in wisdom and skill throughout the years One thing I can speak on as an amazing experience was being honored with the AOF Legendary Stunt Award The night I received the award my father had accompanied me to the festival and got a chance to see that part of my life With all of the other industry professionals that were awarded and were in the audience I was most honored to have him present So of all the awards and recognition I ve been blessed with over the years I d say that was the most memorable Any words of advice Sure never get into a creative field because of the money It will dry up your creativity Instead purify your pursuit Look at filmmaking and other related visual arts as an opportunity to express stories that ve been trapped inside you and need to get out More importantly stories that have something to offer to its audiences What we do is produce content and as producers we shouldn t allow ourselves to become too heavily focused on what we can take or consume from our audience Much like love art is about giving

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The Complete Extensive Fi Quality and Quantity The DIRECTOR TWO Director 2000 Workhorse Pictures That Brutha From Shaolin Director 2002 Workhorse Pictures The Wrath short Director 2005 Workhorse Pictures Prodigal Director 2006 Workhorse Pictures Reality Racing Episode 3 Director 2007 Spike TV Triduanus Echoes of Death short Director 2012 Workhorse Pictures Mali commercial Director 2011 Mali Active Wear Deadbeat Dads pilot Director 2010 Schaefer Productions Audibel commercial Director Schaefer Productions Down the Road Stereo Vudu Director 2012 Music Video Barre Forte Commercial Director Gift Certificates and More commercial Director Fuzzy Cubes Cinematic Director 2012 Workhorse Bytes Turlington Real estate Industrial Director 2013 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 1 web series 2014 United Way Industrial Director BANCF Industrial Director United Way Industrial Director The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 2 web series 2015 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 3 web series 2016 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 4 web series 2017 Uh Huh The Lord Will Make a Way Director 2019 Music Video ACTING TWO Grey lead 2000 Workhorse Pictures That Brutha From Shaolin Lee lead 2002 Workhorse Pictures The Wrath short Teacher lead 2005 Workhorse Pictures Prodigal Jacob lead 2006 Workhorse Pictures Immortal Cruxshadows Overlord Lead 2009 Music Video Marc Shahboz Root of All Evil Jahir lead 2010 Willie Jackson Fuzzy Cubes Cinematic Narrator Voice actor 2012 Workhorse Bytes The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 1 web series T Challa lead 2014 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 2 web series T Challa lead 2015 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 3 web series T Challa lead 2016 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 4 web series T Challa lead 2017 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Reality Racing 1st Assistant Director 2007 Del Weston Veverly short DP 2008 Gloria Films Root of All Evil 1st Assistant Director lead 2010 Willie Jackson Mulberry 1st Assistant Director 2013 Chip Norman STUNTS White bread Hellday Stunts short 1998 Electric Cow Sacred Seal Stunts Michel Qissi 1999 TWO Stunts Choreography 2000 Workhorse Pictures That Brutha From Shaolin Stunts Choreography 2002 Workhorse Pictures The Wrath short Fight Choreography 2005 Workhorse Pictures

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ilmography of D A Jackson e Work Speaks For Itself Prodigal Stunts Choreography 2006 Workhorse Pictures Legends of Hrocka Mag Video game Motion Capture Stunt Model 2007 Scuba Monkey Immortal Cruxshadows Stunt Choreography 2009 Music Video Marc Shahboz The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 1 web series Stunts Fight Choreography 2014 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 2 web series Stunts Fight Choreography 2015 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 3 web series Stunts Fight Choreography 2016 The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage part 4 web series Stunts Fight Choreography 2017 Manna War Feature Screenplay Writer 2019 Rhymin Reasons WRITER Nominated Best Action film 2007 Male Action Performer of the Year 2007 Best Director 2007 Outstanding Director of the year 2007 Best Action Sequence Martial arts 2007 Best Title Sequence Hollywood Dreams Festival 2018 Best Faith based short film Hollywood Dreams Festival 2019 TWO Feature Screenplay Writer 2000 Workhorse Pictures That Brutha From Shaolin Feature Screenplay Writer 2002 Workhorse Pictures The Wrath short Writer 2005 Workhorse Pictures Prodigal Feature Screenplay 2006 Workhorse Pictures Prisoner of Prospect Avenue Feature Screenplay Co Writer 2007 Triduanus Feature Screenplay Writer 2007 Triduanus Novel Co Writer 2008 Triduanus Echoes of Death short Director 2012 Workhorse Pictures The Black Panther Unleashed Storms of Carnage web series Writer 2014 2017 Battle for Angeles City Feature Screenplay Co Writer 2017 When Dragons Awake Feature Screenplay Writer 2018 Two Fat Dragons War Boy Feature Screenplay Co Writer 2018 Workhorse Picture Awards Breakout Action Star 2007 AOFF Best Fight Choreography 2007 AOFF Best Fan Film 2014 UASS Best Fan Film 2015 UASS Best Fan Film 2017 UASS Best Action Short 2018 AOFF Legendary Stunt Award 2018 AOFF Best Fan Film 2018 UASS Best Weapon Sequence 2018 UASS Best Action Sequence 2018 UASS

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Raul Gonzalez Tell us about your work and your current project s My work needs to happen and it happens for its own sake I never painted for any other purpose Maybe I had found something freeing Something that became a pleasure then a necessity Does the artist capture images Does the artist express ideas We spend too much time I believe trying to decipher what the artist is trying to do but never realize that the artist does the art for what the art does for the artist My current project consists in launching an instagram account for my paintings and sell them and then just maybe if I can pay the bills I can devote myself full time to my obsession to express I am also exploring a modern approach to relief as it pertains to surfaces or completely adding a three dimensional level to what traditionally is flat painting Lastly dj ing Turntables anyone When did you decide to be a painter I have never chosen this as a profession and I don t understand how anyone would do it as a profession at least a priori I can understand getting paid but not making art to get paid And profesionally I am a hospitality connoisseur Painting Is almost like an impulse or a hunger not a craving It is my bread Started when I was 35 And now it is proliferating Where did you get your experience Wherever I touch paint That is technically speaking Emotionally Inspiration Other painters I have a lot of respect for graffiti artists There s people like David Choe who are doing amazing things Banksy is an inspiration but he is in the realm of Gods I try not to emulate him His wit is impressive But I really wonder what it would have been like crawling inside cave of Chauvet and finding the three panels coming alive by the flickering flame That to me is the first moving picture And a milestone in art as part of humanity It is so old yet it always looks modern Incredible achievement Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter The answer to the former is my children Without them I would have never started painting See when I was a child I hated visual arts because I could never quite translate what was in my head into a painting or a sculpture

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I was in awe at their confidence their ease and their own technique rich with motifs that to this day I continue to emulate They inspired and taught me to paint It was frustrating and embarrassing So I swore it off It was when my kids Jano and Adela started doodling drawing and painting that I thought why not give it a chance I was in awe at their confidence their ease and their own technique rich with motifs that to this day I continue to emulate They inspired and taught me to paint Friends and family have been huge supporters but I have to mention my parents who always tried to facilitate any artistic inclinations even if they started in my late 30 s Also Gary July and James Chrysler my patrons of the arts who are the kindest most generous people I know in the world What do you want your work to say about you That I am just a conduit But also to allow its evolution to speak for itself I don t have any views necessarily that I need to express through my painting only a reflection on the human condition and nature What I think should be very clear is that there is a childishness about my work but a childishness that allows me to explore learn experiment play with abandon and perhaps even grow and heal My ultimate goal is to achieve something aesthetically pleasing To make something beautiful Tell us about your best experience in your career My first gallery show My mentor Tom Realth took me under his wing He is the one that organized and put together this showing in a very cool space he had in a basement downtown Vancouver WA It felt like a different league Your art on the walls and people there to see it Whaaat What s next for you Try to get more exposure Talking about Paleolithic minds I just started an instagram account alexpaperbag where I would like to facilitate sales It is ironic that I never painted and I never will paint for the sake of making money But I lost my job and with this pandemic it feels certain that life is changing drastically so why not try for a change of lifestyle At this point I have paintings stacking in every possible space And finding a way to sustain my lifestyle with my art sounds like a dream come true What s it like to be in your shoes Uh you know quoting an older and wiser philosopher strikes and gutters But overall I feel surprisingly good There s a few things seem to be happening and my paintings may be reaching a larger audience That is very exciting But going back to the shoes I like to curate my environment thoughtfully I am a devotee of living well so I think that if someone puts on my shoes first I ll warn them that these shoes have seen some wear and tear but they know how long s a mile and where s the road back home but I digress if someone spent a day in my shoes I m pretty sure it would be a day well lived Any words of advice Don t be a racist stay beautiful and live well

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TRA BIRDS A Woman on a Mis

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Tr a c y Birdsall Introduction by Del Weston I d just seen around fifty short film submissions the previous evening and one of them submitted by Birdsall really stood out in my mind I wanted to call her and welcome her to the show but I got something else The voice that greeted me on the other end of the phone was quiet careful and a little taken aback She was kind and overwhelmed as I gushed about her very strong performance in the short film that she d submitted I ve been very good over the years in picking winners From horse racing to playoff games writers actors UFC fights and more if there is someone with heart talent Somehow she takes it all in stride dusts herself off and asks What s Next You see the problem is that when you see Tracey Birdsall now you see this big strong powerful warrior woman She s fighting robots in space Hitler in Europe and mediocrity on all fronts She s made a huge leap in her work as an actress in just a very few years I watched her transform from a background player into a real leading lady I got to see that and it was indeed a beautiful thing to witness Every year for the last seventeen I ve had the pleasure of being able to reach out to really amazing filmmakers to personally welcome them to the AOF and to the show The details of my first meeting with Tracy Birdsall are a little foggy but I think it went something like this In early 2015 on a Saturday six years one month two weeks two days and one hour from the time of writing I met Tracey for the first time I want to give an accurate description of the eventbut it was years ago but I do remember a few sketchy details such as I was in my office in Sierra Madre and I was drinking mocha made by the worst barista who ever lived besides myself of course Brandon personal power and strong focus and desire I m going to notice them I knew Tracey was something special and as I got to know her over the years to come I would realize that this woman is a survivor Not a lot of people can claim that Most people walking around have survived in life but in the process they have been broken far beyond recognition Birdsall only gets better The shelf life of most actresses is shorter than the mini skirt on a C level scream queen trying to squeeze one more classic cult film into her resume before her granddaughter has another child for her to raise If there is a clock on Birdsall it s a stopwatch and it restarts every time she opens her eyes to welcome a new day I love Tracey Birdsall No I don t love her because she s attractive or because she s done a bunch of films or because when she speaks to you she really connects with you and tries to understand as well as attempting to be understood I love her because she doesn t quit she doesn t give in and

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she doesn t back down I think of all the things I love about her this is the one that I love the most She s a bright light in a dark room and a familiar sound in a storm We hugged after having not seen each other in a couple of years So Tracey Birdsall got the tip of the hat and for the next six years I got to watch all the torns slip from the stem of the rose No stranger to controversy Tracey has and I can tell you it was special For her I know this because during the embrace she whispered in my ear You re stepping on my foot I know I said as I held her eventighter That s the same pain I feel every time I see Neil Brook Johnson put his arm around your waist or ignore you when you say something I want to ignore you like that Without missing a beat Tracey looked deep into my eyes and asked Hey did they put any vodka in this At that point I realized I was sitting with royalty Now I m not big on bowing my head but in this case it was necessary seen her fair share of the curve balls and sliders that life is so good at throwing But somehow she always finds a way to climb her way back up and past where she was before In short Tracey Birdsall is a survivor I don t mean your everyday ordinary mundane Hey look I think there s too much orange juice in my mimosa kind of survivor I m talking about the kind of survivor that most people could never even imagine Somehow she takes it all in stride dusts herself off and asks What s Next We d like to know too

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T racey Birdsall was born in Van Nuys California the youngest of three daughters born to Ronald Birdsall and Carol Birdsall born Carol Stone She was raised in Southern California and is primarily of British and European descent Bert Lewis the famous Walt Disney composer was her great grandfather Birdsall trained in dance singing and musical theater throughout her youth which later led to her intensely studying various acting techniques She claims the real breakthrough in her craft wasworking with renowned acting coach Margie Haber who taught her to simply create and be the character no matter how excruciating Known for her meticulous preparation Birdsall is recognized worldwide for her diverse and challenging roles and for working across multiple genres In the highly celebrated science fiction film Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter Birdsall garnered multiple awards including the esteemed Female Action Performer of the Year Award at the Action on Film Festival Most recently she was honored by the WeLink International Film Festival in New York City in association with the United Nations and Women in Film with the honorary Best Actress Award in New York City Birdsall can also be seen in the title character of the comedy film Who s Jenna Up coming projects in post production include the lead role in the television series The Time War the lead role in the television series Age of Darkness the lead role in the science fiction film Evolution War and the feature film Hotel Underground

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Tell us about your work and your current projects Over the last decade or so time has lost its linear aspect when it comes to work I don t know if it s working for five of those years in a time travel based series or if it s the sheer magnitude of the projects I ve worked on simultaneously but I ll just call it a whirlwind of time and space The Time War the series brainchild of Director Neil Johnson has been my most physically and mentally exhausting project It s literally been in production on and off for five years after more than 15 years of being in development and shot in several countries My character Dijanne is introduced in various versions from different universes and different timelines The various character s characteristics and perspectives are distinct and varied due to the experiences and up bringing of the versions The Time War tells the story of Cyrano at times a version of Hitler traveling through time with the personal burden of a Messiah Complex His purpose is to re write history and thus exact his own genetic upgrades My character is not only his daughter but also his greatest nemesis Sometimes as it turns out we pursue a cause greater than ourselves and fail to see that we ve taken on characteristics of exactly that which we are in opposition to The challenges to filming The Time War were immense as it included massive amounts of soulsearching in areas of myself that I hadn t before even considered in order to find the various characters that I had to bring to life It also involved creating relationships between several of those characters which I would mentally believe existed in order to bring the relationships to life interacting with each other The physical aspects of war battles on mountaintops in the Scotland Highlands in roaring winds and hail not to mention crawling in the depths of castle ruins in England were absolutely a piece of cake in comparison to the grueling mental aspects of portraying the characters and believing in their respective plights Age of Darkness is a SciFi epic television series based upon the 2016 film Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter It was shot over a period of 18 months Also in post production Age of Darkness shows the continued journey of Sienna and that universe It additionally delves into the earlier years of her life and her origins Just prior to the pandemic I shot a film in Melbourne Australia entitled Hotel Underground Hotel Underground is a dark fight film where my character is brutally abducted She has some preexisting mental challenges that are exacerbated by the situation That film has recently completed post production My above referenced projects I ve worked on I ve only mentioned in relation to my character For more information and cast please refer to IMDB When did you decide on your chosen Profession and Why It wasn t a choice it s who I am I had a lot of interests growing up but I ve known I would be an actor since I knew how to pronounce the word I truly adore the process especially if it s complicated challenging and or physically demanding Where did you get your experience I grew up onstage having trained in dance voice and theater since the age of 2 or 3 it was pretty common in Burbank

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I did a lot of theater and musical productions right up until my teen years when I first joined the union and started booking paid work I trained and studied various methods over the years and regularly focused on a skill or emphasis I believe that where it all truly meshes is when training and experience leads to just being Sometimes the most difficult part in my experience is deciding just exactly who the character is that you are portraying and how they do things differently than you do as My biggest supporter over the years was my mother who recently passed away When I was probably 3 or 4 I told her that I was to be an actress She responded by saying You would be a wonderful actress Tracey but you don t have to do that You can be anything I remember at that moment I was holding her hand in a grocery store and my reached up arm was about ear level where it met hers I remember the feeling of sadness I felt at her response and seeming lack of support from my It s not his tendency to be a support person but he s doing a remarkable job My whole family is a huge support to me W hat do you want your work to say about you My work should be about the characters that I create and their strengths and vulnerabilities My roles shouldn t be about me at all moreover it should be about them and their complexities and my ability to create and live them That said I I m lucky enough to be charged with the responsibility in my lifetime to make people laugh cry feel and go on the journey of some pretty remarkable characters an individual There s a magic that happens there and you just learn to trust it W ho has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter As a creative we are oftentimes inspired differently by the strengths or weaknesses in our craft in an area we feel we can improve upon or which has our focus for some reason at some point in time Oftentimes I m inspired by an incredible performance Humans are so fascinating to me and the most extreme in any situation has so much that we as creatives can take home learn from understand and draw upon young and innocent perspective Although I remember the heavy feeling in my heart from resistance I also felt assuaged for having voiced who I felt I was Years later I would come to understand my mother and her perspective of my not needing to go down that most difficult route and the hurdles along the way Although that was my path I don t consider it to be a choice she was my rock She helped me in any way that she could and she was very proud to be there for me throughout my journey She was one of the loveliest human beings I have ever met and I was so fortunate to have her on my team Luckily my father is still in my life and he tries very hard to fill her shoes want to show over the course of my lifetime that there s no role I can t conquer no matter how intense physically demanding multi faceted I m lucky enough to be charged with the responsibility in my lifetime to make people laugh cry feel and go on the journey of some pretty remarkable characters I m not really sure what that says about me as a human being except maybe that I m dedicated to my craft to an undeniable extreme T ell us about your best experience in life career I ve had dozens of pinch me moments in life but one in particular takes the cake

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Growing up I had the opportunity on almost a cyclical basis to be a part of community and schoolbased productions of The Sound of Music It was by far my favorite musical as a young girl As the years went on I played various characters until finally having pretty much played the whole gamut of characters I adored this musical In filming The Time War the scripts came to me as per shooting schedule and location While in Europe we were preparing to head to Austria to shoot a particular scene where the character was singing to herself when I learned that it was to be atop a mountain in the Austrian Alps Let s just say I had a moment the entire day It was really an ethereal day My child self was really impressed with how my life script was playing out W hat s Next for you I have a tendency to focus on the now as I feel I m being led in a direction If my opportunities continue to ramp up which they are no doubt apt to do I will simply continue on my quest to give every role every ounce of what I have in me With several projects due for release this coming year I find that my work begets work and the opportunities will continue When you have a passion and you tend to that passion with training skill and persistence not to mention consistency your life is a journey It literally unfolds I also have a couple of projects coming out soon that due to NDA s I can t talk about I m equally excited to see how those unfold W hat s it like to be in your shoes Honestly there s no place I would rather be than in my shoes I spend countless hours preparing for my roles down to the tiniest little details and I m relentless consistent thorough The time that I do have where I m not focused on a particular role is oftentimes spent preparing to be fit enough strong enough healthy enough and mentally acute enough to handle the next role which often comes without much warning In between everything I m always working on a skillset Most recently I just spent time in a class working on my voice due to the fact that I ve sung in several recent projects I ve found that if I have a skill I haven t brushed up on lately that it will ironically be the next one called upon If I m in town I set aside time weekly for my lovely family I never get enough time with my family so I ve resorted to scheduling it in and relishing in the moments During the pandemic I ve used the time where I haven t been shooting I ve only shot two projects since it started to give up the things that don t add to who I am as a human and as a performer zero sugar vegan no alcohol no preservatives etc I guess it s fair to say that as a human I m happiest living more like a machine My lifestyle is very regimented and exacting while leaving it open to work projects which move in from the horizon It s a lot like a storm coming at which point I clear the decks and that project becomes my primary focus A ny words of advice This probably applies to just about any profession in life Narrow the playing field Work harder Although it seems that there s a lot of competition out there in our world that s a mirage The one thing in your control is the effort you put out Constantly study and appreciate the subtle nuances of other people in all walks of life Train harder than other actors Eat better than other actors Run faster than other actors Feel everything from your core so that your feelings emote rather than present Don t just learn your lines but study every little nuance before ever opening your mouth Control your expectations Don t expect people to be kind or helpful or understanding in negotiating or on set but appreciate it when it happens You will rarely be disappointed if you are merely focused on what your part of the production is The rest is out of your control Raise your expectations of yourself and lower your expectations of those around you What aren t you doing Look for the areas that you re trained for in your career and focus on the areas you re not recently booking in to stay relevant across genres If you are pigeonholed in a genre train for the others they are all very different and keep training until you have a new breakthrough Don t ever turn your back on a genre because it s not where you re booking moreover focus there when you have the time If you focus on those things the pool of actors is suddenly much smaller and opportunities will arise

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What has this business taken from you I think that question is a bit like asking what my last boyfriend took from me I believe in this industry that what we get from it is so much more than what it takes away It s really all about perspective The Time War took my sanity from me for quite a while as living as that character affected my inner being so much Getting down into the depths of her logic to the point of relating to her plight was really a very dark place and it went on for several years The Time War Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter Age of Darkness Evolution War they all take from me however they give me a reason to obsess over diet and fitness learn new skills and hone old ones sword fighting mountain climbing street fighting running for my life I mean it s a glorious profession if you can handle it I have absolutely no complaints If you were not an actress what would you be doing with your life I love this question the most as it s my trick question when interviewing potential cast members if I m producing The one common characteristic of all the great actors I ve worked with and admired is that they cannot imagine being anything else It tells me a lot about a person when I ask this question and it tells you a lot about their work ethic and commitment level and thus performance level I have a lot of strengths in life and a lot of skills however in my identity I am an actor Being an actor means working harder than anyone to get the job prepare for the job create the job and live the job Anyone who could imagine truly being happy and finding fulfillment in life doing anything else would not sign up for this Any other skills that I have or acquire simply feed the beast and expand on my tool belt as an actor If you could change 1 thing about the industry what would it be A year ago I would have said to allow for virtual auditions so that I could focus on prep for the first call really relish in it I got that wish when the pandemic hit and it s been truly incredible I love the process no matter what the outcome Work harder stay focused train more and don t get too distracted by love just keep it all in balance What was the role that got away I have a really healthy attitude on roles and auditions and I basically try and make them mine when auditioning or taping however I don t claim them I know that they aren t mine until they re offered to me and I know there are oftentimes minefields in getting the contract executed I ve never let one fall through the cracks on a negotiating point because there s a solution to everything as long as we all want to work together I ve had projects I ve been attached to not move forward on several occasions I mean it s a glorious profession if you can handle it Universally opening up more action roles for females would be an amazing change in our industry but that s a pipe dream from a prior tomboy For now I m thankful that I ve done as many action intense lead roles as I have and I m excited for when they re released What one piece of advice would you give your 20 year old self Anything hard heartbreaking earth shattering seemingly impossible and devastating will serve a purpose in your work as you learn to embrace different aspects of humanity Learn from it feel it and just hold on but that s usually something falling apart with the production long before it gets underway Over a decade ago I had secured a lead role in an amazing action thriller one where I morphed into an evil creature so I was super excited for the arc but it fell apart when the producer got offered a packaging deal through a major agency Although he was very excited at this juncture I recognized the telltale signs of the big fizzle out and it never got made It s always disappointing but that feeling is usually replaced by the next exciting script

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IS THE GOSPEL ENOUGH by Annabelle D Munro TMIF Director Church People is a movie that I have been waiting for without even knowing it When Christopher s trailer caught my eye I was immediately attracted and got that fuzzy feeling inside when something is exceptional and inspired Was there in fact in times like this where a country is divided right in the middle about core values and beliefs a movie about church people that dared to be funny Well there is in fact a movie like that a brave one A humble one One that doesn t fail to entertain with great performances characters and real life observations while it still has the depth to touch a taboo topics core Even crucifixion was not spared as a theme discussed from quite the controversial perspective Add in the stigma around children born out of wedlock and the ease of dealing with it if forgiveness is practiced and not preached Despite its sensitive genre where mindfulness to not offend is usually a common creative barrier Church People has a strong message but spares us the hammer to hammer it home neither priest nor choir is preaching here The lessons are observed and experienced and delivered with a healthy dose of humor to digest them well It celebrates the existence of real life angels that do not turn into a poofy cloud but rather lend a hand to fix the fog machine But despite all the kindness and fun Church People addresses the dark power of what commercial growth does when it creeps into our sacred spaces An authentic and humbling issue so well portrayed that most of our Festival guests and AOF Magazine readers know of as filmmaking professionals The concept and temptation of selling your soul to the devil for vanity ego and success is as old as the world Church People offers up a nourishing antidote to it and you do not need to be part of a particular religion to understand the meaning of sacrifice and delivery from evil through love Thank you Christopher for making a movie that in the end moved me more to my own surprise than it made me laugh out loud One that kept me smiling throughout from ear to ear in times where so much content painstakingly insists on being politically correct and serious Thank you for making a movie where my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son could spontaneously walk in and watch with me without mum needing to be concerned about content safety My children like little bears sniffing a honey pot got so attracted by the beautiful soundtrack the hilarious lines and the colorful characters portrayed with such a refreshing lack of vanity that it even pulled them away from their holy iPads What an impossible feat My judges and I cannot wait to honor Church People this year at the 3rd annual TMIF in Las Vegas with an Out of Competition Special TMIF Impact Award for Outstanding Achievements in Faith based Filmmaking You Christopher Shawn Shaw and your outstanding ensemble and team deserve it and did your audience may they be believers or not a massive service by putting your heart and kindness on the screen We are looking forward to so much more content coming from you to make this world a better place in a way that entertains and creates a better now Films like yours are exactly what The Most Important Films Festival stands for and honors Films like yours are the reason why TMIF exists AOF Magazine readers go watch it go savor the fact that people of faith can be funny too Some even dare to laugh loudest about themselves and can still share the news that in the end life is a gift of kindness forgiveness and grace And do not forget to SHARE on your social media platforms email word of mouth and carrier pigeons if you like what you see Your voice as an audience matters to those who create and fund these types of movies

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AOF Magazine readers go watch it go savor the fact that people of faith can be funny too

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Neil Chase Neil Chase is an award winning screenwriter novelist story coach and actor with extensive experience in a variety of genres including action sci fi drama horror and comedy Neil has won over 90 international writing awards including from Action on Film Megafest American Fiction Awards Script Summit Las Vegas Film Festival FilmQuest A Night of Horror Film Festival Screamfest West Field Screenwriting Awards and Cinequest among many others He is most proud of winning the FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards Grand Prize the Neoverse Writing Competition Grand Prize two Global eBook Awards Gold Medals and the Arthur Rosenfeld Award for Excellence in Dramatic Writing Neil is also featured in the book The Top 100 Indie Writers in the World by Del Weston Neil s screenplays have been produced for film and TV including Christmas Cupcakes Tsunami Falls Awake The Devil s Due as well as a number of episodes for Wild TV He has also provided story coaching and or script rewrites to notable filmmakers such as Dylan Pearce A Frosty Affair Paul Spence Fubar and Danny Mac Heel Kick With an award winning debut novel Iron Dogs and an audiobook adaptation already making waves 1 New Release on Amazon in multiple categories and new novels and scripts on the way Neil has made a name for himself in the writing world As a successful actor Neil has also starred in numerous films and TV movies such as The Academy John 316 Christmas Cupcakes Divide The Damned Three Days Dead and the upcoming Broken and Bagman Rising When not working he s drawing inspiration from his amazing family and thinking up new worlds and adventures Neil lives in Edmonton Canada Q A Tell us about your work and your current project s As someone who spends as much time in front of the camera as behind it it seems like I m always busy with half a dozen projects at once But I honestly wouldn t have it any other way The past year has brought with it a holiday TV movie Christmas with a Crown an experimental short film done primarily with still photos Smile It s Only the End of the World a feature thriller Broken a pair of gritty action shorts Quiet Enable and Imperfect Terrain as well as the audiobook version of my awardwinning debut horror novel Iron Dogs through my production company Empty Holster Media Iron Dogs was truly a labor of love narrated by myself and directed and edited by my producing partner David Heacock complete with original music written and performed for the audiobook by David as well I ve also strived to put myself out there more as a story coach teacher and writer for hire I taught my first screenwriting class last year which was challenging in a remote setting as opposed to inperson but the feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive and I look forward to teaching again soon Helping other writers elevate their work has been extremely rewarding and the feedback I ve gotten from both novice writers as well as seasoned professionals tells me I m doing something right For anyone interested in help with their written work the best way to contact me is through my website www neilchasefilm com

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The moment it became real was when I first saw other actors breathing life into my words It s one thing to simply write a script but it s something else entirely to watch them come alive through another s performance When did you decide on your chosen profession and why I come from a background in electrical engineering which is about as far removed as it gets from the worlds of acting writing and filmmaking But growing up with a love of movies and storytelling the creative bug never let go and the transition from hobbyist to full fledged writer and actor was inevitable There was no one moment where I decided to pursue writing or acting I ve been writing since I was little and I ve been acting for about the last twelve years What started as a creative outlet to balance my work life steadily grew more prominent as I found increasing levels of success in film I was fortunate to start gaining accolades for my written work early on starting with having a short story printed in junior high and then winning awards for my scripts once I worked up the nerve to enter them into screenwriting competitions But the moment it became real was when I first saw other actors breathing life into my words It s one thing to simply write a script but it s something else entirely to watch them come alive through another s performance I don t think I ll ever stop being surprised that people want to read my work or want to bring my scripts to life It s as humbling as it is gratifying But one of the most exciting developments has been a new partnership with a group of local filmmakers called River City Television RCTV to create fun original content on a micro budget After the success of an offbeat news style comedy short Babageddon we switched gears to create a horror inspired fantasy short Boneyard Racers that s been turning heads on the festival circuit world wide It was a lot of fun to write this story about two teens who stumble upon a ghoulish Halloween party only to end up challenged to a supernatural drag race With a wonderful cast a selection of fast and unusual cars breathtaking cinematography and an original soundtrack by rockabilly sensation Punch Drunk Cabaret there s something in Boneyard Racers for everyone In fact the biggest criticism I ve received is that it needs to be turned into a feature film as there s clearly more to tell than what I ve written for the 15 minute running time Luckily that s exactly where the project is headed next Where did you get your experience Edmonton isn t a major film hub like Los Angeles or Vancouver but the bright side of a small film community is that there are plenty of other up andcoming artists hungry to learn and to create It s a tight knit community but it s also very supportive and opportunities to work on projects spring up all the time It s thanks to this environment that I was able to sharpen my skills first on short films and then eventually on features and TV movies I ve even been able to branch out into voice over work audiobook narration and even motion capture for video game development Being an actor has helped me to be a more rounded writer and vice versa as I ve gained a deeper understanding of what actors look for in great roles from realistic dialogue to solid character development to special moments that make them shine no matter how small the role On the flip side I ve gotten a better appreciation of what it takes for an actor to take simple words and turn them into a great performance and how the right words can make all the difference

Page 92

Often what an actor doesn t say can be just as important as what he does say and I ve learned to show rather than tell as much as possible Every project I ve worked on has been a learning experience in some way teaching me as much what to do as what not to do and I look forward to whatever lessons future projects have to bring As long as I keep an open mind it will only make me a stronger performer and writer Each time I put words to paper or step in front of a camera I feel that I m entrusting a piece of myself with the world As such I want leave the very best impression that I can and hope that it s a lasting one I hope I can leave a body of film and written work that entertains as much as it makes people think And no matter what the future has in store I would love nothing more than for my work to say about me He brought laughter and tears and always treated his audience and peers with respect Above all he stayed true to himself and he never gave up Who has been your biggest inspiration and who has been your biggest supporter I ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some Tell us about your best experience in life or in truly inspiring and amazing people on this journey your career From fellow writers and actors to local directors and Next to the day my wife said yes and the births filmmakers the talent pool that surrounds me is as diverse of my daughters the best experience I can think as it is a creative force to be reckoned with Each artist of was the day I won the Grand Prize in the I ve met along the way has inspired me to better myself FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards and the more I learn the I was at a fairly low point I would love nothing more in my life dealing with an more I want to learn As one of my favorite authors than for my work to say about increasingly stressful and Chuck Palahniuk once volatile work environment me He brought laughter the loss of a dear friend just inscribed in my copy of Fight Club May you never and tears and always treated a few months before and be perfect I can t think of a with my writing in general his audience and peers with better way to live Perfection not finding a mark I was means there s nothing left to respect Above all he stayed full of doubt in my abilities achieve but if you re always and I questioned whether true to himself striving for perfection then I was meant to be a writer and he never gave up you re constantly growing or if I should just give it up and bettering yourself And entirely It was a little after shouldn t that be the case for life in general as well as in work had ended and I had just left the gym to head art home I knew an announcement was coming for the As for support I wouldn t be where I am winners in the contest and I was hopeful that I would without the two most important women in my life my at least make the top three in the Drama category incredible wife Christina and my amazing mom They where my script was entered I knew by this point are my inspiration and my rock When the time came to that it was already a finalist for that category which decide on whether to pursue writing and acting full time felt like a huge accomplishment in its own right but Christina was the first to urge me to follow my dream As I couldn t help to dream for more As I walked to my for my mom it might sound corny but she s always been car I checked my phone and saw a new email was my number one fan She would always be the first to read waiting for me I remember hesitating to open it my stories as a child and she s among the first to read my as the earlier announcements from the preliminary work now It s thanks to their sacrifices and dedication rounds to quarterfinals to semi finals to finals each that I ve gotten as far as I have and I m blessed to have brought the only good news it seemed I was getting them in my corner over the previous few months I was scared because I felt that string of good news was about to end and I What do you want your work to say about you found it hard to believe I d make it any further I took More than anything I want my work to speak for itself a deep breath and opened the email

Page 93

I can t do justice to the feeling as I saw my name under the Grand Prize listing It was the single biggest feeling of triumph I ever felt It meant that I was good enough that the people that mattered loved my work and that I shouldn t give up on my dream no matter what I threw up my arms and whooped with joy so loudly people in the parking lot turned their heads to look on in surprise at the crazy man I most certainly looked like I drove home in a daze that night happy in the knowledge that I was meant to be a writer after all Thanks to that moment I ve never doubted my abilities since and I know there s a place for me at the table as long as I have the courage to fight for it What s next for you Along with completing a new audiobook Cosmic Consciousness by Mike Longmeadow and starting on a new horror novel I m excited to continue working on a crazy awesome horror feature called Bagman Rising as one of the lead actors It s a film by the Wilson Brothers Philip and Logan who between them write direct and star in a tongue in cheek story about a serial killer who targets people who don t recycle It s full of dark comedy surprising twists and turns and some seriously ass kicking action that will leave viewers breathless I ve also recently completed the screenplay for a feature length version of Boneyard Racers which we hope to start filming sometime over the next year or two Reality stokes imagination imagination breeds creativity and creativity produces art It s an ambitious project to say the least but you have to dream big to be big and we re putting our hearts and souls into this one If the short is any indication of what we can do then the feature promises to be one hell of a ride for audiences everywhere What s it like to be in your shoes My shoes have taken me all over the world from mountain tops to power plants from deserts to castles from board rooms to film sets and each day brings with it a new path on the journey even when my shoes are planted under my writing desk The key is to keep moving forward no matter what and the best way is through the people that surround us Everyone has something to offer and there s always something we can learn from them Our experiences define us and the more people we meet the broader our worldview That can only help in making us better at what we do Reality stokes imagination imagination breeds creativity and creativity produces art Any words of advice Real opportunities are rare in this business The key to success is not only to recognize an opportunity when one comes along but to then have the courage to act upon it Take a chance Don t let your fear make you miss out because you re not sure what to do next Say yes first then figure out how you ll do it later

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You NEED to watch UNUS POPULOUS Movies like this are the reason you come to AOF The media is sowing division Hollywood is pushing a singular message Unus Populous breaks from these oppressive themes and brings hope to all as it shares a touching message of unity through adversity WE ARE ONE PEOPLE

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MAGIE COOK Introduction by Del Weston I had the most magnificent lunch with Magie Cook a couple of years back It was such an amazing meal that we spent most of the night telling stories and building a bond based on mutual respect and admiration What led the meeting off was our initial contact at Starbucks inside the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino She was sitting there looking like an assassin beneath her baseball cap and tight jeans Within minutes of us talking I gave her the nickname Badass only to find out that she indeed is a badass in every way I wanted people to be able to meet Magie and to hear the story I heard and see how it affects them Magie and I speak on a frequent basis and it s always great to hear what she has going on When someone has had the highs and the lows that she has gone through they tend to learn lessons that if we listen closely enough they may just share I listen very closely when people like Magie speak I don t have to suffer what they ve been through if I m smart enough to pay attention Everyone please give your attention to Magie Cook

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I am an International Keynote Speaker the Author of the book Mindful Success a Business Strategist and a Philanthropist I m currently involved in many different projects including providing online programs for entrepreneurs business coaching and consulting etc I guess if you would have told me 20 years ago that I would be making Fresh Salsa for a living I would have probably laughed but I had an opportunity that presented itself and took full advantage of it I was homeless at the time that I started my business I didn t have any money and I was really out to prove my father wrong who told me You will never amount to anything you will die in prison and with AIDS all because I came out of the closet to him I became very successful selling my products to supermarkets across the US but my father never acknowledged my success Until a week before he passed In an email he wrote Magui I am so proud of you you won t know what I mean but you are from the old school From the old generation maybe 50 years back The generation that had a work ethic discipline and most of all a dream and a willingness to labor to make the dream a reality You are so caught up in what you are doing at this moment that you can t fathom where you will be in 5 years in 15 in 25 Because of your willingness it is going to be BIG I hope that one day you might have children to carry on your tradition America need people like you and your values passed on if it is to survive You are one big asset to everyone in your life Sweetheart I am really proud of you Papi

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FESTIVAL NO ACTION ON FILM BEST SHORT The Allure of Black Fish Kathy Patterson A Dance of Yesterday Rich McKee Apostate Nathan Day Siam J Manuels Over and Over Callie Le Claire Stockton to Table Rock Elliot Norton Old Habits Zach Lufkin Hold Fast Dallas Gibson BEST FEATURE The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Juju Sophia Louisa Sergeant Miller Jack McLaughlin The Wedding ArrangementVanessa Silva Heather Hentilla Anthem Sean Mick Don Wells A God Among Sheep JD Glasscock BEST COMEDY Vamp It Out Brooke Lewis Bellas XXL Lisa Crosato Bev and Deb Rabbit s Foot SPINACH Stuart Schulz Who needs Feng Shui Eileen Hong The Valet Chris Pender jr BEST SCI FI FANTASY Interview with an Alien L Andrew Cooper The Extraction List Renee Meland Disaster Man Mark C Spera Dragons and Wolves Drew Henriksen Trollstigen Ruben Estrema Gregory Wolk BEST ACTION Ice Mara Leseman The Slow Die Fast Ron Hall Once A Hero Diana Valentine Bob Bralver Diana Valentine A Sheriff s War Jermaine Jones Book of Danger Shyina Crayton The Golden Warrior Todd Johnson BEST DRAMA The Mobster and his AngelAmy Leigh McCorkle Brickbat Mark Aaron Donnell Galaxie Michael Mustizer At The Mercy of Faith Samuel Taylor My Missing Year Stephen Foster Tink Jarrett Bryant BEST TELEPLAY Erin Burchard Don t Fear the Reaper Shake Down Alix Reeves The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Disaster Man Mark C Spera Righteous Kay Patterson Black Eyes Allan Tamshen BEST ACTION SEQUENCE Brickbat Mark A Donnell Savage Pawn Ian Lauer Boone Keith Vitali The Extraction List Renee Meland TINK Jarrett Bryant The Commitment Thomas Lister MOST LIKELY TO BE PRODUCED SCREENPLAY Galaxie Michael Mustizer Boone Keith Vitali FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy Stillwater Christopher Schultz Murder at Clown Manor Paul Wolverton Shakedown Alix Reeves

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OMINATIONS ACTION ON FILM BEST THRILLER HORROR The Regulars Matthew Sandoval Necropolis Caldonia Hanson Splattergories Jax Kearney The Surrogate Micah Thomas Murder at Clown Manor Paul Wolverton WOKE Raeshelle Cooke The Neighbors L Andrew Cooper HISTORICAL PERIOD PIECE Boone Keith Vitali Kilt Ron Leach Kristian Hodko Disaster Man Mark C Spera Vodoun Stuart Alan Creque The Musketeers and The Zombies Robert Cole Non Scordarti Di Me Frank Mancuso BEST FEATURE FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy Triton Theresa Giese Strange Fruit Anabelle Munro Doomsday Dreamer Jonathan Bowen The Invader Philip Hard The Wedding arrangementVanessa Silva Heather Hentila BEST HORROR THRILLER The Allure of Black Fish Kay Patterson The Imperfects Ruben Estremera Gregory Wolk The Glade Dallas Gibson The Review Jonathan Zaranton Strange Fruit Anabelle D Munro Murder at Clown Manor Paul Wolverton BEST SCRIPT FAITH BASED Righteous Kathy Patterson The Cross Over Ron Podell Lana Lekarinou The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Seraphim s Miracle Jeremy Story I Know How To Swim Cheryl Lewis At The Mercy of Faith Samuel Taylor BEST SCI FI FANTASY Interview with an Alien L Andrew Cooper The Extraction List Renee Meland Disaster Man Mark C Spera Dragons and Wolves Drew Henriksen Trollstigen Ruben Estrema Gregory Wolk Interview with an Alien L Andrew Cooper BEST BOOK Dragons and Wolves Drew Henriksen Deadly Invisible Enemies Harold Brown The Skeleton Key Anabelle D Munro The Love Hex or Nicest Flings In Mexico Mike Meier Songbird Amy Leigh McCorkle b 4 Special Agent Jack McLaughlin Countdown to Failure Ana Jobrail The Pebble Champion Alan David Pritchard BEST TELEPLAY Erin Burchard Don t Fear the Reaper Shake Down Alix Reeves The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Tripod Detectives Drew Henriksen Ride to Iron Mountain Advent Industries You re Next Matt DeGennaro In security Chela Morin SPOKEN WORD additional nominees will be added after the Spoken Word live competition I m Talking Now Lil J System Frozen Matt Parsons

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FESTIVAL NO AOF MOST LIKELY TO BE PRODUCED FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy The King s Crown Jack McLaughlin Tink Jarrett Bryant Boneyard Racers Neil Chase Letters to Daniel A Prelude Amy McCorkle Melissa Goodman Galaxie Michael Mustizer BEST NEW WRITER Erin Burchard Nathan Martinez Adam Clinton Jan Kubenka Caledonia Hanson Samantha Butlien BEST POEM A Cinderella Story Ana Jobrail Endings Ava C Moore The Iron Horse Stephen Beck Happily Merrily Fully Stacey Martin BEST PHOTOGRAPHY ART The Phoenix Takes Flight Sophia Louisa Lee Urban Confusion Dilip Khatri Spooky Night Dilip Khatri The Depressed Father Lil J HDIFF WRITTEN WORD BEST SHORT The Allure of Black Fish Kathy Patterson A Dance of Yesterday Rich McKee Good Ole Joe Ana Jobrail Algea Shyina Crayton Afternoon Drew Henriksen Unus Populus Ian Lauer BEST FEATURE On the Hill David Seader But Not For Me Jeffrey Van Davis Out of the ShadowsM O B Sophia Louisa Lee The Conduit Man Matt DeGennaro Robert EL Bralver Spa Thomas Pickard BEST COMEDY Vamp It Out Brooke Lewis Bellas A Dance of Yesterday Rich McKee Spawn of Skatin Drew Stephens The Mrs Sparkling PageantSophia Louisa Who Needs Feng Shui Eileen Hong S M in Space JJHillard BEST SCI FI FANTASY Blade n Blood J D Glasscock S M in Space JJHillard Disaster Man Mark C Spera Righteous Kathy Patterson Jekylline Hyde Erin Burchard Conduit Man Matt DeGennaro Robert E L Bralver BEST DRAMA Looking For Morning Gary Ivey Savage Pawn Ian Lauer Fatherly Instinct Anton Tkachenko The Boy Who Died Twice Guy Collins Sergeant Miller Jack McLaughlin Book of Danger Shyina Crayton BEST DIALOGUE A Dance of Yesterday Rich McKee Savage Pawn Ian Lauer Boone Keith Vitali FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy Seraphim s Miracle Jeremy Storey The Prot g Pilot Amy Leigh Mc Corkle Melissa Goodman

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OMINATIONS HDIFF WRITTEN WORD BEST ACTION Savage Pawn Ian Lauer Fluxx Brendan Gabriel Murphy Tripod Detectives Drew Henriksen Strawberry Hill David Tittone Book of Danger Shyina Crayton Invisible Man Jan Kubenka Sophia Louisa BEST TELEPLAY Ride to Iron Mountain Advent Industries Brian Anderson You re Next Matt DeGennaro The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Disaster Man Mark C Spera Righteous Kay Patterson Non Official Cover Jodi Shelton Hudson Shelton MOST LIKELY TO BE PRODUCED SCREENPLAY Galaxie Michael Mustizer Boone Keith Vitali FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy Spa Thomas Pickard Murder at Clown Manor Paul Wolverton Shakedown Alix Reeves BEST THRILLER HORROR The Regulars Matthew Sandoval Dread Manny Rey Strange Fruit Anabelle D Munro The Dark Tetrad L Andrew Cooper Murder at Clown Manor Paul Wolverton Undertaken Alix Reeves BEST SCRIPT FAITH BASED Sergeant Miller Jack McLaughlin Righteous Kathy Patterson Looking for Morning Gary Ivey Seraphim s Miracle Jeremy Story A Boatload of Love Eileen Hong At The Mercy of Faith Samuel Taylor PERIOD PIECE Boone Keith Vitali Re Birth of a Nation Or How the Zombies Ate the South Jeff Rosenberg For Once In My Life Jeffrey Van Davis Disaster Man Mark C Spera But Not For Me Jeffrey Van Davis Disaster Man Mark C Spera BEST FANTASY The Extraction List Renee Meland Disaster Man Mark C Spera No Harm Maggie Werhane Leapers SherLann D Moore Interview with an Alien L Andrew Cooper BEST FEATURE FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy Triton Theresa Giese Strange Fruit Anabelle Munro Doomsday Dreamer Jonathan Bowen The Invader Philip Hardy BEST BOOK Dragon s Breath Dr Dawn Menge Judith Mashtalier Deadly Invisible Enemies Harold Brown The Skeleton Key Anabelle D Munro A Scent of Jasmine Mary Laura Santonocito Sons of A Mauffen King Jomo Merritt b 4 Special Agent Jack McLaughlin Countdown to Failure Ana Jobrail

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FESTIVAL NO HDIFF WRITTEN WORD BEST TELEPLAY You re Next Matt DeGennaro Shake Down Alix Reeves The Chosen Amy Leigh McCorkle Tripod Detectives Drew Henriksen Ride to Iron Mountain Advent Industries You re Next Matt DeGennaro Non Official Cover Jodi Shelton Hudson MOST LIKELY TO BE PRODUCED FLUXX Brendan Gabriel Murphy The King s Crown Jack McLaughlin Tink Jarrett Bryant Boneyard Racers Neil Chase Letters to Daniel A Prelude Amy McCorkle Melissa Goodman Glaxie Michael Mustizier BEST NEW WRITER to HDIFF Erin Burchard Scott Dokey Paul Wolverton Jan Kubenka Rich McKee Brooke Lewis Bellas BEST POEM LYRICS A Cinderella Story Ana Jobrail When the Light is Fading Amy Leigh McCorkle Alive and Happy Olivia Colette Lee Wake Up Lynette Aleman The Human in Me Gleeson Rebello Stylistic Expansions Donny Walker The Bubblemaker Manisha Gupta BEST PHOTOGRAPHY ART Frozen Chaos Lukas Van Loon Beauty of Nature Cato Johan Rod Holding Hands Paul Gatto The Depressed Father Lil J Open Up to the People Manuel Steer Michael and the Book of Psalms Paul Gatto

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FESTIVAL NO Conquering Disabilities with Film WRITTEN WORD NOMINATION BEST FEATURE A Love Scene Anabelle Munro Trouble At Home L Andrew Cooper Blind Sighted David Keogh BEST TELEPLAY Dying To Joe Gilberto BEST SHORT No Place Like It BEST BOOKS The Queen Vernita Series Leah Pugh The Day Please Took the Day Off BEST LYRICS Human In Me Gleeson Rebello When I Seek You Monica Schuyler Behold the Beauty Monica Schuyler OVERCOMER AWARD Virginia Beld No Place Like It FILM NOMINATIONS BEST MUSIC VIDEO One Set of Footsteps Dark or Light Angel On the Muse The Break Up Erin Miracle The Bigger Plans Project Lachi BEST MICRO DOCUMENTARY Voices From the InvisibleMiriam Revesz Unspeakable BLM Acceptance Alan J Chriest SHORT DOCUMENTARY Living Years Wishmakers Raw The Forgotten Dead FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Mad Love Father of A Broken Angel BEST SHORT FILM The Weight of PerfectionAnabelle Munro Leanne Bishop Psyched Pilot Anca Valda BEST SCORE OR COMPOSITIONShades of Grey Sophia and Olivia Lee BEST DIRECTOR All Winners Anabelle Munro Leanne Bishop The Weight Of Perfection narrative Issa Ibrahim Mad Love Feature Documentary R David Foster Jesus Joy Christ animated BREAKOUT ACTRESS OF THE YEAR Hayden Hishaw the Weight of Perfection BEST MICRO FILM Aspie Romance Robert Burns Born Free Hina Gupta Genie Says What Richard Lee Kitchen Delores Mashar Sophia Louisa Lee BEST ACTOR Job Ethan Christenson BEST ACTRESS Katie Novotny BEST NEW MEDIA My Catholic Guilt Katie Novotny STIGMA BUSTING AWARDS Lachi MELISSA GOODMAN CAREGIVER AWARD Living Years Brenda Gillis

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OMINATIONS Las Vegas Asian Film Awards Newsfest Writer BEST FEATURE FILM Sarogeto Heaven s Beat In Another Language On The Edge Mirror Mirror BEST SHORT SCRIPT Going Home Letters to Daniel The Series My Best Friend Sans Everything Letters to Daniel A Prelude JURY PRIZE FOR FEATURE FILM Metamorphosis In The Slaughterhouse Mind Your Eyes Provincial Dreamers Letters To Daniel BEST FOREIGN FEATURE FILM Letters To Daniel Sarogeto Provincial Dreamers BEST FOREIGN SHORT FILM The Weight of Perfection TangoX with a Sequel Family Forever BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY Crossbow Wars Deadly Invisible Enemies Spa BEST SHORT FILM Koreatown Ghost Story Nanay s Lullaby The Chinese New Year Eve In Search of Wushuang Audition Llamame Chinita BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY I Love You So Much Bento Box Death Offers Life last moments of Vincent Van Gogh Good Ole Joe JURY PRIZE FOR SHORT FILM The Winter Solstice Llamame Chinita Daughter of The Ocean Sweet and Sour Chicks The Weapon Snails THE CREATIVE EYE AWARD Hanakotoba Snails Is Orange Sour or Sweet HOKO BANG SING Home Away Home Extra Credit BEST MUSIC VIDEO Home Away Home SAZUKING SCAT The People The Silence BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM Consolation We Sing For The Isands Shiokedelic Nation The Harder Way Behcet Syndrome BEST WRITTEN WORD The Star People Our Evolution A Love Scene The Skeleton Key Sans Everything BEST SOCIAL POLITICAL IMPACT STORY Mr Buchman Goes to Washington The Skeleton Key My Best Friend Going Home Letters to Daniel The Series

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FESTIVAL NO Newsfest Film MOST INSPIRING In Their Eyes Flight of the Sparrow Behcet Syndrome A Long Way Community Through Crisis a Vermont Story The Common Ground BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY NEWS STORY UNDER 13 MINUTES From Hatred to Solidarity The Day We Can Never go Back to Capitol Insurrection Stay Low Stay Humble The Yaphet Kotto Story BEST DOCUMENTARY NEWS STORY 14 TO 30 MINUTES Community Through Crisis A Vermont Story The Process The Artist and the Historian When Earl Went to War The Red Boto Siete Mil BEST DOCUMENTARY NEWS STORY 25 TO 50 MINUTES In Their Eyes MIMMO A Long Way PRESENCE South Shore People Power BEST DOCUMENTARY NEWS STORY OVER 50 MINUTES Firestorm 77 The True Story of the Hondo Canyon Fire Indians Outlaws Marshals and the Hangin Judge Park View To Be Blunt Bobbi Jo Under the Influence Empty Seats Full Hears A New World in Education BEST STUDENT FILM Counting Down Two Similar Strangers And After Vivian s Picture Alt News in a Post Truth India Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic The making of MyCorona Kidnapping Grandma BEST EDUCATIONAL SUBJECT Empty Seats Full Hearts 23 The Common Ground The Day we can Never Go Back to 21 Behcet Syndrome Moving Past Trauma South Shore People Power A Long Way BEST TRUE STORY Play Dead The Weight of Perfection A Lovely Dog 54 Years Late Unarmed Divide Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic The making of MyCorona BEST DOCUMENTARY ANY LENGTH Joey Skaggs Satire and Art Activism 1960s to the Present and Beyond The Red Boto 54 Years Late Two Similar Strangers Left for Dead BEST TRUE STORY NARRATIVE FILM And After Flight of the Sparrow A Lovely Dog Two Similar Strangers The Weight of Perfection Unarmed Divide BEST MUSIC Flight 116 Pray for our Planet Left of Dead The Last Spring Troupe

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OMINATIONS Newsfest Film BEST FIRST FILM Counting Down A Quiet Courage Afghan Journalists in a Time of Terror Bobby Jo Under the Influence Empty Seats Full Hearts A New World in Education 54 Years Late The Broken Path Unarmed Divide BEST TRAILER USA Firestorm 77 the True Story of the Honda Canyon Fire Bobby Jo Under the Influence Left for Dead Joey Skaggs Satire and Art Activism 1960s to the Present Indians Outlaws Marshals and the Hangin Judge BEST TRAILER INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE The Process A Long Way A Quiet Courage Afghan Journalists in a Time of Terror E RIKSHAWALI 2021 Moving Past Trauma BEST FAITH SPIRITUALITY INFLUENCED PROJECT So Zoom in with Dr Susan Stafford Bobby Joe Under the Influence E RICKSHAWALI 2021 The Common Ground BEST TRAILER INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE The Process A Long Way A Quiet Courage Afghan Journalists in a Time of Terror E RIKSHAWALI 2021 Moving Past Trauma BEST INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSION ANY LENGTH In Their Eyes The Process The Last Spring Troupe Moving Past Trauma Alt News in a Post Truth India Siete Mil Alone BEST NEWS STORY PUBLIC INFORMATION Capitol Insurrection A Quiet Courage Afghan Journalists in a Time of Terror Behcet Syndrome When Earl Went to War Alt News in a Post Truth India Empty Seats Full Hearts A New World in Education BEST TALK SHOW INTERVIEW FORMAT Recovery Unplugged with Lynda Arnold Recovery Unplugged with Sophia Louisa So Zoom in with Dr Susan Stafford Stay Low Stay Humble Yaphet Kotto from Wizard World Comic Con Kidnapping Grandma Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic The Making of MyCorona Vivian s Picture USE OF ARIAL FOOTAGE AND OR SMARTPHONE VIDEOS The Broken Path A Quiet Courage Afghan Journalists in a Time of Terror Empty Seats Full Hearts A New World in Education E Rickshawali 2021 Left for Dead Community Through Crisis A Vermont BEST ANIMATION and or Animation artwork sequences One Two Three Four From Hatred to Solidarity The Day we Can Never Go Back to

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FESTIVAL NO First Frame Festival BEST FEATURE FILM Mouse Symphoria Tom and His Zombie Wife Losing Addison BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Directed By Steve Race BEST SHORT FILM Intervention Lullaby for Ray Hung Up Major Key Mikey Hardaway Wings BEST DIRECTOR Michael Christensen WINGS Linda Palmer INTERVENTION Michael Robert Anderson MAJOR KEY Marina Shron LULLABY FOR RAY Marcellus Cox MIKEY HARDAWAY BEST ACTOR Michael Robert Anderson MAJOR KEY Michael Christensen WINGS Bill Redding BOB AND EDGAR Addison Dent UNEARTHED John O Hurley THE TRAMP BEST ACTRESS Mandy Mills WINGS Janel Tanna INTERVENTION Kristin Samuelson EXTRADITION Sonia Barbadoro MS ROSSI Erin Etheridge DON T DESPAIR BEST STUDENT FILM Max Cusson VOICES BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY produced Michael Christensen WINGS Linda Palmer INTERVENTION Bill Redding BOB AND EDGAR Marina Shron LULLABY FOR RAY Marcellus Cox Mikey Hardaway BEST HORROR SCI FI FILM Tom and His Zombie Wife BEST FOREIGN FILM ALEA JACTA EST Hugo Mathias France SISTER Mikaela Bruce Spain CATA Carlo Tonda Guetemala STAY Junghyun Hwang BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Claudio Abbiati MS ROSSI BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM Jacquelyn Chin NON STARVING ARTISTS BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY unproduced Harold L Brown DEVIL S VALLEY JUSTICE Marcellus Cox MICKEY HARDAWAY Marina Shron THE FRUIT OF OUR WOMB Jack Payne WEREWOLF GAME Riane Yost DANDELIONS AND THE SUN BEST TV PILOT Brian VanHooker THE TRAMP BEST WEB SERIES Pat Battistini MS ROSSI BEST ANIMATED FILM Kal Karnchanasej OUTSIDE IN BEST MUSIC VIDEO FUCKING LONELY Kayla Arend LUNARCODE CUTTING THER CORD Jessica Gillette BEST ACTOR REEL Matt Riker BEST ACTRESS REEL Sammy Smedley BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Eve Austin THE SISTERS KARDOS

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OMINATIONS First Frame BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY unproduced Everett Kagan 285 YEARS B S A G Adam Clinton DECEPTION Paula Rossman REFRACTIONS BEST TV PILOT SCREENPLAY Kevin Howard THE PROTECTOR BEST WEB SERIES PILOT SCREENPLAY Pat Battistini MS ROSSI BEST CONCEPT Jack Payne WEREWOLF GAME BEST WRITER Marina Shron THE FRUIT OF OUR WOMB Young Storytellers YOUNG STORYTELLER AWARD 2021 Nolan Hartsoe Never to be Found Will Downs Pretentious Nonsense Jonni Shandor Should We Be Doing This Jonni Shandor Theres An Alien in My Backyard Director s Cut Jaheim Stewart Piggy a Next Chapter Ep 1 Ch 1 Alex Morgan Friends YOUNG STORYTELLER AWARD 2020 Sydney Satalino Rebelle Max Shoham Hearth Max Shoham Sophie and Jacob Sam Thakur Blue Iris Beatriz Velloso My Diary at the End of the World Football Ed Lilly and Sterling Munro Mouse Man TMIF ADDICTION RECOVERY Jan Kubenka Invisible Man Brent Jones Bobbi Jo Under the Influence Justin Jarrett S O B E R Jarret Bryant Maxie ANIMAL RIGHTS Daniel Gartzke ART IN FILM Alice Manieri S4S COMPOSER OF THE YEAR Stephanie Ray Here With Me DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR GRAND JURY AWARD BEST IMPACT FEATURE FILM Nico Santucci Sarogeto DISABILITY AND NEURODIVERSITY Sophia Louisa Lee The Broken Path Justin Shepard The FASD Project Brenda Gillis Living Years Laura Burnett The Blind Truth DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Samuel Ladouceur The Sweetest Girl ENVIRONMENTAL Sally Ingleton Wild Things

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FESTIVAL NO The Most Important Films FAITH Samuel Taylor At the Mercy of Faith Victoria Mitchell Marny s Gift Victoria Hagni Kendall s Dream Tim McCarthy The Cause of Death Ian Davies Padre Alexandria Guarino Through Rebirth FEMALE EMPOWERMENT Raya Yarbrough Holler Down to Your Girl Christina Hogarth With Flying Colors Lisa K Crosato XXL FOCUS SOUTH AMERICA Jonathon and Leandro Taub External GLOBAL POLITICS Mariella Martinello Frenemies HUMAN CONNECTION Sander Lebreht My Dear Corpses Francisco Lupini Two Hearts Daniel Gartzke Tethered Are We the Experiement Olga Akatyeva Fib the Truth HUMAN SPIRIT Dimitris Bavellas In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand Steven Heil Last Year s Tomorrow Cherrie Kerr Selected Matt DeGenarro Subtle Impact Jana Rachel Ballot Managed Sophia Louisa Lee Juju Angelika F rtsler Austin Ahlborg Lotus Blake Donovan The Superpower Club MENTAL HEALTH Sarif Tribou Bibi s Breakfast Indrani Pal Chaudhuri The Great Artist Eva Grzelak Untitled Thoughts Jeremy Taylor Unarmed Divide Sampon Yuen Million Loves in Me Jerri Sher Quiet Explosions MUSIC IN FILM Amy Leigh McCorckle Recovery Unplugged Maria Rago A Wild Horse Gregory Blair Bachhus Mix Warren Matson A Song Can Change a Life POETRY IN FILM Teymour Tehrani Anieti and the Sky Will Be There Desir e Young Of Ignorance SOCIAL JUSTICE Ramtin Kouchaki Blizzard SUSTAINABILITY Max Frew Mudwalkers WRITER OF THE YEAR Lureen Wu My Best Friend Ana Jobrail Good Ole Joe Gregory Blair Convenient Living

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OMINATIONS X World Film BEST TRAILER ohnotheFtheydidnt One Single Rose Civil Disobedience Series Deon van Rooyen Linda Palmer Michael Adrian Lockett Humn Trnds Charlie Luccini Tom and his Zombie Wife Kevin Short Via Veneto Lorenzo Catapano Yuki vs Panda Andrew Palmer COMEDY SURREALFANTASY ONE MINUTE SHORT Nuntio Vobis Alberto Dessimone The Bust Tao of Bobo Daniel Appleby The Decisive Moment Ben Lovejoy MICRO SHORT LWL Laugh with Lillian Elina Madison Delores Mashar Sophia Louisa Lee Survey Kelly Whitlock The Calling Federico Fringuelli and Gianluca Gasparini DIRECTION Russ Emanuel Routine Linda Palmer LWL Laugh with Lillian Sue Scarlett Montgomery Bussed SHORT SHORT INTERNATIONAL Bandwidth Pat Battistini and Robert Francke Bussed Sue Scarlett Montgomery Granny s Treasures Kevin R Phipps The Zoom Gatekeeper Ashna Sharan ITALIAN American Marriage Giorgio Arcelli Fontana Hardwork Sandro Torella Quarantine Luigi Rotondo SHORT Mr Theme Music Jason Land Sigmund Stefano Dallan Trophies Angelica Rosas McDaniel DIRECTION Russ Emanuel Routine Linda Palmer LWL Laugh with Lillian Sue Scarlett MontgomeryBussed CINEMATOGRAPHY Emile Haris Routine Linda Palmer Kris D Mauga LWL Laugh with Lillian Lukasz Pruchnik American Marriage ACTRESS PERFORMANCE Paige Laree Poucel Routine Elina Madison LWL Laugh with Lillian Linda Nile Delores Mashar ACTOR PERFORMANCE Pat Battistini Bandwidth Brian McDaniel Trophies Damiano Piva Sigmund DRAMA ROMANCE SOCIAL MICRO SHORT A Story Of Life Simone Esposito Black Feather William Anthony Bye Dummy Aniruddh K Such Matters Sophia Louisa Lee The Debate Androu De Vera Carina LaMarchina

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FESTIVAL NO X WORLD SHORT SHORT International Blank Wall Maria Brenda Death Offers Life Saheer Abbas I Just Wanted to See YouMichael Williams One Last Shot Dongyue Wang Yue Wu Italian Impietro Tommaso Burbuglini Laussesoret Leonardo Avallone Romance Piero Cannata SHORT picoftheday Andrea Beluto Audition Jiahui Su Meet Me in My Dreams Errol Teichert The Weight of PerfectionAnabelle D Munro Leanne Melissa Bishop Wonderer Yusuf Khan DIRECTION William Anthony Black Feather Yusuf Khan Wonderer Jiahui Su Audition She CINEMATOGRAPHY Senda Bonnet The Weight of Perfection Natalie Fiction The Secret Ingredient Joe Marotta Meet Me in My Dreams ACTRESS PERFORMANCE Leanne Melissa Bishop The Weight of Perfection Maria Brenda Blank Wall Rashell Machuca Black Feather SHORT An Urban Tale Rich McKee B B Broken Breakfast Ciro Tomaiuoli Marny s Gift Sean Martinez The Eve Luca Machnich Untitled Number 4 Eric Ransdell ACTOR PERFORMANCE Jack Hyde Bye Dummy Aaron Jahn Meet Me in My Dreams DIRECTION Robert Pasquale Bob Celli The Keeper Sole Searching in San Francisco Luca Machnich The Eve Jason Vandygriff A Serious DARK MYSTERY THRILLER Predicament MICRO SHORT Mayonnaise Ana lle Morf CINEMATOGRAPHY Thunder and Lightning Erin Ken Kotowski The Keeper Miracle Yan Rymsha Those Beautiful UFO 1996 Flynn Moores Moments Jason Vandygriff A Serious SHORT SHORT Predicament A Serious Predicament Jason Vandygriff ACTRESS PERFORMANCE Angel of Mercy Paul Deorio Margaret Cho Koreatown Koreatown Ghost Story Ghost Story Minsun Park Teddy Leiloni Arrie Pharms Marny s Tenenbaum Gift Stop Salvatore Fazio Mang Mang Untitled Number 4 The Keeper Bob C Stop elli Those Beautiful Moments ACTOR PERFORMANCE Vasily Chuprina Dustin Ardine Angel of Mercy Bob Celli The Keeper Tom Young A Serious Predicament

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OMINATIONS X WORLD SERIES Civil Disobedience TraumaDeon van Rooyen Linda Palmer First Love Feng ZiHua Noir Brothers Daniele Gangemi Planet X Phillip Lewis Venture Anime Sh Akiyama DIRECTION Andre Gaumond ET Embassy Moe Taylor Kathryn E F Taylor As Organism Anastasia Zazhitskaya Georgius Misjura Kerli Shadow Works DIRECTION Daniele Gangemi Noir Brothers Deon van Rooyen Linda Palmer Civil Disobedience Trauma Feng ZiHua First Love ANIMATION Encased Pablo G Herrero One Two Three FourFabrizzio Bartolini Planet X Phillip Lewis S4S Alice Manieri The Game Just Got RealBellopropello Venture Anime Sh Akiyama DOCUMENTARY SHORT Collective ConsciousnessCristina Benedetti ET Embassy Andre Gaumond It Gets In Your Blood Ed Hartman Kerli Shadow Works Anastasia Zazhitskaya Georgius Misjura The Truth Is Out There Jack Caffrey MID SHORT As Organism Moe Taylor Kathryn E F Taylor How We See Water Robin Starbuck Paradise Unfound Laurel Adler ART CONCEPTUAL EXPERIMENTAL Eternal Nicolai Sagasser Fairy Tale Of Null Bene Malen Left Behind Monika Koeck Life Lessons In a Chinese Restaurant Shane Borza Marcia dell Insonne Francesco Sergi The Closest Thing to SilenceAidan Hall DIRECTION Monika Koeck Left Behind Gabriele Marchina Heresia Nicolai Sagasser Eternal DANCE VIDEO Can t Talk Gianlorenzo De Donno Infinite Me Daniela Agostini Light Strings Marta Arjona Maite Blasco Mother Sea An Nuo R tter Raven Jackson The Stop Liudmila Komrakova The Wonder Years James Morrow Yel Rima Pipoyan Youthful Faces Michael C Perry CHOREOGRAPHY Kehua Li Whirling Desert Iasi Ensemble Lane Napper Youthful Faces An Nuo Mother Sea Charly and Eriel Santagado De Eschatology DIRECTION Liudmila Komrakova The Stop An Nuo Mother Sea Rima Pipoyan Yel SOLO PERFORMANCE Kehua Li Whirling Desert Iasi Ensemble Elijah Motley The Wonder Years Mufutau Yusuf Observations

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FESTIVAL NO X WORLD GROUP PERFORMANCE Carlota Batalla Violeta Calvo Laia Guasch lia Gonz lezLight Strings All Cast Youthful Faces Maria Marinova Vasilieva and Anton Popichenko The Stop MUSIC ORIGINAL SONG The Shades of Grey Olivia Colette Lee Christopher Pappas Stay Here Jacob Meaker Whirling Desert Iasi Ensemble A STORY IN ONE MINUTE Der Offizier Olof Berghe Mind Right Samuel Lumbsden Wasem Addus The Game Just Got RealBellopropello Where is it Shihyun Wang MUSIC VIDEO International Do the Zombie Kevin Short I m Still Dreaming Seb Plante Jessyka Lapierre It s My Halloween Party Justin Snikkar When The Bloom Has Left The Rose Brendan Young Whirling Desert Iasi Ensemble Iasonas Psarakis Nikolas Gkinis ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Death Bells Justin Snikkar Red Land Maria Rago The 12 Steps Justin Snikkar MULTI TALENTED FILMMAKER woman Maria Brenda Blank Wall Lunatic Sophia Louisa LeeDelores Mashar Such Matters Erin Miracle Thunder and Lightning Rima Pipoyan Yel Italian Lazzaro Layz Daniel Mercatali Agnese Dall Agata Never Do What Cannot Be Undone Beat Noir Deluxe Thomas Perathoner Symbiosis Alberto Nacci That Circle Beat Noir Deluxe Thomas Perathoner PERFORMANCE Iasi Ensemble Whirling Desert Sebastien Plante I m Still Dreaming Israel Varela Symbiosis SPECIAL AWARDS X STORY SCRIPT DreamSlip Heidi Barrientes Swallows Jeffrey Morin The End Tom Young X STORY FILM Blank Wall Maria Brenda Binjal Patel One Last Shot Dongyue Wang Yue Wu The Keeper Bob Celli Thunder and Lightning Erin Miracle A STORY IN TWO PAGES Death Offers Life Madhu R My Best Friend Xiaoyun Lureen Wu The Reversed Life MULTI TALENTED FILMMAKER man Leonardo AvalloneLaussesoret Kyle B Wagstaff Dances with Clouds Pablo G Herrero Encased Kevin Short Do the Zombie Tom and his Zombie Wife FIRST TIME FILMMAKER Peter Allas Eric David Tippett Robert Pasquale Sole Searching in San Francisco Errol Teichert Meet Me in My Dreams Kelly Whitlock Survey

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OMINATIONS X WORLD CAST All Cast American Marriage Anna Van Patten Grier Montgomery Yohance BartonBussed All Cast Mr Theme Music EDITING Bob Celli The Keeper Emile Haris Routine Scott Simerly Jr Civil Disobedience Series Jason Vandygriff A Serious Predicament

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FESTIVAL NO MIRACLE MAKERS SHORTS SHORT SHORT Extra Special Luke Terrell Word on the Street Sean Parker Austin Hillebrecht Nice Guy Mark Daniel Cade Black Feather William Anthony Black Moon Ryan Graff Unheard Russell Agro DANCE SHORT Youthful Faces Michael C Perry Collective Consciousness Cristina Benedetti SALTO Marc Philipp Gabriel Brief Candle Walking Shadow Jeremy S Cline BEST ART DIRECTION PRODUCTION SHORT Mickey Hardaway Karen Warren Russell Agro Unheard Suzette Troche Stapp The Weight of Perfection Zane Barber Seventh Wolf SHORT Tristan Justin Messina The Heist Emil Minasyan Mickey Hardaway Marcellus Cox The Weight of Perfection Anabelle D Munro and Leanne Melissa Bishop Prime of Your Life Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson Black Moon Ryan Graff MUSCI VIDEOS Sandsculpting George Henry Butler Till ShookiZ Fears After Years TangoX with a Sequel Alessandra Guarino Heartbreak Jessica Gillette Vincenzo Carubia Limo Tint Jananee Rasiah Abhilash Mathew BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY SHORT SHORT George Henry Butler Till Thunder and Lightning Tim McCombe Black Moon Ace Anderson Flicker Jace Daniel Word on the Street SALTO Marc Philipp Gabriel DOCUMENTARY SHORT Fight Like Mike George Henry Butler Till Menari An Indonesian Dance Legacy Heartsounds Alan Chriest Collective Consciousness Cristina Benedetti BEST CHOREOGRAPHY Lane Napper Youthful Faces Jeremy S Cline Brief Candle Walking Shadow COVID RELATED FILM Unfiltered Through Their Eyes Frank Fazzio Long Distance Ashna Sharan Goodnight Zoom Colin Sprigg and London Sprigg Spiritual Battle Trilogy Sarah Lay Trigo Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Rodrigo Alfonso BEST ART DIRECTION PRODUCTION SHORT SHORT Zoe Kerr Flicker Austin Hillebrecht and Sean Parker Word on the Street Russell Agro Unheard BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY SHORT Jamil Gooding Mickey Hardaway Senda Bonnet The Weight of Perfection Sophie Caroline Gohr Louise Louise Tim McCombe Black Moon Emil Minasyan The Heist BEST ANIMATION Raoul Hunger Brendan Crich Sandsculpting George Henry Butler Till Dima Gafanovich Fears After Years

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OMINATIONS MIRACLE MAKERS SHORTS BEST SOUDN DESIGN SHORT SHORT Glitch objects Kostiantyn Mishchenko Jeff Colangelo Flicker Sean Parker Word on the Street BEST SOUND DESIGN SHORT Mickey Hardaway Gabriel D Freeman Marc Mellens The Weight of Perfection Matthew Amadio All Over Again Emil Minasyan The Heist BEST EDITING SHORT SHORT Alan Chriest Heartsounds Luke Terrell Extra Special Vincenzo Carubia Lunarcode Cuttin the Cord BEST EDITING SHORT Jamil Gooding Mickey Hardaway Michael P Mason The Weight of Perfection Kenneth Skouboelling Louise Louise BEST SCORE COMPOSER Matthew Amadio All Over Again Jared Cruz Mr Good Guy Emil Minasyan The Heist BEST GAFFER SHORT SHORT Thunder and Lightning George Till Jonah Gutierrez Flicker Mondrian Hernandez The Weight of Perfection BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM Such Matters Sophia Louisa Lee Liquid Pool Christoph Theiler Renate Pittroff The Last Resort Lance Lucero BEST GAFFER SHORT Mickey Hardaway Tony Filipic Mondrian Hernandez The Weight of Perfection BEST MALE ACTION STAR SHORT SHORT Kevin Macauley Resignation Jerry Otto Black Feather Leo Giannopoulous Tristan BEST WRITER SHORT SHORT Zachary Lee Ratchford To Jonas Russell Agro Victoria Anne Tessa Maggie Werhane On Stars Curtis Webster Tell Me Something BEST WRITER SHORT Justin Messina Tristan Zane Barber Seventh Wolf Jasmine Joi Mr Good Guy Emil Minasyan The Heist Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson Prime of Your Life BEST COSTUME DESIGN John Davis Seventh Wolf Marcus Nel Jamal Hamm The Black League of Superheroes BEST ACTOR SHORT SHORT Austin Hillebrecht Word on the Street Jordan Gayle Unheard BEST ACTOR SHORT Rashad Hunter Mickey Hardaway Zane Barber Seventh Wolf Emil Minasyan The Heist BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR SHORT Mickey Hardaway Stephen Cofield Blayne Weaver Prime of Your Life Nikolai Dalgaard Louise Louise

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FESTIVAL NO MIRACLE MAKERS SHORTS BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR SHORT SHORT Curtis Webster Tell Me Something Jerry Otto Black Feather Lawrence Walther Resignation BEST DIRECTOR SHORT SHORT Luke Terrell Extra Special Kevin Austra Resignation Ryan Graff Black Moon Zoe Kerr Flicker Mark Daniel Cade Nice Guy Sean Parker and Austin Hillebrecht Word on the Street BEST ACTRESS SHORT SHORT Fabienne Tournet Black Moon Leanne Melissa Bishop Tell BEST DIRECTOR SHORTS Me Something Marcellus Cox Mickey Bear Campbell Flicker Hardaway Anabelle D Munro and Leanne BEST ACTRESS SHORT Melissa Bishop The Weight of Dashantanaya Lee Mr Good Perfection Guy Justin Messina Tristin Tanja Fleth Boenke Louise Danny Thykaer Louise Louise Louise Leanne Melissa Bishop The Jasmine Joi Mr Nice Guy Weight of Perfection Emil Minasyan The Heist Isabel Chavez Seventh Wolf Craig Tovey Prime of Your Life BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS SHORT SHORT Olivia Colette Lee Delores Mashar Maureen Toth Nice Guy Devon Rawlings Word on the Street BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS SHORT Anabelle Munro The Weight of Perfection Julie Ann Earls Tristan BEST PRODUCER SHORT SHORT Sean Parker and Austin Hillebrecht Word on the Street Mark Daniel Cade Nice Guy Julian Malagon and Daniel Shafer Black Moon BEST PRODUCERS SHORT Mickey Hardaway Marcellus Cox Justin Messina Tristan Jennifer Oleff Anabelle D Munro Leanne Melissa Bishop The Weight of Perfection Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson Prime of Your Life Joab Rodriguez The Heist

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OMINATIONS MIRACLE MAKERS FEATURE FEATURES Letters to Daniel Amy Leigh McCorkle When the Mist Clears Cengiz Dervis Blood Hound Nuhu Dalyop My King Kenya Cagle A Father s Fight Tyler Sansom DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Rainbowland William Ulrich My Promise to PJ Daniel Baldwin Born Identity Charles W Bush Four Motherless Children Ralph Isenberg Joe De La Fuente Bobbi Jo Under the Influence Brent Jones BEST ACTOR Danny Todd Modern Day Disciples Abayomi Alvin Blood Hound Christopher Clayton My King Travis Hancock A Father s Fight Christian Howard When the Mist Clears Brandon Bell Letters to Daniel BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Ryan Hanner Modern Day Disciples Brian McLaughlin My King John French A Father s Fight BEST ACTRESS Gena Miller When the Mist Clears Danea Osseni My King Candis Kennedy Modern Day Disciples Sarah Cleveland A Father s Fight Virginia Beld Letters to Daniel Efe Irele Blood Hound BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Lindsey Rawert A Father s Fight Silvia Busuioc When the Mist Clears Belinda Effah Blood Hound BEST DIRECTOR Kenya Cagle My King Danny Todd Modern Day Disciples Nuhu Dalyop Blood Hound Tyler Sansom A Father s Fight Cengiz Dervis When the Mist Clears Amy Leigh McCorkle Letters to Daniel BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Brian Mclaughlin My King Ty Carter A Father s Fight Johnny Carrano When the Mist Clears BEST EDITING Kenya Cagle and Brian Mclaughlin My King Ty Carter Evan Mitchum and Tyler Sansom A Father s Fight Jeff Halsey When the Mist Clears BEST WRITERS Danny Todd Modern Day Disciples Olumide Balogun Blood Hound Karen Rock My King Cengiz Dervis When the Mist Clears Amy Leigh McCorkle and Melissa Goodman Letters to Daniel BEST PRODUCERS Jamie Jones Jason Gaines and Danny Todd Modern Day Disciples Olumide Balogun Blood Hound Kenya Cagle Brian Mclaughlin and Karen Rock My King Maria Bastianello Silvia Busuioc and Cengiz Dervis When the Mist Clears Melissa Dawn Goodman Amy Leigh McCorkle and Aaron Allen Letters to Daniel

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FESTIVAL NO MM FEATURE MM WRITTEN WORD BEST DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR Brent Jones Bobbi Jo Under the Influence Daniel Baldwin My Promise to PJ Charles W Bush Born Identity Robert Dennis Parham The Hanged Man Ralph Isenberg Four Motherless Children BEST DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER Ellis Jennings Jr Ejs Warriors the Documentary Adam Weitsman My Promise to PJ Ralph Isenberg Four Motherless Children Ron Van Clief The Hanged Man SCREENPLAY SHORTS No Harm Maggie Werhane Tree o mine Bernhard Riedhammer Betrayal Adam Clinton TELEPLAYS Don t Fear the Reaper Erin Burchard short Letters to Daniel The Series Amy McCorkle and Melissa Goodman WRITTEN WORD POETRY COLLECTIONS Dragon s Breath Dr Dawn Menge and Judith Mashtalier Window Spit Ala David Pritchard SCREENPLAY FEATURES Jefferson Street Marcellus Cox The Regulars Matthew Sandoval The Golden Warrior Todd Johnson Book of Danger Shyina Crayton The Guardian Amy Leigh McCorkle White Water Rescue Harold L Brown Wrap Party Sherene McLeary Dancing in Place Jeanne Dukes The Last Stage Or Wyatt Earp s Dying Dream SCREENPLAY FEATURES cont Gene Therapy Lanny Smith Subtle Impact Matt DeGennaro FAITH BASED SCRIPTS The Father s Child Jax Kearney Jeremy Jonathan Turner Smith At the Mercy of Faith Samuel Taylor Impervious Lanny Smith BOOKS Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands The Pebble Champion a novel Alan David Pritchard In the Studio with Joyce Piven Joyce Piven and Susan Applebaum POSTERS PHOTOGRAPHY ARTWORK The Road Less Traveled Shelly Russell Michael and the book of Psalms Paul Gatto Holding Hands Paul Gatto MUSIC AND LYRICS The Human in Me Gleeson Rebello Do For You Nattacha Delhomme The Shades of Grey Olivia Colette Lee and Christopher Pappas

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