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tehran, iran

Aria Biavar


In the nicer neighborhoods, most houses are very large and classy and have nice sports cars or super cars.

little facts to know to know



The population of Tehran is 8.9 million, but over 15 million if you include greater Tehran. Tehran is the capital of Iran and is in central northwest Iran. It was founded in 4th century,  is the 32nd national capital of Iran, and is divided into 22 municipal districts or neighborhoods. Tehran is home to Milad Tower, also known as the world's sixth tallest tower, and also has a large revolving restaurant inside at the top with some of the best food in town. Tehran is the most populated city in Iran and the 2nd most populated in Western Asia. The mayor of Iran Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and the city of Tehran is surrounded by the Alborz Moutain Range.

Tehran Skyline

history and historic sites

Historic Sites

  • Golestan Palace

    • It was built during the reign of Tahmasp I of the Safavid dynasty and was later renovated by Karin Khan of the Zand dynasty. It became the seat of the Qajars. The court and palace became the official residence of the Qajar dynasty. To palaces as rebuilt to its current form in 1865 by Haji Ab ol Hasam Mimas Navai.

  • Ferdows Garden

    • Was designed by Hājj Mirzā Āqās and was used as a summer residence by the Qajar family, and after Mohammad Shah Qajar died no one used the building anymore

  • Historic Shah Mosque

    • Was one of the greatest masterpieces of Iran architecture and a good example of Islamic architecture during the era

  • Sa’dabad Complex

    • Was first built and lived in by the Qajars, and after an expansion of the compounds, and Reza Shah lived there after them, and then his son moved there after him, and then it became a museum in 1979

Basic History

Was once a suburb of Rhaga and might have expanded into the city and eliminated it like that. The origin of the name Tehran is uncertain, and the settlement dates back over 7,000 years. In the 9th century Tehran was a well-known village but less known than the city of Rey, and the population of Rey was 500K before the Mongol Invasion in the 13th century, the Mongols invaded Rey, laid the city to ruin and massacred many people there, and some people escaped to Tehran and that's where the village took over Rey’s roll.

Shah Mosque

climate and neighborhoods

Theran Forecast for 2/23/17-3/5/17


Tehran features a semi cold arid climate, had Mediterranean climate rain patterns, had mountains to their north so that made the winters wet and very cold, and they had a desert to their south, and the fall and spring were mild, and then the summers were hot and dry.


The City of Tehran is divided into 22 municipal districts.
The alleys were a lot wider and better, and 

northern Tehran is the wealthiest part of the city, consisting of various districts such as Zaferanie, Jordan, Elahie, Pasdaran, Kamranie, Ajodanie, Farmanie, Darrous, Qeytarie, and Qarb Town.


A street in the district of Jordan and a nice typical building

Climate map of Iran

  • According to the head of Tehran Municipality's Environment and Sustainable Development Office, Tehran was designed to have a capacity of about 700,000 cars but currently more than 5 million cars are on the roads. The automation industry has recently developed but international sanctions influence the production processes periodically.

  • Buses

    • Tehran's transport system includes conventional buses, trolleybuses and the Bus Rapid Transit.

  • Had very large airport and metro system that can go to the airport from other places around the city

  • Had thousands of taxis that were a good way to get around the city, and most of them were hybrid Toyotas.

  • Had many cars and might be easier to travel with taxis with experienced drivers who won’t get as angry or frustrated while driving in the traffic

  • Taxis are the best way to get around for visitors

  • Metro system went across everywhere in town


a few different types of taxis they have in Tehran

a rapid transit bus startion, and the buses DO include free wifi when you get on


Transportation Map

  • Soccer is one of the country's favorite sports

  • Children are always playing with footballs/soccer balls

  • They do a lot of skiing up in the mountains and in the winter

  • Tehran was the first city in the Middle East to host the Asian Games. The 7th Asian Summer Games was held in Tehran in 1974, with the participation of 2,363 athletes and officials from 25 countries.

  • 12 ski resorts operate in Iran, the most famous being Tochal, Dizin, and Shemshak, all within one to three hours from the city of Tehran.

  • Tochal is the world's highest ski resort

  • The Azadi football/soccer stadium was in Tehran and is also the largest football stadium in west Asia

Many styles of graffiti is seen around town, and some are slogans drawn by governmental organizations. Tehran has many modern and traditional restaurants and cafes, serving both traditional Iranian and cosmopolitan cuisine. One of the most popular dishes of the city is chelow kabab. Pizzerias, sandwich shops and kebab shops make up the majority of food outlets in the city. The country of Iran including Tehran all speak Farsi, while there may be a few Turkish people and Turkish writing, and eEglish too.

Culture, Food, and language


Chicken and Beef Kabab with White and Saffron Rice(the yellow rice) and tomatoes and lime


Khormasabzi, a beef stew based on dried herbs, beans, and meat


  • Had beautiful large building that were built a while ago and many of the designs are still used today but more modern and they were very elegant

  • Now they have large modern building that are very tall and look very nice

  • They had paintings on the walls and ceilings

  • Everything was made by Persians

  • Pools and jacuzzis were carved out of marvel

  • The architects were very creative.

  • Had many things carved into the walls or painted on the walls in public places

  • Had many beautiful tall and large skyscrapers

  • There is a revolving restaurant in the Milad Tower


The Stunning Milad Tower Revolving restaurant

Sharifi-ha House

 This rotating, seven-story home, created by Alireza Taghaboni of Nextoffice, can be difficult to visualize without floor plans, but the concept—a series of rotating rooms—offers a technically complicated yet impressive display of technology.