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The must knows about this weeks Teenage Survival guide issue: Illicit drug use.

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Teenage Survival 



This weeks Issue: Illicit Drugs and use

Issue 2 7th September 2016




What is it?

Who Does it affect?

Who is most at risk?

Why do adolocents engage in Illicit Drugs?

What are the short term and long term effects of health risks?

What are the social and mental risks?

Where can you go to get help and more information?


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What are Illicit drugs???

Some Examples of Illicit drugs!!!

Illicit drugs are drugs that are illigal and forbidden in Australia by laws, rules and customs. They are used for non medical purposes and inapropriate use.

Crystal Methamphetamine








Codeine and




- 31% of Rockstars deaths are related to drugs and/or alcohol.


- Ther has been a nail polish that detects date rape drugs by dipping a finger into the drink.


- Antidepressant drugs are known to cause sexual side affects and may also suppress the basic human emotions of love and romance.


Fun Fact...

Whatt age group does it affect? Who is most at risk?

Adolesence may use drugs for multiple use, these of which might be; because they  are continuosly and just want to take their pain and problems away. They might feel like they are doing better at their jobs and their schoolwork. Teenagers might be curious about illicit drugs and want to experiment with them, they could be under continuous amounts of peer pressure. Drugs in todays society, legal or not are very easy to access and in todays society are socially acceptable by people.

Most people may think it affects those that are of the age between  adult hood Adolecense but that is not the case. Those that are most affected are those that are aged between 20 and 30.

Victorian Alcohol and drug Association executive officer Sam Biondo stated "We believe that the overwhelming porportion of individuals impacted by these drugs are not street-based users' he said, "they are mums and dads- people impacted by work cover incidents who inadvertidely become addictyed to these medications.

Why do adolocents engage in Illicit Drugs?

What are the mental and social risks of Illicit drugs?

What are the long term and short term effect of illicit drugs?

Social- Family issues, friend issues, relationship problem, loss of job, bad reputation, money problems and angry and violence towards other people.

Mental- All problems are gone, you might feel better or worse, It is bad for your head, you can overdose, the comedown is painfull, you get an addiction, Poison your body, SUICIDE!!!

Short Term- Anger, Bloodshot eyes (depending on the type of drug), Violence, painful come downs, Hallucinations, Boost of confidence, mind dissolutions, emotional, regrets, your problems and pains are gone.


Long Term- An addiction, overdose, familyproblems, friend issues, relationship problems, depression, loss of jobs, bad eputation, and money problems

Youth beyond blue:


Kids Helpline:

VIBE (Indigenous Youth)

Reach out:




Where can you go for more help!!!

Phone numbers:

Alcohol and Drug Information Service(ADIS):

1800 422 599

Child protection and hotline (DOCS):

13 21 11

Domestic violence line:

1800 656 463

Kids Helpline:

 1800 551 800

Relationship Australia;

1300 364 277

Youth lifeline:

13 11 14