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Walter Disney

by:Tamia Harrison


     I chose Walter Disney to do my project on because he is an famous animator entrepenuer, voice actor and producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry. They consider him a pioneer because  introduced many developements in the production of cartoons.


Ellis DIsney ''Walt Disney'' was born in Hermosa , Chichago , IL on December 5, 1901.Disney stopped school to go to the army but couldn so he went to france to work with the red cross.When he returned to Kansas City in 1919 his brother Roy got him a job at Perman Art Studio. where he met Ub Iwerks at cartoonist.A little while later he opend his own bussiness up and hired Fred Harman as his first employee.Walt ,Herman,and Iwerks started something at therater called laugh-O-Grams mini cartoons.Soon after disney had to go bankrupt because of the debt. In 1925 Walt Disney got married to lillian Bounds and eventually had two daughters one named sharon and the other diane. Who  both had a part in Disney Studios.


Disney and his brother  pulled their money together to move to Hollywood ,and Iwerks transfered to California an the three began the Disney studio.Their first deal was with new york to distribeute Alice productions where they createdd oswald the luck rabbit. A few years later they found out it was a scam, so they created their own cartoon Mickey the mouse witch was a hit. Later on they made other productions   like Peter Pan ,Alice in wonderland ect.Lter came Disney land in july 17,195wich was 17mill dollars.Until his death on December 15,1966  at the age of 65. 




Images Of Walt  Disney

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