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By Mark Kendal



It costs money to run a country, province or city. Goverments get money by charging taxes. People have "50/50" thoughts when it comes to taxes. We don't like paying taxes, but we like what taxes can pay for.

Taxes pay for: schools

Taxes pay for: health care

Taxes pay for: hospitals

Taxes pay for: police

Taxes pay for: fire department

Taxes pay for: rec centres

Taxes pay for: roads

Taxes pay for: sewers

If you work in Canada, the federal goverment makes 3 deductions from your pay cheque.

- Income Tax

- Enployment Insurance

- Canada Pencion Plan

In British Columbia, when we buy something, we often pay Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and Goods & Services Tax (GST)

In Canada, we pay very high taxes on gasoline, alcohol, and tobacco.

If you own a home (house, townhouse, condo), you will have to pay property taxes once per year.

Taxes are something we all have to live with. We don't like to pay them, but we like the services they provide.