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Introduction to The Catalyst Leadership Group.

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Leadership Development Consulting | Leader and Executive Coaching
Personal and Leader Assessments| Professional Speaking
The Catalyst Leadership Group is a
leadership solutions rm, helping lead-
ers unleash their full potential to de-
liver high-impact results through their
work and leave a legacy of success
and signicance in life.
Our vision is to align, identify, grow and
high-impact leaders who are
the light of the world.
The Catalyst Leadership Group
Alignment and Trust
Our Solutions
Leadership Development Consulting
•Leader and Executive Coaching
•”Total Person View” Assessments
•Professional Speaking
Leadership Development
Today, effective leadership is central to
organizational success, and more importance is
placed on developing strong and effective lead-
ers than ever before.
How important is it for you to…
Align all your leaders together so we are striving for the
same goal and results one team.
Identify current and future leaders within your organiza-
Ensure that your leaders are operating in the areas of
their greatest ability and strength?
Develop your current and future leaders?
Equip leaders to effectively meet the needs of today
and solve for the challenges of tomorrow?
Unleash the full potential from your leaders and position
them to inuence, inspire, and achieve the greatest re-
sults for their teams?
Our four-step approach to
leadership development will
solve for these questions and
create for your organization,
business or ministry a process
for aligning, identifying, grow-
ing, and inspiring your leaders.
Step 1: Align
Step 2: Identify
Step 3: Grow
Step 4: Inspire
Leader and Executive Coaching
Every individual, leader, and executive who
truly wants to succeed understands the critical
importance of investing in themselves through
coaching. Research shows there is over a 5X
return on investment for individuals who engage
in coaching.
How would it change your life or organization
if you...
Increased your effectiveness in your role for
yourself, your family, your team, and your
Achieved greater life balance
Created the conditions needed for your
personal change
Created a clear picture of the life you
want to live by beginning with the end in
Identied your personal passion
Established your personal goals for success
Created and lived an ongoing plan for
achieving your life purpose and success
Personal and Leader Development
We believe in an “Inside/Out” approach to grow-
ing as leaders.
As a result, we use a variety of personal assess-
ments to bring a “total person view” awareness to
yourself, your relationships, your teams,
your businesses and your organizations.
You have options with our
personal and leader
assessment solutions
Individual, personalized
feedback with trained, certi-
ed assessment professional
including creation of a de-
velopment plan to take the
insights to action
Half-day leader and team
development sessions
Full-day leader and team
development sessions
Corporate and organization-
al leadership and executive
Professional Speaking
Success! Our team brings a variety of inspiration-
al and leadership focused messages to
audiences of all types and sizes across the
country and around the world.
Great opportunities to invite The Catalyst
Leadership Group to speak include:
Keynote speeches for professional organizations
Corporate events
Executive team retreats
Seminars, workshops and team development
Faith-based conferences
In addition, The Catalyst Leadership Group sponsors and
produces the top rated Step into Leadership podcast,
available on iTunes and Google Music, with a focus on
helping listeners grow as leaders one step at a time.
Personal and
Leader and
We are Your Complete “Inside/Out”
Leadership Solution
About Us
Dr. Jason Brooks, PhD, MBA
Consulting psychologist with over 24 years executive leadership ex-
perience for multi-million and multi-billion dollar, public and private
organization in a variety of industries
15 years experience as a leadership and executive coach
Certied Executive Coach (ICF Accredited)
Board Certied Coach with specialty designation in Executive, Cor-
porate, Business, Leadership, and Career Coaching
Certied Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Everything DiSC Authorized
Partner, StrengthsFinder and EQ-I experienced
Bestselling Author
Professional National and International Speaker
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