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Health First Quick Guide to Teen Health

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HEALTH FIRST QUICK GUIDE TO TEEN HEALTH WITH STRESS TIPS FROM NEW TO THE WORLD OF NATURAL HEALTH TRYING TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE Then the Health First Network series of quick guides is for you In this issue we talk about effective ways to support the health of teens

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TEEN HEALTH BEING A TEEN IS HARD WITHOUT ADEQUATE SLEEP AND NUTRITION IT CAN BE A CHALLENGE TO COPE WITH THE EVERYDAY Teens may not have the responsibilities or freedom of adults but a lot of their stress is the same They ve got busy lives and if we re being honest probably aren t sleeping or eating well enough and are often overwhelmed with school friends and the future While on the outside they might appear energized nutrition and sleep are key to their continued growth and development Nutrient dense snacks in place of junk food and natural health supplements can help support them through times of stress Setting teens up with healthy habits now prepares them for success later in life KEY Bs FOR STRESS B vitamins are depleted by stress Just like adults teens require more B vitamins during times of stress because they are also essential for everyday energy production and cell health 40 60 of the population may not convert them efficiently so looking for Bs in their active form is key Sleeping and eating well is hard enough for teens so when school is stressing them out supplementing with B vitamins for stress support is vital B OMEGAS FOR BRAIN HEALTH Omega 3 fatty acids are critical for the health and development of the brain The human brain is nearly 60 fat by total weight and omega 3 fatty acids help in building brain and nerve cells and it also supports cognitive function The human body cannot make fatty acids so we must consume them If your teens aren t eating enough fish or vegan sources of omegas consider supplementing with a high quality brand HEALTHY BODY CARE The skin is the body s largest organ It s vital for detoxification and the more we put on it to interfere with its function the harder a job it has Teen bodies are rapidly changing and new routines in hygiene may need to be implemented Building healthy cleansing habits now sets them up with effective natural skin and body care as they become adults Help them protect their bodies by choosing products with clean and natural ingredients ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT SUPPORT A multivitamin is the insurance a teen needs With busy schedules not enough sleep increased stressors and a lacklustre diet they may not be getting the micronutrients they need Foods like pizza chips and pop lack key nutrients But teens seem to just keep going and may not notice that they need to up their nutrition Before they burn out introduce a multivitamin that can help move the mark closer towards the nutritional support they need Every bit can help SNACK RIGHT Teen diets can also lack proper macronutrients to stay fueled focused and growing properly While they may appear to be thriving we re not able to see the full effects of inadequate nutrition on their growing bodies At any age the human body needs proper amounts of all macronutrients fat carbs and protein Many snack foods wreak havoc are full of sugar and void of nutrition Having balanced and easy snacks within reach can help to better fuel their minds and bodies LIVEHEALTHFIRST

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STRESS MANAGEMENT TIPS FROM As a public speaker and artist who performs at schools frequently I see many young teens who are dealing with issues pertaining to anxiety and mental wellbeing often due to stress The following guide is my humble attempt to create a resource with three simple stress management tips for parents and teens to reference especially as we head into our first full year of in person learning since the start of the pandemic WRITING AND ARTISTRY Throughout my high school years creative writing was a coping strategy for me in times of hardship My parents never had the money to put me into any formal artistic training but I discovered writing when my grade eleven English teacher gave me a book of poetry it instantly clicked The best part was that it was financially accessible All I needed was pen and paper Writing poems songs raps and even journaling these were things that allowed me to take my thoughts and feelings and transform them into art In times of stress it s important to find your own positive coping strategies Maybe it s singing along with your favorite band taking photos outdoors or riding your bike Find the things that help you to de stress and disconnect from everything else that s going on even for a little while

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STRESS MANAGEMENT TIPS FROM GRATITUDE AND PERSPECTIVE Understanding how privileged we are is key to living a life of fulfillment From time to time all of us are guilty of being pessimistic and fed up It could be a large workload relationship issues illness and so on The important piece here is to reflect in those exact moments It s when we are sick that we realize how much our parents would do anything for us to feel better It s when we are heartbroken that we learn what we are willing to tolerate or not tolerate in a relationship It s when we have a large workload that we can appreciate having access to education or to a job that allows us to buy the things we want and need When we struggle we are reminded of our privilege to have that very struggle Just as a muscle must be broken down before it can repair itself and grow stronger we must do the same With hardship come lessons gratitude and ease SOCIAL MEDIA AND TIME MANAGEMENT Last and arguably the most important of all is social media and time management This is something that has become more relevant than ever before Video games are social TikTok is the new way to learn and Instagram is where all your friends send memes No one has time to keep up with all of that We must be intentional with our time and whom we follow We should aim to find good content from creators who bring a dose of inspiration into our lives when we are online We should also set limits on screen time Technology can take over our days if we let it And it is exactly for this reason that we need to remind ourselves to breathe and remember the bigger picture We live in the real world Not a virtual world Make time to see your friends in person Make time for school work and family Make time for your daily journal Read physical books Go for a walk without the phone Prioritize these things over the mindless scrolling and distraction and you will find yourself feeling less stressed and more excited to live in the real world Time is the greatest asset we have and wasted time can never be brought back IN CLOSING TRY THESE TIPS AND SEE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU Everyone is different and you want to find out where you feel most comfortable and what helps you to manage your own kind of stress LIFEASWALI

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HELPFUL TEEN PRODUCTS With EPA DHA and GLA and may help to reduce symptoms associated Provides with ADHD in Provides young women school age teens with their and men with children daily requirement essential of each of the nutrients for B vitamins in overall health their active and supports forms healthy skin Uses charcoal magnesium baking soda and essential oils to naturally combat body odour A functional chocolate bar with plantbased protein fibre and fat while being free of anything artificial FIND THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FIRST MEMBER STORE PLEASE VISIT HEALTHFIRST CA TO LOCATE THE STORE NEAREST YOU

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