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It Can Wait

An informational booklet by Haven Ross

The numbers showing the dangers of cell phone use while driving are downright awful and mostly startling. In fact, at any given time throughout the day, around 600,000 drivers are attempting to use their phones while behind the wheel of an automobile.

The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

  • Nearly 330,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving.
  • 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

The It Can Wait campaign is an online media movement encouraging young adults and teens to stop texting and driving. They started in 2012 and sponsored by AT&T. AT&T has found numerous reports, studies, and research that most accidents were the cause of texting and driving. Therefore the It Can Wait campaign was started.

Texting and driving is their focus. Although talking and driving is bad, research study shows that texting drivers are 23 more likely to be in an accident. Based on the research at , in 2010, 3,092 people were killed from car accidents that involved a distracted driver, and an estimated additional 410,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver.