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The Famous Animator project for Animation Class

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John Lasseter

          By Tejas Ramanujam

Why I chose him

I chose this character because of his interesting way of incorporating his style in all his movies. He is considered an animation pioneer because he was one of the first people who started in the 3D animation style and used it in his movies and films to great effect. He is very famous because of that intriguing reason.

His Accomplishments

John Lasseter was born on Jan. 12, 1957 in California. He was aspiring to be an animator at very young age. After watching Disney animations, he accepted to a College course of animation in The California Institute Of Arts. After his graduation he was hire by Disney but fired soon after because of his ambitions. He then Pixar with his first movie "Toy Story." With it being a great hit, John Lasseter created many more movies of similar quality, like Cars, Brave, and Wreck It Ralph. Pixar was then bought by Disney and Lasseter became the Chief Animator of Disney and Pixar. He now stands to be one of the most successful animators of this day and age.


My favorite characters that John Lasseter created are Woody, Buzz, and Lightning McQueen because of their amazing character styles and their expressive emotions in all the animations they star in.  They are also some of the most famous animated characters in history. They are my favorite characters that John Lasseter has made in his movies.