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Moon’s fingers felt the smooth silver surface of the computer.  He pulled his computer out of the out of the cart, the cart was filled filled with shiny silver computers. Moon continued down hall to Mr. Jeffs classroom as everyone was setting up, their bright shiny robots beside them. everyone would be on their ipads, phones or computers.  

He opened the silver surface, he got dizzy staring at the spinning circle as the computer slowly loading. He turned on the icy frozen robot after it had been sitting in cold basement.  His robot was going to catch and throw thing so if you had no one to play you could play with a robot (It was kinda sad if you had to play with robot but at least you would have someone to go and play with).  The idea was mostly for Moon because he thought no one would play with him at home.  Moon doesn't want to embarrassed in front of his classmates he said to himself.

The computer finally loaded after 15 mins of waiting, every was already at work.  Some were almost done.  Moon was telling his friend bob that also hated technology but  he thought that he was super good at technology. 

Bob asked, ” Do you want to ask the teacher for help “

Moon responded, “ No “

“ Why not? ”

“We are going to get embarrassed. “

Moon is always staring at Bob's computer that Bob is so good!  But Bob just pressing random buttons and it works out (don’t know how that work if Bob did just do that).  

Moon doesn't know what to press to program the robot, He doesn’t want to press the wrong button /key, Moon thought to himself  uh oh!


Moon stomped around frustrated, in circles around the big gigantic classroom.  

He wasn't thinking about how fix this mega problem, he was not able to think about this his brain just wouldn’t think.  He felt like his brain was about to explode.  Surprisingly no one was watching him they were all too busy working.


His fingers were shaking as he went for his yellow lunch kit.  He grabbed his bag of chips out of his lunch kit.

He raced his way back to the his seat, while Mr. Jeff was coming into the classroom. He sat there talking to himself.


He didn’t want to get in trouble so he pressed a random key but he didn’t know what it did.  It did something really bad, It opened all his programs on the computer.

The computer was stuck loading, He sat there staring at the loading screen.


He went to go talk to bob.

Moon asked,” is your computer stuck loading?”

“ Yeah mine is to”

“ Well we are just going to have to wait”.


“But why his computer be loading if he knew how to fix it?”


As Moon was sitting there, he decided to entertain himself reading a book.  He found a First Nations book so he started to read it. 

“How the Eagle flies fast”


“Many Many years ago when animals could talk, Eagle lived in a dark and sunny Valley between the the two tallest mountains, In the middle was a giant river.  Eagle went up to fly but he was just too slow to even fly with his friends that lived with him he didn’t even look like his friends he was to weak.  Eagle wanted to go on a adventure to the ice age,  He thought that it would be a easy way from there to the ice age,  so he started his journey to the ice age. After flying for a few minutes he couldn’t even see the ice age, so he stopped.  A busy Beaver saw him flying and not moving so he wanted to help, but how would I help he thought to himself, then Beaver thought why don’t go ask his friends he said it out loud and so he went.  When he arrived Beaver said “ Your friend needs help, he was on his way to the ice age. So they accompanied Beaver went and lead his friends to Eagle on the ground to tired to move around at all, Eagle’s friends came and told him that he was the bravest one of them, they all gave him one feather some were generous enough to give two or three feathers  and so his wings grew bigger than ever, they thanked bever for helping.  So he went along on his Journey!  Now Eagle can fly fast and strong, He learned that it is ok to ask for help, and next time he see someone else struggling he knows to help them just like Beaver and don’t be scared to ask for help, All the others are trying to be just like Eagle.”


I am just Eagle small and scared to ask, what could I do to ask and get the teacher's attention,thought Moon.


As the recess bell went bananas, everyone ran over to the coat room,Moon.  Mr. Jeff called Bob and Moon over, Moon thought to himself we are going to get in trouble.  Everyone was outside having fun on the park, playing soccer.

Mr. Jeff asked “ why did you not do any work”

We answered” Um b-e-c-a-u-s-e ya because the computer wasn’t loading”

“Okay? Welp, you're both going to have to stay in for recess and work”

We were so sad because most of it was the computer wasn't loading. As we went down the hall to go and grab our computers from the green cart we heard one of our classmates calling us from the window, He came in the front door and gave us a snack, good thing I was starving.  

Our classmate asked us, “ why are you inside? “


We answered, “ didn’t do our work”

Our friend volunteered to ask the teacher. Our friend said to the teacher that we need help, they don’t know what to do.

The teacher said “ Thank You”

Mr. Jeff said to Moon and Bob” why didn’t you tell me”

“ we were scared “

I will come and help you. Not a big deal. But next time tell me.

Bob and Moon continued to work, when they had problems they asked teacher.  They never were scared to ask the teacher ever again and they didn’t hate technology.

There was a technology assembly, they both became helpers, they both felt proud of themselves and calmed down, When they grow up they want to be something to do with technology, They never had trouble ever again besides on other subjects. They would even do any homework on computers not ever handwritten.  Mr. Jeff would let them get computers.

Mr. jeff sometimes got mad at them because they might have been playing games such as the wiImage result for wifi signalfi  game.