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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS.

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6. Big hero 6 (2014)

Hiro telling Baymax that he’s satisfied with his care and losing him in the portal (after losing his big brother before) is obviously a one of the saddest moment I will never forget.

8. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The reason why I think this might be one the saddest moment is that Ray, a charismatic and funny firefly that helps Tiana and the Prince all this time, dies. In almost every Disney movie, the saddest part is in the beginning but here Ray dies trying to save his friend, after we know his story and personality.

10. Brother Bear (2003)
The moment Kenai (the human-bear) tries to explain Koda that he killed his mother it’s terrible. And seeing Koda realizing why his mother is never coming back because his friend killed her is just sad to see.



The 10 saddest moments from Disney


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS.

7. The Fox and the Hound (1981)
The story about Todd and Toby, a fox and a hound that are supposedly destined to be mortal enemies but ended up having a beautiful friendship. This scene shows you when Todd’s mother leaves him back to the woods to protect him from the hunter.

9. Finding Nemo (2003)
This scene gets me every time. Marlin and his wife Coral admire their new home and eggs when a barracuda attacks them and kills Coral and all their eggs. The moment Marlin finds that one egg being his only family left is sad and beautiful at the same time.

There are a few more movies that I wanted to put here but let’s stay with my top 10. So tell me, what movie scene made you cry the most? Do you agree or disagree with my choices? And how many tissues did you go through? 

4. Toy Story 3 (2010)
Two parts that will make you sob so badly… First, when the toys are holding hands prepared to face their doom together. And second, when Andy says goodbye to his toys especially to Woody before giving them to the little girl. My heart just broke.

2. Dumbo (1941)
Everyone knows this little elephant with big ears. After being separated from his mother, Dumbo visits her cage. Seeing that moment when Dumbo starts to cry and his mother tries to reach him with her trunk is really heartbreaking.

3. Bambi (1942)
Well, in my opinion this is an iconic moment for Disney. Even people who never saw Bambi knows what happens. Bambi, a cute baby deer, lives his life with his mother and friends in the meadow. Everything sounds beautiful and nice until something bad happens and that’s Bambi’s mother’s death. Disney surely loves family sad moments.

5. Up (2009)
The first 15 minutes will always make you cry. The beautiful love story of Carl and Ellie ended with a tragic moment when Ellie gets sick and dies leaving Carl all alone with the promise of an adventure together uncomplete.

1. Lion King (1994)
I know you were waiting for this. This list isn’t complete without this scene when Mufasa dies and Simba is devastated. And how can you not cry watching a baby lion crying for his dead father?