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Term 2 Newsletter 2024

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WALTERSTOWN N.S.Easter Newsletter 2024REMINDERSA MESSAGE FROM MR. O’SULLIVANDear Parents & Guardians,I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. As wenavigate through the academic year, I wanted to take a momentto extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you foryour unwavering support of our school community. Hard to believethat we will embark into the final term of the school year after theEaster break.At Walterstown NS, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicatedand passionate staff who work tirelessly to support your children'slearning journey. From our talented teachers who inspire andchallenge our students daily, to our support staff who ensure ourschool runs smoothly, each member of our team plays a crucialrole in creating a nurturing and enriching environment for yourchildren.I am continually amazed by the wonderful work being done by ourstaff to support our pupils' learning. Whether it's implementinginnovative teaching methods, providing one-on-one support, orfostering a love for learning in our students, our staff go aboveand beyond to ensure every child reaches their full potential.As parents and guardians, your partnership in your child'seducation is invaluable. Your ongoing support and involvement intheir learning journey truly make a difference and contribute totheir success both inside and outside the classroom.As we continue on this journey together, I want to assure you thatwe remain committed to providing the highest quality educationand support for your children. Together, we will continue to nurturetheir curiosity, ignite their passion for learning, and empower themto achieve their dreams.Thank you once again for your continued support and partnership.Together, we will continue to inspire and empower the nextgeneration of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.Warm regards,Rory O’SullivanFriday 22 MarchInfants & Le Chéile11.50pm1st-6th 12pmSchool reopens 8 AprilTuesday 16 AprilInfants & Le Chéile12.20pm1st-6th 12.30pmBuilding FuturesNurturing Minds Enabling Dreams

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TERM 2 NEWSLe Chéile Aqua ClassThe Aqua class were very busy this term. We had great funduring Friendship February. We did yard games, dancing andhad buddy reading with 4th class. We learned all aboutspace! We had great fun learning about the solar systemand the dwarf planets. We also had some fun using magnetsfor our St. Patrick's Day sensory tray.

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TERM 2 NEWSJunior InfantsJunior Infants were very busy this term.They learned all about space in February and had so muchfun painting the planets on tinfoil. They went exploring with magnets in science and beganadding in maths. For Seactain na Gaeilge they learned an Irish dance. It wassuper fun!

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TERM 2 NEWSSenior InfantsSenior Infants have been very busy since Christmas! In January, we had lots of fun learning about New Year’s Evetraditions around the world.We then took part in Friendship February and we learned all aboutkindness and how to be a good friend.We have also been playing lots of maths games and we exploredtopics during Aistear including The Solar System and The Restaurant.Bhaineamar an-thaitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge!

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TERM 2 NEWSLe Chéile Purple ClassPurple Class has been learning about Spring this term. We havelearned about the farm and baby animals that are born at this timeof year. We have also planted tomatoes, lettuce and pumpkins fornext Halloween. We are looking after them and watering them every day.In Maths we have been learning simple addition. The school libraryhas visited and we have been able to borrow our own books. We havemade some beautiful arts and crafts for Easter.We dressed in green and cycled around the playground during ActiveWeek. We also did Irish dancing and enjoyed the ceolchoirm forSeachtain na Gaeilge.

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TERM 2 NEWS1st classHi, this is Harriet and Evan from first class. Since Christmas, we have been keeping busy. We have been learningabout the Wonders of the World and have done some art based onwildflowers. We invited grandparents to our classroom forGrandparents’ Day. We designed posters during Friendship February.As a reward on Fridays, we play board games with our friends. Weread interesting facts on the iPads and we love learning aboutmyths and legends. We play football during P.E. and wealways have fun learning!

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TERM 2 NEWS2nd classPicture 1: We did projects on different countries. We used the iPadsto research and then we put all the information onto card andpresented to the class. Picture 2: We made Spring art using crepe paper. We used the paperto colour our rainbows for Spring. Picture 3/4: We had a great day for our green schools action day.We brought in bikes, scooters and roller blades. There was loads offun activities and we had a great time.

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TERM 2 NEWS3rd classTerm 2 has been super! One highlight was learning about the Ancient Greeks, running a (mini)marathon and tasting traditional Greek food. All students presentedtheir projects to the class and showed what they had learnt. The Green Schools Day of Action was another highlight. Third class usedscooters, bikes, skateboards and legs to move around and have fun. The last big event of the term was the Walterstown has Talent Show!Organised by sixth class, third class put on a show that includedsinging, dancing, gymnastics, puppetry and samba soccer skills! Third class have earned their Easter Break!

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TERM 2 NEWSLe Chéile Orange ClassOrange Class had a very busy term which included lots of funactivities. First up Zac won the Great Island specialachievement award for his participation in the schools crosscountry event in Cuskinny. Other highlights included bakingdelicious cookies, creating beautiful mothers day flowers outof coloured card and using lots of green wool to constructshamrocks for St Patricks Day.

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TERM 2 NEWS4th classHi, I’m Jenna from 4th class and I’m going to write aboutour highlights from Term2. One of the main highlights was Friendship February. We teamed up with otherclasses. We did dancing, lego and buddy-reading with 1st class and Le Chéile. Weare finished reading our book called “Wonder” and now we are watching the movie.We are also very proud of the 4th class team who went up to Rochestown ParkHotel for the Credit Union Quiz. We had our Green Schools Action Day because weare trying to get our 9th green flag. It is for sustainable travel. We are doingrugby with George Rasmussen and we have training every Tuesday. The girls wentto see “Grease” in St. Als. It was three hours long. Last week was Seachtain naGaeilge. We sang “Zombie” in Irish and did Irish dancing. Last but not least, we aredoing cycling training and on the last week we might be going on the road. Bye, have a good day. By Jenna.

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TERM 2 NEWS5th classSTEAM Experiments by Skye, Jennifer, Billy, Harry, David and Cathal:We used the 6-step scientific method to complete the 6 various experiments during ourSTEAM in a box activities! It was amazing! Green Schools Action Day Activities by Caoimhe, Leigh, Luke Stols, Matthew and Daniel:“The best day ever” is what we thought of our Green Schools Action Day! The circuit ofactivities around Walterstown was brilliant fun! Gardening by Ellie, Saoirse, Elsa, Rocco, Murray and Luke Tabb:The growing season is here and we are busy preparing for our Muintir na Tíre competition.Can our school win gold for the 3rd year in a g-row?Seachtain na Gaeilge le Lorcan, Aidan, Caitlin agus Anna:Baineamar an-taitneamh agus spraoi as na cleachtaí mar Seachtain na Gaeilge 2024! Is breálinn ‘The Siege of Ennis’ agus ‘The Walls of Limerick’ go h-áirithe. Canamar ‘Amhrán nabhFiann’ sa halla le chéile – Éire Abú!

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TERM 2 NEWS6th classWe all went to the FAI Soccer Tournament and the Girl’s teamwon their games and advanced to the finals in Musgrave Park. Wealso all went to play in a volleyball tournament and our mixedteam got into the all Ireland’s. We all went to Limerick to supportand we all had a very good time. On Wednesday and Thursday wewill be hosting a School Talent Show which is an annual event.By Szymon Kardasz

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After 34 years of dedicated service and commitment to ourschool, our Deputy Principal, Catherine Lomas, will retire onApril 26th.Catherine's contributions to our school community have beeninvaluable and she will be greatly missed by all. During hertime in the school, Catherine has played a pivotal role inshaping our school's vision, fostering a positive learningenvironment, advocating for pupils with additional needs andsupporting the growth and development of our students andstaff. Her passion for education has left a lasting impact onall of us.As we prepare to bid farewell to Catherine, I invite the entireschool community to join me in expressing our gratitude forher years of service and wishing her a fulfilling and enjoyableretirement.Thank you Mrs. Lomas