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The Magic Faraway Tree:Chapter IV

By: Tan Yong

         IV: The Tricky Doodle Wizard

  "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"The Giant Rooster crowed. It lived in the middle section of the magic faraway tree and it's duty is to crow at sunrise, signalling the start of a new day.

  Meanwhile, when Joe heard the rooster crow, he jumped out of his bed. Unfortunately, he was still stuck in his upside-down position. He was hoping to be reverted to his normal self and that the effect would wear off. However, it did not happen. He had a tough time changing himself before going downstairs. Everyone was already having their breakfast, everyone included Rick, Beth, Moon-face and Silky. "Good Morning, Joe!" Everyone greeted in unison. 

  "We're going to get you upright again today. Silky just checked and confirmed that the Land of Spells and Illusions is here today. However, beware that there is a tricky wizard living in the land. He is also the only person who can reverse the spell," Moon-face warned Joe. The gang ate their scrumptious breakfast before heading out on their journey.

  "Joe, are you going to be alright?" Rick asked Joe with his pair of concern looking eyes.

   Joe was taken back by that question. He had never really taken time to thinking about what might happen. He did not want his poor cousin to worry about him, therefore he replied his cousin that everything was going to be fine. Rick nodded his head and continued to walk. After a while, everyone finally arrived at the ladder, connecting the Faraway Tree and The Land of The Day. One by one they climbed the ladder, crossing the portal into the Land of Spells and Illusions.

  The Land of Spell and Illusion was very fancy. It looks very advanced with highly skilled technology. People living in the land travelled around with a flying broom. The gang was amazed by the sight. "Wow!" They exclaimed. Joe was walking upside-down, thus he was not really interested as he felt that it did not matter. All that matter to him was to turn him back normal. "Firstly, we must find the doodle wizard and ask him to turn Joe back upstraight,"explained Moon-face. The gang understood the plan and started proceeding with it. They went around the land and asked people for information of the doodle wizard. "He lives high up in the mountains." "You're hoping he would help you, you must be nuts. " " No one ever receives help from him." Despite, getting negatives remarks, the gang did not get disappointed and continued their quest by moving up the mountain.

  Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Beth commented,"Geez, it is cold." They spotted a hole near the far end of the mountain and assumed that that was where the doodle wizard stayed. They entered the cave and observed that all around on the walls were doodles. Deep in the cave, the wizard was sitting in a corner doodling stuff. What was peculiar is that whatever he drew, the item would magically become real. The gang took one step at a time, not wanting to alert the doodle wizard. As they got closer, Moon-face siganlled for them to all grab hold of the wizard. He mouthed the word,"1,2." However, before Moon-face could count the number 3 the wizard turned around and throw a rope around them. The wizard then sprayed a potion which made the gang become unconscious."

 Joe, opened him eyes,to find himself in an enclosed chamber. In the enclosed chamber, everyone was there. To his surprised, there was someone whom he never met before. It was a, a frog! "Hey!" the frog said. Joe was too astonish to see a talking frog that he was speechless. Slowly, everybody woke up. They were also shocked to see the frog and they asked why it was here. It explained how it got enchanted by the wizard as it tried to get the wizard's magical robe to save his mother. him. The gang decided to escape and help change the frog back. The wizard came into the chamber and said, " I'm gonna change all of you into animals!" He said that with a diabolical laugh. Before he could finish his laughter he got covered entirely by a sack.Rick had a sack in his bag as he wanted to collect the fruit of the day from the Faraway Tree. Thus , he offered to use the sack to plan an attack against the wizard.

  "You all better release me at once!" The wizard yelled. The gang tied him up. They plan to force him to grant their request. They asked him politely at first, however he continued shouting and refused to help. Therefore, the gang lcoked him up in the chamber and did not give the wizard any food. The sturborn wizard stand strong at first, but not long after, he gave in and promised to fulfil their request. They untied one of the wizard's hand for him to cast his spell. First, he used his hand to draw a bottle with the word 'antidote'. Within seconds, it became real. He gave the bottle in his hand and passed it to Joe. Joe drank it and miraculously he turned back upstraight again. "YAY!" the gang cheered, happy that Joe is finally normal again.

  "Now can you let me go." The wizard asked.

  "The frog......" Joe questioned.

  "Not him too... he tried to steal my magical robe." He tried to argue but to no avail he had no choice but to give in. He waved his hand and mumbled some chants. Like the speed of light, the frog turned into a handsome young man. He explained that he was the prince of Teddy Bear Land and his mother has a contagious skin disease and only the wizard's robe could save her. He also shared that he threatened his mother for money in exchange for him thus the wizard kipnapped the prince. 

  Everyone decided to leave the wizard tied up as his punishment. They left the cave and went back to the city, wanting to go home. However, the portal had disappeared. "OH NO! We were so busy with the wizard that we forgot that the land changes everyday we must now wait for an entire cycle for the portal to come again. Moon-face said 

  "And there is 131 different lands. It would take forever," Silky added.

  " Unless we catch up with the portal, we can move to the next land. If we move fast, I'm sure we can catch up." Rick intellegiently suggested. Everyone agreed to move fast and try to catch up with the portal. The prince recommended that the gang followed him back to his land to rest a while before going back to the Faraway Tree as the land of Teddy Bears was coincidentally next to the land of Spells and Illusions. The gang decided to follow the prince's recmmendation and started heading to the Land of Teddy Bears.

  Meanwhile, Joe was worried that his mother would be worried and the question remains,"Will they get home safely?"



   End of chapter IV