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Team Atlantis Rising is a team of diversified, goal oriented members from around the world who all have the same goal of earning a very nice monthly residual online income.


Team Atlantis does this through the use of three (3) different rotators. Each of our three (3) rotators will deliver two (2) PAID TW referrals for a total of six (6).


But we're not done yet. This is the super exciting part. Every time our members have a direct referral in the first hot seat, they will receive another PAID TW direct referral from the team.


This is a special reward to sponsors who interact with their referrals, encourage them ,offer them assistance, etc. I want you to really, really think about this. Our members receive a total of six (6) direct referrals while in our rotators. Every time each of those original six (6) reach the hot seat, their sponsor receives another PAID TW direct referral. So now our member has a total of twelve (12) direct referrals and the second set of six (6) direct referrals will also reach the hot seat and provide the original sponsor/you with another six (6) direct referrals. Now we're at 18 direct referrals.


Do you see what’s happening here? The original sponsor will continue to receive direct referrals that will provide him/her with another direct referral. This is amazing. There has NEVER EVER been a system that can even remotely compare to Team Atlantis Rising’s system of recruiting truly unlimited PAID TW referrals. 

What Exactly Is Team Atlantis?

1. All members who expect to receive direct referrals from the team are required to receive 750 or more hits/views per week to their team provided ad tracker page/URL. Promoting our team ads is essential to our success. This is the only way that we, as a team, can provide direct referrals and do it in a timely fashion. So we must all do our fair share of advertising. Members who do not promote our team pages will be skipped.

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to receive hits, there is nothing to worry about. Team Atlantis Rising has a list of recommended sites and tips that will help you through the learning curve. Your sponsor will be able to explain this to you as well and probably even share some of his/her own favorite advertising sites.

2. All members must communicate with their direct referrals in order to qualify for replacement referrals. Replacement referrals will not be provided to any member who cannot provide proof of communications. Communications must be done through their personal email providers and not their TW back office.

View TW’s Pay Plan Here:

Team Requirements

Now I want you to see TrafficWave’s affiliate pay plan in easy to understand examples.

Okay, let’s say you are at Tidal Wave level and you have your five (5) PAID qualified referrals and each one of those five (5) referrals are earning $500.00 per month. Tidal Wave Level pays a 25% leadership bonus. So in this example that would be $125.00 paid to you for each of your five referrals (5) per month. And, $125.00 multiplied by five (5) totals $625.00 per month for you! This is in addition to your regular monthly commissions.

Now then, and this is super exciting. Once you reach Tsunami Level (ten [10] paid qualified referrals), you will be paid a 50% leadership bonus for all ten (10) of your referrals. So, let’s put the math to work. Ten referrals earning $500.00 per month multiplied by ten (10) is $5,000.00 per month. 50% of that is a whopping $2,500 per month for you. Again, this is in addition to your regular monthly commissions.

I’m not going to lie to you. It will take time to reach these levels. However, you only need three (3) folks in your downline with at least one (1) direct referral to be paid $18.00 per month which is enough to cover TW’s monthly charge for their fantastic products.

The Power Of Team Atlantis And Traffic Wave

Please note: If you cannot join us as an upgraded (paid) member today, please wait until you are in a position to do so. We promise PAID referrals and that is what we are delivering.

To join Team Atlantis Rising today, please click on the link below. You must choose to be an affiliate and not just a customer. Otherwise, TW will not pay you commissions. Once you have created your TW account and have upgraded and confirmed it, please send me, Didi Wargo, your full name, TW user name and your best contact email address. I will then welcome you to the one and only Team Atlantis Rising and will send you everything you need to get started.

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