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A short presentation that was put together by Lyndy Harrison, Candance Weaver, and Michael Tharp. We presented this at our monthly staff meeting to help inform our building about what is expected from them when it comes to IEP's, monitoring, and providing services.

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Created by:

Michael Tharp

Lyndy Harrision

Candance Weaver

Special Education Crash Course

1.   It is the law. Special Edcuation cases are the 4th most litigated in the U.S.

2.   It is important to document when aids and services are provided.

3. Case managers and the IEP team need this information to write the next IEP.

4. Document if a student refuses an accommodation.


How do I log supplementary aids and services?

Please use the Score Inspector located in your grade book to enter your accommodations.

How do I  rate the success of supplementary aids and services?

   When you arrive at the IEP, you will be expected to:

1.  Know what the student accommodations are.

2.  Report on and show if they have helped the student.

3.  If the accommodation is not successful, the conversation at the IEP needs to address a response to intervention,  (i.e.: add more support or modify the delivery or assessment  of the curriculum).

New: Second page of Teacher Report Form

Look for this symbol in Power School to know what the student's accommodations are.

1. The student's area of disability.

2.  Teacher reports

3.  Credit completion and graduation progress.

4.  Administration comments on attendance, tardies, and behavior.

5. Accommodations and any information that should help make the student more successful in each one of his or her classes.


What should be reported out at an IEP?

How to use technology to support providing accommodations.  (ie. Ipods, Moodle, electronics)